protecting my investment

★*゚‘゚・The Mummy (1999)

❝ What are you doing here? ❞
❝ You must go. Save yourself. Only you can resurrect me. ❞
❝ By eating the sacred scarabs, I would be cursed to stay alive forever. And by eating me, they were cursed just the same. ❞
❝ I knew this was gonna be a lousy day. ❞
❝ Personally, I would like to surrender. Why can we not just surrender? ❞
❝ Then let’s run away. Right now. While we can still make it. ❞
❝ Now gimme your revolver, you’ll never use it anyway. ❞
❝ Let’s play dead, huh? Nobody ever does that anymore. ❞
❝ What are ya doing?! Wait up! ❞
❝ I’m gonna get you for this! ❞
❝ I’m sorry, it was an accident. ❞
❝ Have you no respect for the dead? ❞
❝ Where did you get this? ❞
❝ Two questions. Who the hell is Seti the First? And was he rich? ❞
❝ As the Americans would say: it’s all fairy tales and hokum. ❞
❝ I’m sure it was a fake, anyway. ❞
❝ You lied to me! ❞
❝ I lie to everybody, what makes you so special? ❞
❝ And what is he in prison for? ❞
❝ He said… he was just looking for a good time. ❞
❝ What did you find? What did you see? ❞
❝ Get me the hell outta here. ❞
❝ I will give you one hundred pounds to spare his life. ❞
❝ Yeah, I’d like ya to let me go. ❞
❝ Then we will kill her, we will kill her and all those with her. ❞
❝ For all the money we’re paying you, something better god-damned well be under that sand. ❞
❝ Do you really think he’ll show up? ❞
❝ Personally, I think he’s filthy, rude and a complete scoundrel. I don’t like him one bit. ❞
❝ I have come to protect my investment, thank you very much. ❞
❝ I only gamble with my life, never my money. ❞
❝ What makes you so confident, sir? ❞
❝ Sorry, didn’t mean to scare ya. ❞
❝ Still angry that I kissed ya, huh? ❞
❝ The last time I was at that place everybody I was with died.  ❞
❝ By the way,… why did you kiss me? ❞
❝ You always did have more balls than brains. ❞
❝ Can you swim? ❞
❝ Americans. ❞
❝ I can’t believe the price of these fleabags. ❞
❝ All night you snored!  ❞
❝ What in bloody hell is this? ❞
❝ Ah, begging your pardon, but shouldn’t we be going? ❞
❝ You boys owe me five hundred dollars. ❞
❝ Where’d all these camels come from? ❞
❝ That thing gives me the creeps. ❞
❝ What are those mirrors for? ❞
❝ Who cares? I don’t see no treasure. ❞
❝ You’re welcome to my share of the spider webs. ❞
❝ Mummies, my good son, this is where they made the mummies. ❞
❝ Ya scared the bejeezus out of us. ❞
❝ I’ve had worse. ❞
❝ Let’s be nice, children, if we’re going to play together, we must learn to share. ❞
❝And when those dirty Yanks go to sleep – No offence. ❞
❝ We’ll sneak up and steal that book right out from under them. ❞
❝ What do you suppose killed him? ❞
❝ I believe if I can see it and I  can touch it, then it’s real. That’s what I believe. ❞
❝ Why do you like to fight so much? ❞
❝ For them to protect it like this, you just know there’s got to be treasure down there. ❞
❝ …I am a librarian! ❞
❝ I can’t believe I allowed the two of you to get me drunk. ❞
❝ You dream about dead guys? ❞
❝ Stupid superstitious bastard. ❞
❝ Oh my god, he was buried alive. ❞
❝ What are you going to do? Shoot him? ❞
❝ Did you see that!? Grasshoppers! Billions of grasshoppers! ❞
❝ That’s one of the plagues, right? The grasshopper plague! ❞
❝ Oh thank goodness, you’re one of the Americans, aren’t you? ❞
❝ Help me,… please,… help me. ❞
❝ No mortal weapons can kill this creature. He is not of this world. ❞
❝ You left me! You left me in the desert to rot. ❞
❝ Sweet Jesus! That tasted just like,…like… ❞
❝ You saved me from the undead. For this, I shall make you immortal. ❞
❝ There’s only one person I know who can possibly give us some answers. ❞
❝ And you think this justifies killing innocent people!? ❞
❝ Okay, let’s cut to the chase. He’s afraid of cats, what’s that about? ❞
❝ The hell with that! I’m not goin’ nowhere! We’re safe here. ❞
❝ What friend? You’re my only friend. ❞
❝ What are you looking for? Lie, and I’ll slit your throat. ❞
❝ Something about bringing his dead girly-friend back to life. He needs the book… ❞
❝ Ya know, ever since I met you, my luck has been for crap. ❞
❝ The hell with this. I’m goin, downstairs to get me a drink. You want somethin’? ❞
❝ Yeah, get me a glass of bourbon, a shot of bourbon and a bourbon chaser. ❞
❝ Jealous? You kiddin’ me? Did you see that guy’s face? ❞
❝ Is it dangerous? ❞
❝ Save the damsel in distress, kill the bad guy and steal his treasure. ❞
❝ You know, nasty little fellows such as yourself, always get their comeuppance. ❞
❝ From now on, don’t touch anything. Not a damn thing. Keep your hands off the furniture, got it? ❞
❝ He wants your heart and your brain, your liver, your kidneys… ❞
❝ I never killed a priest before. ❞
❝ Kill them! Kill them all! And bring me the Book Of The Living! ❞
❝ This just keeps gettin, better and better. ❞
❝ Death is only the beginning. ❞
❝ Well,… I guess we go home empty handed. ❞

