protect our boys

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Between the Bambam and the Jackson thing I’m so annoyed at all you fake fans, but more than that I’m so proud of you Ahgases. You see one of the members being treated poorly and you immediately jump to their defense. You see negative comments on their social media and you spam their accounts with happy, loving, supportive comments. You apologize for the wrongdoings of others and reassure the members that we love them so much, and that they’ve done nothing wrong. While I’m absolutely disgusted by how fake fans act, I’m so insanely proud of how true ahgases act, of how quickly we jump to action. We can’t protect our boys from everything, but we can do our best to drown out the hate with 10x the love. igot7 fighting!

give me minute yall

please excuse my english, i’ve never gotten good grades 

i finally pulled myself together(not) and I just want to say that I’m very very proud of NCT and even us the fans . We’ve all been through so much . Protecting our boys from the cruel world with the best of our abilities;A;

OK lets start from  the oldest Mark, we all know about him having to debut in 3 different units. And not once he complained about being tired or anything .He even told us how happy he was and how he wanted to see the fans more. That shows how much he love this career and would do anything to make us happy. From being the youngest to being the leader would have taken a toll on him. And im pretty sure that even if he doesn’t show, there was probably times where he felt very exhausted . Especially with the people calling absolutely fully capable .You’ve worked hard Mark Lee

Renjun , omg this boy . He came from China and had to learn korean and being far from his family would probably make that kid sad af. Apart from that , he also helps his fellow member Chenle with adapting to this new surrounding . imagine being not sure of something yourself but then you go take yourself sure of it cause people look up to him.  Iwould honestly be stressed to the max if i was him.I applause him for that. you too, have worked hard Huang Renjun 

next we have Jeno. Being an idol , theres this part where you’ve gotta be talented at many things and also be funny.As most of us would know Jeno finds himeself the most boring in NCT which is not true of course. I believe he just gotta open up more and he probably be as funny as Haechan . Jeno needs more confidence and I can tell he’s working on in especially in the recent NCT DREAM Vlive where Mark was absent and he took the sub leader role .And we can see how much he talked compared to before. Actually all the members became more comfortable now and it makes me so soft inside .SO if we give it more time ,NCT would probably be variety gods. You’ve work hard Lee Jeno.

now my boi Haechan . I have no idea where to start and I feel that this will get long af. We all know how this boy can be mischievous and sassy .But lets all also remember that he is probably the most softest kid in NCT. As canbe seen from today, he was the first to cry when NCT DREAM was announced as the winner . I could understand why though. He has been going on about wanting to get first place on music shows since early 2017 and having his wish come true probably felt like a miracle (oh god im crying again) He ihas been a trainee since 2014?? when he was 14. Like damn his voice was probably just started to break and we all know how stressful it is to train your voice when puberty is hitting you like nobody’s bussiness. Oh and let’s not forget how strong he is . Like he was bawling his eyes out awhile ago but then a few seconds later he started hitting notes like an angel like it was a piece of cake.Damn son. He was probably thinking about how he was the team mood maker , and he wanted to show us how he happy he is . AND IM CRYYING .ok so. im so proud oof you . You’ve worked hard Lee Donghyuck 

Chenle , oh baby chenle .All the way from china with not much knowledge about korea or even kpop but here he is ., Slaying every stage . He was already a celebrity in China before he came here, but he still stayed in korea ,learn the language , and debut as a member of NCT. How hard did he work to be here only he and the members a know.Let’s not forget he is only 16 this year. WOW . when i was 16 i was stuggling with school.Im sososo proud of him . I can’t fully describe how much this is making me feel.yOU Zhong Chenle, have worked hard.

Our maknae , jisung.Bby chick JISung he so young . AND SO TALENTED .how does SM get this kids????Omg ok smol baby  jisung started dancing probably after he came out of the womb.Ok but serious , boys his age would be playing outside with friends instead of being in the studio and dance rooms for hours .With so much schedule and rules to follow.Scratch that NCT DREAM practically gave up their childhood to be where  they are now. Damn . You’ve  work hard Park Jisung .

