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Sometime ago I saw an Iron Man stuffed toy is labeled as “Free Gift” to be given to customers with certain purchase in a chain store here, I can’t help but think Steve would definitely object this idea :D So this art is born haha.

And Happy Birthday to my tumblr account! Time flies and three years have passed, hope I can draw more Stony in the future! :D Thanks for all the support, reblogs and following, and you are always welcome to drop a comment/prompt/idea/just say hi to me anytime :D Love you all <3<3<3

Switching to Mediafire + Future of MLSubbing

Greetings, Ladybugs and Tomcats!

I’ve come to inform you all that instead of using Google Drive, we are now switching to use Mediafire. Soon, I will be privatizing the folder so only collaborators can access it, so all links to the Drive version will be disabled for all who those access it sometime next week or so. 

Also an important thing for EVERYONE to realize.
Eventually, possibly in the new few months, we might have to stop this project. English release date in December is approaching which means that we might not need to sub episodes anymore. Since the show started airing in different countries the legal rights change. I only started this project because it had limited accessibility to the rest of the world. We might remove all links to where the episodes will be hosted and such. This was only meant to be a temporary project anyway.

However! It does not mean the end of MLSubbing. We might transform the blog as a Miraculous News/Fan Hub where we just inform fans about coming news about the show, possible theories and speculation, and perhaps organize fanprojects. We might even change the name of our blog to MiraculousHub or something. ALSO not to mention that we might still be able to release SRT files (all languages) for episodes. 

HOWEVER, we are still not certain of the future of the episodes. This is just an announcement saying how we’re slowly shifting to Mediafire to host episodes and some details on the future of MLSubbing.

Also we just in 1600+ Followers! Thank you all for your support! Don’t forget to support the show when it airs in your respective regions! Show your love!

- Jae (azurajae)

So, late night thoughts of pain:

I’ve said before that I want/need one of the Jones boys to nearly drown or otherwise be in some kind of peril in the flashback, and for the other to think they almost lost them. After due consideration, I will only accept it being Killian.

Think about it. We already saw Liam almost, then actually, die in Good Form, and had Killian’s reaction to that. What if we now had it the other way around?

What if Killian is the one who nearly dies this time, and Liam is just as frantic and desperate to save him as Killian was for him in 3x05, and we see Killian waking up and coming back to him and Liam being as happy as Killian was right after he gave Liam the water?

And this is paralleled to Liam thinking he has to get Killian with him to heaven in the present, and then when they ultimately have to let go of each other?

Because I will absolutely fucking collapse. Nbd.

I am literally so mad I am shaking. I am so FUCKING TIRED of the OUaT fandom. I have tried so god damn fucking hard for years to be nice, to be understanding and unbiased to other FUCKING PEOPLE. I say what I think about ships themselves but don’t tag and never, ever do I slam other people.

For the last several DAYS I have dealt with fearing that my account could be hacked, that my friends could be, with setting up protections for my accounts, researching ways to back up my blog just in case something happens, with fearing that my own fucking friends could ever possibly not be who I think they are.

Because someone out there hates us SO FUCKING MUCH just for liking what we like. They hate us SO MUCH in the name of a god damn TV SHOW, a show who’s message is meant to be of hope and love no less, that they are attempting to literally destroy us.

And these people, these fucking ignorant ass people want to call it DRAMA. And not only do they want to trivialize it as something so petty, but to turn around and say WE are they ones creating it. That THEY are the ones who’s feelings are hurt.

If you don’t have anything helpful to add to the conversation, try SHUTTING THE FUCK UP. If you’re not interested in being a part of the solution, stop being a part of problem and just fucking SHUT UP.

I am at my wits end in a way I never have been before. This the most disgusting event I have experienced in all the years I have been here, and the response has only made it infinitely worse.

This is it. I have fucking snapped. Seriously, fuck this fandom. That is where I stand. The Once Upon a Time fandom can go straight to hell.

For the followers that don’t know what is going on with Ukwon. Someone got into his private Instagram account (separate from his idol/fan account which we are lucky to have at all since he has this account). They removed/took some private pictures and posted them without his knowledge. I only saw one with him and his girlfriend but it seemed there was more. I heard rumors where starting on these pictures or something which was hurting the people in the pictures; Sunhye most likely. That’s when he made that Instagram post;

I don’t know how photos were taken from my protected account, but did you really want to start a witchhunt by taking even that and making it into something it is not? That’s enough, it’s tiring. It’s really hard that many people are always getting hurt because of me, please leave the people around me alone. (cr. bontheblock)

I personally don’t understand why people can’t be happy with what he gives us. That some feel the need to intrude on his private life. We all know what kind of man he is and how shy/private he is. We are just pushing him away that much more. This could of been a BBC or easily an anti I seriously don’t want to point fingers when I don’t know who actually took the pictures. But if it was a BBC I’m ashamed. They most likely were not thinking straight but this was on a private account and you knew that. Please respect him and his friends and family. This is not a game of look at the cute couple this is his life. He not a toy but a human with feelings. We already had issues with him and he deleted his account as a warning that he will not have this. Please let this be the last time we have exhausted all ways around this. He has made it clear. Do Not go into Sunhye’s account looking for him. Do Not make marriage comments when he only 22 and is obviously not ready for it nor baby comments. Do Not poke through anything that looks personal/his relationship.