prospit jane

I could hear them howling from afar I saw them rushing to your car In a moment all went screaming wild Until the darkness killed the light

I remember running to the sea The burning houses and the trees

I remember running to the sea Alone and blinded by the fear

And the river flows beneath your skin Like savage horses kept within And all is wasted in the sand Like breaking diamonds with your hand

i havent been out of my house in 4 days because the ice still hasnt melted so heres more homestuck headcanons ft. Snow this time with crockengliharleyberts

-john is woke to the suburban experience so he knows how to pack the perfect snowball, the ones packed super tightly and hurt like hell, you know the ones. also sneaks up behind people and shoves snow down their collars

-jade is happy making a bunch of snowmen with jake until john hits her with a snowball, at which point she flings an entire snowman at john in retaliation. john is almost flattened by the force of impact. (whether jade does this with spacey powers or her own two hands is up for interpretation)

-jane doesnt like the cold so she comes out with 4 jackets 3 scarves a ski mask and a pair of goggles looking like shes going into an active warzone. not one inch of skin is exposed. john takes one look at her and falls over laughing. he puts a picture on his story labeled “cryptid”

-jake for someone who lived on a tropical island is stunningly bad at survival. tries to eat the snow. also has a marathon of the really cheesy old christmas specials. his favorite is frosty the snowman and he cries every time frosty dies


Derse: Rise up.

“Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n.” 
― John MiltonParadise Lost

DIRK: codedredalert DAVE: insipidsentimentalist
ROXY: goodbye-friendsiamgone ROSE: spritesplode
JANE: yumeroku JOHN: grimduck
JAKE: organized-pandemonium JADE: little-shuffles

PHOTOG: tadashioniisan 

jane crocker can probably throw u over her shoulder and bake you into her next pie Do Not fight jane crocker