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1st year Slytherin!Yuuri got everyone in the house confused, how is this pure puffball got sorted in the snake’s house???

P.S. Pichit is a good friend. Treasure him.

2 years earlier before Yuuri grew into a fine Eros

-Hogwarts/Durmstrang AU-

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Y'all up here acting like Snape spent his entire life in Danger because of his spywork? No. He joined the Death Eaters willingly after Hogwarts and only worked as a Spy for about 9 months (probably shorter) during the 1st war and then 3 years during the 2nd war. He had a nice, comfortable life inbetween under Dumbledore’s protection at Hogwarts. He was the only one to blame for any discomfort and unhappiness he experienced in those almost 14 years of safety. He was bitter and decided take it out on the rest of the world.

You know who did brave a horrible life full of loneliness, poverty, negligence and cruelty at the hands of those who wrongly feared and marginalized him? Remus Lupin. Who by the way also worked as a Spy for Dumbledore by living among werewolves (including the man who bit him) who supported Voldemort. Note, he LIVED among these werewolves. Always in danger of being torn apart and murdered on the spot, whereas most of Snape’s spylife involved him sulking around Hogwarts tormenting kids… Safe. And Remus lost EVERYTHING…but he smiled. Always smiled. Always put others first and never took anything for granted. It took tremendous amounts of bravery for Remus to just go about everyday life.

But no Snape’s the bravest of them all. I’m not bitter.


“What did Ginny and Dean row about, Hermione?”
“Oh, Dean was laughing about McLaggen hitting that Bludger at you,” said Hermione.
“It must have looked funny,” said Ron reasonably.
“It didn’t look funny at all!” said Hermione hotly.” “It looked terrible, and if Coote and Peakes hadn’t cought Harry he could have been very badly hurt!”
“Yeah, well, there was no need for Ginny and Dean to split up over it,” said Harry, still trying to look casual. “Or are they still together?”
“Yes, they are. But why are you so interested?” asked Hermione, giving Harry a sharp look.
Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

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  • Ron : Guys, did you know that in England, only 1 person out of 100 is gay?
  • *Harry, Draco, Ginny, Luna, Seamus, Dean, Pansy, Lavender and Parvati all look at each other*
  • Ginny : Well.. more like 1 out of 10 isn't.
BMC Hogwarts

Jeremy: Slytherin (Ambition, Brotherhood)
Michael: Hufflepuff (Loyalty, Fairness)
Christine: Ravenclaw (Creativity, Wit)
Rich: Gryffindor (Nerve)
Jake: Gryffindor (Chivalry, Nerve)
Brooke: Hufflepuff (Fairness, Loyalty)
Chloe: Slytherin (Cunning, Ambition)
Jenna: Slytherin (Cunning, Ambition)

-Jeremy and Michael meet in first year on the train after discovering they were pretty much the only two people alone
-Chloe and Brooke are both pure bloods and insanely proud of it
-They were friends before coming to Hogwarts and protect each other with their lives throughout every year
-Jake is sorted into Gryffindor like his dad and pumps his fist as he walks to the table and eventually Rich gets sorted there too and sits by Jake at the table
-They start talking and Rich is literally head over heels almost immediately for him
-Jenna brews all these crazy potions and it’s really the only class she excels in so she starts secretly selling all these potions for firewhiskey hangovers and stuff
-Jake is a chaser for Gryffindor’s quiddich team! He’s such a team player and everyone on the team loves him
-Jake and Rich always stay behind for holidays and stuff because their home lives aren’t the best (but secretly they both love staying together at Hogwarts)
-Jeremy is pretty much the softest, nicest Slytherin ever and nobody is really sure how he got sorted until they see how much he’s willing to protect Michael as long as Michael is kind to him
-Michael and Jeremy get together third year after seemingly endless torment from Rich and the girls
-Christine is basically the poster child for head girl of Ravenclaw
-She excels in every class and at everything so she’s consistently tutoring and helping the gang study
-Rich and Jake are prank masters whether it be a foaming spell in the great hall, changing the gangs hair color, or letting loose tons of toads across Hogwarts
-They get together after a near disastrous Amortentia experience
-Rich is weirdly great at Herbology and Jake loves his small plant boyfriend
-Michael is the king of “I accidentally blew up part of the common room again” (he’s insane when it comes to trying new spells)
-Are Brooke and Chloe together ???Nobody knows ???


