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Me when someone says historical figures aren’t relatable

Yeah but did you hear about that time Schubert’s foot fell asleep while he was writing a letter to his brother and then he fell asleep because Schubert is 100% the most relatable composer ever


so, I was doing some google image searching and  happened to stumble upon those super cute phone covers by @saisai-chan, and imagined inko having them… only if I had an iphone….

(here’s also the original artwork!)

My Heart - Alex Standall x Reader

Request- “she’s clays sister and she has an alternate fashion and music taste and Hannah basically gets them together”

“GET UP Y/N JENSEN!!” Clay was banging on your door and shouting at you. “WE’RE GOING TO BE LATE- AGAIN!” You were surprised the door was still intact.
You groaned.

“…gimme five more minutes…please…” you mumbled into your pillow, dreary and pleading. Getting up really wasn’t on the agenda.

“If you’re not ready in 20 minutes, Y/N, I’m leaving without you.” It was an empty threat, you knew he wouldn’t, but it still pushed you to finally get out of bed.

You and your brother walked to school together, and met his almost-girlfriend-but-not-really Hannah along the way. You and Hannah had been acquaintances before, but ever since her and Clay got closer, so did she and you. Currently, she was attempting to set you up with her friend Alex Standall, a guy you’d had a crush on for a while.
Alex and you were similar. You both had quite quirky looks, and had similar tastes in music. You didn’t mind walking to school with Hannah and Clay because they always included you rather than letting you third wheel.


At lunch, Hannah came to sit next to you.

“Hey, Hannah. What’s up?”

“Nothing much, except the fact I asked Alex to sit with me at lunch.” She smirked.

“Oh- it’s okay if you wanna go sit with him, I don’t mind!” You smiled, trying not to look too hurt.

“No, silly! He’s sitting with me. On this table. With you.” She explained. The lightbulb turned on in your head.

“Oh god! Do I look okay? Have I got food in my teeth?” You frantically smoothed your hair down and pushed up your glasses. She chuckled.

“You look gorgeous.” She reassured you, right as Alex Standall approached the table, and sat down. He eyed you up and down dubiously.

“Hey Hannah, Y/N.”

“Hey.” You smiled sheepishly. Alex knew your name???

You ate lunch with Hannah and Alex, and got more comfortable and the time passed. You joked and laughed and couldn’t stop yourself from looking at Alex at least every ten seconds. What was weird was, most of the time he was looking back.

As you left the lunch hall, someone shouted for you.

“Y/N! Hold up.” It was Alex. It was Alex???

“Oh, hey Alex.” You smiled.

“You got a free period?” He asked.

“Yeah, actually. I was planning on heading to the library.”

“Well, if you don’t mind changing your plans, how about heading out with me?” You’d stopped by the lockers so as not to cause disruption in the hallway.

“‘Out’ where?” You were doubtful.

“Out of school.” He grinned mischeviously. You bit your lip.

Clay will kill me, you thought.

“Yeah, why not.”


You two were sat on the top of a hill somewhere, you weren’t entirely sure how you’d ended up there, but there you were. Alex’s speaker was playing music, and the sun was lowering in the sky.

“So, Hannah’s told me a lot about you.” He began, “but you’re a lot better than she described.”
You blushed. Alex was so sweet.

“What kind of things has she said?”

“All good things.”

“I’d hope so.” You joked.

“So she hasn’t said anything about me?” He asked.

“She didn’t really need to…” you looked away, feeling awkward. He was perplexed.

“Well, I mean, because, well, I already kinda knew a lot.” You avoided eye contact. He decided not to press you, sensing how uncomfortable you were. He moved closer and faced you.

Just then, your phone chimed.

Message from Clay: Where the hell are you???

Message to Clay: I’ll tell you later.

Message from Clay: As long as you’re safe x

Message to Clay: Of course Mr Protective.

You locked your phone and turned back to Alex.

“Sorry, it was just Clay.”

“Your brother? I love that guy.”

“Me too. Sometimes.” You made eye contact again, unable to break once you’d got a taste of their liquid blue.

“Y/N, you’re really awesome. I wish we’d hung out sooner.”

“Really?” You stared into his eyes.

My Heart - Paramore began to play. It was one of your favourites.

“Yeah, you’re different like, quirky, and really cool. But I said that already.” He laughed at himself. His laugh sent tingles down your spine. You weren’t quite sure how to respond.

“Can I ask you something?” He looked nervous.

“Go ahead.” You were apprehensive, it could be anything.

“Can I… Kiss you?” This was not what you’d been expecting. You were completely taken aback.

“Really??” Was your initial response, before you saw the sincerity in his eyes. “I mean, yes! Yes!” You laughed as you both leaned in ignited the kiss. It was a simple peck. You smiled. He cupped your face in his hands and went back for more. It was passionate and desperate, as though both of you were taking all you could. The song made everything all the better. You lay down on the grass, bringing him with you. After a while, he broke off.

“I know I only just met you properly, but it’s feels like I’ve known you forever.” He stroked your cheek.

“I think we can thank Hannah for that.” You made a mental note to thank her every day for the next year, before returning to kissing the hell out of Alex freaking Standall.

Cheryl Blossom deserves better too.

Episode 13 was great and all. But seriously, the ending was kinda disappointing when the core four went to Pop’s. It was like they just helped Cheryl mow their enormous lawn or shit. 

“AyE fOr sAviNg thE chEErleAdeR!!”

