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Hey! I'm a big fan of your art... I first found you when I found your gorgeous Thorki fan art. It is so beautiful! And now your FMA stuff is also so so so good. I love your style and how colorful your stuff is. *v*

^////^ my God, so good to know that! haha! 

Seriously it means a lot, because coloring isn’t my favorite part of the drawing prosses! It’s so hard for me to finish a colored piece. Thanks dear! <3

Final Reigon Name

The only person (woo hoo :/) to respond to the reigon name was doctorks with the name Kolzio. Since he was the only one to respond…. The region name is the Kolzio Reigon! I will start more polls later today (also I still need more followers to start the real prosses tell anyone you can!)

Hey!! Admin Bambi again lol

Anyway~~ Im in the prosses of writing three baekyeol/chanbaek fics! 

I still have to finish my baeksoo series “Escape” BUT! Im a major baekyeol/chanbaek shipper and its like really easy for me to write for them xD
I also have some ideas brewing for chanyeolxreader and baekhyunxreader and also an idea for a #chenxreader!

Ah~~ Look forward to it!! Also dont forget to subscribe to our youtube (EXOSHOTS)! Ill be making trailers for my fics and future ones for other admins later on! ♡

Setelah di Sangrai (goreng kering) diatas wajan dan tungku berbahan bakar kayu.

Nah ini nie, ciri khas homemade kopi… untuk menambah kuantitas kopi, biasanya orang rumahku dan mayoritas orang trenggalek, menambahkan beras pada prosses shangrai kopi, biasanya takarannya 1 : 1.
Untuk 1 kg kopi, ditambahkan 1 kg beras. Yah… rasa kopi jadi tidak murni, kadar kafein-pun turun, tapi kekentalan kopi saat diseduh dan kepekatan ampas jadi bertambah. Tapi tetap mantab, asal saat prosses penyeduhan, komposisi kopinya ditambah, sehingga untuk secangkir kopi yang mantab kalau kita seduh di cangkir bening ampasnya saja bisa seperempat cangkir memenuhi dasar.

Takaran komposisi, proses pembuatan, dan penyeduhan semacam ini banyak juga kita temui di warung warung kopi di hampir sebagaian besar daerah di Jawa Timur.
Yaah gimana lagi, harga biji kopi semakin.mahal, sementara mereka juga harus berlomba untuk tetap menyajikan kopi nikmat dengan kisaran harga 2 ribu-an.Disruput sambil Ditemani dengan rokok campuran cengkeh, jadilah sebutan “Kopi Lanang” si ranah per Warkop an Jawa Timur.

Ikuti snap snap cerita nya di snapchat q : andylabina

What a great workout for my brain! Seventy years ago, Erwin Schrdinger posed a simple, yet profound, question: What is life?. How could the very existence of such extraordinary chemical systems be understood? What Is Life?: How Chemistry Becomes Biology | [Addy Pross] #Audible (at On Puget Sound)


Audio-book Review
By Chet Yarbrough


What Is Life?: How Chemistry Becomes Biology

Written by: Addy Pross

Narration by:  Derek Perkins


The chemistry of life takes on new meaning in the book, “What is Life?”.  Chemistry professor and author Addy Pross argues that two RNA strands meet in a primordial…

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Rubber Moulding Arrangement

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Diamonds moulding manufacturers make custom moulded rubber products. Oftentimes tools and things for productional work including any shape in point of rubber parts such as o-rings, gaskets, washers, road oil seals, square rings, quad rings, D-rings, X-rings, u-cups, grommets, diaphragms, rubber boots, rubber balls and rubber bonded to metal. They work closely in virtue of their customers to loot the design with regard to custom rubberlike products right and to provide the right part for the sealing design. Sometimes at the customer’s request, rubber moulding manufacturers can develop authentic designs and aminoplast compounds tailored to suit the product that the mark wants to make. Manufacturers aim versus have a reputation concerning being reliable with a fast block around occasional deliveries. As well as offer a comprehensive service made out of design, production and delivery. They also over and over embellish their range of services by offering on-site tool producing and engineering facilities, in connection to Gasket Manufacture, producing the product packing, and frequent other product items.

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