Downton Abbey Autumn Aesthetic 2017
Hogwarts AU  
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Lady Mary Crawley

“…Or perhaps in Slytherin you’ll make your real friends,
those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.”

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hello amigos here I am back again after term abroad! highly recommend studying abroad if you get the chance and are able to :) anywho here’s a wee little hogwarts headcanon - rest of the members to come! 

jae | sungjin | brian | wonpil | dowoon

  • slytherin!jae with his tie haphazardly done up because he woke up 10 minutes before his class that’s on the other side of the castle and just can’t be bothered
  • still tries to stop by the kitchens on his way to class because “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”
  • relies on coffee but it makes him jittery all day
  • loves to make fun of wonpil in his spare time (or when he’s procrastinating)
  • but one time he overheard another slytherin make fun of wonpil and brian had to hold him back from hexing their asses off right then and there
  • talks about cramming and bullshitting his assignments a lot but actually tries really hard in the subjects he cares about
  • has horrible time management but sets up really ambitious goals for himself (and manages to complete them most of the time)
  • likes to go up to the top of the astronomy tower when no one else is there so he can think in peace (without wonpil trying to cling to him)
  • ends up becoming prefect and no one is more surprised than him

» moon taeil

»» chrysanthemumsroyalty!au ; taeil is the kingdom’s gardener and he likes to give you bouquets with hidden meanings

»» glad i could helpfluff ; blurb where you wake taeil up with a kiss

»» all of me soulmate!au ; you and taeil can only communicate through song, so you get a bit creative

»» strings of fatesoulmate!au ; you and taeil are connected by a string of fate and taeyong helps the two of you connect

»» natural disaster floral!au ; an angst where you ask taeil to help you learn the meanings of flowers, but he doesn’t know that they’re for your dead lover

»» natural disaster: part twofluff ; you return in the hopes of connecting with taeil again

» ji hansol

»» wrong moveangst ; everything hansol touches turns to gold and you fall for him

»» diagnosisdoctor!au ; in which hansol fakes diagnosis’ just to keep you around his hospital

»» ribbonspirate!au ; you accidentally stow away on a pirate ship. good thing captain hansol is there to help you get your sea legs

» seo youngho

»» not a fanfluff ; you, a non nct fan, meet johnny at a fansign and instantly like him

»» not a fan: part twofluff ; you run into johnny again at a water park

»» it’s a datefluff ; johnny is the new teacher’s assistant and has a bit of a crush on you

»» ideal typefluff ; you are an interviewer for nct and johnny admits that you’re his ideal type

»» dreams of yousoulmate!au ; you and johnny can only see each other’s lives while you’re sleeping

»» piplup pridepokémon!au ; you lose your piplup and johnny helps you find him again

»» friends to lovers!johnnybulleted scenario

» lee taeyong

»» how would you feelsong fic ; based on how would you feel (paean) by ed sheeran

»» queen of disastersong fic ; biker!au based off of queen of disaster by lana del ray

»» sunshinesong fic ; loosely based on blind by monsta x

»» unfoldsong fic ; based on unfold by aliana baraz & galimatias

»» i just wannasong fic ; based on i just wanna make love to you by etta james

»» summer daysfluff ; taeyong confesses at the beach

»» anniversaryfluff ; both you and taeyong accidentally forget your anniversary

»» moon riversong fic ; based on moon river by audrey hepburn

»» immortallotr!elf!au ; taeyong is an immortal elf and you aren’t. unfortunately the two of you can’t be together forever

»» hopepirate!au ; captain taeyong worries about his crew and you assure him that everything is okay

» nakamoto yuta

»» nothing to provefluff ; you make a japanese meal in the hopes of impressing yuta’s parents

»» kissing buddiesfluff ; you and yuta are casual, but yuta wants to be something more

»» cat boywitch!au ; yuta accidentally receives a cursed cat statute from you, a witch

»» cat boy: part twofluff ; you and yuta go on a date

»» middle of the nightsong fic ; angst based on middle of the night by the vamps

» qian kun

»» finding gilbertsoulmate!au ; you have a timer on your wrist, which goes off just as a flustered boy appears at your door, looking for his lost cat

»» finding gilbert: part two — fluff ; gilbert goes missing again, so you and kun look for him together

»» boyfriend!kunbulleted scenario

» kim doyoung

»» protect youknight!au ; doyoung mistakes you for a princess on one of his knightly missions. unfortunately, it looks like he’s the one who needs protecting