Not even one of them stopped by Thorn Hill to check on her.  Not even a phone call or a text. Did they think Cheryl’s gonna be okay after she tried to commit y’know? 

Friendly reminder: She is an actual human being who’s going through horrible things in her life right now. Yes, that’s not an excuse to be a bitch to everyone but her being a bitch isn’t an excuse for everyone to let her suffer on her own.

Cheryl bombshell Blossom deserves so much fucking better. I literally want to hug her right now.

Nickmack going on a date and their parents watching over them making sure they use protection.

Nozomom is proud of her child.

Papachika is worried about their future.

Fallen (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~Chapter 5~

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Stiles’ screams echoed through the night sky as my body suddenly took control, my silver eyes scanning through the road as my legs pushed on. I had no idea how I had managed to leave the rest of my friends behind, and somehow ended up in the middle of the road, with only one goal in mind: finding Stiles. Consciously, I had no idea what was going on, but somehow something in the back of my mind and the pit of my stomach told me he was in danger. My vision darkened for a second before I found myself standing in the middle of the school parking lot, just a few feet away from the unmistakable jeep. I gasped and somehow managed to regain control as I watched Stiles run off toward the school, a boy hissing and chasing after him.

“Stiles!” I cried out, following after. My eyes widened and my body seemed to hesitate in disbelief as I watched the boy I now recognized to be Donovan stop and turn to face me. He huffed through gritted, pointed teeth, blood pouring from his mouth before he hissed and ran after Stiles once again.

“Stiles!” I called out, running in through a different entrance. At this point, I was following instinct as I ran through the dark, vacant hallways of the school. My heart beat pumped hard against my chest in both fear and panic, the adrenaline enhancing my hearing as I continued to push on my legs that begged to stop. I came to a screeching halt as I realized what I had gotten myself into.

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Who in Bleach should you trust with your phone?

Author’s choice list. :)

This list was inspired by something I saw on tumblr for another fandom….which I saw weeks ago and so now I don’t remember what fandom it was. I apologize! But anyway. If you had to entrust your phone to a Bleach character, who might be a good choice?

1. Ichigo

He will protect your phone with his life. Unfortunately, he also spends 70% of his time getting beaten to within an inch of his life. Your phone will not survive that.

2. Kurotsuchi

When you get your phone back, it will be heavier. Because of all of the spyware and “upgrades” he added to it. Don’t give your phone to Kurotsuchi.

3. Szayel

Your phone will be the same weight when you get it back, but don’t be fooled. Your phone is still full of bugs now. And some of them got into your body somehow.

4. Kiyone

She will either lose your phone while spying on Ukitake or she will use it to take pictures of Ukitake. So this could go either very well or very badly.

5. Hinamori

She will take very good care of your phone, but she also gets stabbed a lot. So this one is risky.

6. Ishida

You will get your phone back safely, but it will have a new knitted phone case. And that knitted phone case will have a Quincy motif.

7. Yumichika

How confident are you that your phone is beautiful? If it is ugly, it will not survive Yumichika.

8. Nanao

Your phone will be so well taken care of. Definitely give your phone to Nanao.

9. Hiyori

Your phone will be thrown at Shinji’s head. Sure, that might hurt Shinji more than your phone. But are you willing to take that chance?

10. Ulquiorra

He will try to understand your phone. This he will fail at, but he will still take pretty darn good care of it. He may or may not make it a tiny espada uniform.

11. Halibel

She will give you many, many dire warnings about how she will willingly sacrifice your phone if she needs to. But after all that, she will still take great care of it.

12. Yoruichi

She’ll lose it. Cats don’t have pockets.

13. Urahara

He won’t lose it, but he will probably stick the hogyoku in it or something. 

14. Yamamoto

The chances that he will fall asleep and then lose your phone in his beard is frighteningly high.

15. Liltotto

She’ll eat it.

16. Chad

He will treat your phone like a precious baby bird. It will be very well taken care of. Definitely give Chad your phone.

17. Nnoitra

He will punch your phone just to be a dick. Don’t give your phone to Nnoitra.

18. Yachiru

Your phone is now somewhere in Byakuya’s walls. Good luck with that.

19. Byakuya

I mean…he tried to get his beloved sister executed. I’m not sure I’d trust him with your phone.

20. Orihime

She has the power to protect your phone, fix your phone, and she is all about helping others. She is basically the best person to give your phone to.

Miscellaneous Ideas (1/?)

- Save a picture of a protection sigil as your phone or desktop background to shield it from theft, hacks, malicious software, or malfunctions.

- Combine crystal elixirs with flower waters, essential oils, or extracts to make magical perfume. (Make sure everything is skin-safe~)

- Enchant your detergent or dryer sheets so they’ll cleanse your clothing & remove any negative energy you picked up throughout the day.

- Enchant the water you give to your plants & pets to keep them safe & happy.

- Water your plants with crystal elixirs to help them grow bigger, faster, and more beautiful. (Make sure the crystal you use isn’t harmful to the plant!)

- Charge the soil before you plant seeds in it to encourage its growth.

- Charge or enchant the locks on doors or safes to make them stronger.

- Make lemonade out of sun water, or tea out of moon water.

- Charge a receptive crystal with a planet’s energy by having someone whose natal chart is dominated by that planet imbue it.

- Charge a sigil or other object with your pet’s joy when you return to your home. Place it wherever you want to feel welcome, safe, and comfortable.

