B:It’s like one of the only things he has trouble with! He’s not even bad at shapeshifting he just hasn’t gotten much practice because he doesn’t like it.

S:Oh whatever! So I’m bad at some things, those things aren’t even that great! I still have pyrokinesis, super strength, ecto bolts, the ability to sense emotions, freezing stuff, telepathy, I can fly-

B:Alright, alright sorry. Spence-sitive topic, I get it, it’s cool!

( :3 thank you! )

“If you’re going to make this hard on me then I am going to make this even harder for you.” Spencer said.

Billy had begun to get increasingly annoying over the course of the few weeks they were stuck together. He just didn’t know when to stop talking and it was constantly about himself. How one person could never run out of things to say about themselves was beyond Spencer.

“Yeah, right and how are you going to do that to me?” Billy gestured towards himself.

Spencer smirked and he already had a plan in motion, he just had to wait for the right moment and one was walking in right now.

“Mr.Cobra!! Can you sign this for me? I am such a huge fan!” A decently attractive fan girl came up to Billy.

“How could you not be? Of course I can grace your things with my signature.” He smirked.

Spencer seized the opportunity and started to levitate small things around Billy. It unfazed the girl but Billy had taken notice. To hype it up Spencer took a deep breath and it came out as an icy chill against the girls neck. She shivered but was still too excited in meeting Billy to notice. Finally Spencer reached over in what looked like an attempt to posses the girl but he knew he couldn’t. However Billy didn’t know that.

“Alright I get it!!” He yelled, scaring the girl out from backstage. She grabbed her CD from his hands and bolted out as fast as she could.

“Way to go smooth guy.” Spencer smiled wide.


Cup of Coffee

Oh god I’ve never done this before. Okay, um, so…this is a fanfiction I agreed to do for Miss Pro and the others who were at her livestream last night! *starts fidgeting* Oh god Chuzzie was right…I am like sugar who gives people teeth aches… Awesome!

Okay! So, this is a DTMG 80s AU! The first chapter is really short but it’s supposed to be! It’s setting up the story and first chapter’s are always tiny, so, uh, yeah…


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Billy gripped Spencers hand tight as they stepped out of the car and onto the stairs of the church. The crowd was split obviously into two separate groups, one side cheering and full of acceptance the other side angry and hateful at the sight.

“Are you ready for this?”

Spencer squeezed Billys hand tighter and took a deep breath,


The spiteful peoples words could barely even be heard over Spencers pounding heart but Billy heard them all, anger boiling up inside of him.


He looked down at Spencer who’s eyes had started to get red.

“I don’t want this moment ruined.” he smiled.

Billy smirked back. Spencer was so perfect he could hardly believe he was standing here with him about to do this.

About to become his,


And nobody, could take that away from either of them.

The stairs seemed to get further and further away as they walked towards them but Spencer wasn’t afraid. He wanted this, He really really did but that didn’t stop the tears from falling.

“Are you alright.”

“Yeah, I’m just really happy right now.”

“God damn you are beautiful.”

Spencer Chuckled, and Billy led him up to the altar.

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