The following roles have been reopened due to 3 or more days of inactivity and failure to message the main:

The following roles have been issued a warning and have 24 hours to be active or message the main:

  • Kira Lance
  • Violet Megalos
  • Ruby Hastings
  • Ethan Maddox
  • Bethany Stewart
  • James Thatcher
  • Eric Hudson
  • Wyatt Holbrook
  • Ofelia Pierce
  • Clint Ross
  • Natasha Zaros
  • Marina Hudson
  • Zach Montalvo

The following are off of Hiatus:

  • Elise

Hiatus List:

  • Hannah (Vlad, Sydney)
  • Liz (Naomi, Micah, Piper, Dexter)
  • Cheyene (Daphne, Jack, Jasper)