protect the oceans

The gods are among us.

Zeus drinks himself half to death at the bar. He makes bedroom eyes at every pretty girl to walk in the room. They will clutch their cans of mace a little tighter as they walk home tonight.

Aphrodite helps a beaten girl to her feet, holding her tight as her young body is racked with sobs. Artemis stands nearby, preparing to hunt the thief of this young girl’s innocence. These are the only hunts she participates in anymore.

Athena glares at Ares as bloody knuckles and booted feet connect with battered bodies between them. The fight clubs are their temples now.

Dionysus stands behind a bar, serving drinks to rowdy men and pretty girls. Later, he will be found holding back the hair of girls, too young for the drinks they swallowed, as they vomit the concoctions they drank to forget the pain in the world. Dionysus understands and so he drinks more than anyone, if only to forget the suffering that has filled his immortal life.

Hestia mourns the numerous broken homes. She puts extra effort in protecting the scant few happy families left. So Hestia has created a home for those lost and abandoned, for she too knows how it feels to be cast out by the family who should have loved you unconditionally. She understands what it feels like to be adrift and homeless.

Apollo sits on a busy, crowded street, strumming his guitar and singing a song of loss and pain. He uses poetry and music to mourn the pain in the world. He berates himself constantly, because for every life he saves, ten more are extinguished. He has stopped visiting hospitals because he can’t help but feel his efforts are futile. He hasn’t seen his sister in years, and he misses her most at night, when he can see her beloved stars and moon.

Hermes slumps in a chair, exhausted from the horror gracing the human news. He decides he is no longer deserving of the title “messenger of the gods,” since he hasn’t delivered a message in centuries. Not when the gods no longer keep in touch. So he reverts to his favorite pastime: stealing. But what use is mortal money to a god?

Hera sits in the shadows of a bar and struggles to summon the dredges of the vindictive, jealous anger that used to come so easily to her when she saw her husband with another woman. Hera thinks that perhaps in this modern world, she would do better as the goddess of divorce. Because, really, how can she profess that marriage is the best gift the world has to offer when she can’t even keep her husband in her bed? When he doesn’t even bother pretending that he loves her? Yes, goddess of failed marriages has such a lovely, miserable ring to it.

Poseidon wanders the beach, picking up the scattered trash that poisons his domain. His tears mix with the salt water on his cheeks and he weeps for the suffering of his oceans. He feels the pollution like a phantom pain, and he scoffs at himself, full of loathing for the god of the sea who could not protect his oceans from mortals.

Hades lounges in his extravagant mansion, smiling at his lovely wife curled at his side. Blessed is he, for there will always be death, and mortals will always worship his riches. Of all his siblings, Hades, the scorned brother, cursed to rule the underworld, is the only one to still enjoy immortality.

Persephone is as beautiful as ever and she is happy with her loving husband who always joins her in her protests, right alongside her as she weeps for for the dying of this earth, as she cries herself to sleep at night when she thinks of all the loss of nature’s beauty and life. This world is suffering and she is the only one to hear its cries. They haunt her dreams.

Hecate flips the sign on the window to say closed. She longs for days gone by when people knew the truth. Magic is very real. Instead, she has to smile politely while customers come to her store to purchase items they know not how to use and religious men preach about how witchcraft is a sin, and she will burn in hell. Hecate does not care. She is as immortal as magic.

Cupid narrows his eyes with scorn every time he hears the word love fly from the lips of people who do not understand the meaning of the word. Though who is he to judge them when all his matchmaking attempts end in failure. Perhaps the mortals simple do not want him to decide who they love. Perhaps it is their turn to choose.

Athena prowls through college campuses, holding signs high in protect with the students around her. These fearless children are her people. She scoffs at the professors who are simply going through the motions, who fail to appreciate the brilliant minds all around them. She never fails to notice.

Ares picks his way across a battlefield and finds himself at the ruins of what used to be an elementary school. He no longer understands war, hasn’t for centuries. This was not brave, this was not heroic. This was senseless bloodshed. He sees nothing holy in this ruined world.

Aphrodite swallows the bile in her throat as she hears another rapist has been left free. She glares daggers at boys yelling obscene things at women. She’s long stopped romanticizing love. However, sometimes she sees a young girl handing over her baby to an older couple who tried for years, and she remembers what she once represented. Sometimes she sees Ares across the room of soldiers returning from the horrors of war, and as they embrace the loved ones they left behind, she smiles at him.

