protagonist 3

Persona 3, 4, 5 Protagonists

Persona 3
Male MC

What you think he is: an anti-social character who hates everyone

What he really is: a caring character who wants to protect everyone with his life

Female MC

What you think she is: a carefree girl

What she really is: can date all the men she likes all at the same time including a minor without them ever finding out

Persona 4

What you think he is: a serious yet cool character

What he really is: a dork and a low-key perv

Persona 5

What you think he is: Nerd, calm, collected kid

What he really is: FUCKING SATAN

Why Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is my favorite media of All Time without spoiling anything

1. The plot moves a million miles per hour and has like, a minimum of two plot twists an episode. It’s super serialized and feels like a novel.

2. Answers that most series would drag out until the end are answered super quickly to keep the story moving.

3. The protagonists’ plight is really sad/interesting and you actually feel invested in their story and how it ends right from the first episode.

4. The protagonists have lots of agency and drive the story forwards, and there are multiple protagonists with their own plotlines.

5. Multiple interesting antagonists with intriguing worldviews.

6. The antagonists are super intimidating, not just to the characters but to the audience. Every scene one of them is in is extremely tense.

7. Unique setting that isn’t exactly fantasy and isn’t sci-fi.

8. The world’s “magic” has all of it’s rules explained so characters can’t manifest abilities you’ve never seen before without it being logical or foreshadowed.

9. Lots of tragic backstories, but the story has a light tone, and doesn’t try to be dark for no reason.

10. Never afraid to kill off characters, no matter how important, but gives lots of importance to every death that does happen so none of them feel “cheap”.

12. Romantic plotlines that don’t feel forced or boring. No love triangle nonsense to be seen.

13. Side characters that are actually given importance to the overall plot and are given their own characterizations and motivations.

14. Multiple badass female characters.

15. Midwifery being presented as awesome.

16. Gender norms being subverted left and right. Giant, muscly men full of emotions and tears. Women with majestic, long hair that have killed before and will kill again.

17. Deals with race, genocide and the aftermath of war, showing both sides of the conflict.

18. Doesn’t take itself too seriously. Contains the most masterful humorous to emotional tone shifts I have ever seen. They feel seamless.

19. Well choreographed combat scenes with innovative tactics abound.

20. This is subjective, but there are many, many scenes that are sad, or thought provoking, or spine-chilling. It’s a series that constantly shocks and amazes, even on rewatches.

21. AMAZING ending. You’ve heard of 2 episode climaxes. You’ve heard of 4 episode climaxes (hello, Avatar the Last Airbender). Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has a 15 EPISODE CLIMAX. That’s 5 straight hours of finale that literally NEVER GETS BORING.

22. Incredible philosophy.

you know actually looking at the seperate trait tree’s you can catch a glimps at minato,yu, and akira’s personalitys- or at least there values

Minato is fighting off a giant case of apathy or depression, and thats reflected in his stats, he cares about academics becouse society demands you be smart, charm becouse you have to convince others your fine/unaffected by things to not make a scene, and courage becouse SOUL DEMONS AND COFFINS POPPIN UP DURING THE DARK HOUR Minato is doing the bare nessesitys for living, and the fact that he reached a level in his stats that is considered above average has him pleased, but otherwise- humble feelings like the wrong word but its the word that imediatly popped in my mind.

meanwhile Yu is over here caring a damn lot about this stuff, from how expressive he is to how well he understands people to his dilligence Yu cares a lot about people and what they think of him. Also praising himself higher then minato thinking himself enthralling,saintly,heroic, practically a sage with rock solid dilligence at max stats, practically a social super star! or at least he needs to know people like him, people are on his side, they wont leave him with a uncle he barely knows and neck deep in HIS households drama on top of a murder investigation involing being bitten by a tv. 

and then we have Akira

Ah Akira, a man who knows exactly how much hype is resting on his shoulders, and living up to every bit of it.

This guy is great, and he fucking knows it.  

he’s not just a sage when it comes to knowledge, he’s an Erudite

hes not just a bad ass, he’s Lion Hearted


Akira got spit upon by the system, left to rot in a back alley coffee shop attic with a man who might have been a complete creeper who harvested organs for all akira knew,  and hey with shido burrying the evidence im surprised he didnt.

Everyone else in his life has given up on him, even people who barely knows what his face looks like for half a second. 

Nobody is going to be there for him should push come to shove, so he’s gotte be BETTER

be willing to do things most people wouldnt, smart enough to keep those situations in his favor, proficient enough to execute these plans, charming enough to fool anyone that questions him, and kind enough to not be stay out of the way when he see’s a woman get herassed by  a drunk on the street like everyones telling him to become.