protect this poor child


That was my exact reaction watching the new episode hOLY MOLY.

okay when I asked for broken rick I diDN’T EXPECT HIM TO BE THIS MISERABLE WHAT THE HECK THIS IS NOT OKAY!!!!! NOT!!! OKAY!!! *throws everything over the window* 

Oh my gosh. 

Forget Morty, protect THIS poor child instead. 

sebastian is that character that you love to hate, you spend the entire saga hating him and waiting for him to die and then CASSANDRA CLARE JUST DOES THIS THING WHERE YOUR HEART BREAKS AND ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS PROTECT THAT POOR CHILD WITH DADDY ISSUES

Opinionated Riverdale Highlights:

Episode 12-

•This episode was better considering RAS didn’t write it. Oops

•Omg Free FP dammit, whose ass are you covering??

•Jughead can’t catch a break.

•Really Momma Jones your nonexistent, non casted ass is rejecting Jughead in a time of need.

•FP why you lying?!

•Fred why you gotta do Jughead like that?!? I trusted you!

•Fred don’t say that to Archie you’re just scared take those words back!

•Archie hug your boyfriend ooops I mean bro. Bro hug because then RAS might get offended.

•Um okay is anyone gonna report Hal for breaking into the Sheriff home? Also was really hoping for Alice to accidentally shoot him, I mean c'mon it was obvious it was him who broke in.

•Poor man never had a chance with the nickname ‘Mustang’

•Still no Reggie (I just lost 26 more years off my life/ Lili & Madelaine confirmed his recasting in a Facebook Live video right before this episode aired) 😭😭.

•Still no Josie and the Pussycats (which performance wise is understandable bc well in words of beanie loving philosopher ‘A KID IS DEAD ARCHIE!’).

•We find out in this episode that Sheriff Keller isn’t the only cop in town.

•But did he really OD? Or did the illuminati make it seem that way?

•Did y'all see the flash of jealousy in Veronica’s face when she called Archie and he said he was with Betty? Petty Love triangle bait.

•Did they just say “Grandpappy” wtf

•Eww not twincest just incest…

•I bet Veronica’s ears are burning for calling it.

•"I’m sorry to distrupt the witching hour at Thornhill" -Alice My Queen

•"Pure Blossom" stooop you creeps

•"THIS IS SOME JERRY SPRINGER SHIT!“ (Ha get it bc Betty’s dad was in white chicks? Yes? No? Okay byyee).

•Okay but like you write incest into the story but we don’t get a scene as to how Polly is reacting to her former love which was her third cousin or something. The girl can’t catch a break can she. You drag her out of a home expecting her to be fine with these news???

•Kevin protecting his dad and his job and his boyfriend is so cute.

•"I’m sorry Cheryl” -Jughead Jones
And now he gets bitchslapped by Cheryl. (I’m a sucker for someone getting slapped 😬😂).

•But like Jughead didn’t stop her, he let her get out her rage. That is such a noble thing to do even if at the moment he feels like shit because of his father.

•"I barely touched him" *insert white guy blinking meme here*

•Someone just hug Cheryl dammit.

•Seriously you could’ve had a sweet moment where Betty hugs Cheryl like when she was there for Ronnie, but the writers are too scared bc this fandom is fierce for the ships.

•Joavin is dead 😭

•Technically Kevin still doesn’t know he only dated him for the sake of the investigation. 😭

•Who’d a thought it would be Mary Andrews who reveals Joaquin’s last name.

•Mary being there for Jughead thanks to Archie *heart is feeling something*

•Joaquin DeSantos everyone (FYI Rob just updated that on his Twitter Bio)

•Kevin and Joaquin kiss, my poor fragile heart.

•Where can I get a Southside Serpent leather jacket?!?

•FP talking to Jughead in the jail cell *My poor unfortunate soul*

•"Nancy Drew strikes again" -Kevin Keller

•But like is anyone gonna comment on the fact that Betty could’ve told any guy to put on the letterman. Like she did it to feel up Archie, just saying 🐸☕️😂.

•But like I’m surprised they didn’t bughead this too much.

•Does nobody in this town know that when sleuthing you wear gloves!!

•Like I’m so surprised these people don’t get caught sooner or later. They’re hiding spots are just terrible and they don’t seem to grasp that their fingers can leave traces or DNA.

•These poor kids straight up watch Jason die. We all watched it! These kids need support.

•Cheryl baby she warned you to leave not confront the killer…

•"You did a bad thing daddy" super cringy for me.

