Most recent reality check

I called my family the other day to check in and when I talked with my grandmother she offhandedly told me she had intended to give me her brain in her living will so I could learn more about the family.

I was touched, I was honored, and then I was deeply saddened.

I’ve seen many cadavers, prosected many bodies, and forgot just how desensitized it made me sometimes.

I know in my heart I could never prosect someone I knew and loved. I would never be asked to but the though rang strong in my mind.

As I move forward in healthcare I will try my best to keep this memory strong to mitigate a tendency toward becoming jaded.

Feel free to share similar stories.

Yes Master-M!A in affect

Jessie was hiding, she didn’t actually know where she was but she figured being lost was better than having to go through with the Anon’s spell, she was going to avoid Flake at all costs. She sighed softly and she glanced around again for the third time since she had sat down
“He’s not going to find you calm down” she muttered quietly to herself then she froze when she saw him there, she didn’t think he had seen her yet but she wasn’t sure “damn it, damn it damn it damn it!, please don’t turn around, please don’t turn around”


Sooo, I had my very first ever drawing session at the University of Edinburgh Medical School. ,,It’s such a privilege’’, my coursemates told me, so I felt like I must cease this opportunity to do anatomy studies from primary source, which was fascinating, though, I had to overcome this huge psychological bareer, since, those who met me, know that I am a person with very fragile nerves and a wild imagination when it comes to creepy dead people, let alone chopped body parts with no skin. I am so happy to have made it to the dissection drawing session and I hope my visit was one of many to come. Thanks to my rainbros, the best coursemates ever who convinced me to give it a go. Much appreciate this!