protect our boys

“I said I wouldn’t cry!”

this has a lot of implications…it implies that Keith knew that he was going to be talking about some emotional stuff before doing the vlog. And what is the vlog for anyway? Did Coran tell them it was a diary of sorts? Did he tell the paladins to just talk about themselves? If the latter is the case, then this video is very telling of how Keith views himself, and what aspects he believe’s defines him. Most people when told to introduce themselves, they talk about things that they think defines them. And these are usually things like interests, hobbies, views, etc. But Keith doesn’t talk about any interests or hobbies. He says he pilots the black lion and he’s a paladin of Voltron, but that’s not necessarily an interest, even though he’s extremely dedicated to the cause. Instead the most he talks about are his flaws and abandonment issues. It’s very likely that Coran told all the paladins to make at least one vlog entry for future generations. Keith was probably like “But what should I say?” and Coran was probably like “Just tell them about yourself.” and what Keith decided what was most important to tell about himself was that he pilots the black lion, he’s a paladin of Voltron. He has trouble connecting with people, he has a temper, and he thinks it’s because his mom abandoned him and that he pushes people away so that they don’t reject him. These are the things that Keith thinks defines him. And he was obviously prepared beforehand to talk about these things, promising himself that he wouldn’t cry.

Preston Protection Squad

Welcome to the Preston Protection squad, we are a group dedicated to protect our one and only son, Preston Goodplay. Everyone is welcome we meet every thursday night, snacks and refreshments will be available as we discuss and protect our baby boy.

Thank you this has been an announcement from the founder of the Preston Protection Squad, thank you and goodnight.


Jack keeps thanking us for being such an amazing and supportive community. Honestly, that’s true. There might be some speed bumps in the way every once in a while but usually we get through them, together, as a big extended family. Jack says we’re so positive and try to lift others up instead of tearing each other down. I wanna spread more positivity in this community.

If you wanna participate, reblog this and tag 5-10 people who mean a lot to you in this community and tell something nice about them. You never know when someone needs your beautiful message at that exact moment.

I want you all to know that you mean a great deal to me but I can’t for the life of me remember all your @’s.

If you get tagged, continue the train of positivity!

@marielgum: Such a talented beautiful human being. I love seeing your edits and other posts on my dash. The few times I’ve chatted with you have been so nice. You seem like a super nice person :) Keep doing your amazing work!

@viostormcaller: I remember Jack said that one of the best things he has heard is the fact that we have made new friends ‘cause of this community. You’ve become an amazing friend of mine. Thanks to Anti and screaming about theories :P It’s always so nice to chat with you.

@steffid101: I love the theories that I always find on your blog. Thank you for giving me few words of courage. I really needed them. I’ve always been insecure about my language skills. You seem so nice! :)

@wholesome-pasta: My fellow Finn here on Tumblr. It’s so nice to talk with you almost daily. You’re a sweet person and damn talented. Those drawings are so cooool. Thanks for helping me and listening to my stupid problems :P

@painofbeingafinnishfangirl: Another Finn! We are gonna take over the world! :P Your Gifs and captions are always on point and it’s been super nice to talk with you! Lovely person! :)

@chase-brody-protection-squad: My favorite Protection Squad. Always quality content on that blog and you mods are so nice and welcoming! You’re doing an amazing job protecting our boi Chase. Keep up your amazing work!

@no-strings-puppet: I love your crazy and great theories and besides theorizing, you seem like a super cool and nice person! :) One of my favorite theorists on Tumblr. Anti theories and memes and a nice personality. Could you ask for more? :P r

@ everyone in this community:

I AM FED UP WITH PEOPLE QUESTIONING BTS WINS. THAT ARTICLE SUSPECTED BIGHIT’S CREDIBILITY, BTS’ HARD WORK, AND ARMY’s DEDICATION. Thinking that the 300 Million voting was fake and BTS winning was by cheating is just offensive. BUT We will ALWAYS protect our boys, so just try us!!!

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To understand what this is about, please read this HERE

┃┃╱╲ in
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▔▏┗┛▕▔ we love & protect our trans boys: 

peter parker, steve rodgers, and peter quill

╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲


It doesn’t matter if OT5, JYJ only or TVXQ2, we should stop fighting and stick together! Our fandom is not strong as before anymore. We should STICK together to protect and support our boys! Look at ARMY’s example! They are now what we were before. Let’s be TOGETHER like in the past. Let’s make DBSK/JYJ name great again! For Jaeioong. For Changmin. For Junsu. For Yunho. For Yoochun.

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  • me: i love trans girls they are so beautiful and cute i just wanna hug them
  • me: trans boys are so handsome i wanna be like them loOK AT THAT FUCKING JAWLINE
  • cis person: trans girls are gross like wtf you have a penis quit wearing dresses
  • cis person: trans guys are nasty stay out of the mens bathroom you weird fuck
  • me:
  • cis person:
  • me: listen here you little shit