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There’s a quietness in the room that’s disturbing after all the noise and movement from the night before - you and Harry had come back from Cheshire after spending two weeks with his family for the holidays.

There was chatter and noise all around during those festive days and even though you had skipped a trip to the pub with his hometown friends, allowing him some time for himself and his pals, you had spent the best part of the night in a fierce game of Scrabble with Gemma and Anne, while Robin observed the three of you screaming your heads off about points and game rules you knew nothing about.

Now, back in London post an agitated New Year’s Eve night and after spending the night in your own bed, in the silence of yours and Harry’s place, you realize how much you’ve missed the silence and the calm of your home. Not that you didn’t have fun, you had plenty of that, but being able to snuggle into your boyfriend’s body and not worry about his mother barging in on the two of you is, in fact, a relief.

Your skin is sensitive from the cold and sleep is slipping away, the slightest brush of the covers is enough to make you stir, so, when Harry’s hands brush against your back and your bottom, to fit one of his legs between yours, that’s enough to bring you to consciousness.

“Harr- let me sleep!” You mumble, tucking your face into the crook of his neck and locking your leg around his hip, cuddling in as close as you can manage in your sleep induced stupor.

“Jus’ want a morning cuddle, ’s that so bad?” He croaks, voice rough and scratchy from sleep, his warm hand pressing to your lower back to bring you closer, if that was even possible.

“It is when you didn’t let me sleep with all your snoring…” You gripe, arm lifting up to wrap around his neck, your fingers burying into his soft hair.

“Oi! ‘S not nice!” He prostests, fingers digging into your skin to pull you closer.

It’s early and the room is chilly, the light from the morning slipping through the cracks of your bedroom window, letting you know there’s a new day. You and Harry are both on your sides, clinging to each other as if your life depends on it and you sigh contently – you’re both home at last and you’re ready to spend the next few days between the sheets, but for now, you just want to get back to sleep.

Even though your body is asking for it, it seems your brain is not ready to go back to resting just yet. It’s been minutes of silence and just feeling each other close, but you’ve become painfully aware of the smell of Harry’s skin, the soap and sweat mixed with his perfume enough to make you burrow closer and inhale deeply against his neck.

“What’s that, love?” He asks and you can hear the smile on his voice when you kiss the spot right under his ear.

“You smell good…” Sighing, you squeeze him, nails digging into his scalp when you try and pull yourself closer to him in a painfully tight embrace. Your hips roll forward, your core rubbing softly against his thigh that’s tucked tight against your center. Your breath gets caught in your throat at the sensation. You know it’s ridiculous to feel so much from such a small rub, but it’s been so long… just over two weeks, actually, since the both of you had ben intimate.

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and when Hayboeck few years ago jumped his hill record in Innsbruck and touched the snow with his HAND, and that wasn’t an issue. and Norwegians, btw, before you start your prostests, please, check out your fucking suits ‘cause I have smaller backpack than you have your crotches.

yes, that’s my goodbye for the season.

Da, eu sunt fata aceea care mereu rade la scoala , care face glume si isi face colegii sa rada , care se prosteste in clasa, fata aceea care e vesela cand sunt oameni prin preajma, dar tot eu sunt si acea fata care seara ramane singura in camera ei , care nu mai zambeste , care chiar plange , care nu poate adormii de dor , care uneori isi doreste sa dispara .. greu de crezut ca e vorba de aceeasi persoana ,nu? Cei care par cei mai veseli sunt defapt cei mai tristi in sufletul poti stii ce ascunde o persoana dupa glume , zambete si sarcasm .. o sa ramai surprins dupa ce auzi povestea adevarata..
I’ll Always Be With You (Loki x Reader)

A/N: It’s been a while since I posted, I know. So here’s a request which stood in my ask box like forever. This was a beautiful request, I hope I didn’t ruin it. 

PS: So Loki and Thor are actually 1000 years old or something but in this fic I wrote their ages like they’re normal people. I used the phrase ‘a few years’ at some point because I have no idea how old they were in the first Thor movie. 

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“Get up.” (Y/N) said as she walked towards Loki, who was sitting on the corner of his cell, his back against the wall. He had dark circles under his red eyes, his dark brown hair was messy, his knuckles were bleeding. 