- Hang or draw sigils behind paintings, posters, or photographs on the wall if you want to be subtle about using magic in your home.

- You can use salt water as a substitute for salt itself in spells or rituals that require it to be sprinkled around an area. Mist or sprinkle it sparsely. This will leave less of a mess (when it dries), but be careful what you put it on.

- Make poppets out of LEGOs (they’re easy to personalize & destroy).

- Enchant your chapstick, lip balm, lip gloss, or lipstick to make yourself a better kisser or to make yourself more magnetically kissable.

The Turning Point - Suicide Attempt + Edward Nygma (Reader Insert)

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Ok, let’s be serious for once, because this is a very serious topic. Underneath you’ll find a story about a suicide attempt. Without flowers or nice words - just the bitter reality and how some of you may feel. If you have any life struggles, remember, you can contact me anytime. I’m here for you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Thank you @amandajuly81 <3 

Warnings/TWs: self harm, angst, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempt, cutting, drug abuse, razor blade, blood 

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Who in RWBY Should you trust with your phone?

bleachlists did this with my favorite show ever. So why not do it with my second favorite show ever :D


She will protect your phone no problemo. But she’ll probably drain it’s battery power playing Kung Fu Ninja vs. Ninjas of Love and Pokemon Go. Don’t ask how “Red Like Roses” got added on there.


She’ll either take great care of it or note how it’s a crappy several down model of the latest phone. Don’t be surprised if the Schnee Dust Company Logo is emblazoned on it now.


Blake is a responsible, dilligent young woman. So of course as she cooly says “whatever” and takes your phone it seems fine. She’ll take care of your phone as well as her own. Beware your search history though.


At first it seems like sunshine and rainbows. So what if Yang put your phone in her bra? She’s a goddamn huntress. But your phone has been blown up during her semblance. Your insurance does not cover it.


This noodle dropped it trying to tie his shoes. Never mind that, the dork has to have “right” and “left” written on the bottom of them. Don’t give it to Jaune.


She lost it. With all her crazy moves it’s flown off her person. Or it exploded as Nora absorbed electricity from her semblance. See Yang.


Are you kidding me? She’ll protect it with her life. Maybe even make it a little sweater. Never mind the fact you now have a dating app / searches which include “how to get a guy to notice me”. It’s well worth the care.


Years of being Nora’s friend taught Ren how to carefully ensure the survival of his possessions. Not to mention the fact he carries Nora’s phone, Jaune’s tic tacs, and Pyrrha’s Animal Crackers on his person when out on missions. He never drops them. Not even when fighting Grimm.

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Can I have 22 with Leonard snart plz

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#22. “Delete it. Now.” 

“You know, I’ve got some awesome video of you helping that puppy,” you commented, surveying the footage on your phone. “This could go viral.”

Leonard shot you a look, “I’d prefer to keep my face off of the internet for the time being.”

“It’s nothing bad! Just you getting that stray off of the road,” you protested innocently. “It’s really sweet. You look like a hero.”

Leonard shook his head, “I’m not interested in being a hero. I’m more interested in keeping my identity under wraps for the time being. I’m supposed to be laying low, remember?”

“But it’s so nice!” you whined, holding your phone protectively.

“I’d feel better knowing it won’t end up on YouTube,” Leonard stated, moving to take it.

You stepped back, pursing your lips. “Len! Why are you being so weird all of a sudden?”

Leonard rubbed a hand over his face. “Delete it. Now.

“Do you just not want to know people that there’s a soft side of you underneath all that ice?”


“Fine, fine, I’ll delete it.”

“Thank you.”

Prompt List

Mint Green (M)

Genre: Smut/Fluff

Member: Min Yoongi

Words: 4224 Probably the longest smut I have ever written tho omfg

Anonymous requested:  Do you accept smut ?if you do could you do a yoongi smut ? Anything smutty would be nice * i’m a sinner*

(Request here or here (if anonymously)  for a scenario)

On a certain day at the coffee shop, you met a young, special fellow who had your favorite color as his haircolor. What you didn’t know, is that this guy’s only wish was to become YOUR special fellow.

(Listen to this while reading)

You absolutely had no doubts about it. Mint green was officially your favorite color.


Just because of several reasons.

You liked how the color mint green looked so refreshing. The color literally gave life to your life. Currently, mint green was the color of your nailpolish, the color of your phonecase (which was already getting damaged because the case was protecting your precious phone every single day) and ofcourse the color of the walls in your lovely, cozy apartment.

But that was not the main reason you liked mint green.

It was because of a certain young fellow, who happened to have the color of, surprise, surprise, mint green hair.

The name of this young fellow was Min Yoongi. Being the teasing brat you were, you sometimes even called him Mint Yoongi, finding the nickname quite hilarious. However Yoongi thought the opposite of it, so everytime you’d call him Mint Yoongi, he’d scoff at the nickname and stare at you in disbelief.

Being a coffee barista in a small coffee shop was not that exciting. Most of the time, you were just standing behind the cash register, taking orders of customers who desperately wanted their morning coffee so that they could survive their morning without being tired and sleepy.  

Every customer was the same, or so you thought it was. It would be mostly around 10 AM, when the first grumpy customer would enter the coffee shop and order a strong cup of cappuccino. Sometimes customers would be even making fun of your mint green nail polish, saying that the color was too bright to fit the color of your skin. Or that the color was too bright for your deadpanned face.

