There is a part of us hidden deep.

It is the portion of us untouched by our difficult circumstances, our cutting-edge need to belong, and the all of the outside forces that morph and mold us.

The sensitive, artistic, generous, whimsical, outlandish parts of us have slowly buried themselves against the steel we have created against the harshness of this world and all of its expectations.

We feel it ache whenever we see a hungry child or a piece of art on the street. An unexpected pang. “Hello? I’m still here. I’m still with you. You haven’t forgotten, have you?

That is the part, those are the parts, this world yearns for.

All of those soft parts that are so sensitive to the blade of criticism and rejection are what this world craves.

Do me (and you, and your neighbor, and the child you love, and your local grocery store clerk) a favor: do what you’re afraid to do.
Turn over to the underbelly of all of those things you’re afraid to show and brave the weight of the world.
Yield all of those quirky parts of you against the winds.

Be still. Be vulnerable. Be open. Be funny. Be soft. Be all of those things you never thought you could let yourself be.

Because Jesus made you that way. He crafted you, knitted you, and transformed you to be who you are.
And it’s okay to be you.

Because it might save someone.
It just might save you.

-31Women (Ansley)

A Tale of Two Cities Characters as Tumblr quotes

Sydney Carton: “I don’t care,” I say caringly, as I care deeply

Lucie Manette: cinammon roll too good for this world, too pure

Alexander Manette: some people??? make shoes???? to cope??????

Charles Darnay: I came out to have a good time and I am honestly feeling so attacked right now

Stryver: Fellow of Delicacy™ – old timey version of Nice Guy™

Miss Pross: Don’t ever talk to me or my ladybird again

Mr. Lorry: Me, an intellectual

Madame Defarge: i’ll kick anyone’s ass. i’ll kick your ass. i’ll kick your dog’s ass. i’ll kick my own ass


Hmm… It’s very, very difficult to say, but… But I guess the first three pictures are a little bit different from the others, just a little bit. ’-’

UMM, NO!  -.-“ 

Sasuke is absolutely disgusted with any other physical contact he had with a girl, but Sakura. Just look at his gentle look in the fourth picture! That’s one of the moments when he started to feel a powerful feeling that he hadn’t felt for a while, and that’s the feeling of truly beign loved by someone. He realized how much he means to Sakura and he started to treasure her more and more. Every single physical contact he had with Sakura brought them closer and, this way, their feelings for each other developed more and more. 

Sheild File 12876510

Agent One:

Identity: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Activity: Terminated

Character Traits: Manipulative, highly inteligent, Psychopathic traits, Posessive+

Agent Two:

Identity: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Activity: Terminated

Character Traits: highly inteligent, Moral, defiant

Agent Three:

Identity: (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

Location: Avengers Building 

Activity: Inactive - Trainee Avenger

Character Traits: highly inteligent, Moral, defiant, imature, dissociation, violent out bursts *

+ Agent one seems more interested in the prosses of Agent Three then Agent Two and is prone to outburst if he is not allowd some form of access - sedation

*Agent Carter notes that (Y/N) has shown great interest in Captain America and Bucky Barnes and seems to belive she has been created to fulfil where they fell short - Terminate Agent Carter

leonacastellanos  asked:

If Donna's sister, Valerie, had been gay-- How you think the other characters would had reacted? Who do you think would be lowkey homophobic and who do you think would actually be cool about it?

I think we know who would be homophobic. I don’t want to signal names because I don’t want to get into any arguments with anyone. So let’s just say that Donna, Midge and Tina would be right away okay with it. Bob may be in limbo for a while, like he heard what Valerie said but his brain can’t prosses it at first. He’ll come along eventually.

Kelso and Fez will think that’s cool because it’ll bring them some kind of pleasure, which will make Hyde and Donna constantly hit them if Valerie is not there to do it herself. She rejecting Kelso will be even more often and she may start insulting him at some point.

That said, I actually think the four boys would make ugly remarks about how hot is that. They are teens at the end of the day, also male and mostly written by straight people, mostly those who think women are just there to aesthetically (and in other ways) please man. They don’t know better, especially in the 70s. 

And don’t come to me saying Hyde wouldn’t when he constantly lusts after his best friend/girlfriend’s best friend. He would.

At the end of the day, the boy’s be ok with it.

Jackie will be ok, too. For some reason she doesn’t seem to care about that? I don’t remember any indication of not. But what she woul do is to say something stupid like, “that explains the bad clothing” or some shit like that. It’s not properly homophobic but it’s stupid and uncalled for.

Ok ik there’s a lot of headcanons about sick sanvers but here is mine
When Alex is sick she’s a little adorable disabled nugget tries to stand up by herself to make herself some tea but she fails and Maggie wouldn’t let her move and she brings her everything she needs and measure her fever and puts a wet towel on her forehead and gives her pills and watches her when she sleeps
When Maggie is sick she’s trying to hide it so Alex wouldn’t tell her to stay at home because “I feel good Alex really I swear” but she doesn’t fool anyone and Alex dragging her back to bed and trying to make her soup and burning three pots in the prosses and finally brings her something (probably a takeout) and just lying in bed with her to warm her up to make Maggie feel better and then Alex fell asleep and Maggie feel better and gets up without waking Alex up

Hey guys, I need a little help.

