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Today we reached that point in the studio reboot where everything was set up perfectly but nothing was working as it was meant to, so one more day of buying software online as the internet decided to die and plenty of rewiring and the whole set up is now in mix mode.
Still heading to Xmusic in the morning to stock up on XY Insert cables and a new patch bay and maybe a (Guitar/Amp/Midi Controller/Snare/Cymbals/Ipad 2!!!) just so i don’t have to look at the back of the desk until we need to move it at which point i’ll go through and label everything that’s working then.

(Pics to follow once it’s all pretty, there’s even a camera in the corner and a U87 set up for tutorials whenever inspiration strikes :)

The list is endless and it’s the age old affliction of producers across the globe, Gear Acquisition Syndrome. It’s the strangest addiction, nothing is right before you have that bit of gear, then you get the beautiful new piece of kit and for a while everything is glorious…..until you notice that extra set of line outputs on the back of the preamp that would essentially let you never have to utter the word “latency” ever again.

That call of the wild that all us gearslutz feel is nothing more than our roots calling us back to analogue. never in my life did I think I would be saying this as a kid of the Ableton revolution but i am so glad I was brought up in recording studios because i have realized the potential of the two schools of recording in one system that i have seen hinted at but never the completed to the extent i have in my head.


I am currently drawing up a potential syllabus for a course in Music Production rather than sound engineering or Software wizardry. 

It will be run by Myself and a few very talented friends and colleagues of mine who I’ve had the pleasure of working with 
Since I started officially as studio Tea boy age 13/14 in Kila’s project Studio as they set up for the Year long session that became “Luna Park” 
The Files went between several studios and i followed as much as i could on public transport (Too young to drive in ireland) including the illustrious Grouse Lodge, that taught me every production ideal that still holds true in my productions to date.

Since then I have been lucky enough to have continued honing my craft in the Kila studio and subsequently here at Clique Recordings. Over the past 7 years, running the studio as a project studio and a cheap way for our friends to record music and for us to learn everything we could about our questions regarding modern music production and how we thought it should be.

So far I’ve clocked: 
3 years of working as a pro tool operator for other Producers and Composers, 
2 years as guitarist in Irish Rock band Jody Has A Hit list, who garnered toured the UK extensively in every for of transport imaginable during my time with the band, 
there’s even a story about when the van broke down in a Blizzard.
All the way up to my current band We’re Wolves.

And several tours across the globe as Producer, Engineer, FOH and allround Sound Tech just being there to help the bands as they were producing some of my favorite music, including:
Kila, Bipolar Empire, The Upgrades, Red Enemy, Overhead, The Albatross, 
U2, The Hors lips, The Frames/The Swell Season, The Inishturk Beggars(The Brilliant Irish Flute, which went to No.1 on the Itunes World Music Chart), BLOF, 
Kevin Godley, Bressie, Republic of Loose, The Riptide Movement, Justin Manville, Portugal the Man, Home Star Runner, Drag The Atlantic, Color Me Pink, Oki, Juliette;s Rescue, She’ A Beauty, Kid Karate, Magdalene, New Secret Weapon, Gareth Dunlop, RAM’s Pocket Radio, Hero In Error, Preachers Son, Run Away Go, Liz Lawrence, Cars Love Girls, Mixing several films and more bands than I can remember. 
I was also a Pro Tools op and ast Producer on an Irish version of a show called the RAW SESSIONS, they got the idea right just not the time place or audience :)
I believe the one master take approach to recording like in sun studios, nashville except with all the benefits that technology being as cheap as it is afford us.

And that’s just me, wait till you hear what dave did when he was stuck for a few answers, that’s a blog in it’s self along with my approach to structure that lets you write all the parts that make your complete track in the time it takes your track to play.

We plan to offer a complete training environment here in Ireland that will be able to accommodate Musicians and Computer Musicians alike in a live studio environment with a video production team on hand to produce videos of the master takes. 
With the studio computer acting as the 2-TRACK TAPE MACHINE and nothing else leading to a completely new final product that will in my opinion become the standard form of music delivery in the coming year due to the copyright implications afoot in the US and the generals publics fondness for Youtube.

My modern production method incorporates digital and analogue in a way I believe many of the  older wave of producers have been grab hold of as the computer has always been a foreign Intruder to the studio Environment.

The Computer is a unique tool that can become whatever you require it to be, 
the moment you treat it as more than that is the moment your music loses the life it had when you left the studio with everyone smiling. 
A computer can be any instrument you want to design in your head. 
My view of modern production treats the computer as nothing more than a tool and focuses on the old school analogue recording techniques and helping you find your unique form of sound and music production that makes your work sound like you.
Potentially we will be offering bootcamps in Dance Production, Ambient and Electronica Production, Acoustic Recording and Modern Music Production.
The course will be taught by Grouse Lodge House Producers,STC Graduates and Members of the Clique Recordings Extended Family with guest lecturers from Dubspot in New York, Film and TV Composers from Ireland and Abroad and a whole heap more these are just the ones i can think of.

The main DAWs taught will be Ableton Live,Pro Tools, Logic and Maybe Cubase/Nuendo but any software knowledge will be the same as the idea is you should be able to walk into any recording environment look around, have a cup of tea and sit down to work without having to rip the place apart to find where the speakers are plugged in. We are midi experts and can help you map any software to do the same things your controllers are telling them in every environment.

I Just cracked the networking here in the studio after 2 days straight of every configuration under the sun to find the setup that gave the most midi stability yet still let us go on the net for dropbox etc. I will really be going into how to connect everything to everything, freeing you of the limitations placed in from of us by computers.

Having a computer then also becomes irrelevant. if you wish to produce your music on another medium like an MPC or 8track or tape machine if you can get your hands on one still but are looking for ways to expand your productions, this is for you. if you have no knowledge of recording but have lots of it in your head dying to get out, this is for you. Its getting back to bouncing the ideas to tape while they fresh and hot.
I’ve been complaining about the lack of good music production education in ireland since i had to go to college so here is my solution :)

If I get the space sorted for this course the lesson plan should be finished within the month so if you are Irish or don’t mind being Irish for a week or two and would be Interested in attending a Part-Time Course in music production over the next few months please register your interest at
 I believe that the way forward is drawing on our past more than ever.

Today, Jake Carnley of @greatbearwaxco starts working part time for Loyal Stricklin! Jake is a dear friend and I am incredibly excited to bring him on board part time to help with production, so we can begin rolling out new products that have been put on the back burner for far too long! Thank you to all my supporters and followers who make hiring help such a necessity! #vscocam #production#greatbear #burnbear #aviatormug #pipe #help #loyalstricklin #prosuction #style #minimal

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