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Not a word in the news about this. Totally disgusting. All happened at the Back Water Bridge on MLK Day, a National Holiday. Thanks to Martin Luther King these bullets were rubber, there were times when people were shot dead for speaking out. 

These days the Native American people still continue to save their land and protect their water. God bless you, warriors, stay safe.

The media is silent. #NoDapl hasn’t stopped. People need to stay woke. 


Army Corps instructs DAPL protesters to leave area by Dec. 5, but won’t forcibly remove them

  • On Friday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers delivered a letter to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
  • Protesters will no longer be allowed in a portion of “Corps-managed federal property north of the Cannonball River” starting Dec. 5.
  • In an additional statement Sunday, the Army Corps said it has “no plans for forcible removal” and “is seeking a peaceful and orderly transition to a safer location.”
  • Following Friday’s announcement, though, tribe members have only doubled down on their commitment to protecting their land and water.
  • Leaders called on Obama and the government to halt the pipeline and move it outside the bounds of the tribe’s treaty lands. Read more

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Today, President Obama announced the Bears Ears and Gold Butte National Monuments, protecting over 1 million acres of sacred sites, scenic vistas, and important natural and cultural resources in the desert landscapes of southeastern Utah and southern Nevada. To date, the President has protected more land and water than any other president in history—and today’s actions build on that progress.

We can’t help but smile after seeing this big grin from one of the fishes at Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuge Complex. Comprised of four refuges situated in the Florida Keys, the complex protects the critical habitats on the land and in the water for wildlife like the American crocodile, the endangered Key deer, the Great White Herons and others. Photo by Kristie Killam, USFWS.
Obama creates new national monuments in Utah, Nevada

President Barack Obama created two new national monuments on Wednesday, setting aside 1.65 million acres in southeastern Utah and southern Nevada, a move sure to anger Republicans who have sought to curb the power the outgoing president has wielded to protect record amounts of sensitive and historic lands and waters.

Obama’s aggressive use of the Antiquities Act to create national monuments has drawn scathing criticism from Republicans, who say the White House has abused the law to override local opposition and restrict development and usage of the lands. The new Bears Ears monument in Utah, in particular, has been at the center of those complaints, with local officials and conservative groups decrying pressure from conservationists and tribes on the White House to protect the site.

In creating the Bear’s Ears National Monument in Utah and Gold Butte National Monument in Nevada, Obama said in a statement he was protecting desert landscapes that contain “some of our country’s most important cultural treasures, including abundant rock art, archeological sites, and lands considered sacred by Native American tribes.”

Obama has used his power under the Antiquities Act to to protect more land than any previous president, from underwater canyons and mountains off Cape Cod to the vast Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument in the Pacific Ocean. With the nearly 2,600 square miles he added Wednesday, he’s added at least 757,578 square miles to the nation’s protected lands.

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chrishemsworth: Standing with those who are fighting to protect their sacred land and water. #nodapl #waterislife #mniwiconi @taikawaititi

I would also like to take this opportunity to raise something that has been bothering me for sometime. Last New Year’s Eve I was at a “Lone Ranger” themed party where some of us, myself included, wore the traditional dress of First Nations people. I was stupidly unaware of the offence this may have caused and the sensitivity around this issue. I sincerely and unreservedly apologise to all First Nations people for this thoughtless action. I now appreciate that there is a great need for a deeper understanding of the complex and extensive issues facing indigenous communities. I hope that in highlighting my own ignorance I can help in some small way.
The women's march heralds a renaissance of resistance | Eve Ensler
We are marching against Donald Trump, and to turn our fear and sorrow into power and imagination. Join us
By Eve Ensler

We are marching so that women have access to quality healthcare, affordable birth control and to protect women’s rights to abortion. And we do so for every sister who has been raped, or been a victim of incest, or harassed, or beaten, or sold, unvalued or paid less than a man.

We are marching to remember every sister who has been shot by the police, or grabbed or hurt at her workplace, or denied insurance for an abortion or medical needs, or threatened with deportation or surveillance by people screaming for a wall.

We are marching for Standing Rock, fighting to protect their water, their traditions and sovereignty over their land. We are marching so that black, brown, LGBT, Asian, Muslim, disabled women’s voices and concerns are front and center. We are marching for our mother Earth that we may devote ourselves to ending all forms of extraction, to finding our connection to her, to cherishing her and protecting her as she so generously gives us life.

We are marching with our sisters throughout the world who are on the devastating end of neoliberal policies wreaking havoc on their economies, land, livelihoods and safety. We are marching against US imperialist aggression and interventions that have led to the maiming, murdering, raping and destruction of women’s lives across the planet.

We are marching against a system of morbid inequality of wealth whereeight men own as much wealth as 3.6 billion people.

We are marching to deepen a collective understanding of radical feminism – so we can offer an unapologetic assault on the racist patriarchy that has damaged so many of us.

We are marching so that women and men who are incarcerated, after years of being abused and impoverished, are seen and cared for and lifted – rather than being punished and abused even more.

We are marching because struggle is valiant and more satisfying than pursuing only our own personal happiness.

We are marching for strength in these coming years and for the ability to survive in a culture that erases and excludes and forgets women, and denies women their humanity, and refuses to recognize their achievements and all the ways they serve and lead selflessly. We are marching to link arms with friends, comrades and strangers so that the rhythm of our steps becomes the tempo of a new time and the unified chants of our voices become a clarion call.

