Hmm… It’s very, very difficult to say, but… But I guess the first three pictures are a little bit different from the others, just a little bit. ’-’

UMM, NO!  -.-“ 

Sasuke is absolutely disgusted with any other physical contact he had with a girl, but Sakura. Just look at his gentle look in the fourth picture! That’s one of the moments when he started to feel a powerful feeling that he hadn’t felt for a while, and that’s the feeling of truly beign loved by someone. He realized how much he means to Sakura and he started to treasure her more and more. Every single physical contact he had with Sakura brought them closer and, this way, their feelings for each other developed more and more. 

Ok finished this one, showed all the prosses on my Twitter.

My name is there like an easter-egg-signature ahahaha, drawing over the PV’s sceneries has been super awesome, I think I’d like to do another one, probably with Sora and Yamato/Taichi in it :)

I now understand why twitter is so addictive tho, I’ve been throwing thousands of headcanons ahaha!

Also! Thinking of joining the Takari-week…wondering if there will ever be a koumi-week too…



LOL. So there are a lot of ASSes who are claiming that Sarada looks exactly like Karin, while she does not look like Sakura at all. xD BUT the only reason they’re saying this is because of thefact that both of them are wearing GLASSES

Let’s look at both of them without glasses:

Only Sarada:

Sarada, compared to Karin:

Just look at Sarada. She looks NOTHING like Karin. Look at her expression! Look at her large forehead! But, especially look at HER EYES. They look so much more intelligent than Karin’s and they are so beautiful! They have NOTHING to do with Karin’s, just like Sarada’s any other feature.

Hmm, is it me or Sarada’s eyes look somehowfamiliar?


These pictures TOTALLY speak for themselves.

Also, haters seem to FORGET that Karin does NOT have black hair and eyes, as it looks like in the manga and as they believed when they first saw her. Hmm, it looks like they remained (or, better said, are pretending to have remained) with that impression from back then. 

So, as a lot act like they’ve forgotten, it is NOT like this:


As everyone can see, SARADA DOESN’T HAVE RED HAIR OR RED EYES, EITHER. She and Karin don’t have EVEN ONE SINGLE FEATURE IN COMMON! ALL they have in common are the glasses. Let me say this again: Wearing glasses has NOTHING to do with genetics! For example, two parents with perfect eyesight can give birth to one child that has perfect eyesight and another who needs eyeglasses. It’s just how the genes decide to assemble themselves during the early stages of pregnancy! Also, both parents can wear glasses and, still, their child may not need glasses at all. In Sarada’s case, she probably wears glasses, as the Uchiha genes were combined with the Haruno genes. Therefore, she’s not a full Uchiha, so it will be difficult for the Sharingan to appear, but once it does, I’m sure she won’t need the glasses anymore.

But, really? How can they claim that Sarada doesn’t have Sakura’s facial expression?

Just look at this:

Or at this:

Oh, yeah, that’s sooooo right! They don’t look alike at all!

Just look at Sarada and Karin! They look almost the same!


… NO.

Sarada’s only features which are clearly different from Sakura are the colour of her hair and her eyes, which were inherited from her father. As I’ve clearly stated, the shape of her eyes, her beautiful big forehead, her round face, the fact that her hair is straight and her facial expression are all inherited from her mother. Also, the smirk looks somehow familiar… We clearly know who it was inherited from, there’s no denying it. xD


Not to mention that her attitude seems so similar to both of her parents! She says “Shannarō”, just like Sakura, seems to be introverted and quiet, just like Sasuke, and is certainy really smart, just like both of her parents.

So, these are basically all of Sarada’s features. I’d really like to know what those ASSes see in her that’s different from one of her parents!

Sarada is like the PERFECT SASUSAKU CHILD. I have NO idea why those haters are still complaining. Maybe what they know best is to live in a delusion. 

I’d suggest to every single one of them to stop denying the reality, as this proves absolutely NOTHING, but how ignorant AND SALTY they can be.

In the end, how about switching Sarada’s eye and hair colours to Sakura’s?

And Sakura’s to Sarada’s?

Wow, even like this, they look nothing like each other! Isn’t that true?!

NO. So, please, stop this nonsense already. ತ_ತ 

this is literally one of the best things in have ever seen/read/prossed to my brain

Just How Delusional NaruSaku (And SasuKarin) Fans Can Be

They just make me laugh every single time they come up with any of their “amazing” theories, like the following:


When there were rumors that Sasuke was going to die:

-What they (in this case, only the NaruSaku fans) were saying: “Yes, Sasuke has to die! He will absolutely die! There is no way around it!”

-What they were thinking: “Oh, yeah! Sasuke has to die, so that we can see the SasuSaku ship being gone FOREVER! So NaruSaku will definitely sail!! It doesn’t matter if this whole manga was about friendship and bringing Sasuke back to Konoha, we don’t care about that stuff! We only want to see NaruSaku’s canonization! And Sasuke deserved to die anyway!! That kid is nothing, but an obstacle to our perfect OTP!”



When the poster from “The Last”, having Hinata and Naruto on it, was released: “LOL. This is just for advertising! They want us to believe that the movie will be about Hinata and Naruto, when, in fact, the movie will totally be about how Sakura and Naruto got together! And look at Hinata!!! She is so sad! And she is walking behind Naruto! This means he rejected her, telling her that the one he loves is Sakura!”



