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Dangerous Love

TITLE: Dangerous Love
AUTHOR: Pretty Dead Girl
ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that, when Loki comes to the tower, you fall in love with him even though you know you shouldn’t. Knowing that you are absolutely terrible at hiding your crush, you avoid him to not get into trouble. Everyone at the tower keeps away from him, but none avoid him as much as you do, and he gets curious. That’s how he finds out your little secret and he will no longer let you ignore him just like that.
Notes-Updates may slow down; this is literally the last chapter I have written at the moment. I will update ASAP! (This chapter is also shorter-and it’s going to tie into AOU/WS/CW) 

“Loki!” Ragni whimpered. “Please..”

“Please what, darling?” Loki purred, thrusting into her once more.

“I c-can’t handle anymore.” It had been hours and Loki had yet to let up. Ragni was exhausted and beyond done-though, it had been the best sex she’d ever had in her entire life. 

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