Loki just looked up at her, before turning back to staring blanky on the other side of the cell.

(Y/N) sighed as she sat in front of him, opening the aid kit she brought with her. She pulled his hands to clean the wounds as he turned his eyes to her. 

“Why are you doing this?” He asked as she started to clean the blood off his knuckles. 

She didn’t answer.

“Didn’t the books I brought earlier interest you? I thought you’d like them.” She said.

“(Y/N),” He said, like he was warning her. 

She looked up at him, but didn’t say anything.

“Why are you here, taking care of me?” He asked, his voice harsh. 

Which words could she use to say she still loved him after everything he had done?

“Okay then, just tell me; does anyone else care? Does Thor? Does Odin?” He spat, rage in his voice as he ment,oned his brother’s and father’s names. 

“Your father-”

“HE IS NOT MY FATHER!” He shouted so loud, she jumped back in shock. 

He breathed out heavily, trying to control his rage. 

They remained silent, (Y/N) eyes away from him as his was on her. 

“Get out,” He said, his voice tone normal. 

“I am not going anywhere.” (Y/N) responded.

“(Y/N), leave.“ 


“Why are you still even with me?!” He yelled again as he stood up. 

“Because you were there when I needed you! Now-”

“I do not need you. I don’t need any one of you.” He spat.

“You’re just angry.” She said. 

She was right, he was angry. All of his childhood, he had always felt lefted out, living in a shade, a shade of his brother’s. He felt like he wasn’t needed in his family, he didn’t feel good enough. Because he wasn’t treated as equals with his brother, the man who he grew up with. Yes, he was angry. 

“You build walls around yourself, push people away. Not because you don’t need them, but because you do. And it scares you.” She added. 

Loki didn’t yell again. He knew she was right, deep inside. His blood ran cold but he wasn’t going to yell at her again, push her away. She didn’t deserve that. 

“Let me help you.” (Y/N) said with a soft voice, her eyes watering. She took a step towards him. 

He didn’t react, he just stood still as she came closer to him. 

She placed her hand on his cheek, “Please," 

He relaxed under her touch. Warm. Safe. 

His hands went to her waist, pulling her closer gently. Their foreheads rested against each other as they closed their eyes.

This…“ (Y/N) whispered. ”…Don’t you want this?“

He felt his heart warm up, he felt home with her. She was a light he had in his darkness. 

I can’t. 

His hands fell to his sides, he took a step back. He turned away from her, ran his hands through his hair, biting his lip to not cry. 

"Just go.” He managed to say without his voice cracking.

Her eyes watered, and her heart ached as she turned turned to leave. 

She just wished everything could go back to how they used to be.

