So, here are a few of my favorite go to gym outfits! I’ve tried a few different brands over the years (I’m extremely picky with my gym clothes haha), so I thought I’d share my opinion on their fit and quality!

1. Starting at the top!

Leggings: Celestial Bodiez low rise in Watermelon

Sports bra: Nike Indy pro

Tank: Lululemon

I absolutely adore the color of these Celestial Bodiez leggings. They’re called the booty scrunch, and they definitely don’t disappoint in that regard. Unfortunately though, I find myself having to pull them up every few minutes or so, which is one of my biggest pet peeves with leggings. Especially when I’m squatting. Or deadlifting. Or doing cardio. Literally with any exercise. They can also be a little too revealing, so I typically have a longer tank top on when I wear them. But, this tank from Lululemon does just the trick! It’s super long, the material is high quality and the fit is extremely flattering. As for the sports bra, this Nike Pro Indy bra is without a doubt my favorite. Ever. It’s not too tight, has a moderate amount of sport, and gives a nice, natural shape. 11/10 recommend.

2. Moving clockwise to the right!

Shorts: Lululemon Boogie Short (roll down) in irregular spacebone

Sports bra: Lululemon Flow Y bra IV

Tank: Lululemon

So, I just bought these Lululemon shorts! They were having a sale and the color was super cute…but, I can’t wear them to the gym! They ride up all the time, so I have officially reserved them for home workouts and rest days for when I inevitably lay around in yoga clothes. I have this sports bra in a lot of colors. I used to solely wear this model, but that was before I found the Nike Pro Indy bra. While the color is super fun, the shape isn’t too natural, and I often find that the band feels a little too tight for comfort. So, if you do pick this bra out, I suggest stretching it out a few times before you wear it to the gym! Lululemon did nail it with this tank though! It has some super cute sheer panels on the side and a really nice, tight fit!


Leggings: GymShark

Sports bra: Lululemon Flow Y Bra IV

Crop: Alphalete Athletics

I absolutely love these GymShark leggings! They are under $40, which is a huge difference from Lululemon where a pair usually goes for upwards of $90. The quality is super nice, the fit is seamless, and they aren’t revealing at all. And I love wearing them with this Alphalete crop, because the blues in each are essentially an exact match. I actually purchased the crop in a medium, which I slightly regret, because it fits a little too loosely. But, the material is super comfertable and I love the logo! For a splash of color, I’ll usually wear it with this orange Flow Y bra from Lululemon.


Leggings: Lululemon

Sports bra: Nike Pro Indy

Tank: GymShark

I have to say, Lululemon leggings will forever hold my heart. The quality is absolutely amazing, they never shrink in the wash, and overall, they’re super flattering and shapely. They are investment, but one that is definitely worth it. I wear mine as often as possible, whether I’m in the gym or running errands. I love adding color with this seamless GymShark tank. The fabric is super breathable, and the tank really forms to your body. I’ll usually wear it with the Nike Pro Indy bra as that gives it a more natural shape!

And that’s about it for right now! Hope this little review helps if you’re considering placing an order or looking for some new gym wear :)


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