But when Min Yoongi entered the small coffee shop for the first time in his life, ordering a frappuccino as he looked at you with those lovely small brown orbs and complimented the color of your nail polish, you were fully convinced that not all the customers were the same as you thought.

Amongst all those flowers that looked exactly the same, there would be always that special flower that would stand out.

Min Yoongi was that special flower.

After your first encounter with the mint green haired boy, you found him regularly visiting the coffee shop, ordering his Frappuccino as usually. You learned that he moved into town to finish his Arts major at the Seoul National University, specializing in photography. He simply admired you when you told him that you were majoring in Law, specializing to be an advocate, also at the same university as Yoongi’s.

You soon became friends with Yoongi, to the point that he would visit your apartment often. When he made his first visit, he was really amazed at the color of your walls (which was mint green ofcourse). When Yoongi was looking at your family pictures that were hanging on the mint green walls of your living room, you couldn’t help but find yourself staring at the mint green haired boy, amazed by his facial features. You adored his jawline, which was not too sharp but also not too squishy. That small pout on his lips and the little frown he had when he was looking at the 9-years old you on the family photo that was the most precious to you. And not to forget, his mint green hair that was sparkling the grey surroundings of Seoul whenever he’d walk on the streets. You loved his mint green hair the most.

There was a moment when you wondered why he died his hair mint green. Although mint green was your favorite color, you would never die your hair in that color. When you finally asked Yoongi why he died his hair mint green, he just chuckled and looked at you with his gummy smile, while saying,

“Just because. I like to stand out in a simple way”.

After that, you adored him even more.

Soon, you found yourself falling for him. Slowly, but deeply. However, you did not want to sacrifice your friendship just because of your silly crush, so you decided to keep quiet. Besides, Yoongi did not even like you back, so what is the point of telling him?

That’s what you thought, ofcourse.

“So, what do you want to do on your rare free day off?”, Yoongi asked you, absentmindedly stroking your soft hair while you were laying down on his lap. It was an early Saturday evening and you guys were just being lazy in your living room, watching this variety show called ‘We Got Married’, and sometimes you couldn’t help but cringe at the clingy celebrities.

“I don’t know. Doing this is just fine actually”, you answered Yoongi as you looked up to him, your heart skipping a beat as you saw his beautiful orbs looking down on you. Honestly for you, it did not really matter. As long as Yoongi was by your side, you were fine. Even if that meant watching We Got Married together. Yay.

“Are you sure? Because you’re cringing every two seconds watching this show”, Yoongi laughed, revealing his gummy smile that you really loved seeing. You just shrugged your shoulders.

“I have to admit that I’m not really fond of this show. But you apparently love watching it so it’s fine to me”, you said, giving him a soft smile.

“It’s interesting to see how idols are behaving when they are in a married relationship…”, Yoongi mumbled to himself, but it was loud enough for you to hear. You raised both your brows, and you suddenly had this urge to ask him about it.

And so you did.

“When the time comes, do you want to marry that special someone you’ll love?”, you asked him with a soft voice, making him look down on you again, but this time he was the one with his brows raised.

Yoongi then furrowed his brows a little, which he always did when he was thinking seriously about something. Before you could stop yourself, you were already observing his facial features again. You found him strangely hot whenever he would think about something seriously, with his brows raised and his nose cringed up.

“I think I would… Yes.”, Yoongi finally said after a few seconds of good thinking, and you couldn’t help but smile at the thought of having Yoongi as  your husband, and perhaps, the father of your children. Although being sassy and grumpy was his favorite hobby, you also knew that he had a very caring heart. And that he had this strange love for Kumamon deep inside of him.

“Why are you smiling like that?”, the mint green haired boy suddenly asked, and you could feel your cheeks slowly getting hot all of a sudden. Crap.

“O-oh. It’s nothing!”, you answered him, a little bit too fast you assumed, by seeing the way he was looking at you. “I was just thinking about you being a husband and a father”, you said as you could feel yourself smile again. “You’d be a nice husband and a father, Yoongi”.

Yoongi looked at you in awe. He wasn’t expecting those words coming out of your mouth, considering the fact that you were a teasing bitch 90% of the time he spent with you.

“You’d think so?”, Yoongi asked you, still surprised by those words you said a few seconds ago. You nodded with a wide grin as you sat up, eying him as you settled yourself next to him.

“Ofcourse! Why are you so surprised?”, you scoffed as you hit him lightly on his arm. Yoongi chuckled softly, rubbing the spot where you hit him as he looked down with a smile.

“It’s just because you always tease me and never give me compliments like that. I have to get used to that.”

Your smile faded as you heard him saying those words, realizing that you have been hiding your affection and adoration for him all along. Or well, teasing him was your way of showing that you liked him. Not only as a friend, it was so much more than that. You liked him so much, it was hurting you in all places.

No. You didn’t like Yoongi. You loved him. You loved him so much.

You suddenly cupped both of his cheeks in your palms, lifting his head so he was looking at you straight in the eyes. You then caressed his cheeks, and you couldn’t help but enjoy feeling the soft skin of his pale cheeks against your palms.

“Yoongi, please don’t misunderstand. You are the greatest person I have ever met on this damn planet. From the day you stepped into that coffee shop, you’re fascinating me in many ways a person can be fascinated. You’re literally the only person of which I actually enjoy being with. And you know how I normally don’t like the presence of people.

You are the first one who complimented my mint green colored nail polish. Fuck, you are the first one who adores my love for the color mint green, while before people used to laugh at me for loving that color.