Age 6
“You boys can’t catch me!” (Y/N) shouted as she kept running as fast as she could.
“That’s not fair! You started to run first!” Thor prostested, trying to catch up with her.
“And you are the son of Odin!” (Y/N) said, running even faster. Loki and Thor were running equally fast next to each other.
“Come on (Y/N)!”
All of a sudden, Loki got an idea. He remembered the little trick his mother, Frigga taught him. He transported himself, right in (Y/N)’s way.
It happend so fast, (Y/N) was surprised, she couldn’t stop and she ran into Loki. They both fell on the floor. She hit her forehead to Loki’s chin, and it hurt pretty bad.
“I got you.” Loki said, laying on the floor.
Thor started laughing at them.
“Ouch. That hurt.” (Y/N) mumbled, her hand on her forehead. Thor ran towards them, still laughing.
“I am sorry.” Loki said, getting up, pulling (Y/N) up with him.
“Kids! Are you alright? I told you no running inside the house!” Frigga came in running, a worried look on her face.
“Oh, darling.” She whispered when she saw the bruise on (Y/N)’s forehead. She gently touched her bruise. “Stay here, I will get a healing stone, it will be alright.” Frigga said, looking at Loki and (Y/N).
Frigga rushed out of the room.
“Shut up Thor! It hurts.” (Y/N) said, glaring at Thor, who was still chuckling.
“I don’t think it is wise to say that to your future king, (Y/N).” Thor said, smirking. She smacked his arm as Loki watched them. Thor said he was just joking, and kissed her forehead.
Is there any chance for me to be the king?, Loki thought to himself, watching Thor hugging (Y/N). Why doesn’t anyone love me as much as they love Thor?
“I am really sorry, (Y/N).” Loki said with a low voice.
“It is okay.” She mumbled before pulling him to their hug.
“Are you really going to make us hug?” Thor said, trying to pull away.
“Yes!” She said as she forced them both to group-hug.
Age 10
“Thor! Stop!” (Y/N) shouted as she tried to swim away. Thor just laughed as he kept splashing water to her.
Loki watched them play together, then decided to do a little trick, he threw water right at Thor’s face, with just imagining it. Then he laughed at his expression.
(Y/N) joined laughing with him, watching Thor glare at them.
“See? It is not funny now is it?” (Y/N) said, smiling at him.
“That was really cool!” She added, turning to Loki, who was sitting on the chair, watching the two swim in the pool.
“Thanks.” Loki said, smiling shyly.
“Why don’t you come swim with us? I know you like swimming!” (Y/N)smiled back at her friend.
“Yeah brother, come join us!” Thor said.
“Loki, come on!” She said, and he took his shirt off. He already had his swimsuit on, so he walked towards the pool slowly.
“Jump! Come on brother!” Thor said and Loki jumped inside the pool as they cheered.
“Let’s race.” (Y/N) suggested when the boys swam towards her.
“You know you’ll lose. Why suggest that?” Thor said, challenging her.
“Actually, I am pretty sure I can beat you boys.”
Loki smirked at her.
“Let’s see.” Loki said, and (Y/N) smirked back at him.
“First one to swim across the pool wins!” She said.
“On count to 3! 1, 2-”
“No! I’ll count.” (Y/N) cut off Thor.
“Why do you always get to count?” Loki protested. She shot him a look.
“Because I want to.” She answered confidently before starting to count. “1…2…3!”
They all rushed forward, swimming as fast they could.

(Y/N) cheered when she finally reached the to corner of the pool, followed by Thor, then Loki.
“I WON! I WON! HAHA!” She clapped her hands, jumping inside the water.
Thor splashed more water to her face. He didn’t like losing. Loki splashed some to Thor, then war started.
“Just admit! I am better than you Thor!” (Y/N) shouted, shutting her eyes so they couldn’t get water in them.
“Loki! Say something! I am right!”
“My brother just can’t accept defeat (Y/N)!”
After a while of (Y/N) and Thor splashing water to each other, (Y/N) was losing, so she gave up.
“Please stop, alright, alright…” Thor stopped splashing water at her, then smiled cockily. She shot him a glare.
He was confused when she saw her eyes, they were glowing in a bright color. Loki must have realized it too, he swam closer and looked at her eyes.
“What, is there something on my face?” She asked, confused.
“Wha-” Thor said, feeling the pool’s tempature rising.  "What’s happenning?“
Loki was confused too, soon the water was too hot, him and Thor got out of the pool, watching (Y/N).
Soon, her hands turned red-orange, but she didn’t feel anything at all. Her eyes widened, she watched her hands, confused. Seconds later, the water started to boil. She still couldn’t feel anything.
Thor wanted to tell her to get out of the pool, but he knew she wasn’t getting hurt. Whatever was happening, she was doing it.
”(Y/N), how are you doing—what are you doing?“ Loki asked, watching her.
"I am not–It is just happening!” She shouted, her eyes still glowing at the brightest shade of red.
She couldn’t take her eyes off her hands, which were still red-orange. She pulled them out of the water, then watched flares coming from them. She was shocked, she couldn’t even speak.
Then she got out of the pool, sat on the floor.
“Oh my…-”
Loki’s eyes widened when he understood what was happening to her.
“Kids! I made—” Frigga stopped talking when she saw what was happenning. (Y/N) was sitting on the ground, her eyes glowing red, flames coming out from her hands. Thor and Loki were next to her, watching her hands, trying to understand what was happening.

Frigga did know what was happening. It was the same exact (Y/N)’s mother before she had passed away. Her mother was a really close friend of Frigga & Odin’s, and they had (Y/N) under their wings after her mother passing away. Her father also didn’t seem to be around. (Y/N) knew he had abonded her and her mother, so she didn’t ask about him much.

