prospero miranda and ariel

Reylo Tempest AU

“Have you felt it?” Luke Skywalker asked the ghost of his father, who was hovering right beside him on the cliff top, on his meditation spot.

“Yes, I did feel him, he is almost here.” Ghost Anakin confirmed, staring up at the sky.

Luke opened his eyes and looked up, “Then you know what I must do?”

Anakin turned to his son, his eyes sad and beseeching, “Then I must ask you to reconsider my son, he is my only grandson, Leia’s only child. The last of my bloodline.”

Luke turned to the ghost of his father, “You know the consequences of letting him come to us. He will march in here with his knights and destroy everything I built once again. He fooled me once, not again. I will not put my safety and the safety of my ward to chances.”

With that Luke raised his arms channelling the force focusing on the spaceship fast approaching the planet.

In Universe Tempest AU, where

Luke Skywalker is Prospero

Ghost Anakin is Ariel

Rey is Miranda

Kylo Ren/Ben Solo is Ferdinand

I was talking to some of my Shakespeare festival colleagues tonight and they were telling me about a production of the Tempest they did a few years ago where Ariel and Miranda were played by the same actor. Basically, Prospero would conjure Ariel who would then possess Miranda and I’m so sad I never got to see it because it sounds brilliant.  

John William Waterhouse (English Pre-Raphaelite painter) 1849 - 1917
Miranda, 1875
oil on canvas
76 x 101.5 cm. (30 x 40 in.)
signed ‘JW.Waterhouse’ (lower right)
private collection

Miranda is a character is William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest. The play was first performed around 1611. Waterhouse painted versions of Miranda at the start and end of his career. The other versions are both dated 1916.

In Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, Miranda is the beautiful daughter of the old Duke Prospero. Cast away with her father since she was three years old, she has lived an extremely sheltered existence. Though she has received a well-rounded education her father, she is desperately lacking in real world experience. The fifteen year old does not choose her own husband; instead, Prospero sends Ariel, his spirit servant, to fetch Ferdinand while Miranda is asleep, and arranges things so that the two will come to love one another. Her sexual experience is limited to fighting off the lustful advances of her father’s slave, Caliban, who tried to rape her. her limited knowledge of the world, she assumes that all men are good:
“Miranda "O I have suffered
With those that I saw suffer! A brave vessel,
Who had no doubt some noble creature in her,
Dashed all to pieces. O the cry did knock
Against my very heart! Poor souls they perished” “

Another aspect of her is her tendency to get emotionally attached. Even as she watches the massive storm caused by her father she becomes emotionally entwined with the fates of the mariners, Miranda is very prone to emotions:
"O, I have suffered
With those that I saw suffer!”

However, even though she is thought typically as a naïve girl, she also displays moments of great strength. For example in these lines — which many editors have transferred to Prospero — she sheds her usual passive role, scolding Caliban:
“When thou didst not, savage,
Know thine own meaning, but wouldst gabble like
A thing most brutish, I endowed thy purposes
With words that made them known….who hadst dissevered more than a prison.”

Miranda also challenges her father when she begs for the life of those on the ship, telling him: “Had I been any great god of power, I would have sunk the sea within the earth, or ere the good ship so have swallowed, and the fraughting souls within her!”

Favorite Caretaker? Favorite Caretaker of the Caretakers Emeritus, and which Caretaker or Group of Caretakers? Who'd you want to know more about?

So, that’s rather self explanatory. So, yeah. By all means list reasons if you like. In my case (and I admit, I asked the question mostly so I could answer it myself, but have a lead in for others to answer), probably Charles (John as a close second), Poe, and again Poe. Mostly to figure out about his Caretaker days, but also about his life after he was Cain and before he was Poe. For example, if he was Prospero, was Miranda real as well? What of Caliban or Ariel? Is the island of Tamerlane house Prospero’s Island? These questions nibble at my mind. Speaking of Prospero, I’d also really like to find out about Shakespeare’s time as a Caretaker, and who he’d work along side ( still need to do the research to find out if he was a Caretaker by the time the rule of Three was introduced. I think it started with Brahe, Cervantes, and Spenser right?). Like, did any of his actors know about the Archipelago?


karenhealey’s shakespeare dance movies the tempest

The usurper Antonio, using his brother Prospero’s tyrannous exactitude as the excuse for firing him, casts Prospero out of the Milan School of Dance. Isolated in the Island Studio with his reluctant assistants Caliban and Ariel, Prospero brings up his daughter Miranda, training her according to his rigorous standards. When street performer Ferdinand breaks into the studio to take shelter from a dangerous thunderstorm, Miranda is as intrigued by his exuberant, kinetic performance as he is impressed by her control and precision. When Antonio and Alonso’s father turn up and seek Ferdinand through the dark passages and mirrored rooms of Island, the stage is set for the final, theatrical confrontation.”

