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“I don’t have a favorite Tobio. they’re all super annoying. Even sleeping Tobio is annoying because he’s cute. What a troublesome brat….” 

(He’d get protective all the time! Can’t just leave a cute Tobio alone! Must protect! :3c)

Ok I don’t understand why people don’t appreciate Iwaizumi Hajime alone. I mean there are a lot of people that likes him because Oikawa and Iwaoi and I’m here like…why?! He must be loved by how he es no only because he is “the boyfriend,partner,friend of Oikawa” *sighs*

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All those All Might Protection Squad ideas I see here on tumblr left me wondering – how would the kids react if someone dared to badmouth All Might?

Like, when that his true form was revealed, everybody seemed to react really well to it, right? They still cheered for him, trusted in him to win the fight against All for One. But what if some people didn’t and don’t think so, and instead just think of Toshinori and his true form as a “fake” and not a true hero? (Like Izuku did when he first saw Toshinori in powered-down form, though then, it was more out of shock and confusion.)

Let’s think about it. The students and Toshinori are out – let’s say, they are doing a shopping tour together to buy Toshinori some new, fitting clothes – when a group of teenagers passes them and makes the biggest mistake of their life.

And here, I wrote a little fic-snippet:

Up until then, everything had went well. Class 1-A plus teacher had have a lot of fun that afternoon, trying to find different outfits for Toshinori, laughing over their choices or whooping and clapping exaggeratedly when they found something good. Toshinori had been tense and uncomfortable at first, still not used to being seen in public in this form, but the longer he had spent with “his” kids, the more he had relaxed. Now, on their way back to the dorms (“home” had Mina said, and nobody had corrected her) carrying bags of new clothes in every form and colour, Toshinori was laughing loudly alongside the kids, almost coughing up blood because he was laughing so hard.


Just when he whips the tears of mirth out of his eyes, a pair of teenagers passes them, laughing loudly, but not as cheerfully as their peers. The one on the left nudges his friend in the side and they both grin too widely and too darkly at Toshinori in passing.

Toshinori doesn’t notice them, too wrapped up in something Tooru is telling him with wildly waving hands, but the other kids do. Izuku tenses, Bakugou perks up and all of the students save Tooru and their teacher slow down just a little bit.

And one of the teenagers behind them whispers a bit too loudly: “Just look at him! Like a skeleton!”

“And that’s supposed to be a hero!” His friend answers, and both start laughing.


By now, Izuku stands stock-still in place, fists balled and eyes wide. Bakugou comes to a halt next to him, hands in his pockets and the distinct smell of sweat turning into explosives filling the air. More and more of class 1-A come to a halt, expressions ranging from shock to indignation up to blank fury.

That’s when the whispering jerks overstep their boundaries one last time.

“More like a joke!”


“Deku,” Bakugou’s voice is not loud or explosive like usual, but icy cold. It’s the most dangerous they’ve ever heard him. “Go distract him.”

Izuku breathes in, eyes flashing with something dangerous, before he breathes out deeply, the look passing and calmness sweeping back in. “Got it.”

Stiffly, Izuku wills himself to take one step, then another, before he jogs up to Toshinori and Tooru, closing the distance between them. “Toshinori-san!”

“Ah, yes?” Toshinori wants to turn around to his student, but Izuku already interlinks their arms and all but drags him further ahead, pointing to a shop they have not yet visited. “Let’s go there next, okay?”

“Huh? I thought we wanted to go back…”

“Deku is right, Sensei!” Uraraka pops up on Toshinori’s other side, also taking his hand in hers to pull him along. “We have to visit that shop before we go! It would, uh, be a real shame if we missed it!”

“You can’t just pass by this shop, All Might-sensei!” Kirishima joins in, grinning too brightly at him. “It would be really unmanly!”

Toshinori tilts his head, suspicious of the way his students act, but as the other catch up to them and everyone begins to talk over each other, trying to get him to enter the shop, he sighs and gives up. “Okay, okay! Fine, let’s go in there.”

“You’re the best!”

“Ah, where are Bakugou and Todoroki, by the way?”

“Uh, they will catch up to us on the way home! Don’t worry!”


Just as they enter the shop and the door falls closed behind them, there is the sound of something – someone – slipping on ice and falling to the ground with a loud thud to be heard. Two howls of pain follow, mixed with “What the hell?! Where does that ice come from?!”

“Hey, you two jerks!” Bakugou all-too familiar growl overrides the indignant yells of the teenagers. “What did you just fucking say about our teacher?!”

“W-What the-… Dude, what?! What business is it of yours what we say about the scarecrow?!”

“Okay, that’s it, you two are basically begging for it.”

“Don’t use your quirk, Bakugou.”

“Shut up, halfie. I’m not fucking stupid. Just going to give them a good old scare, don’t need my quirk for that.”

When Todoroki and Bakugou join their friends a good quarter of an hour later in the shop – it’s a teashop, they have found out by now – Bakugou is grinning quite savagely and proudly, and Todoroki smirks to himself . It’s almost uncanny how similarly pleased they look with themselves, and how there seems to be a silent understanding between all students to not say anything, just smile and nod at each other.