You are the first one who actually complimented the 9 years old me on that family picture, while my other friends, can I even call them my friends, laughed at me because I looked silly in that mint green bathing suit on the beach. Not to mention that my fore teeth were missing”.

You didn’t notice the tears streaming down your cheeks until Yoongi brushed them away with this thumbs. However, that did not stop you from talking further.

“When I literally lost hope in humanity, you came in my life by walking through the front door of the coffee shop. You’re so special you know that? When I saw your beautiful photographs for the first time in your apartment, I adored you for having such a passion like that. Like, I can’t imagine myself having such a passion about something so beautiful and special like that.

You’re so damn special Yoongi. I love you so much.

But, you probably don’t feel the same about me, so I-“

“Idiot. You fucking idiot”, Yoongi interrupted you, caressing your cheek with one hand as he placed the other at the back of your neck, bringing you closer to him, the gap between you and him closing.

“How long I waited for you to say those three damn words, fuck Y/N…”, he whispered against your lips, before fully planting his on yours.

You widened your eyes as you felt his lips moving against yours, your heart beating like crazy while your mind was in a complete chaos. Your lips were frozen against his for a few seconds, but soon afterwards you found yourself closing your eyes, automatically putting your arms around his neck, your hands slightly brushing his mint green hair. Feeling Yoongi’s lips melting against yours like this, it felt like you were on cloud 9, and you wanted to make this blissful feeling last forever.

Somehow the kiss became more heated now, as you felt Yoongi’s hands moving up and down your waist, and you strangely found yourself enjoying the feeling of his hands on you. Yoongi suddenly let go of your lips, and you whined against the loss of his lips, making him chuckle softly as he pinched the side of your waist, making you shriek.

“That was for keeping your feelings a secret, baby”, Yoongi whispered in your ear, before moving his lips from your earlobe to your jawline, and then to your neck, peppering it with little butterfly kisses.  Your eyes immediately closed as you felt his soft lips pressing on the sweet spots of your neck, and you couldn’t help but let out a soft moan as he sucked on that particular spot.

Your hands unconsciously moved to his soft hair, grabbing it as you still felt his lips peppering your neck with deep kisses. You made a mental note to yourself that you had to wear a turtleneck to work the next morning, because you were sure that those hickeys won’t be disappearing tomorrow.

“This… thing. It’s in the way”, Yoongi mumbled in your neck as he tucked on your white plain t-shirt. You giggled at his eagerness, letting him go out of your embrace as you grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head, dropping it to the floor afterwards.

The next thing you saw was Yoongi literally scanning the naked upper half of your body with predator-like eyes, and you assumed he was probably surprised of the fact that you weren’t wearing a bra underneath your shirt.

“Are you serious, Y/N? No bra?”

“I never wear bras when I’m home. They’re a little bit uncomfortable if I wear them too long”, you simply answered as you shrugged. Yoongi gave you a small smirk, scooting closer to you while licking his pink lips.

“Good. As from now, you won’t need them anyways”, he winked at you, before putting his arms underneath your waist and legs, picking you up in bride style, taking you by surprise.

As Yoongi carried you to your bedroom in bridal style, you found yourself looking at his facial features again. However this time, your eyes were filled with only lust, and you couldn’t wait to have Yoongi hovering over your body, making you scream his name like a mantra over and over again.

Hell yeah, you were definitely ready for it.

He softly put you on the bed, treating you like a porcelain doll that could break any moment. Seeing him looking down at you with loving eyes, you couldn’t help but smile at him, your adoration for him growing even more. And here you thought your adoration for Yoongi couldn’t get bigger. Guess you were wrong.

However, before you could get to the ‘real deal’ with Yoongi now (which basically was getting laid by him), you needed to know something. Just to be sure. So before he could go down on you again, you asked the question that was burning on your tongue ever since he kissed you on the couch.

“How long, Yoongi? How long have you been liking me?”

Yoongi pouted his lips and furrowed his brows, and you knew that he was thinking of an answer to your question.

“Hmm, who knows? I’m not entirely sure…”, Yoongi softly whispered as he bumped his nose against yours, which made you giggle cutely.

“But the thing that I definitely know for sure is that when I stepped into that coffee shop for the first time, you were the most beautiful coffee barista that I had ever seen”.

Okay, that was it. You decided that his answer was fair enough, so you eagerly put your arms around his neck and pulled him down, his lips dangerously close to yours. However, you decided not to kiss him fully on his pink lips, but you kissed the corner of his mouth, moving your lips to his earlobe, giving it a soft bite before whispering a little “show me how much you love me” in his ear. As you felt him shudder at your whispering voice against his ear shelf, you smirked out of victory.

Sadly, that smirk of victory soon disappeared as he ground his hips against yours, feeling his hardened member in his pants touching your semi-dripped clothed core. Getting rid of those damn clothes was your next mission, you decided.

You eagerly moved your hands to the hem of his shirt, tugging at it with a little whine. He immediately understood your signal, so he pulled his shirt over his head in a swift motion and threw it on the floor when it was completely off. You were totally in awe, your mouth hanging slightly agape as you saw his slightly toned abs and his smooth, flawless pale skin on his naked upper half.

Yoongi gave you an evil smirk as he saw you observing the naked upper half of his body. “Like what you see, babe?”, he winked at you, and you couldn’t help but scoff at his cockiness, before actually pulling him back down again and rolling over so that you were on top of him now. You straddled his lap as you slowly touched the soft skin on his chest, drawing invisible circles on it and bringing your lips to it. You then kissed and sucked the fuck out of his chest, making dark purple and red hickeys on his snow white skin.

