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An INFJ Assassin

INFJ’S are like assassins. Quiet and hidden among the world. Living in the shadows. Just watching everyone go about their day-to-day life. But keep in mind that if anyone gets hurt, especially one of our family members or friends, you will feel the rage of our anger and the hurt of our soul. So keep on good terms. 

(we don’t wanna cut you but we will if we have to)


after the last thing i draw Jamie’s immediate response was “AU where instead of captain america for a retainer Elise has batman” 

so here’s five million doodles of Gerome doing very important retainer duties for the little Nohrian princess, he takes his job increDIBLY seriously, thank you. Unlike the other royal sibs and their Awakening!retainers he is definitely the babysitter here, I bet he’d probably be like Jakob except not a butler and five times more straight-faced. 

I hope it is fine that I answered it like this! The two ideas were really good and I think it turned well! @letsmysticmeessenger @justdoitryro

> This boy was so happy he was able to protect you. Being by your side was really good too. Yoosung just wanted to enjoy that time with you, without worries.
> Then you told him about leaving RFA. He asked you to say it again. One more time. Yoosung was shocked! What were you talking about? It was not the perfect situation and there are some secrets… But even so!
> While you explained the reason, his expressions were changing every second. No, no. This isn’t happening. You are going to stay with him and RFA.
> Yoosung said about talking with your parents. After all he did, this was simple he was really nervous and he said so many reasons to make you stay. Yoosung was talking for hours.

> The party was a success. The mystery about Mint Eye was solved. All about V, Rika and Saeran was settled. Finally Saeyoung could propose to you.
> Well… We could say he was not expecting that. You stayed by his side and made him fall in love with you… Then you are leaving RFA? Everything will get better!
> Saeyoung wouldn’t stop asking questions about why your parents decided that, where you were going to live, what was the name of that guy.
> Yeah. He went to see your parents with you. With a list of things about that guy. Why he wouldn’t be a good match to you, all the wrong things he did and why Saeyoung was the perfect man for you.

> Zen saved you from Mint Eye and a bomb. And his heart wouldn’t calm down when he was by your side. Yet he felt really sad if you weren’t there. Is this… love?
> Wow, you are very good at acting. He would insist that was a lie. Then he would try to calm down and listen your reasons. It would go well if Jumin stayed away for some time.
> That was the worse. Zen is your knight. Why did your parents decided something like that? Shouldn’t you choose? And he was a nice and handsome! He would treat you like a princess! 
> Sends photos to your parents to show that he is better. Also invites them to watch him acting. Just tries to show his best qualities.

> That was a chaotic week for him. But at the same time Jumin was able to met you and know more about what you liked. Even discover more about himself.
> He made you stay with him all the time even if you had to be in Rika’s apartment. Let’s say he was shocked when you said about leaving RFA. And that he asked if you were drunk. 
> Jumin was the whole time thinking if he did something wrong to you and why your parents couldn’t choose him? He is pretty, rich, nice and smart. And Elizabeth 3rd.
> After the party, he goes talk with your parents. Even if you have to go by plane. Jumin is going to solve this problem. That same day. This business man.  

> You were more than a best friend, but this girl doesn’t have the courage to say it now. Maybe later? After all you did for her, maybe you could enjoy some coffee together?
> Did Jumin said something to you? Saeyoung can joke sometimes too, but it isn’t a good reason to leave RFA. What would she do without you there?
> Now she started to understand. That happened with some families and in some countries. But she was depressed it could happen with you. She didn’t even say how she feels about you.
> Talks to your parents about that not being the right time. And how you could stay with her and help her with the coffee shop. Then befriend your parents and tell them the truth later. Success.


> Jihyun wasn’t hoping everything could be solved so fast. And that he would fall in love again. With a pretty lady like you. Even think about making the surgery. 

> The first time you saw him look really sad, surprised and confused at the same time. Why would you do it? Everything was solved and you could help more people from now on. 

> V tried his best to not punch something. His happiness would go far away from him again? Then he didn’t want to fall in love. It would be better if all that hadn’t happen. 

> Jumin was angry with him and scolded Jihyun like if he was a 7 years old child. It made him notice that there was hope. He still could try to change your parents’ mind about it. 


