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hello my friend believes someone put a curse on him & I want to help out but I'm not sure what I can do. Can you give me any ideas or perhaps an unbinding spell I can use?

Sometimes just believing you’ve been cursed, even if you haven’t, can be enough to bring about some gross junk into your life. However, sometimes bad things just happen with no explanation or reason. 

I believe it is important that your friend really think out why he believes someone cursed him - has he pissed off a witch recently? Has someone hinted at that prospect? If not, I am sure he is fine.


Protection from Curses


(a decoy acts as a “substitute” for you, where the curse will be redirected to instead of harming you; the decoy can then be cleansed or destroyed to remove the curse from it)

To Break a Curse

To Send a Curse Back

There are many options, lol.

FEEDING! The chambered Nautilus is a mollusk, related to the octopus, squid, clam and snail. A nautilus, along with the cuttlefish, squid, and octopus, are all cephalopods, meaning “head-foot,” so named because the feet (tentacles) are attached to the head.
The nautilus is the only cephalopod that has a fully developed shell for protection. The nautilus has more than 90 suckerless tentacles. Grooves and ridges on the tentacles are used to grip prey and deliver food to a crushing, parrot-like beak. NEWS: This fascinating animal is now on the list of protected species. Quite rightly of course. Of all the squid-species the “Chambered Nautilus” is the only one with a beautiful outer shell. This shell is used for jewelry which is a popular souvenir for tourists. The Nautilus lives at great depth (200 m) but must go to the surface to eat. This makes it extremely vulnerable to its main predator: humans.

My Black Girl “things i need to learn” List
  • To braid hair….

No I can’t braid for shit so I need to learn.

  • Self defence 

I don’t know about you but people out here are really trying it with sisters so if i cant reach my taser am coming for your jugular 

  • Dress my body type

I almost always look funny cause i wear ‘White Girl’ clothes that have no hip or ass space so i need to invest me some fashion Nover baby

  • Self acceptance

Am dark skinned so …yeah I need to learn to love myself and appreciate me and my Bar One Body

  • learn a Foreign language

Its a personal goal I Am working on …but at first i was like “Yes this cute piece of chocolate can speak to these Koreans ..Whats up.” but its a personal goal.

  • Finish my degree (Get educated)

They won’t tell you this but the world fears a Educated black women…Not only do you possess the tools to fight for yourself and others but you have the experiences these white folks will never have to motivate you.  #ErikkillmongerStevens 

By the way In America Black women are the most educated group by far👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • learn how to twerk

Okay let’s talk…….I cant …the ass is there i just look crazy when I do it ..but anyway

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  • Self control

You can’t fight every battle and my mom taught me this..

StoryTime ….🍵🐸

I almost ripped this White boys head when he blamed Black people for Where we are Socially and Economical

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

I am South African (🇿🇦) so this really made me mad…South Africa had a terrible system called Apartheid that made it law to treat non-Whites like garbage #NelsonMandel and other amazing people of colour fought for freedom for all people.

but this white ass mayo cream cheese dude had the gall to say that ….and I went of but I see now that I shouldn’t have because he didn’t care and after I looked like a crazy person and everyone forgot about it.

100% Stand up for yourself but Pick your battles.

  • Support black business

Am talking Skin care, Hair care, Clothing brands,shoes, food, makeup …Kylie who? I only know Fenty

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I will add on to the list but you can add your own goals as well… matter how ridiculous …this is a safe space….CRACKHEADS WILL BE BLOCKED