Artemis takes her role as protector of young women seriously. There’s a gun tucked into her waistband and a switchblade in her pocket. She can’t save them all, so she has also become an avenging goddess. She can be found in the streets or at battered women’s shelters, preparing for the next hunt.

The gods are dying. The gods wish they were dead. Is immortality a blessing or a curse?

—  The gods were always too human for their divinity (inspired by the writings of @crossroadsbela )
🌊 Water Magick🌊

Here’s a list I’ve compiled for different types, places, and times to collect water and charged waters. I use these primarily for different energies to paint with but the information can be used in a variety of ways to fit your practice.

💧 Rain: cleansing, protection, energy (if collected during a sun shower it is also associated with balance and the first rain in the month of May (Aqua de Mayo is considered to bring good health, luck, and eliminate dark entities )
💧 Creek/Stream: purification, harmony
💧Dew: Health, eyesight, beauty
💧 Fog/Mist: Creativity, balance, partnerships
💧 Ice: Transformation, balance, creativity💧 Pond/Lake: peace, contentment, relaxation, self reflection
💧 River: moving forward, protection
💧Sea/Ocean: health, power, goal manifestation
💧 Snow: Transformation, balance
💧 Spring Water: growth, cleansing, protection, prosperity
💧 Swamp/Waste: Banishing, binding
💧 Waterfalls: power, energy, success
💧Well: healing, wishes, intuition

💧 Tears: healing, compassion, emotional upheaval, blessings, binding, fertility/pregnancy, self reflection

☔ Seasonal Rains☔
These are specific associations for rains collected on the day or night of a solstice or equinox which make them more rare.
💧 Spring: New Ventures
💧 Summer: Growth
💧 Autumn: Gratitude
💧 Winter: Blessing

🌙 Moon Water🌙
In general water charged under the moon is considered sacred to the goddess and is associated with feminine energies and intuition. Here are some associations with the specific phases:
🌑New/Dark: curses, banishing, divination🌘Waxing Crescent: attraction, wealth, success
🌗 First Quarter: creativity, motivation
🌖 Waxing Gibbous: good health, attraction
🌕 Full Moon: Healing, cleansing, clarity
🌔 Waning Gibbous: undoing, cleansing
🌓 Last Quarter: breaking bad habits, banishing
🌒 Waning Crescent: wisdom, illness, balance

📝 Note: you can also charge your water under full moons that correspond to your intentions. Examples- full flower moon for fertility, beauty, and feminine energy or full moon in Aquarius for the added associations.

🔆 Sun Water: (Water charged from dawn til dusk) positivity, energy, power, strength, masculine energy.
🌹 Rose Water: (Either rain, dew, or snow collected from roses or condensation collected from boiling roses) love, protection, commitment, beauty, compassion
💀 Gravestones: (water collected from grave sites) ease of loss, restfulness, burying or releasing feelings.
🏛 Monuments: (water collected at monument sites) remembrance, nostalgia, patriotism, loss
🌈 Rainbow: (Water collected during a sun shower while a rainbow is present) luck, wealth, happiness, fulfillment, positivity.

I hope this helps you guys! As always, listen to your intuition about the energy of a particular water you have collected and remember to charge it with your specific intent.

Light and Love friends!

A new tarot spread inspired by…. @tarotprose

This one is a shield because they are always stepping in when things get bad and cover us in light and love. They shield us with their words from ourselves and other things.

So due to their actions this spread came about.

This spread is simple. It lets one see how amazing they are, where they get their strength and why others love them and care for them too.

I hope you enjoy



Energy: receptive

Planets: Moon, Neptune

Associated metal: silver

Powers: Protection, wealth

Magical/ritual lore: Mother-of-pearl is the lustrous, opalescent interior of various sea mollusks. Though not a stone, it has been included here because of its long use in magic. Mother-of-pearl has been used in ritual jewelry throughout the ages. Seashells were the medium of exchange (money) in many parts of the world where metals were scarce or lacking, such as Polynesia. 

Since the substance is the product of a living creature- the exterior skeleton, or shell- it is related to the fifth element, Akasha. 

Mystically, it relates to the ocean, to depth, and movement. 

