prospitian dreamer

Void Session Rings

I’ve been thinking about the Rings in the Void session lately. I think I’ve figured out how they are made in the Game. Of course, someone else much smarter than me has probably also thought of this, but I wouldn’t know! So for the moment, this is my idea and mine alone!

I think the Rings of the Void session are determined by the aspects of the players. For instance the Dersite ring is the Ring of Void, and Roxy the Rogue of Void is a Derse Dreamer. The Prospitian ring is the Ring of Life, and Jane the Maid of Life is a Prospit Dreamer. So it’s semi-random and determined by the players on their respective moons.

the Rings are probably made by the game as some sort of compensation to the players for not being able to beat the game normally, as well as the increased difficulty. 

While the effects of the rings are of normal Queen rings to Dersites and Prospitians, and have the ability to do the Red Miles, the effects are different to the Players that wear them. Here’s a list of the Rings and their potential powers

Life: Wearers cannot die while wearing the ring, and a ghost that wears the ring will come back to life without the need of an existing body.

Doom: Wearers will be able to see and communicate with ghosts and dead players. They may have a Death Touch, that weakens or kills whoever they touch.

Void: Wearers become invisible and undetectable in almost every way. They can also send items into the Void

Light: Wearers become more perceptive, and can use the light to guide them to their destination. can be used as a Flashlight.

Space: Wearers can be super fast and/or super strong, and slightly alter their size.

Time: Wearers can make small time jumps, and can perhaps travel back butterfly effect/Life is Strange style to another previous point that they were wearing the ring.

Mind: Wearers can read minds and enter someone’s dream (actual dreams. Not dream bubble dreams)

Heart: Wearers can make weak splinters of themselves or switch bodies with someone else

Hope: Gives the Wearer hope and confidence, thus increasing motivation and productivity. Or if left unchecked, could become an addiction.

Rage: Puts the Wearer into a rage. They will be very deadly and effective while wearing the ring, but more dangerous to everyone else as well.

Breath: allows non-flyers to fly. Wearers can always evade capture. The ring acts as an auto-dodge system.

Blood: One Ring to Rule Them All and in the Darkness Bind Them. Wearers can imprison others, probably by the ring creating literal chains that bind the target. Using the powers of this ring may require a blood sacrifice.