•Poor Cheryl just wants happiness.


•Clifford keep your dirty hands off Juggie!

•Omg his name is Clifford like Clifford The Big Red Dog and he’s a ‘redhead’.

•All because of Maple Syrup?

•That ring I swear holds a single drop of every redheads blood and that is why it is so dear to their hearts.

•You killed your son bc of a ring? Maple Syrup? You were okay with Incest! So what was it? We need a better explanation!

•I’m sorry but if you wanted to get away with it you should’ve checked them cameras.

•I’m sure Hades is happy to have Clifford Blossom back, but I feel sorry on how this ended.

•R.I.P: Mustang, Jason, Clifford.

•Bye Molly Ringwald just like other every other characters we may never see again. 👋🏽

•Every character in this show needs a therapist please make them seek help, especially after all they’ve been through.

•Y'all get mad at others shows *cough* 13RW *cough* for being triggering even though that one has warnings unlike this show which has shows pedophelia, Mental Illness, emotional and physical abuse, drug abuse, suicide and it has no warnings and no one calls them the it on this.

***Feel freed to add on***

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You know, I really hope that once we find out what kind of faery we are, we actually develop some kind of power. Be it firebending or whatever - I just hope that we can be strong for once too. I'm sick of always playing the weak girl that needs help from everyone else. I know that's pretty common in those kind of games but it would be nice to have something different once in a while.. This was kind of random but I just had that thought and well.. yeah

having powers would be rlly cool but i wouldn’t call this protagonist weak at all like…she’s been through a lot and she’s overcome everything in the best way she could despite her circumstances. she’s going to play a really important role in the story though i mean, the oracle didn’t ‘choose her’ for no reason.

BTS in Medieval England


The Prince duh

  • The most handsome and kindest prince this kingdom has ever known
  • There are songs written about this mans beauty that will be sung for centuries to come
  • Close friends with the head knight Jimin
  • Most trusted and loyal friend is Taehyung
  • Befriended Taehyung, a homeless peasant as a child when he found him stealing the food from the palace kitchens
  • Would sneak out at night to feed a starving taehyung
  • When Jin become old enough to choose a personal servant he picked Taehyung, who was still living on the streets
  • Jins kindness is viewed as weakness by his father
  • The public view it as strength
  • He goes out regularly with Jimin to villages, providing food to the poorest people in the kingdom
  • Did i mention how handsome he is
  • Refuses to marry for political gain
  • wants to marry for true love
  • already in love but doesn’t realise it taejin
  • Regularly sneaks out peasants arrested for stealing food to try and feed their starving families
  • His father is terrified of what will happen to the kingdom when Jin becomes king
  • Everyone else is excited
  • He becomes the best king the world has known and will be the stuff of legends 

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The Head Knight

  • The most feared and merciless men in the history of the kingdom
  • Will do anything to protect the kingdom
  • Says he only goes out with JIn to protect him but in reality he wants to protect the poor just as and doesn’t want any child to starve
  • Seeing jungkook have to starve as child made him want to help the poor
  • Pretends not to care but cares the most
  • He is ruthless when it comes to enemies of the kingdom
  • Even his own men are scared of him
  • But they trust him with their lives and would not wish for any other leader
  • Very few know a different side of his intimidating personality
  • Jungkook being one of the lucky few to know him for the sweetie he really is
  • Teaches jungkook how to fight with a sword
  • Jungkook ends up being better
  • He tries to find a way to visit Jungkook everyday
  • Jimin is happiest around Jungkook
  • Jin low-key jealous of their friendship
  • Thinks Jhope is one of the kindest, honest men that ever walked this earth

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The Blacksmith

  • He use to dream of becoming a knight, ever since he was young
  • Him and Jimin use to fight in fields using sticks as swords pretending they were in battle 
  • Unlike Jimin, Jungkook didn’t come from a family of nobles
  • He came from a poor farmer family, forced to starve whenever there was a bad harvest
  • One of the most loving boys you could ever meet
  • Jimin would try to give him food often got caught
  • Jimin left Jungkook to become a knight at 16
  • Jungkook took an apprenticeship to become a blacksmith
  • Left his family
  • Built his way up and eventually became a blacksmith for the castle
  • Reunited with Jimin
  • friendship goals af
  • Brings out the best in Jimin
  • Hates how brutal Jimin can be
  • Only person to have seen Jimin cry
  • Lives with Jhope in a small house next the the castle
  • Visits his family and village with food and gold every time there’s a bad harves
  • Bought Jimin a goat once idk why
  • Suspicious of Jhope but doesn’t know why

