There is a part of us hidden deep.

It is the portion of us untouched by our difficult circumstances, our cutting-edge need to belong, and the all of the outside forces that morph and mold us.

The sensitive, artistic, generous, whimsical, outlandish parts of us have slowly buried themselves against the steel we have created against the harshness of this world and all of its expectations.

We feel it ache whenever we see a hungry child or a piece of art on the street. An unexpected pang. “Hello? I’m still here. I’m still with you. You haven’t forgotten, have you?

That is the part, those are the parts, this world yearns for.

All of those soft parts that are so sensitive to the blade of criticism and rejection are what this world craves.

Do me (and you, and your neighbor, and the child you love, and your local grocery store clerk) a favor: do what you’re afraid to do.
Turn over to the underbelly of all of those things you’re afraid to show and brave the weight of the world.
Yield all of those quirky parts of you against the winds.

Be still. Be vulnerable. Be open. Be funny. Be soft. Be all of those things you never thought you could let yourself be.

Because Jesus made you that way. He crafted you, knitted you, and transformed you to be who you are.
And it’s okay to be you.

Because it might save someone.
It just might save you.

-31Women (Ansley)


Hmm… It’s very, very difficult to say, but… But I guess the first three pictures are a little bit different from the others, just a little bit. ’-’

UMM, NO!  -.-“ 

Sasuke is absolutely disgusted with any other physical contact he had with a girl, but Sakura. Just look at his gentle look in the fourth picture! That’s one of the moments when he started to feel a powerful feeling that he hadn’t felt for a while, and that’s the feeling of truly beign loved by someone. He realized how much he means to Sakura and he started to treasure her more and more. Every single physical contact he had with Sakura brought them closer and, this way, their feelings for each other developed more and more. 

My SS Analysis (Part One)

 SasuSaku. A canon pairing between Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura.

I posted earlier that I wanted to do one of these, so here this is!

This is an analysis for only part one, not for Shippuden. It’s too long for one for Part One as it is.

I spent a long time on this and I’m really proud of how this came out. In this I’ll be addressing some, if not most arguments against the ship and I’ll be using the manga and databooks as well; not the anime. I’m getting the manga translations an screenshots from Kissmanga.

I’ll also be doing this with an open mind, while inputting my own thoughts as a shipper of SS.

Now, let’s begin.


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     Despite years of hunting, despite all the horrors you’d seen in your travels with the Winchesters and the dangerous situations you’d repeatedly put yourself in, jump scares, of all things, still got you.

     Your eyes were half closed, cheek pressing into Sam’s muscled chest and face turned only slightly towards the screen of his laptop. You’d seen this movie before, knew exactly what was coming and how it ended, and yet, you still found yourself hiding in the safety of your boyfriend’s arms, heart pounding with the anticipation of the impending scare.

     You didn’t have to look up at Sam to know he was watching you, a knowing smirk playing at his lips.

     “Ready?” he asked, the mocking tone in his voice not escaping your notice.

     You ignored Sam’s question, squaring your shoulders and bracing yourself for the loud crack of noise and the creature that would fly out of the now-silent woods.

     Every second felt loaded. It took all you had to stop yourself from pushing further into Sam’s warm side.

     Then the quiet reached a breaking point, the unsuspecting victim on the screen barely getting a chance to look in the direction of her attacker, let alone fight or get away.

      The music boomed. A scream shook you to your core. Before you knew it your eyes were squeezed shut, hands bunched up in the fabric of Sam’s shirt and heart in your throat.

      You couldn’t believe you’d done it again.

     Cautiously, your eyes popped open one at a time, the initial shock gone and nothing but a cheesy practical effects monster left on the screen. It was barely more than a puppet with some splashes of red on its muzzle. Now you couldn’t help but feel silly.

     “So, I guess you weren’t ready, then,” Sam said, a deep laugh coloring his words.

     You rolled your eyes and shoved his chest playfully. “I never actually answered that question,” you countered. “But …” you started to untangle yourself from Sam, separating from his side and pushing further away. “If you’re so concerned about my reactions to scary movies I can just -”

     “Don’t’ you dare.” Sam’s arms were back around you in an instant, pulling you from your spot on the bed and into his lap in one fluid motion. “I never said I was complaining.”