“Boys! Back away.” Frigga said, running towards them. Loki hesitated, but they both stepped back as Frigga sat in front of her.

“Sweetheart, (Y/N)…Hey.” She whispered, pushing her wet hair out of her face, being careful not to touch her hands.

“It is going to be alright, look at me. You can control this.” She said, trying to smile.

(Y/N) just looked at her, terrified.

“(Y/N), just close your eyes. I need yoou to close your eyes.” Frigga said, trying to keep calm. (Y/N) did so, listening to her words.

“Now, take a deep breath. Imagine the flares going away. Calm down.”

(Y/N) shut her eyes, trying to stop it. She was scared, so scared.

“I can’t-I can’t! It is not stopping!” She cried out.

“No! Honey, you can do this. Hey, just focus, alright?” Frigga said with a soft voice, looking directly at her eyes.

(Y/N) shut her eyes back, this time more focused. She imagined turning back to normal, the flares going away.

When she opened her eyes back, Frigga took a deep breath of relief. Her eyes weren’t glowing red, her hands were back to normal. She tried to say something, ask what was happening, but she couldn’t. She didn’t move, didn’t look at Frigga.  

Am I monster?,

she thought. That thought disgusted her.

“You are not a monster.” Frigga said, like she just read her mind.

“You are a warrior. That is why you were gifted with these powers.” She added with a confident voice, giving her courage.


Reader’s POV, Age 10

“You are not doing bad.” Loki said, his hand on my shoulder.

“Yes I am doing terrible.” I said, trying to keep my voice from shaking. I was a ten year-old girl, who had the power of burning down the planet. I wasn’t doing a good job controlling it, that much power was too much to me.

“You started a little fire, that is not a failure.” Loki said, holding my chin so I would look at him.

“You do not understand! What if I hurt people Loki?” I said, pushing his hand away.

“It has been only a few days since the accident (Y/N)! You won’t hurt anyone, you will learn how to control it.”

“Maybe they’ll lock me up…You know, I am dangerous, I mean–” I started to babble, not even listening to him.


“…No one would want me around anyways, why would they? I am nothing, just a little girl who can’t even control her own powers.”

Those were heavy words for a 10 year-old kid to use.

“NO! Don’t ever say that again.” Loki said, looking at me. He pushed my hair out of my face.

“You are not just a little girl! You will be a warrior, a goddess when you grow up! Don’t you dare ever say that. You are worth more than you think you do.” He added, his voice confident.

“R-really?” My voice came out like a whisper.

“Really.” He said, smiling a little.

“So…you think I can control this?” I asked.

“I know you can. I will help you, alright? I will always be with you, no matter what.” He said.


Age 14

“Checkmate.” I said, smiling evilly to Loki. He didn’t look surprised, he just sat back, his eyes on me.

“Impressive.” He confessed and took a deep breath.

“Did she win again, brother?” Thor came in smiling at us. Loki shot him a look.

“I won the round before this one.” Loki said.

“Sure you did.” Thor said, smirking before pulling a chair and sitting with us.

“Well, it makes two of you now. You boys can’t accept defeat.” I smirked, they both rolled their eyes.

“We should leave before she starts bragging, brother.” Thor said, looking at Loki. Loki smiled at him before getting up.

“Hey! I do not brag!” I protested, getting up with them. They were already walking towards the door, I ran to catch up with them.

“Yes you do.” Loki said, smirking at me.

I thought for a moment. “I would call that ‘enjoying victory’, not bragging.” I said, trying to step between them.

“We call that bragging.”

“Than what is it you boys always do when you win, which is rare, but still?” They ignored me.

“Ugh. You boys are hard to put up with. I always win, accept it already!”

I looked at my friends, who I spent my whole life with. Who I grew up together, played together, fought together.

They sighed before going back to walking. I chuckled, I loved annoying them.

“Oh! I forgot, I have to meet Sif.” Thor said looking at us.

I raised my eyebrow. “You have to meet Sif?” I repeated before smirking.

“I promised her.” He said, ignoring what I actually meant.

“You promised her?” Loki repeated him like I did, standing next to me, smirking like I was.

Thor shot us a look. “We will spar.”