Coral Bones is out today!

My novella, Coral Bones, the first story in the Shakespearean Monstrous Little Voices anthology from Rebellion Publishing, is out today!

What’s it about, you ask? Well:

Miranda, daughter to Prospero, the feared sorcerer-Duke of Milan, stifles in her new marriage. Oppressed by her father, unloved by Ferdinand, she seeks freedom; and is granted it, when her childhood friend, the fairy spirit Ariel, returns. Miranda sets out to reach Queen Titania’s court in Illyria, to make a new future…

As much as The Tempest is one of my favourite Shakespearean plays, his treatment of Miranda has always bothered me. Aged sixteen, after being raised alone on an island with only her father and spirits for company, Miranda’s ‘happy ending’ is to marry the first man she ever meets within a day of meeting him. This story is my way of asking: what happens next? Who is Miranda, really? What if Ariel, not Prospero, had the bulk of her raising? What would a girl from an island think of life at court?

What if Ariel had to set her free?

Coral Bones is a story about gender identity, feminism and fairies. I’m hugely honoured that it’s your first chance to explore the Monstrous Little Voices collection, and hope it leaves you eager to read the subsequent stories: The Course of True Love, by Kate Hartfield; The Unkindest Cut, by Emma Newman; Even in the Cannon’s Mouth, by Adrian Tchaikovsky; and On the Twelfth Night, by Jonathan Barnes.

Happy book day, everyone!


Here is a compilation of all Colin Morgan’s scenes in Island, Parked, The Fall, Quirke, The Tempest, Testament of Youth, and Humans, as well as a compilation of every single scene he appeared in in BBC Radio 1′s Good Omens (with transcripts!).



  1. Calum
  2. Shell
  3. Where’s Your Dad? - 1 | 2
  4. Pretty
  5. Apology - 1 | 2
  6. Eat Up
  7. Stalking
  8. Stuck in the Mud
  9. Seals - 1 | 2
  10. Fog
  11. Back Home - 1 | 2
  12. Admiration
  13. Forest - 1 | 2
  14. Bottles on a Line
  15. Treasure Trove - 1 | 2
  16. Campfire
  17. Proposition - 1 | 2
  18. Table Rock - 1 | 2 | 3
  19. A Different Story - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
  20. Fight
  21. Bedside
  22. Leaving
  23. Escape
  24. Storm - 1 | 2
  25. The Final Blow
  26. Into the Water
  27. I’ll Never Leave You - 1 | 2 | 3


  1. The First Glimpse
  2. Music
  3. Introductions - part 1 | part 2
  4. Jump!
  5. Conversations - part 1 | part 2
  6. Jules
  7. Knocking on the Door
  8. Access Denied
  9. Pulled Aside - part 1 | part 2
  10. Old Friends
  11. The Watch - part 1 | part 2
  12. Flat Tyre
  13. A Cup of Coffee
  14. Driving
  15. Dangerous Driving - part 1 | part 2
  16. Falling Leaves
  17. Morning Routine - part 1 | part 2
  18. Visiting Jules
  19. Jules’ House
  20. The Broken Clock
  21. Not Bad
  22. Access Denied, Again
  23. Rescue
  24. By the Water
  25. Call on Fred
  26. Third Wheel
  27. Cleaning the Car
  28. Liar
  29. Beat Up - part 1 | part 2
  30. Dad - part 1 | part 2
  31. Fireworks - part 1 | part 2
  32. The Coffin


  1. Prospero calls for Ariel - part 1 | 2
  2. Ariel sings; Miranda and Ferdinand meet for the first time - part 1 | 2
  3. Ariel witnesses an exchange - part 1 | 2
  4. Trinculo and Stephano are the epitome of hilarity, and Ariel looks on - part 1 | 2
  5. Ariel enters as the terrifying harpy
  6. Ariel and Prospero discuss Miranda and Ferdinand
  7. Ariel, Prospero, Miranda, and Ferdinand dance - part 1 | 2
  8. Ariel casts a spell
  9. The dogs are out
  10. Ariel and Prospero discuss humanity
  11. Prospero frees his prisoners as Ariel looks on
  12. Ariel sings
  13. Problems are resolved, and Prospero makes a final speech as Ariel looks on - part 1 | 2
  14. The cast dances for the curtain call


  1. La Vie En Rose (or: with portuguese subtitles)
  2. April’s House (or: with portuguese subtitles)
  3. The Theatre (or: with portuguese subtitles)
  4. The Morgue (or: with portuguese subtitles)
  5. Patrick (or: with portuguese subtitles)
  6. Comfort (or: with portuguese subtitles)