> Even if he said rude things sometimes, Saeran made sure you knew how important you are to him. He was grateful and wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. 

> At first, he was okay with it. It wasn’t a problem. You could still help them and live with him and Saeyoung. Right? 

> Now Saeran was angry. Maybe he screamed with you? Yeah. Some things were knew to him and you had to explain everything. With calm and answering him. 

> Saeran wanted to solve that problem. That day. He just went to talk with your parents, without telling you. Saeyoung went with him too or Saeran would say what he shouldn’t. 

Cabin Pressure Week - Family

There’s family of blood. Your biological parents, your siblings, your relatives, those people that are in your life whether you like it or not. They are supposed to care for you, protect you, stand by your side. Often enough though they don’t. When people say that blood is thicker than water they leave out the important part. ‚The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb‘ is the version he prefers. The family of choice, the people you voluntarily let into your life, the people you trust, the people you love, those that care about you and vice versa.

To him MJN was this family. His mum was, well, his mum. Douglas and Herc were the brilliant uncles with all the best stories and ideas and sometimes he wished that Douglas was his dad instead of Gordon. Martin was the brother he never had and later he was glad that they were not related because, well, one shouldn’t feel that way about their siblings. It was okay to feel this way about one’s boyfriend though.

After they had to do an emergency landing because Carolyn had had a minor stroke midair, the four of them found themselves sitting in the waiting room, anxiously waiting for the permission to go to Carolyn’s room. When the nurse said that only family was allowed to visit Arthur jumped out of his chair.

„We are all family! I’m her son, Herc’s her husband, Douglas is her brother and Martin is her son-in-law!“

It didn’t matter to him that Douglas wasn’t really a blood relative or that he and Martin didn’t even have a date for the wedding yet - in his mind and his heart they were and would always be family.

[DRABBLE] DatingScandalAU!Jisoo (G)

Word Count: 2,616
Genre: Angst
Warnings: None

A/N: Got this about 75%-ish done before I took a study leave, and finally got a bit of time to get this completed. Decided to finally write a Jisoo drabble because this kid is amazing

Do let us know what you think, and I hope you enjoy reading this :D


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At first it had been thrilling.

Being in the centre of attention for once, you actually enjoyed it. People congratulated you, wished you the best and prayed for your happiness. The man that accompanied you through all of these was nothing short of kind, caring and protective, unwaveringly staying by your side throughout the drama. You lavishly lapped up the fame, and you thought that you might actually enjoy this.

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Hello, if you don’t mind I’d like to be shipped. I’m a girl whose 5"4, and I am the closest to the stereotype of Scorpio. I really enjoy art, reading and tbh memes. At first I am shy and quiet, but once I get close to you I act spontaneous. And also, once I start to actual get close to you I start to get protective and such. I have a bad habit of getting jealous easily though, and getting easily insecure and once that happens I tend to drift away from others thinking I annoy them or that I really am a bother to them. (but I’m working on making sure that doesn’t happen a lot anymore !!) @wafflesrmine

Hello! Be sure to send in this request to my ask box next time instead of submitting! ;)

I ship you with: Yoosung!

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A scorpio is well-matched with a pisces! He loves your personality, especially your protective side. He understands how you feel because he’s almost the same as you. And he will work on it together with you so that the both of you will have a much better journey in the future. He’s not that much of a meme lover like Seven, but seeing you enjoy it so much, he might just be the next meme king. You two will enjoy quiet days together.

hope you like it! sorry if you didn’t get who you wanted :-)

Dear Ruby,

Thank you for being with us. You’ve been a really great friend. It seems so long since we met each other and we became so close.

Remember that one day when we just talked to each other about our insecurities and fears? You already listened to me say this. But I’m going to say it again, along with something that I didn’t tell you, yet.

Your fears of being alone and abandoned? I will never abandon you and leave you alone. I promise to never do that on my life and heart. I know and understand those feelings, so that’s why I will never do that to you, not to someone I care about so much.

As for your insecurity of never being loved and being abandoned by the ones you love? Well, that won’t happen.

Because, I love you.

