protect the unborn

*Healthcare system malfunctions and does not help pregnant women and mothers:*

Νormal way of thinking: “Let’s fight for its improvement and put pressure on  government with massive strikes and protests!!!!”

Abortion maniacs and feminazis’ way of thinking: “Let’s kill the unborn, promote a theory that the unborn is not a human being, harass pro-lifers, abuse pregnant women, and shout saying that those women who decide to become mothers do not deserve womanhood cause are willingly oppressed by patriarchy and promote sexism!!!!”

BTS Mafia Reaction: When their pregnant wife tries to leave them to protect their unborn child

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Jin/Kim Seokjin

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You have never seen this scary side of him until he found out about your plan.

“No no no, baby girl, that’s not how this works.”

Park Jimin

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You bumped into him when you were about to go out.

“Where do you think you’re going? Are you seriously trying to take our child away from me?”

V/Kim Taehyung

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You were waiting for a cab to take you to the train station but instead Taehyung showed up. He got out and opened the car’s door for you.

“Get in. We need to talk.”

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon

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When he found out that you ran away because you were pregnant, he couldn’t believe your stupid decision. He gathered all his men.

“You have to find her. Fast. She’s not safe out there.”

Suga/Min Yoongi

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He would be so irritated.

“We’re going to have a child and the first thing you come up with is running away?”

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok

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When he found you missing a few days after you told him, to say that he was annoyed would be an understatement.

“Aish, that girl has been nothing but trouble since day one.”

Jeon Jungkook

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his hair 😂

You never really had a chance to run away as he was already way too protective of you.

“Jagi, you must understand that no where is safe for you and our child except here with me.”

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Picture Perfect - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester

Title: Picture Perfect

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 3,652

Warnings: None

Prompt: I got it! Can you do a fic where Sam dies while (Y/N) is pregnant with his child and so Dean helps her raise the child and they live the apple pie life and right when Dean wants to propose to (Y/N), Sam returns to life & ANGST. Please and thank you

“Mary!” Dean shouted “Breakfast’s ready, come on!” he said loud enough, hoping the little girl was going to hear him.

“Yes daddy!” she said in her childlike voice as she ran down the stairs. Her brown curls were bouncing as her green eyes sparkled with happiness the moment she spotted the food that lay on the table.

“Pie!” she exclaimed and the man chuckled at the girl.

“Yes princess!” he placed the last pancake on the place and put the frying pan away. He leaned down and picked her up, giving her a big kiss on the cheek as the little girl giggled at him.

“And it’s your favorite!” he said with a big grin and she squealed.

“Apple pie!”

“-Which you are not going to have for breakfast.” you said with a strict – but loving – mom look.

“What?” she pouted “Why?”

“Sweetheart.” you said softly, taking her from Dean’s arms “Pie is not right for breakfast and you know it. We’ve said you can have pie whenever you want to- as a treat. You will have to eat your meal first.” you said, tucking a few brown curls behind her ear.

“But daddy eats pie all the time- even for breakfast and you let him. Why can’t I?” the four-year-old gave you those puppy eyes that could actually do you anything they wanted.

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Their tall girlfriend making fun of them for being short

Their girlfriend falling asleep on their chest

Mafia AU When their fiancee runs away

Their girlfriend trying to glare at them after an argument

Their girlfriend ignoring them after an argument

Them dating a romance writer

Mafia AU Regaining their fiancee’s trust after she ran away

Their girlfriend getting scared while watching a horror movie

Mafia AU Them kidnapping the wrong girl

You flirting with them

Mafia AU Finding out the girl they fell for is a cop

Finding out their girlfriend has tattoos

Mafia AU When their wife tells them she’s pregnant

Mafia AU When their pregnant wife tries to leave them to protect their unborn child

Mafia AU Their future s/o being a spy

Mafia AUFinding out their sister is with a rival mafia member

When they apologise after a fight thinking you’re asleep and won’t hear anything

Mafia AUWhen you’re scared of having their children

Mafia AUWhen somebody threatens/scares you

When you storm out after a fight

Mafia AUWhen you get angry at them for killing an innocent person

Mafia AUWhen they see someone flirting with their girlfriend

Mafia AUWhen you get kidnapped

Mafia AU When their fiancee rats them out to the police

When they see their sister kissing another member

omg look at this reaction list, it’s practically mafia au only jesus 😂

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How Would EXO Propose

Wedding With EXO

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Arkansas passes law allowing rapists to sue victims who want an abortion

A pregnant woman’s husband will have the power to stop her from having an abortion, even in cases of spousal rape, under a new law introduced in the US state of Arkansas.

Most second trimester abortions will also be banned by Act 45 - the Unborn Child Protection From Dismemberment Abortion Act - which will make it possible for husbands to sue doctors who carry out abortions for civil damages, or get an injunction to block the termination.

The pro-life law, which was pushed through in just two months by the state’s Republican government, prohibits all dilation and evacuation (D&E) procedures, in which the physician removes the foetus from the womb with surgical tools.

The Demonic Evocations

The below Evocations are to be used in the Rite Of Demonic Evocation posted earlier and can be used also as a guideline to create your own Evocations for circumstances not covered in those below.


“I summon the power of the Infernal Lord Satan … I call forth my Infernal Father from the depths of the sphere of Hell … to aid my quest for Occult knowledge and Adepthood … may the knowledge of your Black Arts be revealed to me … may the innate Infernal force of those who become Initiates of the Black Arts evolve within me … aid me in becoming a Sorcerous Practitioner of Demonic Magick and learn to wield these powers in the service of the Infernal Legion … as I embark upon the Infernal journeys which lie before me guide me with your infinite wisdom … I summon forth the ineffable power of you who are true Lord of this world My Lord Satan to bless my sojourn into the study of the Infernal Arts with the force of your Blackened Flame … by your Decree may I attain adepthood within the Mysteries of your Rites and Darkest Arts … Ave Satanas!”


“I call forth the dark carnal power of my Infernal Mother Lilith … seducer of the pious … Dark Queen of the Lilin … Matriarch of the Black Womb … journey forth this night Lilith that my desire may be satiated and my carnal thirst quenched … by your enchantments … by the Unholy power of seduction which is yours and decreed to the children of your Mysteries … may the one known as (name) be given to me … may his heart ache for my presence … his flesh crave my embrace … his member swell at the thought of my body … his mind know no peace until he has submitted his body to my seductions … may his waking thoughts and nightscape dreams be painted with images of our union … of our fornication … until at last he is mine to possess … Ave Lilith … Ave Satanas!”


“Upon this night I call forth the power of the Grand Demon Luthian … I summon this Spirit forth from the dark domain of Hell to aid me in my endeavours … to guide and aid me in my fields of study … may your Infernal wisdom sharpen my mind … your power quicken my learning … let all become clear to me … and the field of expertise I seek to study become mine to conquer … may  your Diabolic current absorb the knowledge I seek deep within my mind … shroud my conscious mind as an Infernal cloister of inner contemplation and make known to me that which I seek to learn … Ave Luthian … Ave Satanas!”


“ Grand Spirit Abaddon … Demon of the Abyssian Pit … Weaver of Hexes … Binder of Souls … I Call forth your power to charge this Working … to bring discord, dismay and destruction into the life of my enemy (Name) …bring upon them the dark shroud of despair … the endless torment of pain … the infinite sorrow of loss … let their lives know only discord, struggle and adversity … bring destruction and chaos to all they have built and take from them all that they cherish … rise Mighty Abaddon from the Bottomless Pit … from the depths of Hell … to bring total destruction to the life of (Name) … until they willingly welcome the embrace of death … Ave Abaddon!” 


“Grand Spirit Agaliarept … Gatekeeper of Hell …Initiatory Guide through the Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows … Scribe of Our Lord the Devil … Keeper of Secrets … giver of knowledge … I Call forth your power, your Infernal current to make open the Inner Gate of my subconscious … to make seen the unseen eye … to lift the veil on the hidden … to make manifest to me that not yet manifest … unlock the closed doors within the mind that visions most prophetic I may receive … by darkened Mirror, Crystal Sphere and Pyromantic Flame may I see that not yet seen … open the Oculus Inferni within the centred eye of my own mind … grant me the Sight of the Seer and the voice of the Oracle Mighty Agaliarept … that I may walk into the future with knowledge of the past and present and foretold vistas before me … Ave Agaliarept!” 


“From the depths of the Kingdom of Hell I Call to you Unsere …   from the darkened spheres of Hell I summon forth your power to protect and secure the unborn offspring of my Kindred (Name) … may the shadowy Servitors of your dominion encircle the evolving fetus in the womb of life … weaving around this new gestation of flesh a sphere of protection, health and fortitude … protect this unborn child Grand Demoness Unsere … may it grow with the gestating power of the Black Womb of Lilith … nurture and sustain its growth within (Name) until it is time for it to enter the mortal realm of which Our Infernal Lord is true Master … Ave Unsere!” 


“Asmodeus, Grand Demon of the carnal and the sensual … Infernal Spirit of sexual seduction and the pleasures of the flesh … I Call to you this night to join with me in the Dominion Of Union … to journey forth from the spheres of Hell and aid me in attaining my desire … imbue the woman named (Name) with an insatiable desire for me … may she crave the touch of my hands on her body … the taste of my lips on her own … the caress of my tongue within her sex … the embrace of my flesh against her own … may no other man satisfy her or gain carnal knowledge of her until she has submitted to my lust … Grand Demon Asmodeus … deliver (Name) to me, that her flesh, her body, her very essence may satiate my desire … Ave Asmodeus!”


“I Call forth to the Grand Demon of love and matrimony Belphegor … I Conjure forth you to ascend from the depths of Hell to empower this night my workings within the Black Arts … to bring longevity and eternal union to the relationship between myself and the one named (Name) … may the love and attraction, the bond and respect which forged our union … ever be ignited and prosper through the journey of life … may my love only ever be for (Name) and their love ever only be for me … let the merging of our bodies and minds grow over the span of time … forever infusing us both with the passion, desire and love we hold for each other at this present time … Ave Belphegor!” 


