Let me go, Lord.
Let me go.
Swing with me
from your highest mountains
and let me go.

Let me go, Lord.
Oh, let me go.
Swim with you
in your deepest fountains.
Let me go.

Let go, Lord.
Let me go.
I’m hanging
from your highest mountains
so don’t let me go.
Let me go, Lord.
Let me go.
I was jumping
from your highest mountains
You never let me go.
Oh, Lord, never let me fall.
Don’t let me go, Lord.
Don’t you let me go.
I was drowning my sorrows
in your deepest fountains.
You never let me go.

You never let me say goodbye, Lord.
I never wanted to go
by my own free will to die.
Oh, my, Lord,
you never let me down.
Oh, my, Lord,
you never let me drown.


Don’t Let me Go.

Now my Feet Won’t Touch the Ground by Coldplay from Prospekt’s March.

With the same sword they knight you, they gon’ good night you with
Shit, that’s only half if they like you
That ain’t even the half what they might do
Don’t believe me? ask Michael
See Martin, see Malcolm
See Biggie, see Pac, see success and its outcome
See Jesus, see Judas
See Caesar, see Brutus, see success is like suicide
Suicide, it’s a suicide
If you succeed, prepare to be crucified
Media meddles, niggas sue you, you settle
Every step you take, they remind you you ghetto
So it’s tough being Bobby Brown
To be Bobby then, you have to be Bobby now
And the question is, is to have had and lost,
Better than not having at all?
—  Lost+ - Coldplay and Jay Z
WOAH. Just had a epiphany.

I’m really slow, because I’m sure that millions of others have already pieced this thought together, BUT!

I get the meaning of the double title “Prospekts March/Poppyfields”

Prospekts March contains the lyrics “people burying their dead”.
Most likely soliders or victims.  

Poppies grow over soliders graves.
Poppies are mentioned “In Flanders Fields” (a war poem).
Poppies are one of the few flowers that can grow in lime-dense (because of battle) soil.


You guys, laugh all you want, but I am so happy right now.


Now My Feet Wont Touch the Ground
  • Now My Feet Wont Touch the Ground
  • Coldplay
  • Prospekt’s March (EP)

Let me go boys, let me go.

Push my boat from the highest cliff to the sea below.
Rocks are waiting, boys, rocks await.
Swoop down from the sky and catch me like a bird of prey.

Now my feet won’t touch the ground, now my head won’t stop.
You wait a lifetime to be found; now my feet won’t touch the ground.