protect this poor child


That was my exact reaction watching the new episode hOLY MOLY.

okay when I asked for broken rick I diDN’T EXPECT HIM TO BE THIS MISERABLE WHAT THE HECK THIS IS NOT OKAY!!!!! NOT!!! OKAY!!! *throws everything over the window* 

Oh my gosh. 

Forget Morty, protect THIS poor child instead. 

sebastian is that character that you love to hate, you spend the entire saga hating him and waiting for him to die and then CASSANDRA CLARE JUST DOES THIS THING WHERE YOUR HEART BREAKS AND ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS PROTECT THAT POOR CHILD WITH DADDY ISSUES

Okay But How About Smol Sportacus and Smol Robbie

The idea that Sportacus and Robbie are ALSO kids themselves, playing an elaborate and imaginative game with all the other children in Lazy Town?

I mean, that might be why you don’t see any other adults around, because children tend to ignore adults when they’re playing. It would also explain why Sportacus goes to sleep at 8:08 and sleeps 11 hours, because that’s how much sleep kids need and maybe 8:08 was his bargain with his mom about staying up later than 8.

Robbie’s parents (unattentive politician father and gambler mother) leave him alone most of the time so he occupies his time with costumes and building little machines and what not, and only eats cake because it’s the only thing he doesn’t have to cook (he doesn’t know how to cook) and hates vegetables from the ground because he thinks they’re dirty, but might eat them cooked as long as it’s a hot meal. Robbie can’t sleep at home because of fighting
(Poor baby 😢).

Smol Sportscus includes Smol Robbie in the games because the other kids won’t ask him to play, but he’s afraid to play and get his clothes dirty or get yelled at.

Honestly this just adds to the feeling of how hopelessly closeted Margo is

like we now know HER NAME and she’s over here like “gee…. I wish I could be a girl…” like oh ym god protect this poor child