“Grand Infernal Spirit of Hell … Verrine wielder of the Healing Power … vanquisher of disease … terminator of malady … ascend from the nourishing fires of Hell … imbue me with strength, vitality and good health . .  . by the raging fires of Hell burn from my body the ailments and viruses which assail my form … renew my health … bring me back to being the Temple of vitality and strength which I once was … may the fiery waters of Acheron rung through my veins and purify my blood … may the Pillar of Flame which runs through my core burn with fortitude and good health … that my life shall ascend the illness and inflictions that hail me … and my body become as a Temple of Satanic power erected in the Name of Our Lord Satan!”


“Gestating Demon of the Kingdom of Hell … ancient force of manifestation … birthing energy of the Infernal Being … Ashtarot … Great Infernal Spirit of the Forge of Creation … come forth this night from the fiery forges of Hell to cast your creative energy here within the Dominion Of Union … breathe life into this being which I have crafted … transform the material from which it is made into the flesh of life … bring forth the apparition of its manifestation within  the realms of Hell … that it may gain power from the Demonic Beings that reside there … Ashtarot, Mighty Demon of the Infernal Domain … awaken and empower this night … the Sacred Golem I have brought into existence … that it may act as a Servitor within the Mysteries of the Black Arts of the Satanist … Ave Ashtarot!”


“Grand Demoness Tezrian … forger of conflicts … instigator of wars … sewer of discord … harbinger of  the dead … I Call you forth from the Realms of Hell .  . . summon forth the terrible forces of your wrath and the hatred that breeds wars … to rip through the lands of (Name Country) leaving them war torn, desolate and drenched in the blood of their own people … may their enemies wage battles against them … the lands of  (Country) be littered with the corpses of its own people leaving them as carrion for the Corvid and the wild beast .  . . Ave Tezrian!”


“Rosier … Grand Spirit of the Demonic Hierarchy … Grand Arbitrator … bring of reconciliation and equilibrium … Demon of compromise and diplomacy … I Call upon you this night … Call you forth from the Spheres of the Infernal … to reconcile the friendship between (Name) and (Name) … to bring a resurgence of the bond and connection they once shared … to imbue them both with the respect, honour and kinship which once marked their relationship … aid me this night Rosier … Grand Demon of Hell … to heal the rift between (Name) and (Name) … that they may be brought back together and share the union they once both cherished … Ave Rosier!”


“I summon this night the power of the Grand Demonic Lord Lucifuge … Grand President of Hell … Demon of Wealth and Success … I Call you forth from the shadowy regions of the Infernal Lucifuge … that the ineffable current of your power may empower my Satanic Workings and charge the path of my near future with prosperity, financial success and achievement … may the decisions I make prove profitable … the paths I traverse bring success … and the destiny which stretches out before me be Infernally Blessed by your prosperous energy … cast your power upon this Working I undertake this night Lucifuge that my life may ascend in prosperity … Ave Lucifuge!”


“Grand Demon Sonnellion … Infernal Spirit of the Dominion of Hell … I Call forth your energy this night to bring power to my Dark Workings … divider of lovers … harbinger of discord … deliverer of acrimony … drive a divide between the lovers (Name) and (Name) … let their be angst between them which festers into suspicion, mistrust and paranoia … let the love which lies between them fade and become bitter … morphing slowly into dislike and hate … may arguments, discord and disagreement mark their days … tearing their relationship apart … until neither can find happiness or contentment through any other path than separation … Ave Sonnellion!”


“I summon this night the Grand Demon Satanachia … Lord of Protection … procurer of saftey … Spirit of fortitude and victory … join with me here in this Dominion of Union Grand Spirit … lend your ineffable power to protect me from Magickal, Psychic and Astral attack … defeat the Servitors of those who would harm me … drive back the entities sent to destroy me … banish the harbingers of misery sent to tarnish my life … place around me the sphere of your protection Mighty Satanachia … that upon the Astral Realm, the Spiritual Spheres and the dominion of flesh I may be protected from those who would cause me harm … Ave Satanachia!”


“Mephisto … Demon of Vengeance … instigator of retribution … sword of justice … make manifest your power this night … Grand Demon I Call you forth from the domain of Hell to lend your power unto my Rites … cast the shadow of vengeance over my enemy (Name) … let them suffer for the harm they have brought me … let the hatred and machinations they have cast against me … manifest in their own lives …turning their friends against them … infesting their life with misery, discord and tragedy … may all they the negativity they have brought into my life … return tenfold to their own …  tearing their existence apart … by your power Mephisto … may the vengeance I seek on (Name) be satiated and the destruction of all they cherish be made manifest … Ave Mephisto!”


“Grand Demon Baalberith … forger of alliances … Demon of the Infernal Legion … the one who seals the pact and bonds allegiance between foes … I Call you forth from the darkened regions of Hell … to empower an alliance between myself and (Name) … may our objectives be combined … our strategies merged … our aims be formed as one that an alliance may be formed … bring the mind of (Name) under my will … let their envisaged destiny be conducive to my own and an alliance formed between us … that is both unbreakable and prosperous to both involved … Ave Baalberith!”


“Grand Spirit Delepitorae … Infernal Demon of the regions of shadow and fire … I Conjure you this night from that majestic realm called Hell … summon you to lend your ineffable power to the Workings I seek to carry out here … bless me with the art of the literary master … imbue me with the skill and power of the Poet … let the words I put forth manifest vistas of my own making in the minds of others … let my texts be of inspiration … bring to me the power of the wordsmith Grand Demon Delepitorae … that my writings may be etched in the stone of time … Ave Delepitorae!”


“Grand Demon Svengali … Dark Spirit of Destruction … bring of catastrophe … harbinger of doom … I Call forth to summon your wrath and your chaos this night … may the disruptive power of your energy … the chaotic vibrations of your force bring destruction and mayhem to the life of the one called (Name) … destroy the sanctity of their home … the stability of their business … the contentment of their relationships … tear apart the foundations of their life … till all that has been built … crumbles around them … Ave Svengali!”


“Grand Demon of storms … wielder of lightning … birnger of winds … carrier of the thunder and rain … Grand Spirit of Hell Bechard … I Call you forth your ineffable power this night … summon your elemental fury … to rage upon the region (Name) … rip through this land with the tornado … smother the land with an incessant cascade of rains … let the skies over (Name) be alive with lightning and roar with the wrath of the thunder … may your Infernal power Bechard tear the lands of this region apart … bringing a time of disaster, loss and death to (Name) … Ave Bechard!”


“Grand Demon Huictiigara … Infernal Spirit of the Kingdom of Shadows … stealer of slumber … haunter of the dreamscape realm … weaver of nightmares … cast upon my enemy (Name) the curse of insomnia … let their nights be void of rest … plagued with trauma … and void of sleep … should they find slumber let the terror of your forged nightmares rip them from their sleep … let pain and discomfort hinder the rest of their body … and the mind unrestful refuse to be at peace … let insomnia consume (Name) until their very sanity and health is brought to fragment and fall into runin … Ave Huictiigara!”


“Grand Demon Clisthert … Prince of Illusions … caster of manifestations … bringer of apparitions and phantoms to the mind … I summon your power this night to cause the one called (Name) to be plagued by visions … tormented by apparitions of violence and fear … frightful apparitions which shall greet their waking eyes and torture their nocturnal dreams … let that which they do not wish to see … haunt their sight … the peace of mind be torn asunder by the apparitions of the macabre and visions of terror … until the very fabric of their sanity is torn and driven to collapse … Ave Clisthert!”


“From the depths of Hell I summon you Grand Spirit … Mighty Demon Bucon, I Call you forth from the realms of darkness … to aid me this night … to bring forth your Infernal power to inflict ruin upon my enemy (Name) … cast a cloak of misery over their life Grand Demon … tear down all that they have built in life … bring (Name) to his decline making them suffer with loss, pain and betrayal … let those they love betray them … that which they own be lost to them … the foundations of their life crumble beneath them … let the comfort of death seem as a release Grand Demon … leaving (Name) broken and without hope … Ave Bucon!”


“Grand Demon Humots … Grand Spirit who bestows the sight … and the visions of that which manifests beyond our sight … I Call forth your Infernal energy to bestow upon me the seeds of the Seer’s gift … the inner sight of Remote Viewing … the gift of the distant Seer … grand me this ineffable skill Humots … that I may gain knowledge of that which occurs beyond the scope of the eyes … that I may travel as the Seer to lands not my own and view what transpires there … grant me this Gifrt Humots that I may utilize it in the service of Our Infernal Lord Satan … Ave Humots!”


“Grand Spirit of seduction … instigator of infidelity … wielder of seduction … I summon your forth Grand Demon Frimost … Call you forth from the dark spheres of Hell … to empower my Workings here in the Dominion of Union . .  . to infuse the one named (Name) with insatiable lust for me … to fade from her mind the feelings she holds for her husband (Name) … may her constant thoughts turn always to union with me … may her flesh ache for the touch of my own … her lips seek the kisses of my own lips … may her loins ache with the passion of my penetration … may she embrace infidelity … surrender to deceit … and give of her body to my pleasure … Ave Frimost!”


“Mighty Spirit of Hell … Guland, harbing of malady … caster of ailment … carrier of disease … bringer of sickness … journey forth this night from the Kingdom of Shadows … to empower my Magick here and inflict upon my enemy (Name) the most terrible of diseases … inflict upon them sickness … let their body become plagued by maladies and ailments which hinder every aspect of their lives … may infections consume them … their organs be infiltrated by diseases … their blood become poisoned and infected … let (Name) be drawn to near death by a constant barrage of illness … only to survive and endure further torments … Ave Guland!”


