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My current priorities! I used to use this to keep track of requests when I didn’t have that many, but I’m going to be using it from now on to show my current priorities and what I’m working on right now! Having said that, if you’ve noticed something that used to be in this list disappear, don’t panic! I am still doing it, it’s just not what I’m focusing on right now :)

All of the requests I have received thus far can be found and viewed here.

Key.   🌠 - nearly done!       🌟 - current priority!



Hakyeon & Leo | Hybrid!AU, fluff

Monsta X

Wonho | Hybrid!AU, fluff

…AU Bingo…


???? 🌟


     Halloween Surprise!  🌟



Taehyung | Opia || cupid!au  🌟

Suga | Inheritance || Pt6

Bound by Platinum | Vampire/Prostitute!AU || Pt 2
[collab with @kitten-dont <3]

BTS (Ft. Monsta X, EXO, GOT7)

She Who Never Cried Wolf | Gang/Wolf!AU || Pt 1 [writing]  🌟
[collab with @kitten-dont​ <3]