Izuku peers out of the shop  before they go, and gives a thumps-up when there is no one in sight. Most of all not a pair of teenagers.

But there is a spot on the ground which is still covered with a thin layer of ice. Seeing as it is summer and quite hot, that is a little bit suspicious.

Toshinori really hopes his students did not get in too much trouble.


“Stop stealing adopting children.”

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  • -Wanting to be a proper boyfriend, Oikawa bravely makes it official with Kageyama's "parents" by inviting them to lunch.-
  • Oikawa: Yup, so there you have it. Me and Tobio-chan are dating. So hopefully you can give us your blessing with this relationship~
  • Kageyama: //////[-Nervously eating as he looks down.-]
  • Daichi: Uhm, that's great news you two. It...sure was surprising to hear.[-still a bit speechless after being invited by their rival for an important news.-]
  • Suga: Yeah, we never would have expected you to actually have such deeper affections for Kageyama. Are you really serious about dating him?[-Although he was saying this calmly, there was a definite tone of hostility laced in that question.-]
  • Oikawa: Of course Mr. Refre-, Uh Suga-san. I'm more than serious about this relationship.
  • -Suga turned to Kageyama.-
  • Suga: What about you, Kageyama. Did you really think about this?
  • -Kageyama stayed quite before nodding.-
  • Kageyama: ...Yeah. I want this, too./////
  • -Suga still looked a bit skeptical, but decided to finally give in at last with a sigh.-
  • Suga: Well if this is what you want, then I won't argue.
  • -Kageyama takes another bite of his dinner, blushing even harder as Daichi smiled; completely relieved he didn't have to step in.-
  • Oikawa: That's quite considerate of you as his teammates...[-extends his hand to Suga-]
  • Suga: Well, please keep in mind that you are going to be held accountable for anything that might happen to our precious Kouhai. So do take care of him, Grand King. [-smiles warmly-]
  • Oikawa: ;;;;(...This guy is scary.;;;)
More Baby!Iwaoi headcanons

Part 1

  • Hajime’s second word was “Toru”.
  • Hajime learned to run first, because every time Tooru stumbled on his feet and fell, Hajime had to run to help him back up.
  • Hajime first saw Godzilla when he was about 20 months old and it changed his life.
  • Hajime’s third word was “Jira”
  • Hajime’s mother bought him a Godzilla onesie, and he squealed “Jira, Jira” every time he wore it.
  • Most of their playdates consist of Tooru running and laughing histerically and squealing “Iwa, Iwa”, while Hajime ran after him in his Godzilla onesie, roaring and calling “Toru, Toru”.
  • When Hajime cries, Tooru cries too. Hajime stops crying immediately and starts poking Tooru’s cheek to make him stop.
  • One day, Hajime’s mom got hospitalized and Hajime had to spend the night at the Oikawas’ place. Tooru was excited to spend a lot of time with Hajime, but Hajime didn’t want to play with him at all. Hajime kept crying and calling for his Mom and Tooru didn’t understand why Hajime wasn’t happy to see him. Tooru was really hurt and ended up crying until he fell asleep because Hajime didn’t want to be with him.
  • On Hajime’s second birthday, Tooru gives him the Godzilla toy they fought for some time ago.
  • When they start going to daycare, Hajime makes a lot of new friends very fast. Tooru doesn’t.
  • Hajime constantly invites Tooru to play with the other kids, but Tooru is scared of new people.
  • Hajime won’t play with the other kids unless Tooru wants to play too.
  • The daycare teacher tells their moms that it’s not healthy to let them be so codependant of each other and suggests they encourage the boys to make more friends.
  • Mrs. Oikawa and Mrs. Iwaizumi agree to reduce the amount of playdates, and the boys are changed to different classes in daycare.
  • After the change, Tooru spends most of the day crying and calling for “Iwa”.
  • One day, Hajime goes to his teacher and tells her “Toru cry”, and gets very frustrated when she doesn’t understand. Hajime wants the big people to take him with Tooru so he can make him stop crying. Hajime can hear Tooru crying all day long and won’t play with anyone because of it.
  • After not seeing each other for almost a week, Hajime manages to open the front door of his house and goes outside because he knows Tooru’s crying. He doesn’t know how to get to Tooru’s house and he gets lost and after walking forever (half a block from his home) he gets tired and sits on the ground to cry. 
  • Mrs. Oikawa had taken Tooru out for a walk hoping he would stop crying for “Iwa” (it didn’t work) when she finds Hajime crying on the ground. Tooru snaps free of Mom’s hand and runs towards “Iwa” with teary eyes, and they tumble to the ground, half crying, half laughing. Their moms decide to never try to force them apart again.

i was supposed to sleep 3 hours ago

but think about shirazu being a really supportive boyfriend and being worried about mutsuki during this whole dress up operation

in all honesty though, i thought shirazu looked really pretty in that dress. leopard print leggings and all. who picked his outfit. it was sasaki wasn’t it.