“Mersilde, Grand Spirit of the Scyring Sphere … Mighty Demonic Seer of Hell … journey to commune with me this night … to imbue me with the Divinatory power of your essence … may the Runes of the Norse speak to me … the secret messages of the Tarot be known to me … may the flame of the Pyromancer reveal its visions … and the cast bones tell their story … infuse me Grand Spirit Mersilde with the Arts of Divination … that myteries of the past, the secrets of the present and the unknown sights of future be mine to access … Ave Mersilde!”


“Grand Demon Frutimiere … I Call to you to commune with me in this realm apart … bring forth your Necromantic powers and imbue me with the ability to speak with the dead … open my mind to commune with those past from life … empower me with me the Art of the Necromancer … make open to me the veils between the living and the dead … grand me union with the Spirits of those who have died … the wraith and the shade … that I may have knowledge held only within the spheres of those who have journeyed forth from the realm of flesh … Ave Frutimiere!”


“I Call you forth Grand Demon Segal … Mighty Spirit of Hell … Guardina of the Portals between life and death … I summon your exalted power to bring forth hauntings to the one named (Name) … open the gates to the realms of the dead … open the portals between worlds over the residence of (Name) … that their abode becomes as a sphere of transition where the spirits of the dead and the Beings of other realms may traverse … may apparitions of the dead manifest before them … may the life be plagued by hauntings and visitations from the most malevolent of Spirits … bringing the mind of (Name) to a point of confusion and despair … Ave Segal!”


“Grand Demon Morail … dispenser of invisibility … concealer of the hidden … wielder of illusions … I summon you this night from the regions of Hell … Call to you to veil me in the Cloak of the Unseen … may my locations remain unknown to those who seek to find me … may I walk unseen among the throng of the masses … may my face pass without recognition … my activities remain undetected … and the passage of my existence remain unknown to all accept those that I trust … Ave Morail!”


“From the depths of the Infernal … the ineffable spheres of Hell I Call you forth Grand Demon Musisin … bring forth your power of domination … your unrelenting authority … imbue me with authority over the one called (Name) … that their will may bend to my own … let their resilience to stand against me fail … weakness destroy their resolve in my presence … may their thoughts be influenced by my own … and their decisions bend to my wishes … may their strength to stand in adversity against grow pale … until they are as servant fit to my bidding … Ave Musisin!”


“Grand Demon Behemoth … journey forth this night to aid me in my Workings of the Black Arts … Mighty Spirit of Hell … Lord of sloth, debauchery and greed … Demon of avarice and envy … I ask that you imbue the one called (Name) with an insatiable sense of decadence … open them to be consumed by all that they consider a sin … rob them of loyalty, compassion and care … guide them to betray their spouses with numerous partners … to indulge in debauchery and the most abhorrent acts of avarice … lead them to surrender to every temptation … that their decadence may destroy their lives … Ave Behemoth!”


“Grand Spirit Verrrier … Demoness of healing, cures and medicine … I Call to you to join with me here in the Dominion of Union and aid me in bringing good health to the one called (Name) … vanquish from this person the maladies and diseases that assail them … imbue their immunity with fortitude … banish from them the weakening virus … and the deterioration caused by illness … destroy the ailments which torment them and bring them forth to good health … that they may grow in strength and vitality … and gain back control over their life … Ave Verrier!”


“Grand Spirit Asafoetida … Mighty Demoness of Hell … Grand Seducer … Enchantress … bringer of temptation … lover of fornication … I Call upon you this night to aid me in possessing the man called (Name) … may he crave carnal knowledge of me … may he be driven with obsession to become my lover … let the passion and lover for his current partner (Name) weaken and fall under the desire he feels for me … let his dreams be tormented by my seductions … may his manhood burn to enter me … let all resistance be futile and all peace be suspended … until he lies with me in carnal union … Ave Asafoetida!”


“I summon you forth from the darkened realms of Hell … Grand Spirit of Commerce … Demon of wealth and prosperity … I ask that you bless my path with the ability to strive in business … to gain success and recognition in my professional field … I Call upon you to empower my presence … to make sharp my mind … and to be astute and intuitive in my business deals … grant me Grand Demon Mammon … the ability to outwit and overtake my rivals in business … and rise to success in my chosen work … Ave Mammon!”


“Grand Demon Baal … Lord of Wisdom … Mighty Spirit of power and intellect … of knowledge and leadership … I Call upon your Infernal essence this night to imbue me with the authority to command others … and to gain their support, allegiance and respect … raise me in position Mighty Spirit … empower me with the intellect and inner strength to overpower my rivals and inspire my cohorts … instil in me confidence, assertion and the relentless desire to succeed and lead … that I may attain my rightful position … Ave Baal!”


“I summon this night the ineffable power of the Grand Demon Beelzeboul … Lord of the Infernal House … Leader of the Lesser denizens of Hell  … standard bearer of Satan … I Call upon your power to open the mind and Soul of the once named (Name) to become a victim of possession … may her mortal vessel be as a beacon and an open doorway to the eager Spirit … may the doorways of their mind be weak to the possession of the Demon, the malelovent spirit and all forces that would seek to use and bring their life to ruin … by your power Lord Beelzeboul may (Name) become a vessel to the Spirit who would possess it … driving it to unspeakable acts and to madness … Ave Beelzeboul!”


“Rashoon …Demoness of Seduction … weaver of enchantments … Mistress of Glamour … inducer of compulsion … I ask that you enchant the one named (Name) … bewitch them to become obsessed with me … to seek to serve and support me in any way I see fit … Grand Spirit Rashoon … imbue (Name) with a neverending desire to please and satiate me … to answer my ever desire … that they become the very instrument of my will … Ave Rashoon!”


“Grand Demoness Taroon … inducer of lust … Mighty Spirit who compels mortals to carnal pursuits … I Call upon you to make the one called (Name) my lover … to compel them with a desire for me which cannot and will not be resisted … to satisfy my every sexual command … to desire me and no other until my lust is satiated … and no longer do I seek their attentions … Ave Taroon!”


“From the darkest regions of Hell I Call to you Grand Demon Flereous … I Call upon you to aid me in my quest for justice … to bring justice into my life and grant me victories that I should claim … let those who deceive me and slander me be exposed for their deceit … let those who betray me and seek to harm me be brought to justice … may those who bring adversity into my life know of your just vengeance … veil me Grand Demon Flereous in the cloak of justice and right … that I may be victorious over those who are injust … and those who would seek to betray my trust … Ave Flereous!”


“Mighty Spirit Ammon … Grand Demon of longevity … ineffable Spirit of fortitude, endurance and survival … I Call you forth this night to Commune me with me in the Dominion Of Union … to sustain my life … to bring longevity to my life and fortitude to my flesh … imbue me with the majestic current of your strength Grand Demon … sustain the lifeforce within me, strengthen the organs that fuel my life … Ammon … Grand Spirit of fortitude … empower me to overcome and survive the trials of the flesh and life upon this mortal world … Ave Ammon!”


“Grand Demon Khil … from the depths of Hell do I summon your wrath, your dreaded power … I Call your forth from the Kingdom of the Infernal to wield the force of destruction that is yours to engage … within the lands of (Name) I ask that you bring natural disaster … may the earth split … the waters rise and the storms tear apart the terrain before them … let earthquakes shake the foundations of this region … may (Name) succumb to the most terrible forces of nature’s power through your wrath and destructive will … I summon this dread power Mighty Khil to lay waste to the region of (Name) and let it know the power of your force … Ave Khil!”


“Mighty Spirit of solidarity … the one who sustains friendships and erects alliances … Grand Demon Hiepacth … I summon your power this night to bind my friendship with (Name) that it may sustain and endure our lifetime … may it grow in strength and trust … be void of betrayal and uncertainty … as time passes may the very foundations of the friendship between (Name) and myself flourish and bond as to survive all attempts to sever its connection … Ave Hiepacth!”


“I Call forth from the Kingdom of Hell the Grand Spirit of Communion … the Mighty Demon Sirchade … I summon you Grand Demon Sirchade to bestow upon me the power and the ability … to commune with other species on this world beside my own … to become attuned to the calls of the wild … the whispers of nature … the song of birds … and the nature of all animals … enable me to gain an understanding with them … an allegiance and bond which transcends that of other mortals … may they see me as an ally … a Kindred Spirit and aid me in my life as I shall aid them … bring me to become at one with the creature of air, land and sea Sirchade … that I may have understanding of their dominion … Ave Sirchade!”


“From the shadow strewn spheres of Hell do I summon you Grand Spirit Frutimiere … Mighty Demon of prosperity, happiness and fortune … I Call upon you ineffable power to bring into my life contentment … happiness … Infernal prosperity and good fortune … may the environment of my habitat … the sphere of my abode … and the essence of my mind and Soul … be imbued with certainty, satisfaction, pleasure, love and achievement … may I forge the foundations of this life through the passion and joy of your Infernal current Frutimiere … building a personal dominion founded upon the beauty I seek in life … Ave Frutimiere!”


“Grand Demon Clauneck … from the realms of Hell do I Call you … summon you forth to join with me in the Dominion of Union … I Call upon you to imbue my life with prosperity and good fortune … may fate bless me in financial endeavours … may my investments and actions always lead to financial success … that I may forge a path before me of economic security and pleasure … Ave Clauneck!” 


~ Main Masterlist ~


Their girlfriend being a drummer, a dancer & a rapper in a girl group

A really tall foreigner asking them for directions

Their girlfriend eating junk food at night when she’s on a diet

Mafia AU When their fiancee runs away

Their smaller and younger S/O protecting them

Their son getting sick

Their best friend coming out to her parents but they refuse to accept her

Seeing their girlfriends birthmark for the first time

Mafia AU Regaining their fiancee’s trust after she ran away

Their s/o always being affectionate because of their past

You having skin discoloration

Mafia AU When their pregnant wife tries to leave them to protect their unborn child

Their girlfriend being Hyuna’s back up dancer

Their S/O singing and dancing along while watching Disney movies

Time Traveller AU Their future S/O being in charge of an entire country

Mafia AUWhen their s/o gets hurt because of their job

Scenarios/One Shots/Drabbles:

  • Suga/Min Yoongi

Mafia AU Rumours

College AU That’s Almost Exactly The Opposite Of What I Meant (Writing Prompt)

Were You Ever Going To Tell Me?” (Writing Prompt)

We’re In The Middle Of A Thunderstorm And You Want To Stop And Feel The Rain? (Writing Prompt)

You Are The Single Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me (Writing Prompt)

Mafia AUSeparate Case

College AU, Mafia AU I’m Up To The Challenge (Writing Prompt)

  • Jeon Jungkook

Please Don’t

I Want This Moment To Last

She Can’t Do This To Me

Can’t We Start Over?