I love your fiery personality that shines so brightly like your fiery red hair. I love it when your green eyes flare when you show your protective side, it shows how much you love and care for them. I especially love it when those eyes flare because you want to protect me. Thank you. And although others think of your honesty as brutal, I love your honesty. I think it has actually helped everyone improve in some way or another.

I don’t need you to return my feelings, I just want you to know that you are loved and I will always stand by you, through all the good and bad, for life. So, don’t be scared. Alright?

If you still feel scared, tell me what you need to ease your fears. I will gladly do it.

Always here for you,

@rubyreddemise Here is your letter from Prompto! Enjoy~

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Golden trio era ship please? Straight 5'8 girl with curly brown hair and hazel eyes. Gryffindor. Pureblood. Patronus is Manx cat. Introverted, doesn't speak often. Quite childish and sarcastic. Protective of those close to me. Easily jealous, needs constant love. Low-key tsundere. Sensitive af. Tries too hard to be athletic tbh. Kind hearted. Hobbies are piano and archery. Loves animals and would probably sneak a dog into hogwarts. Very passionate about music. Name is Jenna. Thanks!

I ship you with, Neville!

Neville doesn’t mind that you don’t speak often.  He certainly enjoys your protective side and would always make sure that you know you’re loved. He’s find it amazing that you love archery and could listen to you play piano for hours.  He’d also enjoy hearing you talk about animals.

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- A fan is wearing a wedding dress to watch EXO Concert today 👰

- Banners:
1. “❤ We will always protect you (staying) by your side ❤”
2. “❤ Happy Birthday Lay ❤”

that scene where Laurent and Damen fight side by side, and Laurent is protecting Damen’s injured left side!! it’s so brilliant!! because Pacat is showing us that they’re so completely compatibile. it takes so much trust to let someone protect your vulnerable side. (it’s like in the ancient Greek army - or any other army - in a phalanx, you had to have the deepest trust for a soldier standing next to you. you had to trust his skills and his strategic mind and his ability to protect you. you had to trust that he trusted you, in turn.) it’s not enough to convince your mind to do that, because a body has its own instinctive reactions and it should be unimaginable for Damen to let someone, whom he should consider a dangerous enemy after all, get close to his sensitive spot. and yet! it shows how deeply their working together runs. it really shows that they’re at their best together. because Laurent didn’t even have to ask, he just placed himself there and when Damen braced himself for impact, Laurent was there to protect him and Damen, disconcerted, let him. and it works! Damen parries, Laurent delivers the killing blow. when a horse is coming their way, Damen grabs the back of Laurent’s jacket and delivers him to safety. they’re like this well-oiled machine - and it’s technically their first fight side by side. man, they’re going to be so deadly as a team.      

I Cannot Sing to Save a Life

From the corner of your eye you saw a tall figure lean against the door frame, arms crossed and a smirk on his face. Hopefully he didn’t notice you were awake, since you were snuggled under your covers in your bed, faking to be sleeping. You probably would’ve been snoring if it helped fouling him, but he knew very well that you slept soundlessly.
“Aren’t you supposed to be in class today or something?” Robbie asked, earning no answer.