I’m currently in the prosses of adopting a service dog. I can’t afford his fees AND dog food and toys at the same time. I need 60 american dollars for his fees, witch include microchiping and his already done basic training. And I promise to uplod photos of bandit while he trains.
My papal is
Thank you so much, and if you can’t give, a signal boost would be amazing! Thank you all!

Should you fight them? A Tale of Two Cities Edition

Sydney Carton: Would be really easy to fight, because he would never fight back. If you broke his ribs he’d only sigh and say “well I suppose it’s just my luck to have my ribs broken.” He would convince himself that he deserved whatever abuse he received. He would let you beat him to death without raising a finger to defend himself….because he wouldn’t believe anything about him was worth hurting another person to defend. Fighting Sydney Carton would be really sad. Why would you even do that. really just…don’t. the smol bean is hurting enough. give him a hug

Lucie Manette: A fragile little twig who faints at the drop of a hat. You could crush her with your pinky, but then you’d have to face Miss Pross and SHE WOULD KILL YOU AND YOU WOULD DIE. Don’t fight Lucie

Alexandre Manette: If you ever have to fight Dr. Manette, all you have to do is  mention “105, North Tower”/“the Evremonde family” and he will forget where he is, fall into a trance, and start making shoes. fight over. you win.

Charles Darnay: honestly he’d be easy to beat because he never knows what’s going on. This is the ARISTOCRAT who travelled back to France during THE REIGN OF TERROR and honestly thought nothing would happen to him. He wouldn’t realize you were fighting him until after you’d already kicked him to the floor twice and broke his nose.

Jerry Cruncher: He’s described as strong “like an English bulldog” so he might be harder to fight than most people on this list. But he’s also very superstitious. If you threaten to “pray against him”, he’ll become terrified of you and run away

Stryver: FIGHT HIM FIGHT HIM. He is the selfish stupid embodiment of Toxic Masculinity and Bullying Alpha Male Jock-ness. Unfortunately this means he’s  broad-shouldered and strong. He’s not the brightest bulb in the drawer, though, so if you use any amount of cunning you can probably defeat him.

The Marquis de St Evremonde: This evil kid-murderer has it coming. We know he’s good at sword-fighting and shooting, and he’s always heavily guarded. Your best bet is NOT to engage in direct combat, but to kill him while he’s asleep

Madame Defarge:  May god have mercy on your soul if you have to fight her, because she will not stop until you and everyone you have ever met is dead. She’s described as an unstoppable natural force: like an earthquake or lightning or the wind and fire, and as the vicious living embodiment of Rebellion and Revenge. BUT…she’s also short enough for Miss Pross to easily lift her in the air.  so she is powerful but smol. Her tininess is her only weakness. be like Miss Pross and use it to your advantage

Horn Attachment Method Review

So I found this horn attachment method on tumblr that does not involve a headband showing on top of your wig. You might try to glue them on headband like i did or you could even poke them through the wig but there just are horns where thtas impossible like my Terezi horns because there are more far apart from each other at the top. So because i am trying to get a more real look that is not working that well with the headband looking sometimes bad on pictures i thought i’d give this a try. I have my Nepeta horns still here and since they fell of the headband even if they were hotglued to it(it happened while i tried on the hat with the horns). So they are made out of iClay and it’s still kinda soft inside so you’ll see what thats good for. This wasn’t meant to be a tutorial but since it is pretty simple i might as well explain.

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Big Bang: Before they enlist + when they come back

Anon said: “Bigbang reaction GIF, saying goodbye to their GF before going to the army“

Anon said: “Can you make Bigbang reaction gifs, when they have to go to enlist and take farewell from their GF/wife and when they come back 2 years later:D“

I worked very had on this so please give it lots of love~

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Here you go!


T.O.P: *Very quiet, afraid to show his fear of leaving you behind*

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G-Dragon: *Unsure how to acts, he wants you to be happy so letting you go is something he would be scared of doing*

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Taeyang: *He would be uncomfortable and defiantly not ready to leave you behind after all the two of you been through*

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Daesung: *Acts like he’s not effected but he’s heartbroken in the inside*

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Seungri: *Quiet, through out the whole prosses of signing up, once it’s time for him to leave he will tell you that he’ll be home soon*

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T.O.P: *Happy to be home, he can’t wait to wake up to you everyday*

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G-Dragon: *He would smile the whole time and tell you to tell him everything that has happened*

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Taeyang: *Once he saw you he couldn’t help but feel excited*

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Daesung: *All his worries were gone, all he wanted was you so it was all worth the wait*

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Seungri: *He couldn’t help but smile widely every night dreaming of you was over, he finally had you back all to himself*