When you heard Yoongi’s soft moans, you decided that those moans were the most beautiful sound you had ever heard in your whole damn life.

After peppering his chest and stomach with little butterfly kisses, you lowered your lips to that specific area, hearing Yoongi’s breath becoming more uneven as you became dangerously close to the area where he wanted you the most. You looked up at him and give him a little wink before unbuckling the belt of his pants and opening the zipper. Within a few seconds, his pants were completely off, leaving the mint green haired guy only in his black boxers. You licked your lips at the sight of him, laying down vulnerable with just one little piece of clothing on.

You suddenly felt the urge to be the dominant one in this game. But little did you know, that Yoongi had other plans with you.

So before you could even realize it, Yoongi already had you pinned down on the mattress, so that you were now underneath him. It was now his time to wink at you, before kissing his way down to your dropping core, which was actually still clothed because you still had your pants on. You moved your hands to the zipper of your jeans, wanting to take the piece of clothing off as soon as possible. However, before you could lower down your zipper, Yoongi grabbed your hand as he shook his head softly with a smirk plastered on his face.

“No no no. Don’t be so eager. We’re going slowly. Just the way you like”.

What? How does he know that-

Oh. You remember.

Like, how could you forget the fact that Yoongi once barged into your house with his mint green head all drunk of the soju, wanting to do you right there on the spot. And ofcourse, the only words you were able to let out were,

No Yoongi. Not like this. I like to take things slow”.

Well, right now, you started to slowly regret saying those words. Seeing Yoongi pulling down your pants in the slowest way possible was really torturous. Especially if you were literally leaking right there on the spot.

You sighed out of relief when those damn pants were finally off of you, enjoying the feeling of the cold surface of your sheets against your hot skin. However, you couldn’t enjoy it for a long time, as you could feel Yoongi opening both of your legs, sneaking between them as he reached for the spot where you needed him the most.

He touched your clothed core with his pale fingers, snickering as he heard you let out a breathy moan at his touch, proving how sensitive you were right now.

“Wow baby, you’re already dripping wet and I haven’t even touched you properly yet”, Yoongi remarked as he looked up to you, that damn smirk still plastered on his face.

You literally groaned as you grabbed his mint green hair and pushed his head towards your aching core. You were so done with his teasing attitude.

“Then make work of it. Like, right now Yoongi”, you groaned, not giving a damn anymore about how desperate you were being right now. Right now, the only thing you wanted was Yoongi making you feel good. Nothing more, nothing less.

And you thanked the heavens when he finally obliged, feeling Yoongi pulling your panties down as he softly kissed the insides of your thighs. He also took his own boxers off while he was at it, sighing as he felt the cold air of your bedroom against his sensitive hardened member.

As you looked at his member, with half-lidded eyes, you had to admit that he was actually bigger than you originally thought.

The mint green haired guy then hovered over your tiny body, spreading your legs so that he could have better access to your dripping core. You put your arm around his half-sweaty neck, softly moaning in his ear as you grinded your hips against his, teasing yourself with the feeling of his member grinding against your wet lips.

“Yoongi, please. I need you. Right now.”

As you said those words, you could hear Yoongi let out a soft groan, softly feeling up down there to check if you were wet enough. But you were so worked up that you did not even need the foreplay anymore. And seeing how hard Yoongi was right now, he probably did not need it either.

So the moment was now right here. The mint green haired boy, on whom you had a crush for 4 months long, was now hovering over your naked, sweaty body in your bedroom, and you couldn’t help but laugh at the actual irony.

“Why the fuck are you laughing when I’m about to slam my dick in you now?”, Yoongi asked with a hoarse voice, and you swore that you could feel yourself even getting wetter after hearing his voice in that tone.

“I’ll tell you later. Now slam it into me, Yoongi”, you whispered seductively in his ear.

Who was Yoongi to reject such a beautiful request?

So he did. He finally thrusted his member into your core, and you both moaned at the overwhelming feeling of this connection. You realized that this was the closest to Yoongi that you could ever get. Him hovering over you with his member in you, his fingers intertwining with yours as he was looking at you with half-lidded eyes that were nonetheless still filled with love, and you still could feel your heart skip a beat while looking at his beautiful eyes. Even in a situation like this.

He slowly thrusted his member in and out of you, and you moaned at this amazing feeling that you felt in the pit of your stomach. It has been a while since your last time having sex, so this feeling of ecstasy had you feeling like you were on cloud 9. As the seconds went by, Yoongi’s thrust became more irregular, and you knew that he was closer to his orgasm right now by the way he groaned, gripping your hips so tightly that you already knew that those bruises would stay there for a good three days.

Seeing him thrusting in and out of you like that, sensually moving his hips back and forth while those tiny, little drops of sweat fell down from his slightly dampened mint green hair was enough to get you very close to your high. So when he moved his fingers to your swollen clit, rubbing circles on it as inside of you, he hit your special spot with his member, you couldn’t take it anymore. By then, you literally screamed out his name, scratching his perfectly pale back, which was now not so perfectly pale anymore because of your sharp scratches.

After a few more thrusts, you finally reached your high, and it was the best orgasm you ever had in your whole life. You screamed out his name in full bliss, closing your eyes tightly with your toes all curled up as you let the feeling of ecstasy overwhelm you.