“Let’s play a game,” you heard him say, and then you heard footsteps coming towards your bed. The mattress sunk where Robbie sat down. “It’s called “How long can you stay still” when I do this!” And suddenly his hands were on your sides, tickling the living daylight out of you. As soon as he touched that sensitive area of your body, you burst in laughter, throwing the blanket away as you attempted to protect your sides the best you could.
“No! Stop, stop!” You articulated in between fit of laughter, Robbie giving you no mercy. “Robbie, stop!” You begged.
“Do you surrender?” He asked, briefly stopping and cocking an eyebrow.
“Never,” you whispered provocatively, looking him straight in the eyes. But suddenly, you started coughing, putting an end to your little game.
“Y/N, is everything alright?” He asked you, concerned.
“Yeah, yeah, just caught a little cold, it’ll pass,” you shrugged it off. “I could go to class, but it’s too good of an excuse for me to waste this occasion to ditch, isn’t it?” You smirked, shooting a smile to your boyfriend. It earned you one of his home-made mischievous smirk.
“Oh, now I recognize you,” he chuckled. “So, what’s the plan for the day?”
“What about couch, food and movie? Maybe a little snuggling – I wouldn’t want to you get sick because of me,” you suggested, sitting up and walking to your closet to change from your pajamas.
Walking behind you, Robbie encircled your waist with one arm, pressing your back to his chest and whispering, “I would take it as a privilege to get sick by you.”
Turning around in his arms, you dived your eyes in his, “Don’t be silly!” Then you sighed, “Must be nice to be an actor and not have to attend college at all.”
He faked to think about it, “Mmmh… it has its perks,” he admitted, smiling wickedly.
You two would stay in touch in every possible way when he was on set, at the other side of the country, but when he wasn’t, he stayed with you, in your apartment in Chicago, or visit his parents. There has always been something really casual about your relationship, because he wasn’t just your boyfriend, he was also your best friend.
You broke apart and turned back to your closet, picking up a comfy outfit. “Next year, I’ll finally be out of there,” you said contentedly before putting on your clothes. You sneezed, causing him to laugh.
“Alright, I’ll grab some food and wait for you in the living room,” Robbie stated, he cute British accent a little thicker since he did his last movie back in England. “Tea?” He offered.
“Yes please!”
That was something you got from him, you never drunk tea before, but now you just couldn’t have a day without this beverage. It made you think of him when he was away. Robbie always says that tea makes everything better, and in a way, it does.
“Comin’ right up!” You heard him say from your small kitchen. It was actually just a little kitchen-corner which was part of your living room, and it only had room for one person. Not that it was a problem, none of you can cook.
You put on your socks and grabbed a blanket before heading to your couch and letting out fall in it, groaning out of pure content.
“How nice to stay at home,” you cooed. You made a mental note to yourself that you should get a little sick – just enough to ditch class of course – more often.
“A little room for your boyfriend?” Robbie asked. You sat straight to let him sit down and then stretched your legs over his lap and grabbed your cup of tea, inhaling the scent.
“Mmh, my favorite,” you muttered. “You’re the best. How did I manage to get a boyfriend like you?”
“You turned me down several times before finally accepting to go on a date with me!” He accused you, raising an eyebrow.
“I know! How stupid was that?” You asked, not believing that you almost missed this chance to be with him. Robbie smiled and reached out for your face, brushing his fingers over your cheek, making you bury your face in the palm on his hand and kissing it. The only sad part about being sick is that you couldn’t kiss your boyfriend. A tender smile appeared on his face as he watched you do.
“I want to kiss you so bad,” you complained, causing Robbie to bring his brows together in a frown.
“And why wouldn’t you do it?” He asked. “I’m pretty sure you’re not going to get me sick, looks like you just didn’t cover yourself enough yesterday.”
Barely giving him the time to finish, you shifted closer to him and leaned in, placing you own lips on his and pulling him in for a kiss. He kissed you back, slowly, making sure to put love in this kiss before detaching his lips from yours.
“Well, that didn’t take much persuasion,” he teased you.
“You know I cannot resist you,” you laughed, nuzzling him and putting your head on his shoulder blades.
“That I know,” he stated. “Now, let’s get some fun, shall we? What kind of games do you have here?”
Robbie’s always been a child at heart and it made you smile every time.
“Don’t really feel like thinking about strategy today, what about a video game?” You offered.
“Sounds good,” he shrugged and stood up, heading to the TV and searching through your box of video games.
“Find anything you like?” You asked after a couple minutes of silently sipping your tea.
“I think this one will do,” he said, putting the CD in the Xbox without telling you what it is he choose.
“What it is?”
“You’ll see,” he winked.


