protect this poor child


That was my exact reaction watching the new episode hOLY MOLY.

okay when I asked for broken rick I diDN’T EXPECT HIM TO BE THIS MISERABLE WHAT THE HECK THIS IS NOT OKAY!!!!! NOT!!! OKAY!!! *throws everything over the window* 

Oh my gosh. 

Forget Morty, protect THIS poor child instead. 

“I’d burn the whole goddamn world down for you, Aurora.” - Estela Montoya💕. I admire Estela so much her unyielding determination and goal-oriented mindset are my favorite aspects of her character. The inspiration for the piece was her idol and tent scene where she declares her love for MC. I love how MC melts Estela’s icy exterior by showing her affection. Estela is a precious soul and I would do anything for her.☺ P.S. Aurora is my sister’s MC @aurorajames .