There is nothing wrong with wanting space. Or time. Or isolation. I don’t say any of that like it’s okay to cut yourself out of the picture completely, I’m just saying–

You don’t always have to live in the moment.
Choose a movie marathon over a party if that’s what you need.
Throw your attention to the stars if it’s too distracted anywhere else.
Sleep in on the weekends and let your responsibilities realize they take you for granted.
Be honest enough to tell the people around you that life gets too heavy sometimes and you gotta check out.

There is nothing wrong with carving out a shelter apart from this dimension and putting everything on pause for a while. It’s got nothing to do with anyone or anything else, it’s about you. Take care of yourself, even if it means you have to put life on hold for a bit. Time goes on, but we can pretend like it doesn’t. Because even though time is always ready to take us back again, you won’t always be ready to go.
—  Take mental health days, take daily breathers, they don’t make you fragile, they keep you strong
Do not make promises you do not intend to keep because some lives are built around the promises you make.
I don’t cry about you anymore. But every once in a while thoughts of you cross my mind and that aching, empty feeling in the pit of my stomach comes back, and I wonder what would have happened if things had gone our way.
—  every time I think I’ve moved on I still hear his voice in the back of my mind
i. I am covered in red. And there is this boy sitting in front of me in math class with all the right answers and a smile bigger than his heart. Mostly blue but he’s so so sweet that he’s almost dripping yellows and pinks.

ii. My friends are teasing me again. ‘You’ve got a crush!!’ they chant. Their words make me bubble up brown and I ignore it. But when he asks me to hangout after school they’ve never seemed more green and I’ve never felt so wrong.

iii. He makes me laugh. And when he kisses me I can almost feel alright. (I promise I like purple. I promise I like purple. I promise I like purple.) We break up two weeks later. It feels more relief than heartbreak.

iv. There is a girl sitting two rows behind me in my math class who is as confused as I am. She’s such a bright violet that it almost hurts to look. But I look anyway. I look and look and look.

v. I’m finding excuses to touch her now. A hand on her hand (it was an accident I swear), or a hug that lasts slightly longer than necessary. Sometimes I lean in too close and I can smell her skin (salt and roses, she smells like sleep and happiness and daydreams).

vi. She kisses me behind locked bathroom doors and my head spins. (Oh god, so this is what it’s supposed to feel like). Her hands are leaving trails of pinks and silvers on my skin till I’m drowning and drowning and drowning. And I’ve never wanted to breathe less.
—  our kiss must have lasted five minutes but i’m already imagining lifetimes // i.s.
Every night, I watch the stars.
I watch for those that would dare to jump and fall.
Those that I could make a wish on.
I feel like there’s too much of me in this place and this very ground I’m standing on,
because I know that fragments of me are with you.
Fragments like my heart.
My soul.
Even my hope.
Like fire, it flickers every now and then,
and I know it could burn out at any minute
but instead,
it just grows stronger with every image of you that fills my mind.
I know that we are staring at the same moon every night.
And I hope you can see every punch I’m throwing on its surface,
every impossible thing that I would do for you.
I know we will see each other,
because in my dreams you are never distant
because every inch of me longs for you,
every part of me that dreams wants you to be real,
and every damn pain that crawls beneath my veins
is because you are far away.
It hurts because you should be here with me right now.
It hurts because you should be reading this poem by looking in my eyes.
That way, you’ll see
just how much this distance kills me.

a guy who kisses me like he never wants to stop, who twirls my hair around his finger and looks at me like I’m the only girl in his world. a guy who traces every inch of my body with a touch so light that I never have to worry about a thing, just close my eyes and get lost in the feeling. a guy whose eyes I get lost in, whose hands fit perfectly in mine, whose words glue a permanent smile on my face.

that’s a guy who I know I can fall in love with, who I’m falling for more and more every day, who makes my world light up with joy and wanting and makes it complete.

a guy who is all mine, and who I have no intention of letting go.

—  about a guy // a.k.
Things Your Family Said

No you aren’t
A loser
But damn
You sure are
In the ways
You refrain
From speaking
When doing
Just what
You’ve been
And abiding
By rules
That we give you
In order
To establish
Those freedoms
We say are
A chance
At respecting
The beliefs
You may already
As our child
And life
Who is waiting
To believe
That their future
Is shielded
From risks
We opposed
As your parents
Because fear
Is a means
Of control
Or genes
That remain
In the family
As anxiety
Is why
You keep staying
When the rest
All moved out
In best interest
To follow
What lies
That can kill
With compelling
Or feeling
Of depression
Or loss
That is stated
In the subtle
Yet clear
Set of actions
We confess
On our knees
At that church
Each Sunday
As we mention
Your thinning
Is offensive
To those
Who are starving
Though we said
You should
As a child
Because then
You were fat
As a cow -
So go ahead
All your chances
Cause that’s what
You’ve always
Been good
But accept that
You’ll leave
When its painful
To exist
With white lies
That you

- J. Pigno

the stars always find a way to
shine despite the darkness and you too will find a way to go on despite the horrible things that happen to you .
—  Kriti.G / No darkness can take away your light
change & growth

my lungs keep filling with air i forget to breathe. / i tried to drink the ocean through a straw, / but the tide pulled my head under before i got past the foam. / the head on my shoulders hasn’t felt like mine in over a decade / so what are my options? / tell me if i’ll choke on my ego / or if my bones will collapse before i can get there. / the waves have been telling me fairy tales. / i’m old enough now to know i’m the witch. / my hands beg to be soft. / my tongue rebels. // s.r.

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Maybe he doesn’t miss you after all, but I know he still thinks about you.

He’s driving down the road and he sees the exact spot where you wrecked his car. He thinks about the way you had tears in your eyes and couldn’t stop saying you were sorry.

He’s going through his closet and sees the shirt you got him for his birthday. He thinks about the way you were biting your lip as he opened it, just hoping he’d love it.

He’s walking down the grocery store aisle and sees your mom. She smiles at him, and she looks so much like you. He wonders how you and your family have been. He hasn’t heard from you in so long.

He’s looking for his old notebook and stumbles across the scrapbook you gave him. He could never bring himself to throwing it away. He can’t help but opening it, and his heart beats a little faster as he turns the pages.

He’s on your road for the first time in months, and looking at your driveway is almost painful. All he can see is you running out of your front door, smiling from the east to the west, jumping into his arms.

So maybe he doesn’t miss you after all, but I promise he still thinks about you. You were kind, you were caring, and you were brave in the way you loved him.

That is a love he will never forget.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #94 // It still matters even if it wasn’t meant to last forever