Last and not least, Our Happy Virus Jaemin .gOd i missed him so much it hurts, so , damn, much. From what i heard , he was already suffering that waist injury since he was a trainee? im not so sure . But if  its true, i’m so proud of him, risking his health so that he could show us am azing performance that they have been practising .But i also hope that he take care of himself more now. it really hurts to see them hurting. Im sure he is sad that he can’t join his members in this comeback. sO many things had happen , and not being able to be there probably made him guilty but i hope he knows everyone misses him and hope he recover really soon cause we really need our happy virus.omG HIS SMILE. yOu’ve worked hard Na Jaemin

so in conclusion im totally whipped for NCT as a whole but today’s event made me reflect on how hard they all worked . Haters , if you have nothing nice  to say,then please shut up and mind your bussiness. NCT fans let’s continue supporting every single one of them cause they are family and everyone should be loved.Let’s not hate one member or one unit because your fav didnt get to shine.Its just the start ,theres still alot of time ,I believe all NCT members will shine so brightly that the haters go blin. lets love them okayy!


Star Wars AU :: Solo Triplets

Kylo, Matt and Ben are discussing how they want to celebrate their anniversary with their lovely smol significant other. Ben, the youngest brother, is not happy with the ideas of his two brothers; Matt, the middle child, is a ray of sunshine as always; and finally Kylo, the eldest brother, decides to do everything they have said; based on this post. Thanks once again to the @thirst-order-confessions for creating this perfect AU, Solo Triplets give us life. I want to cheer all the mods up, keep protecting our boys, we love you!

We don’t choose our destinies

                                                                                     Our destinies choose us

  1. “What’s going on here?” a voice demanded. As soon as he heard it, Peri seemed to shrink even smaller than he usually was, hiding behind Clark and grasping his cape, holding it up in front of him like a child who was afraid of the monster hiding in their closet.

Clark didn’t know who this Gem was, that they were about to meet. But Peri was scared of her, which meant, instinctively, that he already didn’t like her.

The Gem stepped out to greet them, white high-heeled boots fitting together precisely when she stood in place. She wore a black dress with a sort of gold-colored jacket or cape over it, edged in yellow and bearing the insignia that marked her as a member of Yellow Diamond’s court. Her Gem was on her forehead, and her hair was light blonde, cut chin-length. Dark gold eyes narrowed at their group, as she looked them over, and she carried what looked to be a whip, yet with a wide blade that resembled that of a sword. At the sight of the weapon, Peri whimpered, burying himself even further into Clark’s cape.

“I am Yellow Agate, manager of the Peridots on this station. Now, who are you, and what are you doing here?”

2. “What’s this?” she asked, as she walked behind the group, noticing Peri trying his best to make himself invisible.

“You have a Peridot among your number. How interesting.” She said, bringing him out into the open, despite Peri’s protests. “Is it normally this…rebellious?”

“No, Yellow Agate. He usually functions properly.” Clark said, coming to his friend’s defense.

“Did I ask you, war machine?” she snapped. She tightened her grasp on Peri’s arm, and Peri yelped.

Kell spoke up, remembering he was the highest-ranking gem among them.

“The Ruby is correct.” He said evenly. “He’s done quite well in his service.”

Peri smiled at that, then remembered he was still in Agate’s grasp. Agate plastered a smile on her face.

“Good. I was afraid, for a moment there, that I’d have to send him to Yellow Diamond to be shattered for insubordination. But of course, I would expect nothing but the truth from you, Your Clarity. So, I ask you- why are you here?”


the first of some headcanons set in the Gem Legion AU human zoo facility, involving the Legionnaires’ first introduction to Yellow Agate!

why does every leafy hater think that we’re saying ‘don’t criticise leafy boo boo must protect our leaf boy’ LIKE you couldn’t be more far off when it comes to this. The leafy fandom here on tumblr dot com actually criticise him all the fucking time. We’re not scared to say when a video he makes is kinda fucked up we literally call him out on things just like every 'roaster’ does???

if it’s so hard to understand let me put it this way:


so you can stop using that as an excuse now thank you very much.