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BTS Reaction #5 When they realise you have an upper back tattoo

requested by anon



You told him that you had a tattoo but never told him where or showed him, so he got curious. He wouldn’t annoy you or constantly ask you but he would try to unobtrusively search your body for the tattoo but of course you noticed so you’d just showed him. he would be really impressed and say ‘’it looks really cool’’and then he would ask you about the whole tattooing prosses and how it felt

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You were hanging out togheter and it was really getting hot so you took your sweater of revealing your tattoo and while you stood up to put it somewhere, he saw your tattoo. Yoongi would just look at it for a moment and then say ‘’ i never new you had tattos’’ his expression never changing’’they look good’’ he’d continue with a little smirk on his face, making you cuckle at his indifference.


You where walking through a crowd in town after shopping with him. He was walking behind you and after you found a bench to sit on and rest, he would say ‘’Y/N i noticed something on your neck. I don’t know i think it’s a leaf’’ which would make you laugh really hard. He would laugh with you but be confused as why you’re laughing ‘’Yes, it’s a leaf but it belongs to my vine tattoo’’you said after you caught your breath, then you turned around and pulled your shirt down a little to show him. He would think it’s beautiful but also flinch because he imagines the pain you were in


You where just about to get dressed and already had your tank top and jeans on when you suddenly heard a voice say ‘’woooow my girlfriend is an angel’’ you turned around and saw tae standing in the doorway still cluntching the door handle in his hand. Of course you had sleepovers but you never saw each other undressed so this was the first time he really saw your tattoos. He would be really excited that it where angel wings and give you the nickname angel because of it and annoy the members alway telling them about your tattoos


He was coming back from traveling around to promote their new album and hugged you making you wince. You just resently got your tattoo, so your upper back was still sore. When he saw your face he would immediatly ask you what’s wrong. when you showed him your tattoo that was still red around the edges and told him that it still hurts a little he would turn on his mother jin mode and immediately make you lay down and cook you a chicken soup even though you don’t have a cold (you are jimin in the picture)


you just got back from visiting your best friend who is living overseas and while you where there you got a tattoo so you immediately showed him with a really excited expession on your face so he couldn’t help but to be excited too, but he would also pout and say ‘’why don’t you have my name as tattoo ?’’


You knew that he was interested in tattoos, so you just came up to him and asked him if he wants to see yours. when you took of your sweater to show him he would get all nervous and scream ‘’why are you getting undressed’’ just to see that you wore a tanktop underneath. when you finally turned around and he saw it, he would get so impressed that he even dares to touch it but he would get all giddly and pull away the second he realises what he’d just done

 /i hope you like and enjoy the reaction//none of the gifs i used are mine/

Ok finished this one, showed all the prosses on my Twitter.

My name is there like an easter-egg-signature ahahaha, drawing over the PV’s sceneries has been super awesome, I think I’d like to do another one, probably with Sora and Yamato/Taichi in it :)

I now understand why twitter is so addictive tho, I’ve been throwing thousands of headcanons ahaha!

Also! Thinking of joining the Takari-week…wondering if there will ever be a koumi-week too…

anonymous asked:

love the imagin you wrote about Gad prossing sam and she takes notice. what happen after or during when dean talks to him?

Mmm, let’s see, shall we?

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Gadreel stood by the dumpster outside the bar, watching as Dean closed the back door behind him. The familiar sensation of guilt spread throughout his entire being, reflecting itself as cold sweat and twitchiness on Sam’s own body.

“Dean,“ the angel began.

“What the hell was that back there, Zeke?!” Dean exploded, but lowered his voice to a hush when a couple walked by. “Are you trying to drive me crazy?”

“I apologize. I did not mean to upset you.“ 

Dean nodded, and, seeing the angel's genuine stance, visibly relaxed. He started pacing back and forth, running his hand through his hair, thinking. "We have to be very careful, man. Y/N can’t possibly know about this.”

Gadreel froze at the sound of her name. He knew he had no right to take advantage of the situation just to talk to her. It was reckless and inappropriate to use Sam’s body for his own sake. But he couldn’t help himself. If only she could see who he really was…

“Zeke, hey.” Dean snapped his fingers to bring Gadreel’s attention back. “Just promise me you won’t do that again. It’s bad enough for Sammy to lose all notion of time, so let’s not involve Y/N, OK?”

“Yes, I promise,” Gadreel said, his eyes cast down. “I won’t bother Y/N again.”

The way the angel spoke his friend’s name triggered a sudden uneasiness in Dean’s middle. Son of a bitch.

“Sam is Y/N’s friend, you get that?” Dean snapped. “You’re only gonna hurt her if you make her believe something that’s not really there.”

Gadreel merely nodded, ignoring the dull ache in his chest. “I know.”

* * *

*Imagine Gadreel falling in love with you while possessing Sam.*

this is literally one of the best things in have ever seen/read/prossed to my brain