protect myself

Another important message.

I think I might have figured out a way for you guys to still be able to submit photos.

What I’ve done is disabled the “Allow logged-out users to see this blog” feature. This prevents people who are logged out to view my blog. With this it means I won’t be able to receive anonymous submissions. Only those who have an account and logged in are allowed to.

I know this is a major inconvenience to everyone who doesn’t have a tumblr account or would rather submit screenshots that way. I can’t stress enough how sorry I am of that. But this truly is the only legitimate way I can protect myself from intrusive spammy anons. I have to make sure I feel safe here.

So if you have screenshots that you’d love to submit, please do. I want to get the ball rolling again and continue blogging freely.

Maybe we think Shiro’s not a teenager not just because he looks like he’s 25
but because it would mean that, when he
-was captured
-was forced to definitely fight and possibly kill
-had to teach himself skills like memorising timing of his guards because of the dreadful necessity
-probably thought he’d never see earth or his home again
-learned that he was stronger than his friends, and so chose to suffer in their place
-had to mature to far beyond his years because if he didn’t, then he’d die
-went through all that then did his best to be strong so he could support some teens and help save planets he didn’t know existed
-never asked for anyone to be strong for him
-supported others when he could barely support himself

he wasn’t even an adult.

he’s about the same age as the kids he’ll always put before himself

and his hair had started to grey when he was only 18.

I don’t want to have to accept that.

So many times it seemed like there were chances to stop things before they started. Or even stop them in midstream. But it was even worse when you knew at that very moment that there was still time to save yourself, and yet you couldn’t even budge.
—  Sarah Dessen, This Lullaby
I’m not sure this is an INFP thing or something characteristic to me, but I usually feel automatically inferior to the people I am around, specifically if they’re strangers. For example, in a group of people I don’t know, I won’t voice my opinions or thoughts voluntarily until I feel I can assess how I think everyone processes things. It’s almost like I need to form an idea of who everyone is until I can show who I am and what I think. I don’t know if it’s connected to self-esteem and self confidence -though it probably is- but I always go into situations assuming I am the least competent and understand the least. Almost as a way to protect myself from embarrassment, maybe.
—  Submitted by anonymous

Kobi Onyame - Protect Myself (feat. G), From Ghana/UK #newvideo