Mafia AU You Can’t Leave

  • J-Hope/Jung Hoseok

Mafia AU Only If For A Little While

  • Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon

Mafia AU You’re Safe Now. I’ve Got You (Writing Prompt)

I Fell In Love With My Best Friend (Writing Prompt)


  • Kim Taehyung

✽  I Can’t Leave Her Here [Part 1] [Part 2]


BTS as the Mafia + How He Met You

P.S. If you don’t see your request done here, I’m not ignoring it. I just need time to catch up with all of them.

iKon Reaction to Their Wife Trying to Run Away with Their Unborn Child {Mafia AU}

anonymous  asked:

I’m the anon that requested the iKONxmafia au and I loved it!❤️ could I request another iKONxmafia au one where their wife tries to runway with their unborn child? Thaaank you~ you’re the only blog I have my notifications on for. 💕

Thanks sweetie ♥ Here you go :)

Warning: contains elements of violence or abuse

Kim Jinhwan (Jay)

Although you had planned your escape with your unborn baby well in advance and were most secretive about it, Jinhwan did not fail to notice the subtle changes in your behavior. The way your eyes darted around the room when you were talking to him, the way you bit your bottom lip more frequently, and the way you flinched almost unnoticeably whenever there was a loud noise gave away your tension. Not even your sweet smiles and the loving words you whispered into Jinhwan’s ears every night could hide your nervousness. He knew you too well, and he could read you like an open book. Although he knew that you were planning to run away, he kept quiet in hope you would change your mind. One night, when Jinhwan was out “to do business”, you decided that it was time to leave your old life behind and flee to a place where your child could grow up in peace and safety. When your husband came back late at night, he was not surprised to find your shared apartment empty. A soft sigh escaped his lips as he turned to his two bodyguards and gave them orders, annoyance prominent in his voice. “Go find her right now, she is headed to the airport. Her plane did not depart yet, but I advise you to hurry before it does.” Once the two men left, Jinhwan plopped down onto the couch and massaged his temples with his fingers. “Y/N, you would be dead meat if I did not love you so much. Did you really think you could fool me this easily? Just wait until you get home, and you will plead for my mercy.” But although his words would be harsh, he would not dare to physically hurt you since he would never want to hurt the tiny spark of life inside of your belly.

Song Yunhyeong (Song)

“What the fuck are you doing?” The icy and alarmingly calm voice of your husband made you swing around, panic clearly visible on your face. He was supposed to be out on a raid against of one of his rival groups, and since you had planned to run away from him to protect your unborn child weeks ago, you decided that tonight was your opportunity to put your plan into action. You were in the middle of stuffing clothes and other necessities into a black duffel bag when the person you expected least to appear in your apartment interrupted you and got wind of your secret. Sweat broke out on your forehead and your heart started to pound so fast that you were unable to utter anything that would explain what you were doing. You were terrified at the thought of what Yunhyeong could do to you and your baby, and your eyes were frantically scanning the room for something to defend yourself with. Yunhyeong’s angry snort broke the silence between you two, and before you were able to act, he came over and threw you onto the bed. In the blink of an eye, he had pinned you down on the mattress, holding both of your wrists with one of his hands while making you completely immobile by pressing down on you with the mere weight of his body. What scared you most was not the pain that shot through your arms and chest, but the wild look on your husband’s face. “Do you really think you can run away from me? I love you way too much to let that happen.” He would hold you down just a little longer to leave bruises on your wrists and demonstrate his physical strength, but he would make sure not to hurt the unborn child which he already locked in his heart. Yunhyeong would tell his bodyguards to watch over you even more closely, and make sure to prevent any other attempts of escape.

Kim Jiwon (Bobby)

A defiant look was on your face when your husband entered the room. Upon hearing that you had escaped your shared apartment, Jiwon had told his bodyguards to look for you and bring you back. Although you had tried your best to hide at a shabby cafe outside the city, your husband’s network of informers was more elaborate than you had expected. Now, you were tied on a chair in your own apartment, unable to move your arms and legs. On top of that, Jiwon’s bodyguards had dared to put a piece of cloth around your mouth so that you were completely unable to talk. When he saw the state you were in, he let out an irritated sigh. “Did I tell you to put that cloth around her mouth?” “She did not want to stop cursing and biting us,” his bodyguards quickly defended themselves. If Jiwon had not been upset about your attempt to run away from him, he would probably have been amused at your behavior. This time though, his expression was icy as he made his way over to you. “What the hell were you thinking?” He grabbed you by the hairline and forced you to look up at him, using just enough force to intimidate but not hurt you. “Don’t you dare imagine this child is yours only. I have a right to see it grow up. And don’t expect me to go easy on you from now on. You’ll have to make up for your audacity.” Although Jiwon’s words and actions would be harsh the next few days, he would soon show you that he loved you too much to be mad at you much longer. Instead, he would do his best to create a safer space for you and the unborn baby so that you would never attempt to run away from him again.

Kim Hanbin (B.I)

You had finally found the perfect day to run away from your husband. The tiny spark of life inside of you grew bigger and stronger every day, and it tore you apart to imagine your child growing up in such a tainted place as Hanbin’s gang. You loved your husband, but you also wanted to protect your child from a precarious and dangerous future. Hanbin was at the gang’s headquarters right now, planning his next raid, and you had a good feeling that your plan would go smoothly. You were just about to board the train that would take you away from your old life, when you felt strong fingers wrapping around your wrist. You turned around to check who was holding you back, and the look of annoyance on your face turned into one of fear in a matter of milliseconds. It was no other than Hanbin. The blank look in your husband’s eyes sent cold shivers up and down your spine. You were too shocked to struggle against him or call for help when he pulled you away from the train and to his car. You knew that it would be of no use anyway. You did not dare to ask him how he had found you and why he was not at the headquarters because you knew that it would only make him more upset. Neither of you spoke a word on the way home, and when you entered your shared apartment, you could hear the loud bang of the door which Hanbin had slammed shut angrily. But when he turned to you, you could detect not an irritated but hurt look on his face. “Why did you run away? If you are not happy here, you should have told me.” With a sad look at your growing belly, he would add, “I want the baby to grow up in safety too… You know, I cannot let you go this easily. But I can try my best to create a happier and safer space for the three of us. Just have faith in me, okay?”

Kim Donghyuk (DK)

When you did not answer his eleventh call, his worry slowly started to transform into panic. You had been missing for the last four hours, and although he had sent his bodyguards to look for you, none of them had reported that they had found you yet. He would never be able to forgive himself if something happened to you and the baby.  He had been looking forward to the day to finally become a father, and thinking about that he might lose both of you made his stomach turn.  But when, after another two nerve-wracking hours of waiting, his men finally dragged you into your shared apartment, his expression turned into one of anger and disappointment as soon as he was informed that you had tried to run away from him. He never expected you to dare something as reckless as this, but it seemed that you had learned quite a few things from living with him and his gang for such a long time. He slowly walked over to you and you could see him swallow hard. You kicked at the shin of the man who had been holding you, and he finally let go of you. When you looked up at your husband, a defiant look on your face, you suddenly got scared of what was going to happen next. Donghyuk had raised his right hand and you were sure he was going to slap your face. You already squinted your eyes and prepared yourself for the impact, only to be met with surprise when you never felt your husband’s hand on your cheek. You glanced up at him and realized that he had turned away from you, his hands shaking. “I am fucking mad at you right now. Just… never run away from me again. You know I love you too much to lose or even hurt you and the baby.”

Koo Junhoe (Ju-ne)

You had always been a little headstrong, but Junhoe didn’t mind. In fact, he liked that you were not as obedient as all the other women he knew, and he respected that you needed your own space every now and then. But when one of his informants told him that he had spotted you and one of your friends at a secluded restaurant, planning your escape with the unborn child, Junhoe thought that you had crossed the line and would not be treated with mercy this time. When you were dragged back to your apartment by two of your husband’s men, Junhoe was already waiting for you, sitting on a chair in the middle of the living room. His arms and legs crossed and his lips pursed, he looked at you with a cold expression on his face. The way he was staring at you reminded you of an interrogation of one of his victims, and you knew there was no way to make excuses for your attempt to run away from him. All you had wanted to do was to protect your baby from a cruel future,  but you had failed and would not get a second chance. However, instead of questioning you, Junhoe would simply say, “Do you know how fucking lucky you are? If you were not my wife and did not have my baby in your belly, you would be dead meat right now. And don’t you think I will forgive you that easily.” He would feel disappointed and hurt by your lack of trust in him to be a good father, and the next few days he would be very distant and cold to you. It would take you some time to regain his trust, and even then he would make sure that his men were always watching you.

Jung Chanwoo (Chan)

Chanwoo had already prepared for the case that you attempted to run away from him, and he was not the least concerned when he found your shared apartment empty one night. Your escape was more like a game to him, and he knew that it was only a matter of time until you would come crawling back to him, begging him to show mercy and take you in again. He had made sure to cut you off from any sources to get access to money or help from your friends, and he even manipulated your travel documents so that you would not be able to take any airplanes or trains in this country. His precautionary actions would work impeccably, and he was almost excited to see you return. Although it took a few days longer than he had expected, you had finally accepted that your attempt to run away from your husband had failed and that you had no choice but to come back to him. When he came home from one of his raids one night and found you taking a bath in the tub, he would enter the bathroom with a triumphant smirk on his face. Chanwoo would pretend as if nothing was wrong, strip out of his clothes and join you in the hot water. Both of you would avoid the topic of your unsuccessful escape while your husband would wash your hair and caress your growing belly. Right before ending his bath, he would lean to your ear and whisper, “Did you really think you could leave me that easily? This baby is mine as much as it is yours, and I hope you finally understand how much the two of you depend on me.”