Masterpost of my commentaries™ during Call The Midwife: NEW! & Improved (for real)*

I think these are officially a thing™ by now, it’s like I live tweet but on tumblr. Anyways, I’ve gained so many followers in the past few months (after I started posting these) so I guess I’ll keep going until I’m tumblr famous- haha jk but enjoy or don’t enjoy, comments are always welcome though. Like I’ve said before these are my thoughts typed out verbatim, you don’t have to agree or come @ me for something. I just do this for fun and some of my followers are apparently entertained by what nonsense I have to say :) if anything, just blame it on the fact that I’m a New Yorker who likes to hear themselves all the time.

Reorganizing this post because it was terribly messy

I apologize in advance, you’ll be seeing this post a lot because it’s been suggested that I continue these trash commentaries™ with older episodes. So the goal is to post one for every episode ever before this year’s Christmas special (I’m sure I’m going to finish way before then, I’ll have to keep up random thoughts and rambles to get me through the rest of the hiatus) But my point was, I’m a mess and reblog so many things which is why I constantly update this masterpost and reblog it *If not I’d lose it all the time* haha

Series 1

tragically nothing yet, but I’m working on it!  *slowly but surely* 

Series 2

 Series 2, Episode 5 - I was not prepared haha

Series 2, Episode 9 aka Christmas Special 2013 - It’s been so long since I’ve watched this episode, nice trip down memory lane haha jk I cried so hard *** I fixed this link 

Series 3

Series 3, Episode 5 - This was my first one, I randomly did it *for no reason really* but I got so much positive feedback I kind of made this a thing™

Series 4

Recently Added: Series 4, Episode 1 - i’m back

Series 4, Episode 3  - I’ve been in such a ctm mood & I just want to post about it 

 Series 4, Episode 5 - and the hiatus continues.. but I did enjoy the little journey back to series 4 ** update I fixed this one 

Series 4, Episode 6  it’s been a while

Series 4, Episode 9 aka Christmas Special 2015 - Because why not watch a Christmas Special in March?

Series 5

Series 5, Episode 4- how else will I bear the hiatus™ this year?

Series 5, Episode 5 - haha but this was an enjoyable episode to rewatch, it brought up lots of conversation today

Series 5, Episode 6 - Lol chose it because 6.06 referenced the Turner’s infamous holiday, BUT FORGOT THE REST OF THE EPISODE HURTS

Series 5, Episode 8

 Series 5, Episode 9 aka Christmas Special 2016 - that was the joy I needed because I’m a wreck today

Series 6

Series 6, Episode 1 - #LetsGetIt1962

Series 6, Episode 2 - woahhhh!

Series 6, Episode 3 - I think this is my longest one, I’m sorry but I had too much to say

 Series 6, Episode 4 - so many thoughts

Series 6, Episode 5 - the plot thickens


Series 6, Episode 7: - LOL IT WAS LIKE A KNIFE IN MY HEART 

Series 6, Episode 8 - R I P TO ME, WHAT A FINALE, I AM NOTHING, I AM DEAD..

Inception Sentence Meme

“Piss off.”
“An idea is like a virus.”
“Why can’t you go home?”
“No one said it’s getting worse.”
“So you knew about these risks…”
“Well it’s not me who never gets to see my family again, now is it?”
“No room for tourists.”
“Don’t be silly.”
“You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”
“Do you still dream?”
“There’s really nothing to be said.”
“You were disappointed I couldn’t be you.”
“I was disappointed that you tried.”
“You’re in a dream.”
“You’re not real.”
“Pain is in the mind.”
“They’re going to attack us?”
“We don’t have time for this.”
“Come back to reality.”
“Admit it, you don’t believe in one reality anymore.”
“I’ve got somebody better.”
“The price on my head, was that dead or alive?”
“Don’t remember. See if they start shooting.”
“So this is your idea of losing a tail.”
“I need to protect my investments.”
“S/he’s been shot for gods sake!”
“Don’t tell me to calm down!”
“I’m here to protect you.”
“What’s down there?”
“Are you so certain of your world?”
“Choose to stay here.”
“Choose me.”
“You can’t stay here to be with her/him.”
“I’ll still honor the arrangement.”
“Why is it so important to dream?”
“Quick, give me a kiss.”
“You infected my mind.”
“I was trying to save you.”
“Don’t you want to take a leap of faith?”
“I need to get home. That’s all I care about right now.”
“I have to let you go.”
“Have you come to kill me?”
“No, I can’t. You know I can’t do that.”
“I’m the only thing you do believe in anymore.”
“Your condescension, as always, is much appreciated.”
“I think positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time.”
“We all yearn for reconciliation, for catharsis.”
“Might? We’re gonna need to do a little better than “might”.”
“I have it under control.”
“I’m sorry, I mistook you for a friend.”
“Whatever I do, I can’t change this moment.”
“I’m insured against kidnapping for up to 10 million.”

if you didn’t get the chance to watch eyewitness yet FIND A WAY TO DO SO