When “The Last: Naruto The Movie” Trailer(s) appeared: “WOW! Look at those NaruHina momets! Ha, ha, ha, they really think we will be fooled by them! They’re just using them for advertising! They want to mislead us! They want to make the movie look like a NaruHina one, but it will certainly turn out to be a NaruSaku one! It will happen exactly how it happened with Road To Ninja! You’ll see! We can’t wait to stare at your disappointed faces!”



5h of November (some screenshots with Chapter 700 were released early): ”These screenshots are just some fanarts, made by some Chinese fans. Just wait until tomorrow and you’ll see the TRUE ending. We’ll be the ones who’ll laugh at you seeing how your OTP is sinking, while ours will sail forever.”



6th of November: “The official release of the last two chapters will be on 10th of November. There is even a countdown for this! These which have been released today are not the real ones. Just wait and see. We’ll be the ones who’ll laugh in the end.”



10th of November: “Everything is just a genjutsu. The Infinite Tsukuyomi hasn’t finished! Everything will be explained in The Last. So ha, ha, ha, we can’t wait to see you facing the sinking of your horrible ships!”



6th of December (when, even though only a few peple watched the movie, plenty of them decided to summarize its action, so many of us knew, at least, a thing or two about it) => After realizing that the NaruHina moments from “The Last“‘s trailer were true and weren’t just a form of advertising: ”OMG! This is like the worst movie ever! We’re never going to watch it! This is not the Naruto we knew. The Naruto we knew would never ever get over his abolute love for Sakura! Who cares if Sakura is so in love with Sasuke? Who cares about her feelings?? She can’t be happy with Sasuke! We’re the ones who decide who she can be happy with! And the ONE AND ONLY person that can bring happiness to her is certainly Naruto!! And Naruto can’t be happy with that weird stalker either! He MUST love Sakura, no matter what!!!! In fact, it doesn’t matter what he wants either! WE are the ones who must decide their love interests! By the way, those NaruHina kids are soooo ugly! Eww! We will just create a much better copy of Bolt and will name him Shinachiku, the PERFECT NaruSaku child! ‘CAUSE FANS DO IT BETTER! And it’s crystal clear that Sarada is Karin’s daughter, as she’s wearing glasses! Duh! It doesn’t matter if she calls Sakura “mama” or if she she also says “Shannaro”! Sasuke definitely married Karin and had Sarada with her. And Sakura was cleaning the house in Chapter 700, so that means she does the cleaning and takes care of Sasuke and Karin’s kid while they’re gone! OMG! We are so smart for realizing these hidden things! And Bolt looks like Sakura! His hair reminds us of a cherry blossom! He must be Sakura’s kid! Naruto clearly cheated on Hinata with Sakura and they had Bolt together! Just wait until the mini-series will be released and you’ll see, salty SasuSaku/NaruHina fans! Stop living in denial! You and your stupid theories are getting really annoying! How can you even claim that Sarada is not Karin’s child and that Bolt is not Sakura’s kid? WOW. WE HAVE NO WORDS FOR YOU.”


Recently, they’ve retuned to the first conclusion: “EVERYTHING WAS JUST A GENJUTSU! The Last was nothing, but a genjutsu! Everything will be explained in Shikamaru Hiden! In this novel, everyone will be released from the Infinite Tsukuyomi! And in Sakura Hiden, Sakura will finally understand how much she loves Naruto and they will finally be together!!!”

*Sighs* Yeah, that’s so true, the SasuSaku/NaruHina are the ones who are in denial. Yeah. So True.

anonymous asked:

When did you start writing in journals? And what inspired you to keep writing? Did you take it everywhere and just write when you could? And have you always been creative, or was it an ongoing prosses? Sorry i just find your blog so interesting:)

Heya :D I always struggled through the ol’ “I start a journal and love it but then get too into it and hate it a week later” syndrome. I found a good solution to that was to write on random pages rather than go through the book in order, that way I didn’t have to flip through 20 pages of cringe in order to get to the next blank page. If I mess up a drawing or write something embarrassing, I fill up the pages around it so it’s harder to flip to by accident. Once I started with that strategy, I had an incentive to take my journal everywhere because I needed to fill up more pages to hide the ones I didn’t like. It’s hard to fill them up with just writing, so I would draw and paste things in and have other people draw/write things for me in it. That was about 8 years ago and I’ve kept a journal pretty steadily ever since :) 

As for creativity, I firmly believe it’s an ongoing process of learning, practicing and experimenting. My mum and I did different crafts almost every day when I was younger, and I’m pretty confident that helped shape my brain to think creatively. I was lucky to learn how to be creative early on so I’m kind of a ‘native speaker’ if that makes sense. I’m not ‘talented’ and I never have been, I’m just practiced. There was a while after highschool when I kind of figured my art had ‘stopped developing’, but I had really just stopped developing it. As soon as I started practicing again, my creativity/artistic ability started to improve. 

Laying intertwined
With so many souls
I cant prosses
Who supose to guide my heart
Beaten is my heart
By trying to love
I cant prosses
Why my heart
crys out to everyone
When it only wants
Soul many souls around my heart
Which one is mine?


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