»» golden snitch — hogwarts!au ; doyoung has had a crush on you for the longest time, but it takes awhile for you to return his feelings

»»golden snitch: part twofluff ; you wonder if doyoung and you are truly an item

»» dance with meblurb ; doyoung wants to learn ballroom dancing after watching beauty and the beast

»» lolblurb ; you teach doyoung how to play league of legends

» chittaphon leechaiyapornkul

»» illustrated haiku — soulmate!au ; whatever you write in your skin shows up on your soulmate. strangely enough, you have a knack for haikus, and your soulmate loves to illustrate them

»» one dayfluff ; ten helps you babysit your nephew and the two of you discuss kids in the future

»» stay with meprince!au ; you have horrible night terrors, and prince ten is there to comfort you whenever the nights get too bad

»» seven minutes in heavenfluff ; at a party, you and your best friend get picked in a game of seven minutes in heaven

»» secret love songfluff ; you are an international dancer who performs a special stage with ten

»» restfluff ; ten is overworking himself so you plan a nice night in

»» viridity fluff ; a very fluffy scenario about you and ten being unable to sleep

»» friends to lovers!tenbulleted scenario

» jung yoonoh

»» vice versafluff ; jaehyun has to spend valentine’s day, and his birthday, alone. luckily, you’re there to lift his mood

»» delusionalangst ; you think jaehyun and you are destined to be together. unfortunately, you don’t always get what you want

»» i’ll be waitingneighbor!au ; jaehyun moves in next door

»» nervousfluff ; you and jaehyun are picked to sing a duet together, and the two of you become close

»» goodbye summersong fic ; based on goodbye summer by f(x)

»» alwayssong fic ; angst based on disenchanted by my chemical romance

»» close to yousong fic ; based on close to you by the heathers

»» like a princesschubby!reader ; you are hesitant to try on dresses for your sister’s wedding, but jaehyun assures you that you look like a princess

» dong sicheng

»» heartbeatdoctor!au ; whenever you come into his hospital room, sicheng’s heart monitor mysteriously speeds up

»» remember the saintsracer!au ; sicheng’s dream has always been to race in the big leagues. good thing you’ve always been there to make sure he never gave up

» kim jungwoo

» wong yukhei

» lee minhyung

»» promiseprince!au ; you and mark hang out in the castle roof a lot, and that is where the two of you fall in love

»» notice youfluff ; with a little push from donghyuck (literally) mark finally introduces himself to you, his crush

»» boy without a carfluff ; mark is a waiter at your birthday banquet and you manage to trip on the stairs and fall right on top of him

»» not yetolder!mark ; mark is hoping to propose to you, he just isn’t sure when is the perfect time

»» turtles and teasingfluff ; for mark’s birthday, the two of you go feed some turtles

»» falling apartslice of life ; you come to mark when everything seems to be falling apart

»» that’s my girlfluff ; mark buys you a swimsuit but you’re afraid to wear it because of shoulder acne

» huang renjun

»» deer in the headlightssong fic ; based in deer in the headlights by owl city

»» an artist’s soulmatesoulmate!au ; renjun has been drawing you his whole life, although he didn’t know it

» lee jeno

»» tonightfluff ; you and jeno spend one more night together before school starts again

»» healinghealer!au ; jeno is the castle healer and he runs into you, causing you to fall and scrape your knee. good think he knows how to care for that

»» knight in distressknight!au ; you are a princess who doesn’t wish to be saved, and jeno is just trying to avoid conflict with the other knights. he really didn’t mean to find your tower, honest

» lee donghyuck

»» first lovefluff ; donghyuck falls in love with you but he has a hard time confessing

»» thank youblurb ; you and donghyuck attempt to cross language barriers in order to get to know each other more

»» impulsefluff ; inspired by bts’ spring day music video, you and donghyuck decide to dye each other’s hair

»» maybeblurb ; donghyuck hears you singing in the practice room and falls in love

» na jaemin

»» adventureprince!au ; the prince has to live with you and your family for awhile, and the two of you become quick friends

»»adventure: part twoangst + fluff ; it’s two years later and you and jaemin are sure you’ve forgotten about each other. but when jaemin is arranged to be married, the two of you can’t help but try to find each other again

»» better than medicinefluff ; jaemin takes care of you when you’re sick

»» better than medicine: part twofluff ; you insist that since jaemin got you sick, he can return the favor and take care of you this time

»» part threefluff ; getting taeyong sick might’ve been the best thing that could’ve happened, since it gave you and jaemin the perfect opportunity to confess to each other