     “You better not be.”

     Sam’s predatory gaze told you all you needed to know.

     The movie you’d been watching became background noise the second his hands found your thighs, Sam’s familiar touch sliding up past your hips and around the curve of your back. His skilled fingers slipped under the hem of your shirt, the callouses there brushing your soft skin and sending a shiver down your spine. You were consumed in everything that was Sam. You weren’t even sure what you’d been doing before this, what you’d ever done without this, until …


     A deafening sound rung out on the screen, so loud that you jolted away from Sam and knocked his jaw in the prosses.

     “Oh, I’m sorry!” you cried, sure that if the impact hadn’t hurt him the sound of your scream that close to his ear must have.

     Sam only laughed, reaching around you and closing the screen of the laptop. “No, that’s my fault. I should have known better than to leave the movie playing.”

     You grinned sheepishly up at him.

     “Now,” Sam said, closing the distance between the two of you. “Where were we?”

     “I think …” You slipped your arms around his neck. “We were at the part where I jump into the safety of your arms.”

     Sam smiled and pressed his lips to yours, hands tightening around your waist.

     “That sounds about right.”

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A Tale of Two Cities Characters as Tumblr quotes

Sydney Carton: “I don’t care,” I say caringly, as I care deeply

Lucie Manette: cinammon roll too good for this world, too pure

Alexander Manette: some people??? make shoes???? to cope??????

Charles Darnay: I came out to have a good time and I am honestly feeling so attacked right now

Stryver: Fellow of Delicacy™ – old timey version of Nice Guy™

Miss Pross: Don’t ever talk to me or my ladybird again

Mr. Lorry: Me, an intellectual

Madame Defarge: i’ll kick anyone’s ass. i’ll kick your ass. i’ll kick your dog’s ass. i’ll kick my own ass

alright the comic im making is so close to being started! i have finally drawin out the charachter designs and as soon as i decide a name for it im going to start the comic itself! and, before i do. i wanted to create a fully detailed drawing of each of the characters in the story! this is the first one, her name is sola, and that adorable ball of light beside her is named sunny (it used to be something else but shes always just called him sunny) she is the keeper of the sun. and has a very loving and happy persinality.


Title: Risen - If It Can Bleed Part Eight

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader, Sam, Cas

Word Count: 1360

Warnings: Mentions of blood, injured main character.

Series Summary: The reader is a genetically enhanced assassin who’s on the run from her creator, but what will happen when she get’s taken back to the bunker by Sam and Dean? Or falls for one of the Winchesters…

Author’s Note: Wow, the final part!!! This series took me a little longer than planned to finish, but thank you guys for being patient with me and I hope it was worth the wait! Feedback is always appreciated :)

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     Your breath came quickly as Sybil’s body swayed, slowly, oh so slowly losing balance, before eventually hitting the ground in a spectacular collapse.

     So many years of torment, so many years of fear. All over.

     In a signal moment of strength you’d freed the now-confused men and women who’d been Sybil’s puppets for all these years, pushed yourself out from under the crushing control you’d endured for as long as you could remember, and saved the man you loved.


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So uh, here’s the ic I asked to do and u asked to see
Subject V-9-15-12-5-20
Intangiblity- can walk through most everything except for silver and most man-made metals (heavily prossed alloys and the like) likes to show off by sticking her hand through others intagibly. Avoids salty foods.
(Sorry my art’s not as good and my handwriteing’s a bit hard to read)



The Boy in The Woods

Dipper resisted the urge to ask who, Wirt exactly got out. But Dipper had enough common sense to not ask. And, he really didn’t want to open that can of worms. So, Dipper decided to do the next best thing. Change the subject. “what direction, or, way are we going?”

Wirt paused “I think… I think it would be… would be best to go to… to go by the lake, that’s where I… I went last time,”

Dipper gave a relieved sigh. “Sounds simple enough, how long ‘till we get there?”

“Oh, we couldn’t be much… much further away-“ Wirt re-adjusted his cape coat “-it would take us weeks… maybe month… sorry, months”

“Month- months?!”