“No! Nononono!” You whisper-shouted as the screen once again showed that Robbie won. “I just can’t believe it!”
“Fourth time in a row,” he bragged, very please with himself. “I’m surprisingly good at this, I didn’t even know it!”
“Don’t show off like that, you just beat me at Shrek 2 the game, there’s nothing to brag about!” You said, gathering the last pieces of your dignity.
“Except that I beat you,” he pointed out. “Over. And over again,” he insisted, making you roll your eyes at him. “Aaaah,” he said, stretching out his tired limbs. “Feels nice to be better than you at something.”
“Says the one who’s an actor on his way to fame,” you stuck your tongue out at him. You knew Robbie didn’t like it when you referred to him as a celebrity or talked about him being famous. It was never for fame that he wanted to act, it never will be.
“What are you talking about? I just played a second role in a series, I’m nowhere near famous,” he shook his head, nudging you.
“Yeah but you’ve got one… how could I phrase that? Dedicated fan base. Have you looked through your tags recently?” You wiggled an eyebrow, knowing that he wasn’t one to follow his own tag on the internet. But you definitely did it, and sometimes you brought it up, just to mess with him.
“You mean the ‘BringBackPan’ hash tag? Yeah I saw it. Can’t tell if it’s going to happen though,” he said. You knew he couldn’t tell you anything about his job.
“It’s alright, I get it… But anyway, my point is that you didn’t even need to be there for a whole season to get noticed, and besides,” you offered him a mischievous smirk, “Peter Pan never fails.”
Jerking his head back on the couch and he laughed, “Fine, that makes a point for you.”
You chuckled at your humble boyfriend never admitting that he did a fine-ass job. You and Robbie kept talking for a while, just hanging around on the couch and laughing together and cuddling, until you were hungry and ordered some Chinese food – both of you being too lazy to get up now that you were comfortably settled on your couch and snuggled against each other. But when the doorbell rang, one of you eventually had to stand up. Without saying a word, Robbie and you played it a rock, paper and scissors, which resulted in you losing. Signing in defeat, you stood up and went to open the door and pay the deliveryman.
“Newt time it’s your turn,” you stated as you came back to the couch, putting the food on the table. Just when you let go of the plastic bag, you felt an arm wrap around your waist from behind and pull you back, making you fall onto the couch. Right after your back hit the fabric, you were attacked by your boyfriend, who decided to plant kisses all over your neck, making you giggle like an idiot.
Eventually, Robbie stopped and captured your lips for a real kiss, cutting short your giggles.
“Have I told you how I love it when we take a day off?” He muttered, his nose slightly brushing yours. Being in that position made you incredibly nervous, even after dating him for months, he still made you all flustered and that was something you loved about Robbie.
“I love you,” you heard yourself say before thinking about it. It made your eyes go wide, even though it wasn’t the first time you say it, it still hit you like a truck how much you actually meant it. Robbie gave you one of his signature smirk which made him look like Peter Pan and kissed you again, softly.
“Love you more,” he whispered before sitting straight up again, helping you do the same. He patted the spot next to him, gesturing you to come closer and you curled into his side and took the box the was handing you.
You turned on the TV and zapped until you found something interesting to watch while eating your noddles.
“Hey wait! Wasn’t that that singing thing you like?” He said when you zapped once again.
“X-factor? Yeah, kind of, I wouldn’t say that I like it, but it’s entertaining,” you shrugged putting on the program.
“And why so?” He asked, turning to face you.
“You can totally bash the participants and it comforts me about my singing skills,” you smiled widely, earning a roll from the eyes.
“Oh your singing skills?” Robbie raised an eyebrow, suddenly very interested in what you said. “Never got a glimpse of those, how is that possible?” He frowned.
“Sorry buddy, I only show off my talent in the shower,” you shook your head, anticipating the question. Of course he would ask you to sing now, duh.
“I can arrange that,” he smirked, letting his hand travel up your leg.
“Perv,” you brushed it off, though you would keep the idea in mind. For later.
After a minute of silence, Robbie spoke again.
“This one doesn’t sound too bad,” he thought out loud when some dude with a guitar showed up.
“You’re right,” you nodded thoughtfully. “Poor choice of song though.”
“What? But you love Ed Sheeran!” He argued, confused as to why you would say that.