Magical uses: Mother-of-pearl is placed on newborn babies to protect them from the perils of their new existence. It is also a fine substance to use in wealth, money, and riches spells. Empower a bit of mother-of-pearl with your magical needs for money. Anoint it with seawater (which contains gold) or a money drawing oil, such as patchouly or ceder. Place on a silver coin or any piece of silver next to the shell. Wrap a dollar bill or green paper tightly around the mother-of-pearl and silver object, and secure with green string. 

Place this talisman on your alter between two green candles. Let them flame for ten to fifteen minutes while visualizing. Then carry the charm with you. 

(Source: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic)


Important message from Mermaid Kelly: Ariel is swimming by to encourage you to help protect her home. Even though she collects human “treasures”, other sea creatures and marine life become injured or even die because of human trash, including thousands of sea turtles, whales, and over one million seabirds each year. All of this trash can harm & entangle fish, sharks, and damages coral reefs. In the Pacific Ocean there is even a huge area called the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” This is a large area filled with debris, approximately the size of Texas. The debris extend down 20 feet & contains 3.5 million tons of garbage. It is estimated to double size in the next 5 years. A marine biologist & ocean activist, Sylvia A. Earle once stated “If the ocean dies, we die.” Without the ocean, we can’t survive. Around 50% of the oxygen we breath comes from phytoplankton in the ocean. Many Ocean Activists have already taken action to preserve these creatures and our home, now it’s your turn! You can start taking the steps to helping all of the life in the ocean by using fewer plastic products, recycling, doing local beach/ river clean ups, support local organizations working to protect the ocean, influence change in your local community, but most importantly, educate yourself on the ocean & how to protect it.
This video is also up on my Mermaid Kelly YouTube channel as well! Feel free to share the message and video~
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gogo-power-gayngers  asked:

you should do some trimberly at the beach headcanons! the rest of the rangers can be there too lmao

You right.


-team mom jason sets up the trip as a bonding exercise. he packs snacks, beach toys, sunblock, anything and everything under the sun

-speaking of sunscreen, jason runs around chasing everyone with the bottle. in reality only jason needs it, but “Skin cancer doesn’t skip rangers, people!”

-zack’s mom totally makes him bring a winter coat so he doesn’t tan. little does she know that kid has his shirt off more than on

-the rangers are hesitant to go in the water, after billy, but he leads the charge into the waves, a smile never leaving his face

-color coded umbrellas.

-zack pulling the string to trinis bikini top. later, zacks shorts mysteriously come off in the ocean. he doesnt seem to care, but the 7 elderly people chasing him off the beach once he puts them back on do.

-jason burns. like. really burns, to the point where the whole squad is calling him sebastian, to which zack runs around yelling “Under da sea!” (”Does that make Trini Flounder?” “Only if you’re Ursula.” “And I can be the princess!” “Yes you can Bill.”)

-(”Jason, the true red ranger.” “Kim, you shouldn’t be talking. Whenever Trini’s around, you’re never not pink.” “That’s biphobic.”)

-they bring as huge raft and just kinda float and chill. that is until jason and zack decide to wrestle and flip overboard.

-once it gets dark, they have a bonfire on the beach

-billy using jason as a surfboard

-”Guys, Kim has a BI-kini!” “Jason, way to show off those BI-ceps!”

-billy and zacks castle wins an award. there wasn’t even a competition going on

-ranger dance party

-after they’ve had their fun, they morph and put on snapchat where they are. party ensues.


-kims SUPER excited to get in the water, ripping off her cover shirt (”Kim this is literally in two pieces why are you this extra.”) and running to the water. she turns to see if Trini is following, only to see her pink bikini.

she runs directly into the life guard stand

-they fall asleep tangled, and when they wake up, kim has a tiny trini sized hand print tan on her thigh (”Shut up Zack!” “I didn’t say anything!” “You were thinking it!”)



-trini is small, waves are tall. protective gf kim fighting the ocean.

-kim pops up from out of the water, brushing her hair back with her. trini is so busy watching her mermaid gf a wave totally decks her. aka kim fighting the ocean part 2

-rangers play beach volleyball, girls vs. boys, and the boys can’t even score ONE point. kim just straight up THROWS trini in the air for a spike (”I wasn’t a cheerleader for nothing guys.”)

-they bury the boys and make mermaid tails out of sand. and then they leave them there. (they totally didn’t go make out in the raft)

I’m not the best at making good quality gifs but i try😊