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Fenris: I saw you casting spells inside. I should have
realized sooner what you really were.

Using ‘good’ products will only help your hair look more healthy temporarily. For long term improvement, you need to start looking at the root cause of your slow growth/damage/unhealthy looking hair. Eat foods that feed your hair, use natural products, stay hydrated! Don’t do anything to your hair that you wouldn’t do to a baby’s hair (straighteners/relaxers/harsh chemicals/ tight hairstyles/ rough handling) spend time moisturizing and protecting your hair and you’ll start to see an improvement in the health of your hair in a few weeks.

  • *in the lab*
  • Sherlock: *sitting at the microscope*
  • Pathologist: *watching Molly*
  • Pathologist: *nudges Sherlock; whispering* Wow, she's really cute...isn't she?
  • Sherlock: *working* Mmm *frowns* Who?
  • Pathologist: *nods at Molly* Doctor Holmes.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* Ahh.
  • Pathologist: *nonchalant* Do you know if she's single?
  • Sherlock: Ummm...
  • Pathologist: *ogling Molly's arse; distracted* Do you know or not?
  • Sherlock: I don't think you should waste your time *sees Molly moving closer* She's far too beautiful for you.
  • Pathologist: ...
  • Molly: *ruffles Sherlock's hair as she passes* Someone wants sex tonight.
  • Sherlock: *to her colleague; smug* I'm someone *shows his wedding ring* Sherlock Holmes, the husband.
  • Pathologist: ...
  • Pathologist: *flees*
  • Molly: *confused* What was that about?
  • Sherlock: *quickly* No idea. Lunch? *holds out his hand*
  • Molly: *holds his hand, grinning* Starving. But then, I am eating for two.

dementedxrobots  asked:

Any tips for transitioning from heat damage? 😅

First things first, cut off the heat damage. It doesn’t have to be all at once. But it’s easier that way in my opinion. Get a hair cut and go out and buy yourself some essential oils (coconut, olive, avocado, almond) and some deep conditioner. You can use home made DC (mayonnaise, honey, eggs, bananas, avocados, essential oils) or you can buy some for about $8-$15 from the store (here’s a link to some products I use). Use products that are sulfate and silicone free, sulfate will dry out your hair as if you were washing your hair with laundry detergent. Sulfate = BAD. Make sure you do a hot oil treatment before you shampoo your hair. EVERY. TIME. only shampoo once a week. Shampooing your hair washes out a lot of natural oils that protect your hair from the environment and life. Less is better. After you shampoo it use a deep conditioner. EVERY. TIME. Leave that DC on for about 30mins to an hour. So hot oil and DC once a week on your wash days. Always detangle/brush your hair very gently in the shower while your hair is soaking wet. After styling your hair, pick an essential oil to put on your ends, this protects them longer and prevents damage, which helps to retain growth. Doesn’t have to be done every day. 3-4 times a week on your ends should be fine. Wrap your hair in a silk wrap or scarf at night to protect your ends. DO NOT USE FLAT IRON. FLAT IRON, BLOW DRYER, SUPER HOT WATER = BAD. HIGH HEAT = BAD. Stick to these and your hair should retain length and grow much better than before. Good luck, babe 😊😘💖

It’d be really great if my family could stop hating me 🙃

Some real shit people who have natural hair don't talk about

• being overly protective of your hair the older you get because you start to realize that everyone just touches it without your consent
• seriously out in public I’ve had total strangers come up to me and, without asking, just start touching it
• “if I had your hair, I’d shave it”
• “you shouldn’t hate your hair, millions of people would kill to have your hair” yeah but growing up people told me it was ugly and frizzy and bred that hatred in me
• everyone suggesting different things you should do with it
• “your hair looks so good straight you should do it like that more often”
• “how much did you pay for that?”
• “whoa tame the beast”
• headaches from all the hair
• panicking when you comb it out because that much hair loss cannot be okay
• the “ugly” girl in the movie goes from having frizzy curly hair to perfect straight silky hair
• “could you straighten your hair before you come in to get your hair done so I can work with it”
• only trusting one hair stylist all your life because one wrong snip and your hair is ruined
• terrible haircuts all throughout your younger years that lead to mocking
• hand cramps when combing it out but not being able to stop because you can’t leave it like that
• people pulling it as hard as they can when you say you’re not tender headed anymore from years of pulling on your scalp while combing again, without consent
• new product suggestions every time you walk out the door
• never feeling as pretty as anyone else because straight silky hair is all you see
• people with perms saying “look my hair looks just like yours now” even though in fifth grade they picked on you for your hair

Grow your natural hair fast

How do I get my hair to grow? faster? longer? Here are 10 things that will help you !

1- A clean scalp

2- Less manipulation

3- Penetrating oils

4- Keep your edges intact when protective styling

5- Always use a leave-in conditioner

6- Avoid blow dryer

7- Drink more water

8- Eat healthy food with vitamins

9- Always moisturize and seal your ends. Trim it occasionally

10- Protect your hair while sleeping

Trans Protip For a Smooth, Hairless Face

Things you will need~

Epilator $30-40 (hair killing machine, I got one at a drugstore for so cheap)
Hydrogen Peroxide
Coconut oil
Apple Cider Vinegar.