A few seconds later, you felt Yoongi spurting his substance in you with one last thrust, groaning loudly with your name coming out of his lips, riding his orgasm out before finally collapsing on you with all of his weight, his member still in you. He was a little bit heavy, but you were too tired to nudge him away.

After two minutes of regaining your breaths, Yoongi pulled out of you and rolled off of you, laying down on his back as he eyed the white ceiling of your bedroom with a sheepish smile. And ofcourse, seeing him smiling sheepishly like that, you couldn’t help but smile too. His smiles always worked contagious, no matter in what situation.

“So, Y/N…”, Yoongi murmured as he grabbed your waist with his arm, scooting you closer to him, and you happily nuzzled your face in his chest that was now covered in small, but dark hickeys. “Tell me now, why were you laughing just now?”, he whispered in your ear before planting a soft kiss on the top of your head, and you could feel your smile getting bigger.

“Just because… A few hours ago, I didn’t even dare to think of you being in my bed like this”. You could hear Yoongi chuckle at your answer as he tugged you even closer in his arms.

“Well, I surely didn’t dare to think of it either…”, he laughed tiredly as he stroked your hair lazily, and you slightly enjoyed the feeling.

The four words Yoongi then said afterwards were probably the cause that made you fall asleep with a huge smile plastered on your face.

I love you too, Y/N”.

thirty days iwaoi writing challenge
day twenty-nine:
 caught in the rain


The drizzle’s turned into a full-blown storm, the car’s stalled, the tire’s sinking deeper and deeper into the muddy pothole Oikawa had driven straight into, and Iwaizumi is practically breathing fire as he snarls, “Look what you did!”

Oikawa sheepishly rubs the back of his head, not looking the least bit apologetic as he chirps, “Oops! My bad.” Unbuckling his seat belt, he wiggles a little closer to his seething passenger and bats his eyelashes. “So, since we’re stuck here and all, wanna make out in the back seat?”

“No, I do not want to fucking make out in the back seat with you, you goddamn hazard to society.”

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Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

A jungkook scenario in which he is your best friend, and you have to bail him out of dangerous situations constantly, even if it means putting your feelings aside.

Genre: Fluff and angst

Warning: Mentions of violence. Read with discretion.


The both of you continued to stare at each other, the tension between you become thick enough to cut with a knife. Finally Sehun began moving towards you, closing the minimal amount of space there was. It was only when his breath against your lips that you realized that Oh Sehun was about to kiss you, and there was nothing you wanted more. 

 Your mind was reeling as his lips were about to brush against yours, your heart was racing, beating so hard you were sure he could hear it. Just when there was no space left 


 You both pulled away from each other, trying to figure out whose phone was ringing. It turned out to be yours. 

 "Hello mom- mom calm down… mom" It was no use though. Your mom was upset and she was making sure you knew. You pulled the phone away from your ear and could still hear here clearly. 

 "Where are you? Do you know what time it is? Who is going to make dinner? Get home now!“ And with that she hung up the line. 

 You suddenly felt embarrassed, knowing Sehun heard it all. You turned to him, not daring to look at him for you didn’t want him to see the red painting your cheeks. 

 "I- I think I should go home now.” Your head hung low on your shoulders, shame overtaking every fiber of your being. You heard the crunching sound of dirt as Sehun approached you. His hand was perched on your shoulder, his other hand gently grabbed your chin, tilting your head to look at him.

 "Hey, it’s ok. I understand.“ 

You knew he couldn’t possibly understand. He grew up on the nicer side of town, he had money in his family, and always had food on the table. He always had a new uniform for school and the highest quality text books. Not you though. You weren’t so fortunate. There was no way he could understand that you had to beg for clothing from second hand shops, or how you spent your childhood eating scraps from the garbage while your mom and step father were passed out on the couch.There was no way he could understand how you had always hoped while growing up that you would be able to live a normal life like your peers, one where you didn’t have to come home and cook for two ungrateful people, only for them to throw it in your face and beat you. There was no way he could possibly understand. But you wouldn’t tell him that, not now at least. You relished in the comfort he was providing. You wanted to believe this is what normal people did, what you would do if you were normal. Tears burned at the back of your eyes because you knew that he would never know. No one would know the struggle you lived with everyday. Not even jungkook knew. That was mainly because he was too busy with his own life to be concerned with yours. Unbeknownst to you, a lone tear escaped. Sehun wiped the tear away with his thumb, the look in his eyes softening. 

 "Let’s get you home __________.“ 


 The car ride back was long and silent. Sehun didn’t want to prod into your personal life, and you weren’t ready to share. You wanted to, hoped to one day share your struggles with someone, but that day was not today. 

 "It’s the complex on the right” you dully informed him. 

 He pulled up in the front of your dilapidated excuse of an apartment complex. 

“Let me see your phone” he instructed. You weren’t in the mood to argue, so you handed your phone over. After a few seconds he handed it back to you. 

 "If you ever need anything, just call me.“ 

 "Ok… thank you Sehun.” Your voice was barely audible, but he nodded his head, assuring you that he heard. He stayed in front of your complex until he watched you disappear inside your home. Then he drove off in the direction of the highway, so he too could go home. 


 Upon walking in, you were greeted by your sad excuse for parents. They were both angry and both reeked of alcohol. 

 "Where have you been? It’s almost 8pm.“ 

 "I’m sorry. I was at school studying." 

 "You just had your finals, what could you possibly be studying for?” You mother spat as she sneered at you. 