“Uh-huh. Sparring. Sure. Go, loverboy.” I said before waving him good bye. Loki pushed him gently out of the room.

“Bye, loverboy.” He said with a playful voice. I couldn’t help but laugh at Thor’s expression.

After Thor left, me and Loki walked back to the table and took a seat.

“Want to play another round?” I said, smiling at him.

“I have better ideas, goddess.” He said, and got up. He showed his hand out for me to hold.

I smiled at his nick name for me, I was clearly not a goddess, even though he would always call me that.

“What are those ideas, future king?” I took his hand and let him lead me out of the room.

He chuckled.

“Future-king? I am not so sure that is going to happen, darling.”

“Why is that?” I asked, already knowing why is he thinking like that. He would always think he was living in Thor’s shade. I didn’t know why, Frigga and Odin loved both equally.

“Don’t act like you don’t know why.” He said as we got out of the palace, and head to the garden.

I stopped walking, looked at him.

“I know what are you thinking, but you are wrong.” I said, holding his other hand too. He just gave me a sad smile.

“Not in this one (Y/N).” I squeezed his hands.

“You are worth more than you think you do.” He stared at me for a moment, I knew he was trying to understand if I was telling the truth or not.

“Do you really think so?” He asked, his face lighting up, his eyes filled with hope.

“I do.” I smiled at him. He did the same, and we just looked each other for a while. I didn’t know how long, because I was clearly ‘lost in his eyes’. We both looked away at the same time, realizing it was getting a little bit weird.


Age 16

“Why are you still here?” I asked Thor, who was now sitting next to me on a bench. “I thought you were with Sif and the

“I am here to check up on you.” He said.

“Why? I am fine.”

I actually didn’t know if I was fine. Loki was having a talk with another girl across the garden, and I was just watching them. We were only 16, young, inexperienced, we knew nothing about ‘feelings’.

We were still just kids who couldn’t stay apart from each other.

“You don’t seem like that, (Y/N).” Thor said, looking at me.

“He is just talking to another girl, …like I- don’t know! I just want him to be sitting here with me.” I said, taking a deep breath.

I had known Loki for my whole life, I had gone through my worse and my best with him, we had been together as long as I knew we were. It just felt weird that now we were grown up, and I wasn’t the only girl he spent his time anymore.

“Do you…have a crush on my brother, (Y/N)?”

“Don’t be ridiculuos! It’s just…Look at him, he doesn’t seem to be happy hanging with her look at hi-” I stopped talking when Loki let out a laugh to something the blonde girl had said.

“Well, you are right, he looks sad. So sad.” Thor said sarcasticly.

“Oh dear Odin.” I mumbled and put my hands on my eyes.

Thor put an arm around me, pulling me to him. I layed my head on his shouder and took a deep breath.

*Loki’s POV*

His eyes left the blonde girl and found (Y/N) very often. He had a quiet hard time trying to just stop looking at her these days. He had no idea what was happening to him.

(Y/N) was a loved one of his, as long as he remembered. They had been always with each other. She had always been his number one priority.

When he saw (Y/N) rushing out of the room, he mumbled “Excuse me.” to the girl before running after (Y/N). 

“(Y/N)!” He called out for her as he entered the hallway. 

(Y/N) stopped walkingi and turned to him, a broken look on her face.

“Look, I swear sh meant nothi-”

“You don’t have to explain anything to me, Loki. I guess I am just used to having all your attention, and now that we grew up, things changed-”

“No. No, nothing has changed. You still have all my attention. You always have, you always will.” He said as he approached to her. 

Her face lighted up as the words left his mouth. 

As he pulled her into his arms, they were sharing the same thoughts; what were they? 

They shut their eyes as they hugged tightly, wondering what will the future bring for the two.


Age 22

“When the hell will they kiss?” Fandral said as he stood next to Thor, looking at (Y/N) and Loki talking at the balcony.

“I have no idea when, but I hope they don’t wait another 22 years.” Sif mumbled.

“They should have admitted their feelings, been together already!” Thor said to others.

“You’re right, my friend.” Volstagg responded.

“We should do something about it.” Fandral said, turning to them.

“Like what?” Thor asked, raising his eyebrows. 