Disinfect your face with hydrogen peroxide and put your hair up.

Run the epilator across your face, with and against the grain of your facial hair, in circular motions. It will hurt like a bitch the first time but it kills hair follicles so they grow back thinner and weaker so it hurts less every time you do it.

Tweeze any hairs or ingrown that the epilator couldn’t get

Disinfect again

If your skin is oily, rub in apple cider vinegar

If your skin is dry and flaky, rub in coconut oil

*Sometimes you get bumpiness and redness after you epilate for a few hours. This is normal and once your hair follicles start to die off and get thinner, you shouldn’t have these symptoms anymore. If you want to cover it up with makeup, I suggest using a primer to protect your newly open hair follicles from the makeup because if you don’t you will get hella acne.

Your brothers finding out about your mental illness would include:

Dean trying to keep it together for the sake of you and Sam.

Sam breaking down. 

Crying in shame.

Dean telling you everything’s gonna be okay. 

Sam promising to protect you. 

Sam stroking your hair.

Resting your head on Sam’s lap. 

Dean pacing nervously. 

Falling asleep on Sam. 

Sam breaking down to Dean when you finally fall asleep.

Dean being the big brother. 

Dean worriedly watching you. 

Becoming even more protective over you.

Swimming with Natural Hair?

I’ve gotten a couple questions about how to protect natural hair while swimming and I wanted to make sure I give a thorough response with a few simple tips to help you if you’re planning on swimming this summer.

Swimming Caps

With swim caps your hair still gets wet so it’s not 100% protected. It’s wise to incorporate additional protection methods along with the swim cap. If you protect your hair with the methods below, a swim cap won’t even be necessary. 

Coat your hair with a thick oil and conditioner before swimming.

Some people use coconut oil but castor oil can work just as well. The goal is to coat the hair so that the chlorine or salt water has less of a chance to penetrate your hair shafts. Wet your hair then apply the conditioner and oil right before swimming. 

Detangle your hair before swimming.

I know swimming with a fro of curls may look sexy, but dealing with the tangles afterward won’t be. I’d suggest swimming in one or more braids (Pocahontas plaits perhaps) after you’ve detangled your hair. It’ll be much easier to deal with your hair after swimming this way. 

Shampoo and deep condition after swimming. 

Use a clarifying shampoo and condition to restore moisture to your freshly cleaned hair. Don’t wait until the next day to wash, you definitely don’t want chlorine to sit on your hair for longer than it has to.

Is there anything else you do to prep your hair for swimming? Please share by answering on this post. 

How to achieve tame hair

Don’t brush dry hair - comb with wet fingers instead

Tame hair with a conditioner - apply conditioner to just the tips

Search for the right conditioner for your hair - look for a protein infused conditioner

Refrain from using heat styling tools - and if you do, use protectant spray

Moisturize - If your hair is dry, put the moisture back in with a cream

Make sure your products are alcohol-free! Alcohol tends to dry hair out.


Get a keratin treatment - the GK is my favorite and their shampoo and serum are legendary

Japanese straightening - this is terrible for your hair and it literally fries it but amazing results regardless

We are target practice.
Yes, I said we are target practice.
Our melanin, a gigantic bulls eye in the shooting range I call this Earth.
We are hunted like animals for sport, unarmed civilians caught like deer in the cop’s headlights.
The history washes over you like an unexpected ocean wave.
You have never had power, you have never had privilege, you have been sedated with voting rights that have garnered you a black president and the abolishing of slavery even though you’re still treated as three fifths of a person and your every waking moment is filled with fear at the possibility of a so called law enforcement officer remembering that he has a gun.
So when you see the ones that are supposed to protect you your hair raises up, you try not to show it on your face but you are praying to God, not in praise like the nine murdered in Charleston, South Carolina but in terror asking if today is the day you perish thanks to the bullet of the boys in blue.
Or maybe not.
Maybe you’re not another Travon Martin, Michael Brown, Walter Scott, Kimani Gray, Tamir Rice.
Maybe you’re a Sandra Bland, a Freddie Gray, another Eric Gardner.
Maybe you won’t have eight shots in your back but instead you’ll be the next with your name attached to the I Can’t Breathe hashtag.
The specifics don’t concern you though.
You’re consumed with fear for your own life, fear that you’ve had the worst luck you could imagine and are the next bloodied snapshot on the front page of the New York Times waiting to happen.
Or worse, you’re no, because for every social media post covered in innocent blood and the tears of our fellow brothers and sisters there is another person who simply hasn’t been announced, another person whose story wasn’t told.
I fear the day when I turn on my TV, hear of another person of color’s murder and the only words that escape my lips are ‘Oh, another one.’
I fear the day that my anger is exhausted, my sadness has been depleted, I fear the day that the only life I mourn is my own.
So if I someday have the luxury of becoming a hashtag in this whitewashed media, know that I didn’t raise a gun of my own.
Know that I didn’t fight the officers.
Know that if I took a bullet in my back or head, it wasn’t provoked, and mourn my passing.
Not just mine, but all of the others that have unjustly lost their lives because of the color of their skin, labeled savage before even knowing their names.
Don’t ever forget that before any of this transpired, I and all of the others were human.
—  maxwelldpoetry, “We are not free yet.”