“I do, but everybody knows that the number one rule in the musical industry is that whatever song Ed Sheeran sings, it is automatically better than sang by anyone else,” you said and paused. “And how do you know I like him, I never spoke about it?” You asked.
“You have more pictures of him than me on your phone!” Robbie said.
“Jealous?” You smirked mischievously, nudging him lightly. Robbie tried to keep a straight face but a small smile betrayed him.
“Not at all, I know I’m still your favorite,” he bragged a little, asking for a kiss. You didn’t give in and asked, “Oh and what makes you think that?”
“Ar you denying?” He dared you to do so.
You looked away and shrugged, “Depends. Now that I think about it… You really cannot complete with him…”
“Maybe I sing better than him and you just don’t know it,” Robbie stated, almost immediately regretting those words.
“Fine, let me hear you,” you smiled.
“What?” Your boyfriend asked in a squeal.
“Sing for me, and let me judge of your talent.” You couldn’t possibly smile wider than it that moment for it would spread your face in two.
“No,” he said. “Oh nonono, that is not happening,” Robbie shook his head.
“But I’m sick,” you argued. “Please?” Giving him your doe eyes, you waited, but he refused once again. “Why not?” You pouted. “If you want I can grab my guitar and accompany you,” you offered him, waiting for an answer. After a few seconds of staring into the void, Robbie shook his head again.
“No way,” he backed away. “I can’t sing to save a life, I just said that so you won’t leave me to go and travel around the world with Redhead,” he laughed.
Not ready to give up, you stood up and placed yourself in front of him.
“We’ll make a deal, alright?” You asked, in hope. Robbie gestured you to continue. “I’ll take my guitar and sing with you until you’re comfortable with singing on your own. It’s a win-win.”
It took a solid minute and a long, deep sigh before Robbie finally gave in.
“Okay,” you said once you had your guitar in hands. “What song do you know?”
“Not many,” he answered immediately. “It’s silly…”
“Nothing you say is silly Robbie,” you reassured him, smiling kindly. He returned the smile.
“She Will Be Loved? From the Maroon 5?” He asked, unsure.
“Sure,” you nodded, trying to remember the right cords. “Nice choice by the way,” you glanced at him, finding it cute that he choose a love song. “Ready?” You asked and began to strum your guitar, waiting for his answer.
“Not at all,” you snickered nervously.
“Join me in, when you feel like it,” you stated and began to sing.
“Beauty Queen of only eighteen
She had some trouble with herself
He was always there to help her
She always belonged to someone else”

And Robbie started singing too, lowly at first.
“I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door,
I’ve had you so many time but somehow I want more.”

You smiled though he wasn’t looking at you.
“I don’t mind spending every day,
Out on your corner in the pouring rain,
Look for the girl with the broken smile,
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile,
And she will be loved,
And she will be loved.”

Robbie kept on singing, not even noticing that you began to sing lower and lower, ‘til he was the only one singing as you played the guitar. He wasn’t Ed Sheeran but he had a nice voice once he stopped being shy and pouted his heart into the song. 

Suddenly, his eyes locked with yours. Not breaking that contact, Robbie finished the song while you strummed – it was a rather mechanic gesture because you were too busy getting lost in those eyes.
“So, on a scale of Justin Bieber to Robin Thick, how terrible was it?” Robbie tried to joke though he was a little uncomfortable, waiting for your verdict but you were speechless. Unable to find the words you put your guitar down and sat on his lap, lowering your lips onto his and kissing him. The kiss lasted longer than planned but you eventually detached your lips from Robbie’s, leaving him with a large smile.
“It’s a yes from me,” you grinned and pecked his lips again.

He restores my soul. Psalm 23:3
Our Good Shepherd just doesn’t feed His sheep but He also restores their sousl. He alone knows how His sheep have been bruised, broken and battered. He hears the cry of every sheep.
Maybe, your soul is crushed because of sin, abuse, hurt, pain or suffering. Our Shepherd knows you cannot restore your own soul. He will pick you up and carry you close to His heart. He will heal those broken places, He will soothe your pain with His love. He will draw you out of those dark places of depression and despair. How great is the power of His love that washes over us, relieving our fears, comforting us in our affliction, mending our wounds, making us whole again!!
He is our hope in every circumstance; O my soul, do not be afraid of what is before you! The Lord is at your side, protecting you in all your ways; He will guide you and keep you, making good all His promises to you!


Imagine: Liam when he hears that you are in danger.

“No, let me go, I can hear her in the field! She needs help,” Liam growled, pushing against Scott and Stiles, who held him under the water in order to try and calm him down.

“Not in werewolf form, you’re not! That won’t protect her, but your human side will,” Scott tells him, licking his lips, “Liam, if you want to save her, get yourself under control.”

“Just… Just let me go before it’s too late!”