“Maybe, I could go talk to (Y/N), flirt a little, he would get jelaous, right?”

“Jelaous? He would cut off your head.” Sif said.

“Yes, that is not a good idea.” Thor answered.

“Then what will we do?” Volstagg asked.

“We shouldn’t do anything. I believe they’ll find their ways to each other.” Sif said as they watched the two laugh.


“Congratulations.” Loki said as he smiled at (Y/N), who was now in a silver armor. She was now a warrior. 

“Thank you.” She said as they hugged.

“I knew you could do it.” Loki said to her ear as they lost themselves in each other.

It was amazing how safe they felt in each others arms.

“Yeah? Just like I always knew you’d make a great king…” She said. “…and you will one day.” 

Loki’s heart skipped a beat as her words left her mouth. He needed to hear that. 

As they slowly pulled away, (Y/N)’s hands stood on his shoulders as his stayed on her waist, they stayed close. 

Their foreheads rested against each other, and Loki finally placed a kiss on her lips. 

It was such a gentle, soft, loving kiss; she lost herself in it.



They had belonged together; everybody knew that. As the time passed, they became lovers. Nothing changed until Loki went down a path (Y/N) couldn’t follow. 

They separated, and she stood by Thor’s side as his madness grew. His rage was consuming him; he couldn’t stand being under Thor’s shadows anymore. He wanted more, he wanted power. He wanted to rule. Which led him attack New York with an army, becoming a whole new other person. 

(Y/N) did everything she could to stop him, talk him out of it, assure him that he wasn’t himself; but it didn’t work. 

Now there they were; he was held prisoner in their homeland. She didn’t go to visit him after her last time, even though how much she still loved him. And she tried to move on. 

Time passed, things went on ordinary as it could be for her until Thor showed up with a mortal, Jane Foster.

In ancient times, the gods of Asgard fought and won a war against an evil race known as the Dark Elves. The survivors were neutralized, and their ultimate weapon, the Aether, was buried in a secret location. Hundreds of years later, Jane Foster found the Aether and becomes its host, forcing Thor to bring her to Asgard before Dark Elf Malekith could capture her and use the weapon to destroy the Nine Realms. 

Malekith, awakened by the Aether’s release, turns Algrim into a Kursed and attacks Asgard. During the battle, Malekith and Algrim searched for Jane, sensing that she contained the Aether. Frigga was killed protecting Jane, and Malekith and Algrim were forced to flee without Jane. Despite Odin’s orders not to leave Asgard, Thor reluctantly enlisted the help of Loki, who knew of a secret portal to Svartalfheim, where they would use Jane to lure and confront Malekith, away from Asgard. In return, Thor promised Loki vengeance on Malekith for killing their mother. With Volstagg, (Y/N) and Sif stalling Asgardian soldiers and Fandral assisting their escape, Thor, Loki, and Jane head to Svartalfheim.

“I’ll come back,” Loki whispered to (Y/N)’s ear just before he got on the ship with Thor and Jane.

“For your beautiful cell you love to to stay in?” (Y/N) said sarcasticly, anger in her voice.

“For you.” He said, his voice soft. 

(Y/N) stood still, shocked; her heart pounding. She didn’t get to ask anything before he left.

His voice rang in her head as she waited for them to return home; what could that mean? She remembered clearly that he didn’t want her the last time they saw each other. 

“Do you think he’ll betray Thor?” Sif asked the others when their ship disappeared from their sight. 

“This is Loki, we’ll never be sure what to think,” Fandral said.


This will have a part 2. I got some good plans! I hope you guys liked it. 

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Companions react to sole survivor catching a cold?

I’m going to create a masterpost this weekend. I am afraid it’s going to be a big bloody masterpost, okay :D

Cait - She is most likely to have it as well, sneezing beside them the whole day and she makes them lie in the bed next to her in the night, just talking about anything and everything. She blames her illness for becoming so sentimental.

Codsworth - Along with Curie, he stashes their room with various pills, medicines, syrups and other important things, makes them lie in bed and checks on them every two hours, making sure they’re getting enough fluids and warmth.

Curie - Along with Codsworth, she gives them various medicines and similar things and becomes rather strict, always making sure they are in bed and not by the workbench or such. When she sees them asleep, she smiles and plants a kiss on their forehead.