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Should you fight them? A Tale of Two Cities Edition

Sydney Carton: Would be really easy to fight, because he would never fight back. If you broke his ribs he’d only sigh and say “well I suppose it’s just my luck to have my ribs broken.” He would convince himself that he deserved whatever abuse he received. He would let you beat him to death without raising a finger to defend himself….because he wouldn’t believe anything about him was worth hurting another person to defend. Fighting Sydney Carton would be really sad. Why would you even do that. really just…don’t. the smol bean is hurting enough. give him a hug

Lucie Manette: A fragile little twig who faints at the drop of a hat. You could crush her with your pinky, but then you’d have to face Miss Pross and SHE WOULD KILL YOU AND YOU WOULD DIE. Don’t fight Lucie

Alexandre Manette: If you ever have to fight Dr. Manette, all you have to do is  mention “105, North Tower”/“the Evremonde family” and he will forget where he is, fall into a trance, and start making shoes. fight over. you win.

Charles Darnay: honestly he’d be easy to beat because he never knows what’s going on. This is the ARISTOCRAT who travelled back to France during THE REIGN OF TERROR and honestly thought nothing would happen to him. He wouldn’t realize you were fighting him until after you’d already kicked him to the floor twice and broke his nose.

Jerry Cruncher: He’s described as strong “like an English bulldog” so he might be harder to fight than most people on this list. But he’s also very superstitious. If you threaten to “pray against him”, he’ll become terrified of you and run away

Stryver: FIGHT HIM FIGHT HIM. He is the selfish stupid embodiment of Toxic Masculinity and Bullying Alpha Male Jock-ness. Unfortunately this means he’s  broad-shouldered and strong. He’s not the brightest bulb in the drawer, though, so if you use any amount of cunning you can probably defeat him.

The Marquis de St Evremonde: This evil kid-murderer has it coming. We know he’s good at sword-fighting and shooting, and he’s always heavily guarded. Your best bet is NOT to engage in direct combat, but to kill him while he’s asleep

Madame Defarge:  May god have mercy on your soul if you have to fight her, because she will not stop until you and everyone you have ever met is dead. She’s described as an unstoppable natural force: like an earthquake or lightning or the wind and fire, and as the vicious living embodiment of Rebellion and Revenge. BUT…she’s also short enough for Miss Pross to easily lift her in the air.  so she is powerful but smol. Her tininess is her only weakness. be like Miss Pross and use it to your advantage

Ok ik there’s a lot of headcanons about sick sanvers but here is mine
When Alex is sick she’s a little adorable disabled nugget tries to stand up by herself to make herself some tea but she fails and Maggie wouldn’t let her move and she brings her everything she needs and measure her fever and puts a wet towel on her forehead and gives her pills and watches her when she sleeps
When Maggie is sick she’s trying to hide it so Alex wouldn’t tell her to stay at home because “I feel good Alex really I swear” but she doesn’t fool anyone and Alex dragging her back to bed and trying to make her soup and burning three pots in the prosses and finally brings her something (probably a takeout) and just lying in bed with her to warm her up to make Maggie feel better and then Alex fell asleep and Maggie feel better and gets up without waking Alex up

leonacastellanos  asked:

If Donna's sister, Valerie, had been gay-- How you think the other characters would had reacted? Who do you think would be lowkey homophobic and who do you think would actually be cool about it?

I think we know who would be homophobic. I don’t want to signal names because I don’t want to get into any arguments with anyone. So let’s just say that Donna, Midge and Tina would be right away okay with it. Bob may be in limbo for a while, like he heard what Valerie said but his brain can’t prosses it at first. He’ll come along eventually.

Kelso and Fez will think that’s cool because it’ll bring them some kind of pleasure, which will make Hyde and Donna constantly hit them if Valerie is not there to do it herself. She rejecting Kelso will be even more often and she may start insulting him at some point.

That said, I actually think the four boys would make ugly remarks about how hot is that. They are teens at the end of the day, also male and mostly written by straight people, mostly those who think women are just there to aesthetically (and in other ways) please man. They don’t know better, especially in the 70s. 

And don’t come to me saying Hyde wouldn’t when he constantly lusts after his best friend/girlfriend’s best friend. He would.

At the end of the day, the boy’s be ok with it.