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Personal Servant

  • Family died of starvation when he was younger
  • Roamed the city streets for years, stealing food to survive
  • He once tried to steal food from the castle kitchens but was caught by Jin
  • Instead of telling the guards he told Tea to meet him at the gates at night
  • They became friends, Jin would sneak out as child to feed and talk to Tae
  • Taehyung is the reason Jin has such a passion for helping the poor
  • One of the most loyal and sweet boys you  could meet
  • Always has a smile on his face
  • He may be just a servant but Jin will always go for him for advice
  • Hates the king with a passion for not helping his family
  • Blames him for his families death
  • The only reason he hasnt tried to kill the king is because of Jin
  • Befriended everyone inside and outside the castle
  • Is as well known as Jin around the kingdom 
  • cute af

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The villian

  • Neighbouring kingdom and wants more power
  • Wants Jins land so he is able to feed his people
  • To stubbern to ask for help hed rather battle for land
  • Close links with J-Hope
  • Gets lots of secret information on Hobie
  • Constantly worried for Hobies safety and everytime they meet up he tries to convinve him to come back home
  • Jimins mortal enemy
  • Was almost killed by Jimin twice
  • Almost killed Jimin 3 times check make jimin
  • Has the best intentions for his kingdom
  • Is only nice to Jhope 
  • Never purposley harms innocent civilians and makes sure his men never attact villages filled with peasants
  • Orders his men to sometimes attack tax collectors and take their collections to piss off  Jin
  • Petty af
  • Stubbern
  • Refuses to acknowlege that if he asked for help Jin would help his kingdom
  • Too ashamed to ask for help
  • Would never forgive himself if anything happened to J-Hope

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The Jester

  • lives with Jungkook 
  • The funniest man around
  • Handsome af
  • In love with Suga
  • Is torn between Suga and the Jins kingdom
  • Hes made so many friends
  • Knows how dissapointed they would be is they found out
  • Hates himself for it
  • Cares little for being caught, the only reason he is still doing this is for Suga
  • Would never tell Suga how hopeless and sad he feels 
  • Has cried at night on many occasions not knwoing what to do
  • Fears for the future
  • Wishes Jin doesnt trust him as much as he does
  • Knows Jimin is suspicious
  • Wants Suga to ask for help 
  • Tries to tell him he souldnt be ashamed and hell always be there for him
  • Will be with Suga until the day he dies

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  • Intelligent af
  • Worked his way up from the bottom
  • Was born a bastard
  • Taught himself to read and write with the posters and signs around his village
  • Saved up for 2 years to buy his first medical book
  • Moved to the city within the castle walls looking for work
  • Became an apprentice
  • The king made him the royals Apothecary after he manages to made a remedy to solve the kings illness
  • The worlds best apothecary 
  • His knew discoveries are hears ahead of his time
  • Is close friends with J-hope
  • Is also known as one of the wisest among his old village
  • He will often go to villages with Jin and Jimin to help the poor and provide them medical care
  • Provides free care to those in need
  • Actual bean 
  • One of the few that isnt scared by Jimin
  • Once made Jimin laugh

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Haven't made an angsty headcanon post in a while, so

Ninja frequent nightmares headcanons

Kai: Nightmares he can’t explain about his sister dying, and he’s not able to do anything about it (hint: it’s a subconscious memory from the alternate timeline)

Jay: Has a lot of nightmares about his time with the Sky Pirates, and probably a lot about all the Ninjas leaving him alone

Zane: Still occasionally has nightmares about the ice dragon going rogue

Cole: Has a lot of nightmares about fading away and/or being alone

Nya: Definitely has nightmares about the tiger widow venom incident

Lloyd: holy SHIT where do I begin
- Has nightmares about getting trapped in the Temple of Fire when he was little, which got worse after Morro possessed him due to Morro actually dying in the Caves of Despair
- Has nightmares about all his battles with the Overlord
- Has nightmares about having his powers drained and leaving the Ninjas helpless
- Has nightmares about sending his father to the Cursed Realm
- Has nightmares about leaving his father in the Cursed Realm
- Has nightmares about Morro possessing him and making him fight his friends again
- Has nightmares about someone attacking his friends/family and he can’t do anything to help
- Poor kid has a lot of nightmares
- Protect this child