We are marching to turn our fear and sorrow and shame to power and imagination. We are marching for another paradigm where the lack of ethics, morality, and truth that have brought us to this moment are transformed – into principles which will drive a powerful intersectional, spiritual movement of movements.

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The situation in North Dakota with the Standing Rock Sioux defending their land to prevent the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline is becoming increasingly dire. At the bare minimum you should be aware of what’s happening as a militarized police force is attacking unarmed indigenous people who are protecting their rights and what they hold sacred: land and water. Now is not the time to be willfully ignorant and asleep. Below are just some of the major banks that are funding the theft of indigenous land. This week I am shutting down my #tdbank account and moving my entire life savings to a credit union. I’m tired of pulling levers every four years hoping a savior will stand against the corporate beast they are beholden to. The beast must be bled dry.

In 2012 I filmed this speech by Annawon Weeden (Mashpee Wampanoag) at the National Day of Mourning and I think it still resonates.

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An angel tells me
That we are living
On stolen land. She
Wants to protect the
Water, the soil. We
Want only wealth,
False, empty wealth.
The angel summons
Bones from the graves.
I cannot save anything
But words.
What Has Obama Done for the Wild? – Natural Resources Defense Council
More than any other president.
By Sharon Buccino

Impressive, when you think about it. An investment into our future. How much of this will survive trump? 

Here are the actions that NRDC has noted:

  1. He issued a presidential memorandum mandating action to promote diversity and inclusion in our national parks, national forests, and other public lands and waters.
  2. He listed the rusty patched bumblebee as endangered.
  3. He protected more land and waters than any other president. Using his authority under the Antiquities Act, Obama created 29 new national monuments and expanded 5 more during his eight years in office.
  4. He withdrew more than 125 million acres of marine waters in the Arctic and the Atlantic from future oil and gas leasing.
  5. He placed a moratorium on new federal coal leasing.
  6. He put a comprehensive plan in place to conserve the sagebrush landscape that defines the American West.
  7. He withdrew Alaska’s Bristol Bay from future oil and gas leasing.
  8. He created the largest ecologically protected area on the planet by adding more than 400,000 square miles to the Papahānaumokuākea National Marine Monument.
  9. He banned the commercial trade of ivory in the United States.
  10. He revolutionized renewable energy development, steering it to the places on our public land that provide the most energy with the least environmental damage.

“We are not building this country of ours for a day. It is to last through the ages.” —Teddy Roosevelt after visiting Yosemite National Park in 1903. This summer, President Obama made his own trip to Yosemite to celebrate 100 years of the National Park Service, and to speak about the importance of continuing to protect our natural heritage. Since taking office, President Obama has protected more land and water than any other president in history. 

Is it too late for me to join this? I had the idea of doing one of this for my favorite pokemon, Slowpoke! -sorry if someone already did this with slowpoke, or if I took one of your ideas, it’s not my intention to steal ideas ;u; - Now let’s start with this little variants~ *Purebreed: The most common Slowpoke of course. *Tropical: Usually found in warm and humid places like rain forests. This variant likes to sleep on rocks near bodies of water like rivers or lakes. The flowers on it’s body have a sweet scent. *Warm Water: This variant is found near hot water springs. Is a very lazy pokemon that is sleeping most of the time, even while fishing. It likes to roast its prays. *Cold Water: A rare variant that is found only in cold areas of the world. They are protected by a thick fur that keeps them warm in land and water. *Swamp: Found on muddy bodies of water, and protected with a good camouflage, this variant is really hard to find. It seems to enjoy being alone and has an agressive nature. They are faster than some of the other slowpoke variants. *Pond: Another common variant of slowpoke. Usually found in ponds and rivers close to the cities. They seem to enjoy the company of people and they don’t like to fight. They’re also really good swimmers. -Bonus!- This one is a special slowpoke I draw fusing it with a Tsunonasu, a monster from a japanese game called Telefang (or Pokemon Jade, for those who have played this bootleg) *Headbutt: The rarest of the slowpoke variants. Just seen a few times, it was believed to be a legendary pokemon until a couple of them were found and after being compared with purebreed slowpokes it was proved that they were a variant. It is the fastest and strongest of all the slowpoke variants. They like to live alone in harsh enviroments and they always hide from humans and other pokemon, making them extremely hard to find. — I really hope you like them~ :3


WASHINGTON, DC — In this week’s address, the President laid out the importance of serving as good stewards of the environment and maintaining the planet for generations to come.  Since taking office the President has prioritized protecting the places that make America special.

He has repeatedly said that no challenge poses a greater threat to our future than a changing climate, which is why he’s taken bold actions at home and encouraged historic action abroad on the issue.

In his address, he encouraged Congress to reauthorize and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund which has protected more than 5 million acres of land for more than half a century, without costing taxpayers a dime.  Republicans in Congress let the fund expire despite strong bipartisan support. And he reminded us that we all have to do our part to address climate change, promote clean energy and energy efficiency, and ensure a cleaner, more stable environment for future generations.

Noting dozens of large companies have joined Obama on several environmental initiatives. 

Today, President Obama designated the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument in Maine to honor 100 years of the National Park Service. To date, the President has protected more land and water than any other president in history—commitments that will protect our land, water and wildlife for future generations: