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taking a bath together + j-hope

word count: 254

“Why do you insist on being behind me whenever we take a bath together?” You ask, craning your head to look at him. He only smiles and futzes with the foamy bubbles in the tub some more, mumbling something under his breath. “I can’t hear you.” 

“I like protecting you,” He says a little louder, smiling bashfully. You blush slightly and lean back a little bit, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“I like being protected by you,” You reply, smiling up at him. He grins and presses a kiss to your nose before swiping foam on it. You gasp in shock, swatting his arm before scooping up bubbles and smearing them onto his face. Before you know it, you two are engaged in a full on bubble and splash fight, complete with laughter and shrieking from both parties. “Okay, okay, mercy!” You yelp, putting your hands up in defeat and beaming.

“Good. Now lie back and relax, jagi.” He murmurs soothingly in your ear, and you oblige, resting your head on his chest and shutting your eyes. Before long, you’re asleep, soft breathing just able to be heard. He looks down at you adoringly and kisses the top of your head.

This is why he loves sitting behind you; so he can watch the delicate rise and fall of your chest as you breathe, study every single dark lash that frames your eyes, and feel the warmth of your cheek pressed against his skin.

This is why he loves taking baths with you.

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………..*sniff*……………..*sniff*………………..FUCK! NOT AGAIN!


The one and only young female in Naruto’s universe who actually displayed a healthy attitude towards love.

1. Had actual reasons to fall in love with a boy apart from his looks.

2. Was straightforward and assertive about her feelings and desire.

3. Did everything to protect him and make him smile.

4. Stood up to him when needed.

5. Tried to understand his pain deeper.

6. Stepped aside when she realized there was another.

7. Still does everything to ensure his happiness. 

8. Formed a bond with his wife.

9. Moved on with her life.

We finally have a healthy character everyone.
We finally have a fulfilled female.
It happened. A good role-model.
And it is Karin.