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Si faza e ca acum nu mai sunt ca inainte, acum par mai indiferenta sj lumea imi zica ca m-am prostit si chestii. M-am drogat din cauza lor, am ajuns in coma de 2 ori. Si acum, dupa ani de chinuiala am ajuns populara😂 Ce sens mai are acum?

God! Ce conteaza atat de mult popularitatea? Pentru mine e egal cu zero daca ma cunoaste multa lume sau nu. Daca oamenii aceea nu ma inteleg, degeaba.
La mine in scoala abia ma conosc cativa, dar nu plang din cauza asta. Nici nu mi-ar placea sa fiu in centrul atentiei, pentru ca nu stau tot timpul sa ma aranjez la perfectie.
Iar tu, sa faci toate astea ca sa ajungi populara mi se pare cea mai mare greseala.
Ai grija de tine, nu mai face greseli pentru oameni care nu merita.

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Personally I think the legalization and proper regulation of prostition would be better, and I'm sure you agree. I think that if the sale of sex was legal while the purchase was illegal it would open up prostition to having a lot of John's being blackmailed from the supplier side, obviously not from all of it but people who are less than honest would see it as an opportunity and abuse it.

Yes, as I’ve said, I’m more for legalization than anything else, but at the same time I’m not opposed to taking baby steps to get there.  You do bring up an interesting point about blackmailing though I believe that the general anonymity surrounding prostitution would keep most potential blackmailers at bay. 

Feel like robery de niro in taxi driver. But instead of saving young prostite i wreak vengeance on teenage boys who want young girl to jntercourse with

#Ohlala : après les taxis, voici le « #U ber » de la #prostit ution

#Ohlala : après les taxis, voici le « #U ber » de la #prostit ution

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