prospit or derse quiz

Balanced Prospit Dreamer!

Balanced Prospit Dreamer
        When you let go of this world’s reality (as you are apt to do rather often) you’ll find you reawaken in the land of gold. Prospit’s glistening towers and vivid blue skies fill your eyes with color and wonder. Here, you have the room you need to fly, and the time to express the vast abyss of your creativity. 
        You are a balanced dreamer, and unlike the asymmetrical dreamer you tend to be more comfortable with who you are. Over all, your personality is apt to be a little (ok kind of a lot) weird. Your actions are rather unpredictable, but this often turns out to be a blessing disguise. Because of your predictable demeanor, others may not be able to distinguish your different moods. Use this to your advantage, keep your friends close by letting them in on your secrets, and your enemies far by confusing them. 
        Of the beta kids, the Balanced Prospit dreamer is Jade. You may or may not find some commonalities with her, however keep in mind that you are connected by general ways of thinking. You might also consider the fact, that as a Balanced Prospit dreamer, you are likely to have some psychic abilities, to one extent or another. Good luck in your realities!

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