Danse - He strictly tells them to go see a doctor, but they just won’t have it and he doesn’t care about the situation no more. Until an encounter with a deathclaw, that is, when Sole blew their perfect cover by sneezing. As soon as they’re in Diamond City, he grabs them and mercilessly carries them to the nearest doctor.

Deacon - He pretends he has it too and that Sole infected him, just for the laughs. He even becomes an absolute drama queen, lying on a mattress with a handkerchief pressed to his nose he whispers things like ‘Remember me fondly’. Sole didn’t even notice they stayed in the bed with him the whole day, even this making wonders to their cold.

Dogmeat - Everytime they try to get up from their bed, he lies onto their legs, resting his head on their belly. They look into his eyes and sigh, lying back down. They can’t push him away like this.

Hancock - They wouldn’t go to the doctor and he doesn’t want to make them do anything they don’t, so he leaves it be, mostly, just sometimes slips some medicine into their pocket and rests his forehead onto theirs, checking their temperature, earning a soft giggle from Sole and a nickname ‘Mama Hancock’

MacCready -  “Damn, boss!” He says as they let out a very violent cough, followed by several smaller ones. He has his own experience with Duncan refusing to go to bed, because there’s ‘simply so much things to do’. In this situation, he’d usually pick him up, throw him over his shoulder, the little boy giggling and them tuck him in. Sole was startled when he picked them up, his slim body crying a little under their weight, but he managed to get them to their bed and keep them there. he sat beside them, before the fell asleep, then he lied down next to them with a bottle of beer and a comics of Grognak.

Nick Valentine - When he hears them sneeze for the sixth time in 5 minutes, he simply says: “Ok, that’s enough. Off to bed” he points his finger to the stairs leading to his ‘room’. They prostest a little, but then obey and retreat to his bed. He comes up to them in no more than 5 minutes, a bowl of noodles in his hand he sees them already dozing and kisses their forehead as he sets the bowl on the desk and returns down to his work.

Piper - She has her own experience with Nat on this subject - except that Nat is delighted when she can stay in her warm, cozy bed, while Sole, on the other hand, barely even slept, let alone stay in bed or go visit the doctor. She decided to play a trick on them, sort of and she contacted Dr. Sun while Sole was asleep in their house. They were a little mad at her, when they woke up to see the face of the doctor, but when they felt better already as the afternoon approached, all they could do is thank her.

Preston - He cares for them like he was their personal nurse, always asking if they needed something, giving them water and hot beverages, medicines and making sure they’re comfortable. They are rather glad, when Curie comes in the shoves him out of the room. As much as they’re garteful that Preston cares for them and their health this much, but if they do need to stand to stay in this room for another day at least, they’d at least get some undisturbed sleep.

Strong - “Human face leaking”, he points out. Sole explains illness to him and Strong growls: “Ill human weak! Find doctor!” He says and basically pushes them towards Sanctuary.

X6-88 - When he hears their coughing and sneezing he immediately teleports to the Institute with them, making them go find the doctors. He did recognise their symptoms as a simple cold, but above the ground, they could catch all sorts of nasty diseases.


The protest against the new price of electricity in Yerevan, Armenia. Citizens organized a peaceful sit down demonstration near the Armenian president’s residence, Baghramyan avenue. The police blocked the way to the residence. At 5:10 in the morning of 23rd of June the police forced back the peaceful activists with water cannons, forced more than 240 social activists to go to police stations, broke journalists’ gadgets and recording devices. After the incident people made graffiti on some walls with the following expression: “This hasn’t been watered” which means that the activists are not going to give up.

They spend  nights in the street demanding from the president of Armenia to cancel the new law and agreement according to which the price of electricity will be raised by 40%.

In the morning of 24th of June the activists started cleaning the avenue, new people joined the rows and shared food and drinks with the ones who spent the night in the main street of the city. Some of them threw flowers to the police as an act of peace and kindness. The protest is still going on. The participants have promised to stay there as long as it takes to cancel the new law.