Jackie will be ok, too. For some reason she doesn’t seem to care about that? I don’t remember any indication of not. But what she woul do is to say something stupid like, “that explains the bad clothing” or some shit like that. It’s not properly homophobic but it’s stupid and uncalled for.

cheers-love-the-cavalry-s-here  asked:

Howdy:D i have just read your previous works and i love them, they are amazing!:3 If you have time for it or you find this an interesting idea, i would love to see a companions + romanced companions react to Ryder sacrifice him/herself for the safety of his/her friend/love one. Like on the Archon's ship but with full loyal friends and full romanced love ones, and the death would be definitive. Getting a deadly shot or something like that maybe? Anyway keep up the good;) Stay strong and clear!

And of course, my first reaction would be sad
-Mod Di
Cora: No. NO. NO! It wasnt supposed to happen like this. Ryder wasn’t supposed to go down protecting her, it was supposed to be the otherway around. Her job was to keep them alive, and she failed. She failed, and her heart died with them.

Jaal: Full blown tear fest. He’s not even understandable, just a giant blubbering mess of anger and saddness. His heart clenched,and it hurt so bad. Worse then learning of the history of the Angara, worse then anything in his life. When he gets back to the Tempest, he lockes himself in his room, and when the rest of the team finally gets it open,he threw everything around, weeping in a corner.

P.B: This-this is a joke right? Right? Ha,ha Ryder, now come back. Please. PLEASE. It isnt funny anymore. In all 100, give or take, years of her life shes never felt a sting like this. She let her guard down,and Ryder payed for it.

Drack: Damn. He knew it. He knew this would happen. He’s seen to much,lived to long. He always outlives the ones he cares for. He told himself was nothing, it was apart of life. But it didnt keep him from hurting, or his last heart from breaking. He went into a heartbroken blood rage, plowing everything in sight.

Liam: Slow. Everything was slow. From the bullet, to Ryder’s fall. He couldnt take it. He broke. Everything they’ve ever done, everything they will ever do crashes down on him. He drops to his knees and cradles them,holding then close and praying this was all a dream. A really horrible,vivid dream. And then he’ll wake up on that old dusty couch, terrible Turian films playing in the back ground. But he doesn’t. And it isn’t.

Lexi: She sees Ryder fall, and is on autopilot after that. Examine, dress. Pray. Not breathing. CPR.Pray. Not Breathing. Frantic CPR. Pray. Not breathing. Static. All she hears is static.

Gil: Nearly passes out himself. No. Not how this was suposes to happen. He and Ryder were supposed to grow old and playpoker. He was supposed to stick with them,no matter what. He was supposed to be the cool Dad/Uncle. But he isnt. Not any more. Gil shutsdown,after that, stoic,broken. Normally a quiet Gil would make everyone ecstatic, but not like this.

Suvi: Shrieking. Nothing but shreaking. And screaming. And crying. Suvi’s heart broke, as well as her voice, and several of her science experiments that she thew against the wall. She lockes herself in her lab. Not even Kallo can get in.

Kallo: Probably held his composer the longest. Also most likey beause he couldnt even prosess it. Ryder couldnt be dead. They couldn’t. They were to stubborn to die. Too headstrong. Anyday now,they’d come galivanting in the cockpit, anoying him and/or flirting with Suvi. Any day now, he was sure of it. And everyday that passed, he became less sure,until finaly he just stops, and everythung crashes down. He’s hurt and he’s shaking, only one thought in his head. Suvi. He needed to find Suvi. She always makes things better. Always.

Vetra: Oh. Hell. No. She gets 100% pissed. At everything. At the culrpit. At Ryder. At herself. She fired at the enemy. Long after they’re dead. Long after she runs out of ammo and her guns over heat, because its all she can do. Some one will physically have to take the gun away from here, but not without getting pistol whipped a few times in the prosses. Then she just murmurs,quietlty to her self, holding her head in her hands. Nothing can help. No one can help. Not even Sid. And for the first time, Sid is the one taking care of Vetra.

Bad Hair Day

Originally posted by misunderstood-adventures

Featuring: Reader X Steve X Bucky X Wanda X Natasha X Tony
Warnings: None

You walked into the beauty department of the store with many unpleasant thoughts. Wanda for the past few months had been trying to convince you to dye your hair. You weren’t really into changing your hair, but you figured you needed some change in your life, hopefully, good change.