» zhong chenle

»» dragon talesfantasy!au ; the dragons in your yard bother chenle’s gragoyle (a/n: i hate this scenario and i promise I’ll try to redeem myself when it comes to chenle. again, i’m so sorry)

» park jisung

» random

»» hyung line as friends gifs

»» how nct would kiss you

»» nct and smrookies as street fighter iv winning quotes

»» peach!ten moodboard

»» saturday morning w ten moodboard

anonymous asked:

i would love to hear you talk about harry potter and trauma, aka the dream thesis

i already wrote this paper my friend


  • “Thestrals are very significant in a discussion of not only death, but specifically the idea of witnessing death and trauma. We learn later in the fifth book that thestrals are large winged horses that cannot be seen by most witches and wizards - only those who have witnessed death. Luna saw her mother die as a young child and has always known that the carriages were drawn by thestrals. Thus, the thestrals become a physical manifestation of trauma that acts as a common experience shared by a community of traumatized individuals.
  • “Harry begins to feel untethered and helpless, alone with his trauma. As the book progresses, we see in Harry what Freud called a “compulsive re-exposure to trauma”  - it was once thought that the aim of such repetition is to gain mastery over the trauma, but clinical experience shows that instead, “repetition causes further suffering for the victims and for the people around them.” Harry, despite feeling afraid and traumatized, desperately begs to join the Order of the Phoenix (the eponymous organization in the fifth book comprised of adults secretly plotting to defeat Voldemort and his followers). Indeed, throughout the rest of the series, Harry seems to have a compulsive need to put himself in harm’s way - something his friends and family do not understand.”  (i’m very interested in the idea of Harry having a “savior complex” and the idea that he does these things not to be heroic - something that separates him from other Hero figures - but as an act of compulsion)
  • “…many of the adults in his life begin to avoid him, in order to shield Voldemort from access to important conversations. They also force Harry to undergo lessons in Occlumency, a practice that allows a witch or wizard to close their mind from people who can read thoughts or mental images. When he is not particularly successful, they become quickly frustrated with him. But Harry’s inability to close his mind likely has more to do with PTSD than it does any failings he might have as a wizard. The idea behind intrusive thoughts is that they are uncontrollable.
  • “With a nonstop onslaught of visions, nightmares, and intrusive thoughts, it is no wonder Harry has begun to feel unsafe in his own mind; furthermore, those he relies on for comfort and understanding - and more importantly guidance, in the case of the adults - have begun to avoid, scold, and even fear him.”
  • It becomes clear that the people Harry has come to depend on now feel strange and unrelatable to him now. Likewise, they feel frustrated and helpless because they cannot understand how his mind has come to work in the aftermath of a traumatic experience. Harry is unable to process things calmly and rationally, not because he is a teenager with turbulent emotions but because he has unresolved trauma.
  • For people living with PTSD - children and adults alike - a traumatized hero lives, breathes, and feels in a language they can understand. It is more than simply the story of a ridiculously and annoyingly angry teenager. CAPSLOCK-Harry has become a language in and of itself, a dialect of trauma.

sirius black was locked up in azkaban for thirteen years and he managed to survive and escape and tell the truth to his godson and he still could make jokes and sometimes harry saw a glimpse of what sirius had been when he was a teenager and he died protecting harry

remus lupin faced prejudice every day of his life, had extreme difficulty finding a job, he suffered every single month of his life when he turned, and yet he was a patient, kind, intelligent man and in the end he made the right thing and he died protecting hogwarts, the place where he finally made friends

neville longbottom was made fun of most of his life by his colleagues and family, he was nervous and bullied by snape almost every day and yet he grew up to be the man who stood up to voldemort and killed nagini

hagrid was wrongfully expelled from hogwarts and even sent to azkaban for something he did not do, he loved dangerous animals because he saw good in them and people gave him a hard time because of that, he was so close to his father and he lost him, he grew up working at hogwarts and watching everyone else become a wizard, he was publicly humiliated by rita skeeter and yet he was still the kindest man there ever was, he always protected the trio and dumbledore and he always saw good in everyone

dumbledore learnt from all the mistakes he made when he was a teenager/young adult and spent his entire life trying to make up for what he had done, he was haunted everyday by what happened to ariana and he too was kind and patient and had no time for people being mean to other people

harry knew many many brave men and yet he chose to name his child after a bitter bully who thought he was entitled to his mother

well done, jk