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I'm curious about your opinion whether Hanzo's legs are prosthetics or not. There's a spray that shows only one normal leg but his ankles are just... funny looking. So I wanted to know if you have a hc for that.

I don’t really care if Hanzo has prosthetics or not. I like the hc where people give him prosthetic legs. I think it’s very cool! But either way it doesn’t really matter to me.  

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what /are/ your feelings about Bedelia having a prosthetic leg? What kind of leg do you think she would deign to use?

I wonder a lot about whether or not Bedelia would want to “pass” by having a realistic looking leg. I can see her wanting something realistic because I think she would hate having people perceive her as being weak because she is disabled. But I also feel very strongly that Bedelia would very much NOT want to pass at all, and would know exactly how provocative the obvious reminder of her leg that was eaten would be. Can’t you see her warning Clarice about Hannibal, wearing a bad ass couture fake leg and taking pleasure in making the other woman squirm? 

Bedelia’s fake leg makes me think pretentious thoughts about transhumanism and Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto. “The cyborg would not recognize the Garden of Eden; it is not made of mud and cannot dream of returning to dust.” Hannibal as a show has always played with the idea of what it means to be human and themes of evolution, and Bedelia as half-woman, half-machine would further play with those themes. I think it would be cool to watch her evolve from feeling like her disability is something she needs to hide to really owning it by sporting a dramatic, unusual prosthetic leg. (and this is what I say to the haters who insist Bedelia has to die because “there is no place her character could go.” bitch plz)

Like I think this one is really cool! Something all black and chrome–like her leg has been swallowed up by darkness. 

Or this one! The woman even kind of looks like Bedelia. Here she is at her new house in Santa Fe, far away from Hannibal. 



EDIT - Since no one can be bothered to read my reblog; I understand that this skin is likely not canon (although alt skins can be canon, as with the Blackwatch skins, the Jailbird skin for Junkrat, the Talon skin for Widowmaker, etc), however, it does explain AT THE VERY LEAST why Sombra can hack his sprint with this specific skin. I’ve already gotten the “this isn’t canon” comment 40000 times and I get it.

There’s going to be an exchange in my noir story where some dame makes a comment to Crane about her being a helpless woman, why would a big strong man like him need to worry about her?

He absently just reaches up and rubs the spot where Prudence fractured his jaw and dropped him to the ground the first time he met her after fucking her life over.

like if you’re writing a film or a book or anything and your way of making someone seem threatening in a scene is to emphasise that they’re disabled (a prominent facial scar, a prosthetic leg or cane clanging of the floor, the slow breathing of an assistive machine etc)

then you are just continuing to associate fear, evil and moral corruption with disabled people which leads to violence against us both at interpersonal and societal levels

so maybe reconsider it thanksss