protect home first



Shiro: The head of voltron. Though he’s always level-headed, he’s struggled w/ regaining memory of his year in alien captivity. Everyone’s depending on him to lead, but he doesn’t want a repeat of what happened to his team on the Kerberos mission.
Keith:The sword arm. Dedicated to fighting for the team. Kieth struggled with finding himself, reaching to space for answers about his past.
Pidge: The shield arm. Protective of those she cares about, Katie never stopped reaching to space to find her family. She misses them dearly, but must remain with the team to deal with the threat of the Galra Empire.
Lance: Voltron’s right leg. He’s essential and supportive of the team (though clashes with Keith at times) & smiles with them though his heart badly aches for home. 
Hunk: Voltron’s left leg. Hunk is the other major support for his team. He misses home as well, and like a team Mom of sorts, he worries for his friends and the dangerous situations they get into.

“Your eyes light up when you talk about him. That is because he’s my best friend.”

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he knew  who  they were fighting ;  who they were trying to protect their  home  from.  at first,  he didn’t believe it would be the same rick he grew up with ;  the same rick who could barely do  mercy  killings last time he checked  ( yet he did try to kill him,  so he’ll give him props for that ).  but things were  different  now.  shane had  found  these people,  spent the past several years with them,  and called them  family.

           he’s only trying to protect his family. 

he took out what he posed as an enemy and made his way through the building,  finding a man he had played  poker  with earlier that day.  it  stung,  to say the least.  several more bodies  littered  his pathway to the one who killed them.  hands were gripping his gun,  raising it to eye level as he rounds a corner.  movement on the other side of the wall tells him there’s  someone  in that room.  taking a deep breath,  he slips into the room with his weapon still raised and pointed at the other’s head.

eyes travel to the  colt  at the male’s side and the way he carried himself.  rick.  he takes an even deeper breath,  but keeps his weapon up and aimed.    ‘  hands where i can see ‘em and  turn  around.  i ain’t gonna  shoot  unless you make me.  ’