Wanda wasn’t too far behind when you stopped at a section with hair color. You reached down to the bottom shelf and picked up a bottle of temporary blue hair dye. You turned over the package and read the information before turning it back again.

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Əlbəttə ki, sənin həyat yolun öz qrafikini gah sürətlə yüksələn, gah da sürətlə enən bir xəttlə cızılacaq. İnsanların çoxları olduqca asan bir şəkildə öz mübarizələrindən qala bilirlər, imtina edirlər bundan. Siz heç bilirsiniz mi ki, insan ruhu çox güclü bir varlıqdır və bundan uca bir şey yoxdur. O çox güclüdür və onu öldürmək, məğlub etmək mümkünsüzdür. Çox insan sağlam olduqlarında, maaşları vaxtında ödəndikdə, uğurlu münasibətləri olduqlarında pozitiv və xoşbəxt hiss edə, çox geniş bir görüş bucağına sahib ola bilərlər. Hər kəs bu şərtlər daxilində güclü bir inanca sahib ola bilər. İstər zehinsəl, istər duyğusal, istərsə də ruhsal olaraq böyümənin əsl çətinliyi - bizlər büdrədiyimizdə ortaya çıxır. Yenidən ayağa qalxmaq və hətta büdrəyərək tamamilə yıxığıdığın anda, evindəsənmiş kimi hiss etdirən rahatlıq duyğusuna sahib olmaq, şübhəsiz ki güc tələb edir. Sadecə, hər şeyə yenidən başlamağı bacarmaq kifayətdir. Emosiyalarımıza yenilməmək, onların bizləri idarə etməmələrinə izin verməmək, əsas olan şeydir. Bəli, bizlər emosional ola bilərik, amma, emosiyalarımız idarə etməyi bacardığımız zaman, bütün problemləri aradan qaldıracaq qədər enerjimiz olur. Əgər, öz emosiyalarınızı vaxtında idarə etməyi bacara bilməsəniz, onlar sizləri idarə edəcəklər. Oyuncağına çevirəcəklər. Əgər həqiqətən də, bütün bunlara qarşı qoymağı istəyirsinizsə, hər şeyinizlə savaşacaqsınız. Bu heç də asan olmayacaq. Özünüzü dəyişdirməyə çalışmaq heç də asan olan bir prosses deyildir, küçümsəməyin bunu. Çünki, bütün bunlar asan olsa, o zaman sıradan və hər kəsin əli çatacaq olan şeylərə uzanmış olardınız. Lakin, ciddisinizsə və bu məqsədə doğru hər şeyinizlə gedirsinizsə, şübhəsiz ki bu sizdə alınacaq. Mən - öz iradəmlə hər şeyə dayanmış vəziyyətdəyəm, mən bütün bunların məni məhv etməsinə, yıxıb da sürüməsinə izin verən deyiləm, deyə bilin. Mən yenidən ayağa qalxıram, yenidən gəlirəm və bu dəfə əvvəlkindən daha güclü olacam, deyin. Özünüz-özünüzə bir bəyannamə vermək məcburiyyətindəsiniz. Bu bəyannamə, sizin hər şeyiniz olacaq, sizin mübarizə apardığınız şeyləri təmsil edəcək. Sən - öz xəyalların, düşüncələrin, kömək üçün bütün bunlara qarşı durursan. Öz həyatına görə bütün məsuliyyəti tam şəkildə öz üzərinə götür, iplərin hamısını əlinə yığ. Bütün bu məsuliyyətlə hara və necə gedəcəyinə özün qərar ver. Həyatını hər gün ən sonmuş kimi yaşa. Zövqlə yaşa, dostum. Öz-özünü daha da inkişaf etdirməyə təhrik et. Bu fərq etmir dünən nə baş verib, sabah nə olacaq, necə olacaq. Həyatının son səhifəsi hələ yazılmamış olaraq qalır. Fərq edən şey - bu il öz xəyallarımı gerçək edəcəm, daha onlar baredə danışmayacam deyə bilməkdir.
—  Auto Genertaed Post #4