BTS Reaction To Your Dog Being Protective While You’re Pregnant

Anon asked: Can you do a bts reaction that their dog doesn’t let the boys touch her pregnant belly? I was watching this on internet and wondered how it would be kkk

awwwww this is a cute idea, thanks for the request! -Spice


Seokjin would definitely act melodramatic about it, giving the dog offended looks and constantly ranting about how he can’t even appreciate his unborn child properly. Despite the fact that he couldn’t hardly be near you when your dog was around, he did find its protectiveness endearing.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Rap Monster:

He’d have total admiration and respect for your dog. The fact that it could understand the fact that you were pregnant and needed to be kept safe would amaze him. Namjoon would get a little annoyed though with the dog growling at him all the time, but he would just ignore it and make sure to give you affection when your dog wasn’t around.

Originally posted by rapnamu


Yoongi loved you and your dog both, but the over-protectiveness of your dog would get on his nerves. Any time your dog would begin to growl or bark at him, he’d just shoot your dog a look and stop what he was doing. If he were desperate to give you attention, Yoongi would usher you into the bedroom and close the door so that the dog couldn’t get in and interrupt.

Originally posted by nnochu


Honestly, he would find your dogs behavior really endearing and cute, always calling it your little defender. Hoseok likely wouldn’t pay the dog any attention as he kissed and rubbed your belly unless he felt that the dog was about to snap at him.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


He’d actually be a little sad that your dog was acting a little aggressively toward him, thinking at first that he did something to upset it. Eventually, Taehyung put two and two together and realized that your dog was just being protective of you and your unborn child. He’d likely slip your dog extra treats from then on, rewarding it for being so good towards you.

Originally posted by shootingfingerhearts


Jealous Jimin is activated when your dog tries to block him from giving you affection. He’ll rant at the dog saying, “Hey! She’s MY wife, get your paws off of her for five minutes at least.” Naturally, scolding the dog didn’t do anything, so Jimin would just sit and sulk until the dog fell asleep so that he could interact with you in peace.

Originally posted by park-jimizzle


Jungkook would see your dogs behavior as a challenge, testing its limits and trying to see if he can get away with secretly giving you affection when your dog wasn’t looking. He’d also jokingly lecture your dog, saying, “I’m glad that you’re protective of (Y/N), but you’re growling at the wrong guy!” Needless to say, Jungkook would be happy to see your dog being protective, it would give him peace of mind whenever he left you home alone.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

“If you were really pro-life you’d be vegan!” has got to be the worst argument ever. 

See, there’s a huge difference between human life and animal life. 

The real hypocrisy is being vegan and claiming to support all life and not wanting to protect the unborn of your own species. To place more importance on an insect or an oyster or even a pig or cow than a living member of your own species. 


Headcannon of werewolf!Mccree finding that his human s/o is pregnant with a small litter of werewolf puppies?

I would like to just start this off by saying that I love anything to do with werewolf McCree and demon Hanzo so if you have any McHanzo fic recs (that don’t have anything explicit in them) including these two topics in any way shape or form I would die happily.

Also at the moment of me posting this, my puppy has currently trapped himself in an existential crisis called a leash and doesn’t know what to do with himself.

I’m going to free him.

Hope you have a lovely day friend!! <33 

-Mod Cherry

I love you for sending me this request thank you.

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EXO Mafia Reaction: When their pregnant wife tries to leave them to protect their unborn child

||| Anons asked: Mafia!exo/bts reacting to their wife wanting to leave them bc she wants to protect their unborn child; Can I request an Exo mafia reaction where you get pregnant and try and keep it from him? |||


Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by scartic

You told him you were going shopping but when you didn’t come back for more than three hours and didn’t answer your phone he became worried.

“That girl, she wouldn’t dare do something like this, or would she?”

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

You have been thinking about leaving for a while now and when you finally decided to go on with your plan, he came back home early and caught you red handed.

“What the fuck are you doing? Don’t tell me it’s what I’m thinking about.”

Chen/Kim Jongdae

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

You came by his office and told him that you wanted a break. He was so shocked by your sudden statement that he only caught up with you outside.

“Excuse me, can you repeat what stupid thing you just said? Are you seriously trying to leave with our child?”

D.O/Do Kyungsoo

Originally posted by katherine8595

You tried to sneak out at night when somebody grabbed you by your arm.

“And where do you think you’re going, Jagi? Are you trying to escape and leave me all alone?”

Kris/Wu Yifan

Originally posted by wuporn

When he came back home and found you missing he immediately understood what you did.

“Aish, she shouldn’t have told me in the first place. Now how am I supposed to relax until I find her?”

Tao/Huang Zitao

Originally posted by zitaoa

When he found out you left him with his child he was beyond pissed.

“How dare she do something like that to me? Does she seriously think it will be that easy?”

Kai/Kim Jongin

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

When he became aware of your plan he was determined to make you understand that no one will keep you and your child safer than him.

“Jagi, please stay, I really don’t want to take any drastic measures.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by katherine8595

You left him a note saying that you will stay at your parents place for a while. He was annoyed that you didn’t call him and tell this yourself so he drove to their house but of course you weren’t there.

“Fuck.” he shouted smashing his car’s window, startling your parents. “I swear, your daughter will be the death of me.”


Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

He tracked you down the same day and demanded an explanation. When you told him you were pregnant he was so shocked you tried to leave him.

“And you would have taken our child away from me just like that?”

Zhang Yixing

Originally posted by lullabyun

He was so excited when he first heard the big news that he couldn’t believe you did something like this to him. He went on a rage, smashing everything he found, no one dared to approach him as they have never seen him this mad.

“Find her and bring her to me. Now!!” he ordered his men.

Suho/Kim Junmyeon

Originally posted by tinyjunmyeon

After telling him you went to the balcony to clear your head but he followed after you. You could see he knew what you were thinking.

“Just don’t. It will only be worse for both of us.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by khunwufan

When he found out that you’re pregnant not from you but from others he was really irritated but when he was told you also left him, he was beyond pissed.

“I can’t fucking take my eyes off her for a second or she goes ahead and makes trouble for me.”

A/N: Almost all of their reactions turned out pretty angry or maybe it’s just me releasing my built up frustration from the exams 😂

KakaSaku Fic Rec

@bella11rules I saw your post asking for KS fic recs and I also saw that you’re not particularly a KS shipper but that there’s a chance you will be. Well, hey, I’m here to help make that happen. Come to the other side, we have cookies and great smut. 

I would definitely recommend you read House Calls first. I put the rating between (brackets) next to each fic, a summary and the word count. These are just my personal favourites. Sorry if someone already rec’d some of these.

Multi-chapter Fanfics

House Calls by Spoiled Sweet (M) || 262,803 - Always the Team Mom, Sakura opens up her home as a clinic for the hospital-phobic ninja of Konoha. At the same time, her relationship with Kakashi begins to evolve in a way she never expected. M for swearing and later content. [Complete]

Adaline by Nikki1212 (T) || 15,034 - I would choose you in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I would find you and I would choose you. KakaSaku AU. [Ongoing]

Will of Fire by Cynchick (M) || 223,234 - Forced to flee their village and the new regime, the loyal shinobi of Konoha must find a way to preserve their way of life and take back their home. As they fight for their future, Team Seven struggles to overcome the past. KakaSaku [Complete]

Icha Icha Gambit by TheSilverScarecrow (M) || 108,659 - It was a risk; one that could potentially ruin their team, however, who was Hatake Kakashi to argue with the Hokage? But when a never to be finished Icha Icha draft falls into his possession things start getting wildly out of hand as Sakura does whatever it takes to protect their village from a devastating weapon. KakaSaku [Ongoing]

House of Crows by SilverShine (M) || 400,508 - KakaSaku. War is coming to Konoha and Sakura is far from home, uncertain of her future. But one thing is for sure, Sakura will protect her unborn child at all costs, whether it be from Konoha’s enemies… or from its own father. [Complete]

Roads Untraveled by Pariscores (T) || 17,042 - [“You weren’t supposed to die,” she uttered softly. “You said-promised…” Sakura’s voice cracked towards the end. ‘You promised you’d never leave me.’] KakaSaku Same Age AU. Kakashi and Sakura are put on the same Genin team with Naruto-sensei having to deal with their shenanigans. Featuring Duck-butt hair, Sasuke as the third wheel/member. *Drabble series* [Ongoing]

Stripped Bare by J-Pop Princess (M) || 295,128 - When Sakura wanted a change of pace, she hadn’t expected THIS! Now she’s on a mission with Kakashi, masquerading as a dancer at a club far away from home and she finds herself forced to explore her own powers of sexuality and seduction. KakaSaku LEMON [Complete]

At Second Glance by uselessfork (M) || 26,188 - Sakura opens her door one morning to find an injured Kakashi staring back at her. After taking him in and healing him, she realises that this is not her Kakashi-sensei but his younger self, traveling from the past. Inappropriate flirting ensues, and Sakura discovers that there’s more to her sensei than she ever thought. KakaSaku. Rated M for language and sexual and violence themes. [Complete]

The Window by Silvershine (M) || 165,171 - Kakasaku Sakura always wanted to see Kakashi unmasked. This was a bit much though… [Complete]

Underneath The Underneath by ChissySweetz (M) || 50,000 - [REWRITTEN] On a fated night, Sakura Haruno nearly loses a precious teammate. As a last resort option, she attempts a crazy procedure to save him. Little did she know that by doing so, she caused ripples that will threaten to drown her. [KakaSaku] [Ongoing] <– yes, shamelessly promoting my own fic


Tear In My Heart by AlinaLotus (M) || 8,143 - His forgiveness is constant, and that’s what she hates the most.