Our protective boy~
Kkkk that hand JB ah~

Originally, I wasn’t going to say anything about the SPN conventions/Creation dramas but after reading enough people talking about it I decided “fuck it” and now I am going to say my peace.

1. People keep saying that they are upset that Creation would suddenly do this. But I am like: Guys. We KNEW a storm was brewing when people started to over-step their boundaries with the boys. This wasn’t an out of the blue instance. This was a building problem.

2. People keep saying that Creation should be more transparent with their customers. Here is my answer: Why? The ones who ruined it for the rest of us were showing the boys nor Creation any kind of respect, so why should we EXPECT them to do the same? It would have been more professional, yes. But I honestly do not blame them.

3. People who are more upset at Creation than at the people who have pushed it this far. Why are y’all mad at a company who is trying to protect our boys from people over-stepping their boundaries instead of the people responsible for it? You should all be more pissed off at the people who fucked it all up for everyone else. NOT the company trying to do its job.

Here is my final thought: What else do you people expect them to do to prevent people from doing this? From people using our boys as personal psychiatrists when that’s NOT who they are? From people who keep touching the boys in ways that are NOT appropriate (i.e. the girl who kissed Jensen on the cheek) without their permission? 


At this point in time: We should be damn well BLESSED that they are even still allowing conventions. I just hope putting a lot of people in temporary time-out will make everyone realize what they have done/how to keep this from happening again.

I keep getting messages on my other blog about “Taeyong is this..” “Taeyong is that….” “He did this..” and you know what, I’ve been really nice and haven’t said a word, and usually I am one for peace but you know what…..FUCK YOU. Sorry for the language but I’m so tired of this.

When I first got into the fandom, I heard the scandals and rumors about him, and it made me want to know more about him, not less. I was indifferent to be honest. I was like, “Oh okay…” it wasn’t until I started getting more into the fandom that he kept sticking out to me and he grew on me. I fell down the Taeyong bias hole when I heard A Piece of Mine and let me tell you, I was sold ever since.

He has so much talent and he has the potential to do some great things in the future, and regardless if you like him or not, it will happen. He also has a lot of pressure and has more than enough to prove to shed the image of who he was when he was younger (please get of your fucking high horse if you mean to tell me you weren’t a snot-nosed brat that made mistakes when you were younger.) I will never not call my biases out when they do wrong, trust me I will. HOWEVER, when they see the mistakes they made and apologized for it, who tf am I to keep beating them down? Especially for something that happened years ago. Taeyong owes you not a damn thing. We owe it to him to have a great fandom, and be great supporters of him, as well as the other members. If you feel that you can’t look past what he did, then get tf out my way so I can admire him for who he is. This is a time to be celebrating! Not just Taeyong but all the members! Debut is nearing, and we may be stressing, but we really shouldn’t, the boys are just happy to be debuting, and I’m happy too. I want this fandom to stay welcoming and fun, I’ve met a lot of the sr16b fandom, and you guys are great, and I love you all - let’s just get through this together and protect our boys ♡

Note: All you Taeyong Anti’s do not come in my inbox acting like some internet gangsters or keyboard thugs because I’ve removed the filter from my mouth and I will turn into the “bitchy” person you think I am, but do not want to meet. I’ll snatch them glasses off your anon icon yo. :D 

let’s not lose sight of the fact that it was a trifling ass black man who sicced Ben Fields on that little black girl just to soothe his weak ego. Ben Fields had a well known reputation for slamming kids around and the teacher, Robert Long, knew precisely what would happen when he summoned Fields. Afterwards when asked if he felt badly about what happened, Long expressed no remorse, saying, “she should have cooperated

I’m a black man and I expect much better from other black men, especially those in positions of authority. We already know what the system does to black people. If we aren’t going to protect our young boys & girls, then who is?