 "Just because finals weren’t long ago, doesn’t mean I still don’t have exams.“ The words left your lips before you could think better of it. Your step father instantly perked at your response and strode towards you, even more pissed than your mom. 

 "How dare you give your mother attitude.” He yelled, slapping you across the face. Your hand instinctively went into your pocket to protect your phone. This last time they were this pissed they destroyed your phone. It took months of odd ends and jobs to afford another one. 

 "Where were you really?!“ He questioned, hand raised in the air. 

 "I was at school." 

 "Not good enough" 


 Your cheek was burning where his hand made contact with your skin. You fought hard to keep your tears from falling. You couldn’t let them see how weak you were. 

 "I was at school" 


 "Stop lying you stupid bitch. " 

 Little did you know, you had pocket dialed Sehun in the midst of the discrepancy. 


 Sehun was about half way home, top still down on his car, enjoying the cool night air. The radio was lowly playing in the background. The thoughts of the events of the played over and over in his mind, from the confrontation in the library, to sneaking you to his hideaway, to how you almost kissed. Sehun was disappointed the moment was interrupted, but he knew for sure there would be a next time. His blue tooth began to ring, you name showing up on his dash. 

 "Wow she missed me already” he smirked to himself as he answered the call. 

“Hello _________, what can I do for-" 

 "You stupid bitch, stop lying." 

 "I’m telling you, I was at school.” 

 Sehun knew that was your voice even though you sounded like you were on the verge of tears. 

 “You never learn do you?” He heard the man question you. “Maybe this will teach you." 

 Your scream followed before the line went dead. Sehun instantly skidded to a stop and made a u-turn, driving dangerously fast in the direction of your home. ____________

 "I’m telling you, I was at school” you pleaded with your step father, trying so desperately hard to get him to believe you. Your efforts were futile as you watched him approaching you, walking past your mother who was now passed out. 

 "You never learn do you?“ He spat through his teeth, picking up a ceramic paper weight from the counter, still approaching you as you were now trapped against the front door. "Maybe this will teach you" 

 He raised the paper weight and brought it down as hard as he could, you tried dodging the attack, but he still clipped your wrist. You screamed out in pain as you clenched your wound. You were able to maneuver yourself from in front of him, but he was fast despite his drunken state. You were running towards the hall, hoping to lock yourself in the bathroom, but you tripped on your school bag and hit the ground, landing on your wounded wrist. Another scream left your lips as you heard the deafening sound of a crack. Your wrist was broken for sure. 

"Looks like you are stuck now.” he sneered while standing above you. You shook in fear, scared for your life at what he was planning to do with the ominous paper weight, which ironically was a gift you had bought him for his birthday earlier in the year. 

 "Stupid bitch” he spat raising his hand to bring the paper weight down onto you again. You covered your face not daring to look at him. The sound of a loud cracking sound filled the living room, startling everyone and waking your mother. You were still covering your eyes when you felt someone pull you up by your good arm. Reluctantly you turned to see who it was. 

 "Sehun? What are you doing" you asked, finally letting go of the tears you had been holding in for so long. 

 "I’m getting you out of here, now. “ he replied grabbing your school bag and pulling you past the now busted door and into the chilly night air.


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A/N: how are you all liking the story so far? Who do you want the reader to end up with? sorry this part has no jungkook in it T.T he will show up in the next part. This chapter is a bit dull, but more exciting events are soon to come, so please anticipate it. ;)

Today was a day you had hoped would never come, but whether you liked or not Justin had to leave this morning for tour. You set your alarm clock for 7:30 which really wasn’t needed because you couldn’t sleep at all. You turned your face to see your beautiful boyfriend sound asleep as he held you tight in his arms. Small snores left his slightly parted lips, you saw him in a way you had never seen him before…vulnerable and innocent. It had been the first night you had ever spent together even though you had been dating for three months. Wanting to document the moment before he was gone you wiggled your arm out of Justin’s protective hold to grab your phone off of the nightstand. You brought it to your face and opened up snapchat. You didn’t really care how awful you thought you looked, or that you were both naked under the blankets you just wanted to remember how sweet and adorable he looked for times when you felt lonely and missed him, when you knew he wouldn’t be able to come over and cuddle you. With his face nestled into the crook of your neck and you head on his arm you snapped the picture, adding the caption ‘gonna miss my baby’ before adding it to your story where your family, friends, and the beliebers would be able to see it. You sighed knowing you had to wake him up now knowing if you didn’t you never would. You brought back up the camera on snapchat and started a video. 

“Jay,” you lightly spoke as Justin groaned reluctently woke up. He opened eyes to find you smiling as you recorded him. He tiredly laughed out “Babe” and leaned in to kiss your cheek. Both of you giggled as the video came to an end. You knew these were the moments that mattered, the simple ones. 

You added that to your story too and saved them both. You turned to the most amazing boyfriend in the world and kissed him. Every time you kissed, or touched you felt electricity spiral through your body. “I’m gonna miss you so much,” You spoke against his lips. He only shushed you not wanting to think about leaving you. He offered for you to come but there was no way you could leave school. “Is that why you videoed that?” you shyly nodded your head, and he smiled and brought you closer to him. 

“Well how about we snapchat each other whenever we miss each other, its not ideal but it will help if I can see your face.”


Hi, so this is my first Jb one hope you like it idk if i even like it or not lolz but i think its alright let me know what you think and request are open if you’d like btw I actually wrote this based off a dream I had