I Found You Missing by Wolfy Tales (T) || 18,586 - ‘They’re asking us because these soldiers have absolutely no one left to write home to,’ Sakura thought with a frown. So she signs up for the Shinobi Letter Exchange, not realizing how large the consequences would be. - AUish one-shot [KakaSaku]

In Another Life by CelestialCircumference (T) || 18,350 - Kakashi never believed in soul mates until that fateful day.

Arranged by Enodia (K+) || 3,998 - When something is arranged, it is planned, wished for, made sure of. The opposite of 'arrange’, you say? Usually it is 'disarrange’ or 'confuse’- but sometimes it’s 'coup de foudre’, a momentary madness, a heatwave of lust, a sudden burst of love. Kakasaku.

The Song Of Kakashi by ZatannaZatara06 (T) || 2,472 - If you want forever, you are going to have to suffer for it. For the KakaSaku Week 2016 Day 2 Theme: Fairy tales / Legends Myth: The story of Achilles and Patroclus. (The Illiad)

Keraunophobia by Sayurinomoe (M) || 6,304 - They say lightning never strikes twice in the same place, but it’s just extremely rare. If odds are in your favor, the shock will wear off, you will start to recover from something you didn’t even see coming. You could still have a shot at surviving. She wanted to heal from her phobia. … And he was her only choice. [Kakashi/Sakura] [Angsty/Dysfunctional Sasuke/Sakura]

Etch by ephieshine (M) || 3,851 - A Kakashi character study, in which the words others say about you become etched into your skin. “Sensei. The word appears one morning and his heart jumps to his throat. It’s a girl’s writing, naïve and sweet, perfect strokes meticulously mastered, imprinted onto the back of his left hand.” Part I is Kakashi-centric; Parts II and III are Kakasaku. Threeshot.

Spring Rain and Winter Storms by SilverShine (M) ||  25,968 - [KakaSaku] Various short oneshots of varying length, theme, and rating. Enjoy! 

Apparent Sparks by Erika Hearken (M) || 417,515 - A series of one, two, and three shots based on my favorite pairing. These will be prompt inspired! The more prompts, the more chapters. Enjoy! Rated M though they will vary from K all the way to M. Thanks very much! 

Pin Me Up, Pin Me Down by J-Pop Princess (M) || 20,006 - Sakura is in her third year of medical school and is struggling to pay the bills. When an opportunity comes to pose as a nude model for a men’s magazine, she reluctantly takes it, but she didn’t expect the magnetic pull toward her photographer. Kaka/Saku

Home by ChissySweetz (T) || 4,383 - Kakashi who’s been missing for a year returns to find out that his little family grew by one. *one-shot* <– again, shamelessly promoting my work (I have no regrets)

Well, there you have it. Hope this helps you and whoever else looking for some KS goodies.

anonymous asked:

Being Lily Evans' younger sister? I absolutely adore your work and can't wait for more imagines xxx

A/N: This is ridiculously long, I don’t know what happened. I’m going with Lily’s sister is two years younger. So when the reader starts at Hogwarts, Lily will be in her third year.

  • You’ve gotta have a flower name: Daisy, Rose, Jasmine, Iris, etc. Take your pick

If you’re a Muggle:

  • When Lily shows you her magical abilities, you try hopelessly to copy her
  • She comforts you when you realise you can’t do the same things she can, and promises she’ll always be there to do magic for you
  • Like Petunia, you’re jealous of her magic
  • Unlike Petunia, your love is greater than your envy and you don’t let it ruin your relationship with your sister 
  • Lily’s friendship with Snape creeps you out, and you hate when he hangs around. Either he looks through you like you don’t even exist, or he ridicules you for not having magic
  • You write letters to each other every week. You worry yours are a little dull in comparison to hers, but she never complains.
  • The house seems so quiet when Lily’s away at school
  • You can’t wait for her to come home during the holidays. It’s like she brings the sun back with her
  • Lily tells you about some arrogant sod called James Potter. Not even two years later, and she’s introducing him to you as her boyfriend. It’s confusing and makes it glaringly obvious how much of your sister’s life you’re missing when she’s away
  • You try and keep the peace between your sisters, but it’s not easy
  • You’re the maid of honour at her wedding, and do your best to make up for Petunia not being there. You barely know anyone else there, but they all do their best to make you comfortable. It’s still a little awkward and overwhelming, and you’re happy when it’s over
  • Lily never tells you about the danger she’s in, and you only find out after her death
  • You go to the funeral alone; your parents are already dead and Petunia wouldn’t attend. You don’t talk to anyone and go home to cry alone
  • Dumbledore leaves Harry with you. You’re hopelessly unprepared to raise a child, being less than 21 years old and completely inexperienced. The only reason you agree instead of trying to find someone who could raise Harry the way he needs to be raised is because of the blood protection spell. There’s no way in hell you’d let Petunia raise him, knowing how she, her awful husband and spoilt child would treat him
    • Well, that’s the main reason. The other is his eyes, it’s just like looking into Lily’s. They remind you that he’s all that’s left of your sister and knowing that she sacrificed herself to keep him safe, you’ll do everything in your power to protect him too
  • Things are hard at first, but Harry is a fundamentally good kid and you adore him. He grows up strong and happy, knowing he’s loved. 
  • Maybe you get married to a Muggle, maybe you get married to a wizard/witch. Maybe you don’t get married at all. The one thing that never changes is that Harry is 100% your priority, 100% of the time, and he’s always going to be the most important person in your life
  • You cry when he first goes to Hogwarts, and spend the next 7 years constantly worried about him. He sure gives you enough reasons to be
  • Making sure Harry always knows how proud his mother would be of him

If you’re a witch: 

  • Lily’s so excited when you show her that you can do the same things she does 
  • Petunia’s jealousy is even worse. You try not to, but sometimes you and Lily end up accidentally excluding her. 
  • When Lily first goes to Hogwarts, you start counting down the days until you get to go too
  • It’s the greatest day when you finally get to board the train as well. Lily’s incredibly excited to show you around the castle and to introduce you to all the people she’s being telling you about 
  • She’s so proud watching you be sorted, she doesn’t care what house you’re in
  • Lily is the only thing that makes your homesickness better. You miss your parents and old friends. You even miss Petunia, even though she’s horrid to you most of the time
  • All of the Professors know you are ‘Miss Evans’ sister’ at first. It’s a little intimidating because they expect so much of you. Slughorn, in particular, is interested to see if you’re anything like your sister. 
  • You do manage to make your own reputation and step out of Lily’s shadow soon enough.
    • Even if James and Sirius insist on calling you ‘Baby-Evans’, ‘Evans Jr.’ or the like
  • Lily’s always there to help you if you’re struggling with a spell, a potion, or anything at all
  • You always make time for each other, and the two of you are closer than you’ve been in years now that you’re both going to Hogwarts
  • Snape creeps you out. He just barely tolerates you when Lily is around, ignores you when she’s not. He says nothing when his friends call you a Mudblood. You hate him for it.
    • You hate him even more after he calls Lily a Mudblood, and though you’d never tell her, you’re happy that it’s the end of their friendship
  • You maybe have a little crush on one of the Marauders. 
    • You do agree with your sister that sometimes they go too far, but they are actually quite funny and you’d kill for a friendship like theirs.
  • Watching her fall in love with James is honestly the most entertaining thing. Teasing her about it is so easy and you almost feel bad for taking advantage of the obvious target. Almost. 
    • Watching her introduce James to Petunia and Vernon is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You never bring it up again and pretend it never happened at all
  • You’re the maid of honour at her wedding. The whole day is filled with so much love and magic, and you have the greatest time.
    • You tease both James and Lily, cementing your future role as annoying little sister to the both of them.
    • Sirius teases you, cementing his future role as the annoying big brother you never asked for. He does let you graduate from ‘Evans Jr.’ to just plain ‘Evans’ though
  • It’s the oddest feeling getting on the Hogwarts Express the year after Lily graduates, knowing she isn’t somewhere nearby on the train
  • You still have all your friends at Hogwarts, but it’s lonely being the only Evans in the castle
  • Whenever something interesting happens you make a mental note to tell Lily about it at dinner, forgetting she won’t be there
  • You’re so happy to see her during the holidays that you practically launch yourself at her
  • You’re really worried when she tells you she’s joined the Order
    • Obviously, you agree with the goals of the Order, but you really don’t want Lily to get hurt
    • James talks to you privately and assures you he’d never let anything happen to Lily. Then Remus does the same thing. And so does Sirius. You’ve kind of gotten the point by the time Peter talks to you. 
    • You still worry, but you trust the Marauders will do anything they can to keep her (and each other) safe.
  • You’re one of the first people she tells about the pregnancy
  • Lily goes into hiding during your last year at Hogwarts. 
  • You join the Order as soon as you graduate to try and protect her, James and your unborn nephew 
    • It’s Lily’s turn to worry about you. The worst thing is that she can never come with you on missions, she has to trust Sirius, Remus and Peter to look after you. The three try their best, but you still come back injured more often than Lily can stand
  • Meeting baby Harry for the first time is incredibly emotional and you love him the second you hold him
  • You and Sirius are the only guests at Harry’s christening. In your opinion, Sirius is the perfect choice to be his godfather. If there’s anything the last few years have shown you it’s that there’s nothing Sirius won’t do for James and Lily
  • It makes perfect sense to you that Peter actually becomes the Secret Keeper, while you and Sirius, the more obvious choices, act as red herrings. 
  • A week later, Lily and James are dead and you’ve never regretted anything more
  • When you arrive at Godric’s Hollow you find Sirius and Hagrid arguing about Harry
    • “Give Harry to me, Hagrid, I’m his godfather, I’ll look after him.’
    • “Dumbledore said I’m ter take Harry to his aunt.”
    • “Well, it’s a good thing that she’s already here then.”
  • You persuade Hagrid to give Harry to you, instead of taking him to Petunia’s as Dumbledore requested. Dumbledore has no right to decide what’s best for your nephew
  • You stop Sirius going after Peter alone, convincing him you’ll need his and Remus’ help with Harry.
  • The four of you go to Lily and James’ funeral together. It’s still a horrible, horrible day, but it’s easier having each other to lean on for comfort
  • (I’ll save raising Harry with Sirius and Remus for another involve; this is already too long)
  • You are constantly worried about Harry. If he ever needs anything, you’re only an owl away
  • You die during the Battle of Hogwarts (as a parental figure of Harry, it is your duty)
  • Before you even have time to process your death your sister is crushing you in a hug, thanking you for everything you’ve done for Harry
  • Even thought it’s been 16 years since you last talked to her, you fall back into the role of little sister like you no time has passed at all

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Involves Masterlist: (x)


So, I totally dreamt about Destiel going canon last night.

I think in part because what Kathryn said at the con, which people are still trying to figure out what she could mean that wouldn’t involve Destiel, but are coming up with nothing. Then again, what the show seems to thinks would make majority of people happy (while make some others unhappy), as opposed to what would make majority of fandom happy (while making a few unhappy) has a while margin of error as far as not matching up.

Which I know, but my brain apparently wasn’t having that.

So in the dream, I am watching Supernatural, and didn’t realize I was dreaming until the end when I woke up because “This is too good to be true”.

Backstory on the things that I knew had happened leading up to this scene: Mary and Mick both left the BMOL, Mick now working with the Winchesters and basically using everything he knows to help improve the American MOL with the Winchesters.

Due to their inability and desperation to find Kelly (now that they know Lucifer is free and in a stable vessel- thanks, Crowley), the Winchesters basically trap and capture a demon, then torture it to talk, since they know for a fact, demons would also be scrambling for Lucifer’s baby, while not falling under Lucifer’s control again, because literally, first opportunity, he was Camp God again last season, so the demons are wanting a new ruler, to be raised by one of the Princes of Hell.

Kelly, of course, trusts the demons at this point, because they are the only ones going out of their way to protect her and her unborn child, and even dying for her, while angels and hunters are out to get her. Under torture, the demon finally admits that the demons have Kelly at a lake beach house and are planning to kill her as soon as her son is born for part of a ritual to ensure the child’s soul is tainted and dark from birth, since parentage actually has nothing to do with whether or not a Nephilim would be evil.

So, Dean, Sam, Mary, Mick, and Cas all set out on a rescue mission at this point, because Kelly is getting very close to giving birth- like within 24hrs. They set out on a night mission to take the demons by surprise, since they won’t be expecting them. In the demons paranoia, though, they specifically chose the beach property for the fact that they only have to guard three directions, and the body of water wide open to a wall of windows protects itself, where as the other three sides are surrounded by woods.

So you have the Winchesters creeping forward through the trees and brush, silently taking out any demons sentries they see, while Mick and Castiel are coming forward on the other side of the house doing the same.

When they manage to make it from the trees to the sand of the yard without incident, save for Mick and Cas still aren’t there,  they’re actually optimistic they can do this. Kelly is safe so long as the baby lives within her, and they had to have taken out probably half the demons not standing guard near the steps or on the porch, which can be easily seen in the light of the full moon and clear sky. After all of this getting so screwed up to this point, trying to hunt a victim and an innocent baby, Lucifer going free and currently planning to launch some sort of major assault, they’re glad they have the opportunity to maybe fix some of it, right here, right now, undo their past mistakes and also not give Lucifer what he wants.

Except, as they step out into the sandy yard, the demons near the house all smile, and then start to retreat in the house, closing window shutters and basically barricading the place while more demons come from the lake view side of the house and from out of the trees they’d just come through, and the Winchesters realize this entire thing was a trap set for them.

Intense and desperate fight scene in the yard with just three of the five team members all fighting hard and dirty because of how very outnumbered and caught by surprise they are. To which they win, but only just, Sam pulling himself up off the sand, wiping blood from his face and cradling bruised if not cracked ribs, while Mary and Dean both finish off their last opponents. Dean moving to check on his brother, while Mary finishes hers off, all of them trying to catch their breath as the final body hits the ground, until more people come running through the trees. Their eyes all go wide, and Mary turns at the sound, angel blade in hand, ready for a second wave of demons, plunging her sword forward- straight into Castiel, whose eyes go wide in stunned pain, hair a mess, and sporting various cuts and scrapes from his and Mick’s own fight with the demons, when they realized it was a trap as well.

Mary’s hand flies free of the blade handle, backing away just as a frantic Dean shoots forward, “No, no, no! Cas!” “Oh God, I’m so sorry, I didn’t see-” Dean grabbing Cas by the lapels of his coat and helping ease him down to sit against a wood pile. Cas pulls a bloody hand away from the sword protruding from his body, panicked expression turning to Dean as he struggles to breath, both of them knowing full well as soon as the sword is pulled out, Cas will instantly die, though he’s dead already.

Mick wipes a hand over his mouth in horror, and Mary is still apologizing, and Dean holds out a hand, cutting her off.

“We still have to save Kelly. You three get in there. I’ll follow. I just-” He looks down at the sword, then looks to Castiel, as Mick gathers Mary and the three of them dash toward the house as the clock ticks down. They can hear Kelly crying out with labor pains from inside. When Dean looks at Cas, a question in his eyes, hand hovering near the sword, Cas frantically nods his agreement, hands curling in Dean’s coat as he braces himself.

Dean swallows and nods, pained and torn, but knowing nothing is going to change what’s happening, and there is no last minute miracle to be had here.

Their heads are bent close together, and he whispers, “Okay, on three. One, two-”

And Cas tenses, a sudden panicked moment of ‘Oh God, don’t blame yourself for this, it wasn’t your fault-’ as he blindly jerks his head up, screwing his eyes shut and pressing him mouth to Dean’s ‘-I love you’, only barely catching the corner of his mouth, just as Dean yanks the sword out in a blinding flash of light, 

Then the light fades, and we see both Dean and Cas still holding onto each other with their heads down and eyes clamped shut, which suddenly pop open, Dean’s in pain, knowing what he’ll see, and Cas in shock and confusion he’s still alive, both of them staring wide-eyed at each other not sure what just happened or how, and literally both of them looking back and forth for a half-second where Cas’ wings should be across the sand, then back at each other, still not understanding.

“You okay?” Dean asks, voice shaky and unnerved.

Cas looks just as shaken. “I-I think?” he manages, startled silent as Dean quickly presses his mouth fully to Castiel’s.

Pulling back, Dean lowers his head on a shaky, heaved sigh. “Thank you, Chuck.” Then he’s handing Cas his weapon, and taking the one he just pulled out of him, still stained in Cas’ blood, before pulling him to his feet. “C’mon. We still have to go save Kelly and her baby.”

And then the two of them dart forward across the sandy yard and toward the house where the first sounds of a fight have begun, and Cas keeps to himself the fact that while he’s physically fine, he knows something is different about him, though he doesn’t have time to confirm, but he thinks- he thinks- he may be human now, with a silent understanding from Chuck of This is the last time I’ll do this.

…And then I woke up.

Can I please write for the show now??????


~ Main Masterlist ~


Their girlfriend only having kissed girls before

Their girlfriend eating junk food at night when she’s on a diet

When their girlfriend kisses their neck

Mafia AU When their fiancee runs away

A really tall foreigner asking them for directions

Them yelling at their girlfriend because they’re stressed

Their s/o worrying about wearing something sleeveless because of their uneven tan

Finding out their s/o smokes

Smuttish When their girlfriend kisses their neck to let them know she’s horny

Their girlfriend playing with their hair

When their crush has a nightmare and asks to sleep with them

Smuttish Their girlfriend moaning their name in her sleep

Mafia AUWhen they see someone flirting with their girlfriend

When you keep giving them kisses because you want to cuddle

When they have an affair and you find out

Them crying in their s/o’s arms after a hard day

Mafia AURegaining their fiancee’s trust after she ran away

Mafia AUWhen their pregnant wife tries to leave them to protect their unborn child

When their girlfriend is shy about a sport she’s doing

Scenarios/One Shots/Drabbles:

  • I.M/Lim Changkyun

Mafia AU It’s Only Natural That I Keep Her (Feat. BTS & EXO)

  • Chae Hyungwon

At Least Tell Me Why

  • Yoo Kihyun

CEO AU Are You Really Going To Leave Without Asking Me The Question You’ve Been Dying To Ask Me? (Writing Prompt)

Let’s Just Tell Them

  • Lee Minhyuk

Mafia AU I Shouldn’t Be In Love With You (Writing Prompt)

✽ College AU It Must Be Hard With Your Sense Of Direction, Never Being Able To Find Your Way To A Decent Pickup Line (Writing Prompt)

  • Wonho/Shin Hoseok

Before I Do This, I Need You To Know That I Have Always Loved You (Writing Prompt)

  • Lee Jooheon

Mafia AU I Think I’ve Been Holding Myself From Falling In Love With You All Over Again (Writing Prompt)

  • Group

Mafia AU Let Me Repay You (Wonho x Reader x Shownu)


  • Wonho/Shin Hoseok

Mafia AU It’s All My Fault [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]


Monsta X as the Mafia + How He Met You

How Would Monsta X Propose

P.S. If you don’t see your request done here, I’m not ignoring it. I just need time to catch up with all of them.

another time to love — part four || dylan o’brien

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: dylan x reader
word count: 1,988

warnings: blood, angst, swearing 

authors note: ya’ll can thank me, myself, and i for getting this posted. lol i was my main boost of confidence and motivation in getting it done, so here you go (there’s still another couple of parts to go!) also, although this is mainly with tyler, baby dylan is also throughout.

part 1 // part 2 // part 3 ** // part 4 // part 5 

summary: reader is kidnapped and tyler comes to save her, dylan elsewhere. 

A shattering shriek tears through my throat, my lungs gasping for relief as every breath I took felt like my ribs were caving in. I struggled in my seat, whimpering and screaming in pain. My hazy eyes took in my surroundings, darkness falling over me and I pulled against the rope that restrained my wrists behind my back. “Help!” I croaked out, the unbearable pain in my stomach almost causing me to black out again.

A mischievous chuckle bounces off the plastered walls and a tall figure wandered out from the dark shadows. “No one’s going to help you, Y/N. You made a big mistake.” I sob at his words, my head falling down and I notice the blood seeping through my shirt, a strangled cry tearing through my throat in realisation. “Please don’t hurt us! Please!” I beg, my body falling limp in my seat as the man approaches me.

I stare up at him through hooded eyes, the musky light that seeped through the iron bars shone briefly over his features. He was an older man, late 30’s maybe. Well kept hair, and a short but dark stubble. His jaw structure was well defined along with his cheekbones, and if it wasn’t for the current situation, I’d probably have found him attractive. “We won’t hurt you, not anymore at least.” He rolls his eyes, intertwining his hands behind his back and he slowly paces back and forth in front of me.

I furrow my eyebrows at him, my breathing become shallower by the second. “What do you want with me?” I cry, my voice weaker than ever and I squeeze my eyes shut the moment my captor stops moving. He wanders closer to me, face just inches from mine and I could feel his hot breath fanning over my tear-stained cheeks. “I want answers.” His voice was surprisingly calm, but held just enough authority to make him get whatever he wanted.

“Answers about what? What did you do to Dylan!?” I cry out, every word causing my stomach to tense and I gritted my teeth in attempt to bare the pain. “Dylan’s fine, tied up and unconscious in some warehouse, but I didn’t need him. I needed you.” His voice was becoming harsher, and he wandered out from behind me, hands still behind his back and he stopped at the metal door. “You’re vulnerable, you see. And I know you’ll tell me what I wanna know.” He stated as a matter of factually, smirking devilishly.

I tugged again at the restraints; another sob ripping through my throat and I stared at him with anger and disgust. “What the fuck makes you think I’d tell you anything?” I spit through gritted, my body shaking and vision slowly beginning to distort. He wandered off into the darkness, a loud racket of a metal door opening and heels clicked against the concrete floor. The pair wandered back into the dim light, my breathing caught in my throat when I finally see who it was.

“Because if you don’t, she’s gonna carve that baby right out of your stomach.” All colour drained from my body, my eyes drooping and I stare at her, completely horrified. She stalked toward me, twisting a large butcher knife in her hand and smirking deviously. I struggle in the ropes, my frantic movements causing more blood to gush from my stab wound and I stare at her in panic.

“Shelley, Shelley.. Please, don’t do this. Please, don’t hurt my baby, please. Stop, please, Shelley, no! Get away from me!” I sob, my body freezing as she kneel down, her face just inches from mine. “Tyler’s still in love with you, but he also trusts me. And now, you’re gonna die; knowing you can’t save him. You can’t save any of them.” She presses the tip of the blade just below my ribs, squinting at me with a hard expression, probably expecting me to move.

But, I don’t. I can’t. The sheer fear that coursed through my veins had consumed me, and now I was stuck in a state of frozen matter. In my mind, I was screaming. Move, Y/N. What are you doing!? Fight back! But, I couldn’t. My body refused to register what my brain was telling it to do. I couldn’t do anything, but watch.

She pushed the blade against me, piercing the skin and slowly tearing it across in a straight line, my body hurling forward and I let out a choked heave. The familiar sound of the metal door opening screeched against the concrete, Shelley instantly pulled away from me and dropped the knife to the ground.

“Hey! Hey, get away from her! Y/N!” White noise filled my ears, my vision falling hazy as I wobbled in my seat; dancing side to side slightly. Gun shots pierced through the air, screams and cries echoing off the walls and my body shivered at the feeling; their calls and shouts vibrating me. A distorted figure drops to their knees in front of me, hands waving frantically in front of my face before they spin around my body, untying my torso and ankles.

I wobbled off the chair, falling onto my shoulder as I hit the ground. “Fuck, babe come on. You’re okay. You’re gonna be okay. J- just stay with me, alright?” My eyes pried open at the sound of the sweet, familiar voice - vision distorting but I could make out the distinct features of his amber eyes and mole scattered cheeks. “Dylan.” I choke out, darkness swarming over me from the corner of my eyes, his face being the last thing I saw before the black musk met in the centre, my body out cold.




The muffled noises became clear and my eyes slowly fluttered open; vision distorted, until I blinked away the blurriness. The white ceiling hovered over me, small pains in my stomach and head. I turn my neck, noticing the crispy white sheets and yellow walls, and that was all I needed to see to know I was in the hospital. I glanced over at my shoulder, silently groaning at the sling that was covering my arm and the bandage on my hand. My eyes moved over to my stomach, a dull ache sat below my ribs and I pulled the covers off me, revealing a hospital gown.

A low groan from the edge of my bed caught my attention, head snapping up at the chair beside me. Brown hair devilish hair was all that could be seen, their torso extended out as they buried their head in their arms at the edge of my bed. My heart fluttered at the sight, a sigh of relief falling from my lips, finally knowing he was safe. “Dylan.” I whimper quietly, struggling to sit up to wake him, so I had no other option than to poke his side until he stirred and finally awoke.

He sat up slightly, back still to me and he rubbed his eyes, turning around to me quickly and my heart fell. It wasn’t Dylan. “Y/N, oh my god. Are you okay?” Tyler questioned, grabbing my hand away from the covers and dragging the chair closer to my side. I swallow thickly, shaking my head and leaning closer to him. “Where’s Dylan!? Tyler, where is he?” I panic, worry coursing through my veins and I wonder if he ever even escaped the warehouse they locked him up in. The thought of him not surviving made me sick.

“Dylan? What? I don’t care about Dylan right now. I care about you!” My eyes frantically search the room, visions from the kidnapping flooding my mind and I choke back a sob. “No, is Dylan okay!? I need to know if he’s okay. He- he told me they took him! They took him! Tyler! Is he okay!?” I stare into his sleepy eyes with panic, breathing staggered in my throat. He pushed himself off his seat, sitting beside me on my bed and taking my face into his hands, forcing me to calm my breathing.

“He’s fine. Dylan’s safe, okay. I promise.” I wanted to ease after his confirmation, but I couldn’t. Fear consumed me and I clutched onto Tyler’s hand, a loud sob echoing around the room. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Shelley- she… she-” “Sh, baby. It’s okay. I know, it’s okay.” By now, Tyler was sobbing with me. My heart felt heavy, as much as I hated what he did to me, I couldn’t imagine the pain he felt knowing she used him. “Is, is she… is she still…?” I stutter, not wanting to say the word, but Tyler knew what I was getting at.

He shook his head, pulling away from me and sniffling. “I took care of her, she’s gone. Okay? You’re safe now.” Tyler cooed, but that didn’t stop the tears from welling in my eyes again when realisation struck for a third time. I stared up at him, too scared to even blink when I looked down at my stomach. “D- did… is it still…” I looked back up at him, a silent sob slipping of his tongue and he shook his head, lips scrunched together to silence his sobs. My jaw dropped, body falling slack and numb.  

Tyler pulled me into his arms, rocking us back and forth as he sobbed into my hair. I sat there, completely frozen, unable to move or even talk. He cradled the back of my head and rocked us back and forth. I lost my baby, I lost the one thing that was good in my life. I hate myself. I hate that I couldn’t protect my unborn child. I hate myself so much.

“I’m sorry, it’s… it’s  a- all my fault.” My stutter, a breathy cry falling from my lips and I stare at the ground below us. Tyler quickly pulled away from me, cupping my cheeks in his palms again and forcing me to look at him. “Don’t you dare fucking apologise. This isn’t your fault. Baby, this isn’t your fault.” His face was red, tears still streaming down his cheeks and I find myself wondering why I wasn’t also a blubbering mess. Why did I feel so numb?

“We’re gonna get through this okay. You and I, together.” His words didn’t register in my head, neither did the fact that his lips were pressed on mine until his tongue swiped against the seam of my lips, and my eyes met a familiar pair on the other side of the hospital room door. Dylan stood there, eyes puffy and cheeks red. He was frozen, watching Tyler’s lips move against mine and I immediately pulled away from him, eyes still locked on Dylan’s and regret and worry washed over me. I avoided his gaze, staring at Tyler with wide eyes and now parted lips. “Why did you do that!?” I scold him breathlessly, fear bubbling inside of me that he’d ruined everything.

“Because, I love you, okay. I always loved you. And it took something as serious as this for me to realise just how much I love you.” Tyler’s words were soft, music to my ears… had they been said weeks ago when I first saw him after his disappearance. But now, everything had changed. Everything was different. I lost my baby, Tyler lost his fiance… and I had lost all hope, and probably Dylan too.

“Please. Please, just one more chance. That’s all I’m asking for.” He pleads, tears pooling in his eyes again and he held my hands tighter, afraid to ever let go. I stare at him with wild eyes, my eyes averting his gaze and staring at Dylan through the window of the door. I couldn’t make a decision, I couldn’t bring myself to it. Tyler didn’t know that, but Dylan did, so he made it easier for me… and walked away.

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masterlist // coming soon


We can fix this (MoC!Dean x Reader)

Summary: Dean keeps the reader on distance to protect her (and his unborn child) but she takes it on her to get him back

A/N: This was my first try at writing fanfiction so it may not be the best.

Mini Series:

Save or Break (Dean x Reader; angst!!!)

Summary: Dean thinks the reader left him to marry someone else but the real reason is far more heartbreaking.

A/N: Prepare to cry if you read this…

One Shots:

A/N: All are “Dean x Reader” unless stated otherwise. Sorted from old to new.

  • …(more to come!!!)