“Vezi tu, puiule, oamenii-s prosti si fac rau din placere. Uneori nici nu-si dau seama ca fac rau, atat de orbiti sunt de propria lor placere. Nu trebuie sa ai incredere in oamenii care nu au incredere in tine. Si chiar si din partea celor care-ti acorda increderea lor trebuie sa te astepti la tot ce-i mai rau. Din pacate, cuvintele astea crude sunt singurul crez dupa care trebuie sa-ti ghidezi viata, puiule.” Tot din pacate, nu mi-a spus nimeni asta niciodata. M-am educat singur, destul de bine, insa uneori uit ca oamenii nu au aceleasi principii morale cu ale mele. Uit si ma incred orbeste, atunci imi iau palme peste ochi de la oamenii aceia si ma fac de cacat in fata altor oameni, care nu mi-au gresit cu nimic. Sunt un om slab, neadaptat social. Incerc sa scap de acest retard, insa imi e foarte greu. Uneori imi pare ca singura solutie e sa iau totul de la zero, insa atunci chiar ar fi o problema grava. Ce am facut cu viata mea pana acum? Nu am raspuns.

Pentru acei putini care se intreaba daca asta e un strigat de ajutor spun sincer: nu e un strigat de ajutor, e (inca) un punct care marcheaza moartea unei alte parti din mine. Am obosit sa ma lupt cu morile de vant, am obosit sa incerc si sa imi vad toate eforturile nimicite de un capriciu de-o clipa. Am obosit sa tot vad zambete false si masti spunandu-mi inocent “dar nu am intentionat sa te ranesc”. As lua chiar azi totul de la capat, jur, dar nu mai am unde. Totul meu e nimic de prea multa vreme. Voi trage sa ajung iar impacat cu mine, acum sunt dezamagit ca mi-am lasat jos garda. Dupa aia o sa incerc sa schimb traiectoria acestui destin. Nu va cer decat sa nu ma judecati, eu nu o fac. Ma judec doar pe mine, pe voi va accept prosteste, apoi ma urasc pentru prostia de care am dat dovada acceptandu-va.

How I think the RFA members will react on your first time doing it

~just a small idea I got~
×pls don’t kill meh×

•He really cares for you so he would be rather soft on you, if you gasp or moan, he’ll stop the next instant worried sick that he might have hurt you, mistaking the pleasure in your voice with pain. He would be very gentle, as if he would break you if he wasn’t cautios enough.

•Being the narcissisit he is he wants to prove you how amazing he is in bed. He’d tease you and try many positions. He would try anything only to see you pleased. At the end he would smirk proudly of the job he had done.

•This adorable red head is very playful and sneaky. I’m pretty sure it will begin with a roleplay, he’d dress you in his maid uniform calling you ‘miss Vanderwood’. During the act he would be dominating you, showing you all of his love and showering you with kisses.

•He has never done it before, he is inexperienced. He doesn’t even know how to undo your bra, how scandalous! You would giggle at how awkward and scared he is, but in the end you helped him with everything.

•It would be kind of awkward and embarassing for her at first, but in the end she’d give in. As she touches you she’d ask how does it feel and if she should keep going. She tried to do all the work, but being stubborn, you would return the favors even though she’d prostest.

“I think Harry might need your help,” Louis’ mum says, stepping into the kitchen. She’s wearing her favourite Christmas apron that Lottie gave her last year, and her hair is up, a bit messy from when Doris was playing with it earlier. She has a soft smile on her face as she steps closer and wraps her arm around his waist, glancing into one of the pots. Louis gives the sauce a stir and offers her a spoon to try it. 

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Tell me about disabled Hogwarts Students

Tell me about how the many stairs create ramps on the side, complete with railings, for students in wheelchairs

Tell me about students who wear prostestics and have to learn how to use them when flying on a broom or using a wand

Tell me about how Snape forgave a student when their prostestic accidentally fell into the brewpot and only asked the student not to wear it when they’re in Potions

Tell me about the star Seeker on the quidditch team who can capture a snitch with the two fingers they were born with.

Tell me about Flitwick working with a student without arms and teaching them to use magic without a wand

Tell me about the deaf student who scared her professor when she pulled up a Mandrake without earmuffs and made her best friend pee herself in laughter

Tell me about the mute student who built a sign language for spells 

Tell me about the blind student people adore thanks to her optimism.

Tell me about them.