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The oceans — their sea levels, temperatures and acidity all on the rise — do not read Breitbart News in the United States or the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom, which by spreading science denial put the most vulnerable at risk.
—  Cynthia Barnett’s Op-Ed in the LA Times, read here. 

pet-of-subs  asked:

They're making another movie about sharks being evil terrifying man eating killers and I'm SO pissed. It's called 47 meters down


aight so this is the trailer for the movie…tbh i always thought these movies were dumb and cheesy? .-.

But um…being stuck in a metal cage 47 meters (155 ft) under the surface of the ocean? That’s like…really really deep!? THAT’S TERRIFYINGLY DEEP!? THAT’S ACTUALLY TERRIFYING FOR ME, PERSONALLY.

The deepest pools go is like 11 or 12 ft? and the pressure from just diving to the bottom of the deep end of the pool is Not Fun for me… Personal issues aside, “most recreational scuba divers only dive as deep as 130 feet (40 meters), according to the Professional Association of Diving Instructors so I have a hard time believing that 2 girls who have never gone scuba diving IN THEIR LIVES are gonna be A-Okay enough to worry about the sharks at that point .____.

But I’m pretty sure this movie makes @pet-of-subs​ mad because it’s just another movie fear-mongering about sharks! I understand that sharks are a very real fear for some people, just like spiders and snakes and heights are very real fears for other people, but for those of you who aren’t already afraid of sharks, don’t let movies like this one trick you into thinking that sharks are the “Most Terrifying, Bloodthirsty Animals” on the planet!

“Attacks on people are incredibly rare. In waters off California, the chances of a surfer being bitten by a great white shark are one in 17 million; for swimmers, it’s even rarer—one attack in every 738 million beach visits, according to a recent Stanford University study”

So you’re more likely to die in a car crash, or even be struck by lightning (1 in 700,000/yr or 1 in 3,000/lifetime), than be attacked by a great white! Now, that doesn’t mean I’m saying that great whites are really just giant cuddly fish who want to be your friend, because that’s not true either. They’re definitely awe-inspiring creature who deserve some space and respect (for everyone’s safety, shark included). I just want y’all to know that they’re not the threat you may think they are! They don’t have “ a taste for human flesh’, y’all! They love to eat and hunt yummy, delicious, blubbery SEALS (among other fish and carrion. Great white diet varies depending on age, size, and location! :p)!

Also, I’d just like to gently remind y’all that the man who wrote Jaws, Peter Benchley, so regretted the fact that his book incited fear and panic among people that he became one of the greatest proponents of shark conservation. He spent the rest of his life dedicated to educating people about sharks, trying to separate fiction from fact. There’s even an ocean-conservation award named after him!

“The Peter Benchley Ocean Awards are the world’s preeminent ocean awards and are unique in acknowledging outstanding achievement across many sectors of society leading to the protection of our ocean, coasts and the communities that depend on them.Co-founded by Wendy Benchley and David Helvarg, and named in honor of Peter Benchley, author of Jaws, this Award celebrates the life and legacy of a man who spent more than 40 years educating the public and expanding awareness of the importance of protecting sharks and ocean ecosystems.”

I know that these movies are usually a Not Good thing, but they also give us the opportunity to open up some discourse about about sharks, finning, ocean convservation, overfishing, and other important topics that usually don’t get much attetion.

If any of y’all are interesting in learning more about sharks, check out:

If anyone has any resources, articles, experiences, facts, or anything else to contribute, please do! :)

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