a review of rainbow now that all my thoughts are together
  • bastards: great opening song. a++ gravelly/sorta raw vocals. i feel like this is gonna be an especially good anthem for high schoolers tbh like it's just such a nice "it's gonna be alright" message.
  • let 'em talk: 2010 kesha meets 2017 kesha. play this at the club tbh. but like....a classy club, u feel me?
  • woman: i'm a boy and this makes me wanna scream that i'm a motherfucking woman out the car window at random passerby
  • hymn: if kesha wants to start a church where they play this song i will be at every goddamn sunday mass.
  • praying: what can i say about this that hasn't already been said? i am just sO PROUD OF KESHA ROSE SEBERT
  • learn to let go: this is the ultimate upbeat anthem of recovery. the kind of thing that you dance to in your bedroom to feel better on a shitty day.
  • finding you: um???? did someone say 'sequel to past lives'??? this is just so cute y'all put it on your mixtapes and all that gay shit.
  • rainbow: no wonder this is the mf title track. the way her voice is so genuine and kind of shaky and powerful all at once. the piano. the way it swells and grows stronger just like she's gotten stronger. this is where i died the first time tbh
  • hunt you down: the "boy i'll murder you if you piss me off" anthem all the lady country singers wish they wrote
  • boogie feet: once again, a throwback to old kesha. eagles of death metal are the reason we put eagles on the list of protected animals obvi
  • boots: soundtrack for the female james bond movie we all know we want
  • godzilla: this shit is the cutest thing i've ever fuckin heard what the goddamn fuck
  • spaceship: i could fall asleep to her voice in this song but in the best way. what a nice, soft way to end an album. a++. 10/10
My Top Ten Disney Channel Original movies

These are my top ten favourite Disney channel original movies that i have seen in no particular order :)

1. High School Musical (1 and 2- HSM3 was not a DCOM)

2. The Cheetah Girls (all)

3. Camp Rock

4. Princess Protection Program

5. Cadet Kelly

6. Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

7. Starstruck

8. Lemonade Mouth

9. Let it Shine

10. Geek Charming

A collection of Iwaizumi Hajime’s smile:

  • Iwa’s victorious smile, the one he shares with Oikawa when they pull an amazing combo, the one he shares with his teammates when they take the games, is the most contagious thing. It’s all tooth and eyes half crescent with a brilliant light sparking within them. It’s an instant energy and adrenaline boost to any recipient of the smile.
  • Iwa gives small, hidden smile with the tip of tongue picking out when he eats something he likes. 
  • When Iwa’s amused, his smiles is all laugh and teary eyes. It is bright and wide and shows a bit of his upper gum and his cute canine teeth. 
  • Iwa gives this pouty smile when he coos and plays with his neighbor’s dog, Oikawa’s sister’s cat and all the animals he tries to get close to. 
  • When Iwa’s shy or unsure, he has a habit of biting his lips. Oikawa can tell when Iwa’s smile is no longer shy or unsure but borderlines uncomfortable. It’s the strain in the corner of Iwa’s lips, how they twitch despite how hard Iwa tries to hide it out of politeness.
  • Iwa’s a nostalgic boy and smiles one of his softest smile when he’s lost in thoughts/memories. 
  • Iwa nails his innocent smile at a very young age. Paired with Oikawa’s, they can get themselves out of nearly every trouble they get themselves into.
  • After Iwa has done or gotten away unsuspectedly from a successfully pulled prank, he’d wear this very pleased, very impish smile, a little crooked to the side, enough to make that one dimple he has on his left cheek visible.
  • While Oikawa might be the apple of many girls’ eyes, Iwa’s encouraging-and-inspiring-senpai smile has probably slayed more heart than Oikawa among the seijou volleyball club and the male student party.
  • Iwa’s smile is the most beautiful thing that ever blesses this world.

I am not biased. I only speak the truth.

Don’t Get Your Undocumented Friends in Trouble: A How-To
Posted March 2, 2017, written in collaboration with local leaders from the Washington Dream Coalition, an organization led by undocumented youth.
By The Daily Demand

Many US Citizens take our citizenship for granted. It’s something most of us never worry about or think about, and the majority of us have never experienced life without it. As a consequence, we are incredibly out of touch with what privileges come with citizenship and what our impact as citizens can have on our undocumented friends and neighbors.

If we are serious about defending DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) , organizing against ICE raids and detention centers, and exploring other ways to exercise allyship with undocumented folks, there are precautions we must take.

Organizing against deportations and the forces that carry them out is not like campaigning for a candidate, an initiative, or other causes we may all have experiences with- the risk is much higher. While organizing efforts may very well include politicians and initiatives, the nature of the work means that if we are not careful, we can literally get our colleagues, friends, and their families locked up or deported.

*You should not consider the following list legal advice nor an exhaustive list of precautions to take. If there are undocumented people in your lives or on your campaigns, someone should be reaching out to get familiar with their personal boundaries, risk levels, and safety plans.

[Bullet points from the list]:

1. Don’t “out” people who are undocumented. 

2. Don’t “out” areas where undocumented people live. 

3. Don’t prioritize appearing as though you are “centering those most affected” above not getting those “most affected” deported. 

4. Don’t list build if you don’t have to. 

5. Protect your lists as if your own deportation depended on it. 

6. Don’t put YOUR OWN name on lists. 

7. Some things you can do on your own, in secret- and you should. 

8. Understand that Homeland Security, ICE, and other federal agencies are not like your local police department. 

9. Stop fucking inviting your undocumented friends to the detention center. 

10. Do not communicate about sensitive issues around documentation, immigration, etc on phones or digital devices, let alone the internet. 

11. This includes your encrypted apps like Signal.

12. This includes your email servers like RiseUp.Net.

13. This includes Slack.


15. Do not spread information that you are not COMPLETELY SURE is accurate and verified.

16. Do not post media of undocumented people on social media. Only videotape what is necessary and destroy what isn’t needed. 

17. Take the time to understand all the risk undocumented people face and how they are treated differently in the legal system. 

18. Don’t ask undocumented people to take coordinated arrests.

Power Bottom Bucky

A few stucky fics featuring Power Bottom Bucky/ BAMF! bottom Bucky.  Enjoy!


Making A Splash - by roe87


When Steve Rogers was eleven years old, he fell from a boat into deep ocean water. What saved him was another boy in the water; he saved Steve with a kiss.

Steve couldn’t even be sure the boy was real, because he disappeared right after Steve’s rescue, leaving Steve to pursue a meandering life on land, until he finally settled back at the beach as a county lifeguard.

When Steve falls into deep water again as an adult, his mysterious guardian from the water reappears, and this time he’s sticking around.

Tags: Modern au, Lifeguards au, Avengers cast, Post serum Steve, Lifeguard Steve, Merman Bucky, Soul mates, Love at First Sight, Soul Bond, Splash! movie au, Protective Bucky Barnes, Bottom Bucky, Top Steve, Smut, Porn With Feelings, BAMF Bucky, Mute Bucky, Language Barrier, Frenemies Bucky & Sam, Fluff, Pirates & Treasure, Action Adventure, Happy Ending.


I Need to Be Youthfully Felt ‘Cause God, I Never Felt Young - by sangha


March 10, 2017

Steve wakes up with Bucky sprawled out next to him. He knows he has to be quiet; Bucky is a very light sleeper. Both of them are. It’s a necessity and an inevitability when you’ve lived through several wars, but right now, it’s mostly annoying. 

Steve just wants to surprise Bucky for once, but the odds of him succeeding are close to zero. 

That doesn’t mean he won’t try.

Tags: Canon fic, Established Couple, Fluff, Smut, Birthday Sex, Top Steve, Bottom Bucky, Barebacking, Dirty Talk, Old Married Couple, PWP. 


The Spaces Between You and I - by magma


The first time is confusing, overwhelming, and what Steve thinks is probably a very, very bad idea. 

The second time is confusing, overwhelming, and just what Bucky needs. 

The third time is just debauchery, with a hefty side of pining.

Tags: Canon fic, Time Jumps, Pre CATFA, 40s stucky, Dancing, Gay Bucky, Bisexual Steve, Bottom Bucky, Top Steve, Enthusiastic Consent, Post CATWS, CACW divergent, Marathon Sex, Rimming, Face Sitting, Beefy Bucky, Power Bottom Bucky, Super Soldier Sex, PWP, Rough Sex.


Model of Persuasion - by LightningStriking


Bucky is a famous model, known for his gorgeous face and smoldering looks.

Steve, a photographer who is assigned to take pictures of Bucky for a large campaign. Bucky immediately knows he wants Steve, in every way possible. 

Yet when Steve seems shy, hesitant to take their relationship past professional boundaries, can Bucky convince Steve they could work well together, both in AND out of the parameters of their contract?

Tags: Modern au, Model Bucky, Photographer Steve, First Meetings, Pining, Fluff, Smut, Porn with Plot, Light D/s, Top Steve, Bottom Bucky, Power bottom Bucky, Praise Kink.


A Midsummer Knight’s Dream - by GoldBlooded


Sir Steven, knight, alpha, and baron of a small countryside estate, receives an invitation to a Royal Tournament: It’s a winner-take-all competition, and the prize? The hand of Prince James, the kingdom’s most eligible omega, in marriage.

It seems like a lifetime ago that young Steven left the palace – and his best pal, the prince - to attend to his familial duties. Since that time, he’s dreamed of reclaiming his friendship with the prince; if not as a companion, then perhaps as a member of the prince’s guard.

Prince James, royal, omega, and heir to the throne is tired of being reduced to his designation and pressured into an arranged marriage like a political pawn. He devises the tournament as a means to an end: winner claims his hand in marriage, but if hewins? He’ll get to claim his own future.

Let the tournament begin…

Tags: Fantasy au, Royal au, ABO, abo dynamics, Alpha Steve, Post serum Steve, Knight Steve, Omega Bucky, Prince Bucky, Fluff, Friends to Lovers, Angst, Smut, Sword Fighting, Canon Typical Action/Violence, Brief fighting/violence, Action Romance Adventure, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Mating Bond, Scenting, Bonding, Soul Mates, Happy Ending.


Birthday Gift - by spacebuck


Bucky gets Steve a birthday gift he’s never going to forget.

Tags: Canon fic, 40s Stucky, Pre serum Steve, PWP, Smut, birthday sex, Established Couple, Bucky in Lingerie, Power bottom Bucky.




OTP Prompts #5

Theme: Protective

(Requested by Anonymous)


A: “Are you okay? Did they hurt you?”

B: “I’m fine, relax! Geez, you’re almost worse than my mother.”


A: “Easy, take a deep breath. I’m here–you’re safe now.”

B: “I don’t know what I’d do without you sometimes.”


B: “Why the hell did you attack that guy?!”

A: “He was trying to slip something into your drink–you can thank me later.”


A: “What’s wrong?”

B: “C just . . . they got angry and they lashed out. It was my fault, really.”

A: “Where are they? I’m going to kill them!”


B: “Why are you here?”

A: “I made you a promise, didn’t I? As long as I’m around, nothing bad is ever going to happen to you.”


B: “I’m glad to have you looking out for me–don’t get me wrong. But, like, maybe back off a little?”

A: “And risk you getting hurt? No way.”

B: “How am I gonna get hurt trying to flirt with the bartender?!”

A: “I don’t know–poison? . . . It doesn’t matter, I’m not letting you out of my sight.”

B: “… You’re such a drama queen, you know that?”


A: “Watch it! You could hurt yourself!”

B: “Relax–I’m fine, see? . . . Ow–shit!”

A: “What was I just telling you?!”


B: “Listen here, pal–you don’t come anywhere near A ever again, you hear me? Don’t even think about them.”

C: “Alright–alright! I get it! Now can you please get your gun out of my face?!”


B: “I’m just so scared all the time, I don’t know what to do.”

A: “Hey–it’s gonna be okay. As long as I’m around I won’t let anything hurt you.”


A: “If you didn’t have me looking out for you, you’d probably be dead by now.”

B: “That’s a little dramatic, don’t you think?”

A: “How many times have I saved your ass? You really believe you would have survived all of that without me?”

B: “… I mean, I guess you’re right. But you don’t have to be so smug about it!”