  1. episode 2x04 - 1
  2. episode 2x05 - 1 | 2
  3. episode 2x06 - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7



  1. Newt applies for a job as witch finder via phone call to Madam Tracy. audio | transcript
  2. Newt speaks to Sergeant Shadwell about his interest in the job. audio | transcript


  1. Newt reads the pilot newspapers in search of suspicious phenomena. audio | transcript
  2. Newt and Shadwell go through their witchfinding inventory. audio | transcript
  3. Newt is curious about Agnes Nutter. audio | transcript
  4. Newt finds out about his great-great-great-grandfather, Thou-Shalt-Not-Commit-Adultery Pulsifer, who was one of the greatest witchfinders to ever have lived. audio | transcript
  5. Newt is hilariously British about the weather. “Normal weather at this time of year isn’t normal, Sergeant!” audio | transcript
  6. A UFO stops in front of Newt’s car, and he has a conversation with an alien. audio | transcript


  1. Newt and Anathema meet for the first time. audio | transcript
  2. Newt and Anathema attempt to decipher Agnes’ prophecies. audio | transcript
  3. Newt and Anathema find a prophecy about themselves. Awkwardness ensues. audio | transcript


  1. In which post-coital Newt is extremely giggly. audio | transcript


  1. Newt and Anathema finally figure out the meaning of one of Agnes’ prophecies. audio | transcript
  2. Newt and Anathema get to the airbase. audio | transcript
  3. There is a diversion. audio | transcript
  4. Newt and Anathema take down a guard. audio | transcript
  5. Newt makes things explode in the communications room. Hilarity ensues. audio | transcript
  6. Newt makes a confession, but ends up fixing things anyway. audio | transcript
  7. In which there are decision to be made, volcanoes, and pins. audio | transcript
  8. Anathema is confusing, but Newt takes it in his stride. audio | transcript
  9. Newt’s Wasabi car has changed. audio | transcript
  10. Newt and Anathema get a package, but they’re not sure whether it’s a welcome one… audio |transcript


  1. best of episode 2
  2. best of episode 3
  3. best of episode 4
  4. best of episode 5
  5. best of episode 6


  1. Vera and the boys in the lake
  2. Vera and the boys by the lake
  3. Vera gets a new piano
  4. Vera doesn’t want to get married - Victor is crestfallen
  5. Victor plays the piano
  6. Vera writes to her brother
  7. Victor appears in uniform
  8. Vera has some good news to share
  9. Vera sees a familiar friendly face in a street in Oxford
  10. Vera and the boys come home
  11. Vera and the boys by the sea
  12. Victor is there to hear about Roland’s death
  13. Vera finds Victor blinded in a hospital ward
  14. Vera proposes to Victor
  15. Victor’s final scene



  1. Synthnapped - part 1 | part 2
  2. The Threat
  3. Max
  4. Niska - part 1 | part 2
  5. Mia


  1. Brothers
  2. The Garage - part 1 | part 2
  3. Injured
  4. We Have To Go!
  5. Charging


  1. You Can’t Forget
  2. Someone’s Dead
  3. Human Words
  4. Anita Found


  1. Stealing Cars
  2. The Synth Project
  3. Hu-bot97: part 1 | part 2
  4. A Revelation: part 1 | part 2
  5. Life
  6. A Tight Spot


  1. Be Nice
  2. A Bit Weird
  3. Science Project
  4. Where Are You, Mimi?
  5. Dead and Gone
  6. Failed
  7. Alone


  1. Walking
  2. Almost
  3. Explain
  4. Not Dead
  5. Memories - part 1 | part 2
  6. A Meeting
  7. Reunion - part 1 | part 2
  8. We’re All Free
  9. Joe the Sneak
  10. An Unexpected Sacrifice - part 1 | part 2
  11. BONUS: Mia resurfaces (request)


  1. Fred Again
  2. It Wasn’t Safe There
  3. Washed Up
  4. Operation - part 1 | part 2
  5. The Boring One
  6. You Don’t Know Me
  7. Shirtless and Crying
  8. Close Call - part 1 | part 2
  9. No DNA?
  10. Unstoppable
  11. We’ll Go - part 1 | part 2
  12. Going
  13. Karen


  1. Awake
  2. Half-Synth, Half-Human
  3. Connected
  4. Hobb’s Plan
  5. Grey Area
  6. An Appeal to Humanity
  7. Freed
  8. Meetup
  9. Silent Traitor
  10. We Are People - part 1 | part 2
  11. All Together
  12. The Tree - part 1 | part 2
  13. Let Her Go
  14. Goodbye - part 1 | part 2