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Is Decisive a book? Is it a book I need? It sounds like a book I need.

Decisive is a book, and I firmly believe that everyone of our generation should at least try reading it. 

Chip and Dan Heath are two terrifyingly intelligent brothers who have written a series of books that are, really, at base, how to hack the brain of yourself and everyone else around you in healthy, positive ways – they’re not quite self-help books, more like…guidebooks to adulting. Two of their books, Made to Stick and Switch, are primarily about business, but have personal applications also – they’re both about effecting permanent change, or knowing when to make a change. 

Decisive is about techniques for making better decisions and how to give yourself more options when faced with a choice. For example, they briefly talk about making a pro/con list (and the history of it – apparently Ben Franklin really loved them) but then they talk about moving beyond the pro/con list to more sophisticated techniques that help to exclude emotional bias. 

Like, they talk about “hedging”, where you give yourself a taste of each option or you hedge your investment in a choice. If my main concern was whether I’d be happy in Boston or whether I’d want to move back to Chicago, I might “hedge” by putting most of my stuff in cheap pod storage, going to Boston with just the basics, and sending for my stuff in six months if I was still happy there, or moving back if I found I wasn’t. If I wanted to make the move permanent, I wouldn’t pay significantly more than if I’d moved six months earlier, and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t pay to move at all, just a sort of convenience fee for storage. 

And just thinking about hedging helped me say “No, I don’t need to do that. I know I’ll like the city, I just don’t know about the job” which helped me focus on the real concerns I have as opposed to the extraneous stuff. 

Last time I used the book’s techniques, I was trying to decide whether to leave my job (because it was moving south and would make my commute hard) or move south to be closer to it, and I used their “set a deadline” advice. Rather than immediately choosing one or the other, I decided to jobsearch for six months, and if I hadn’t found anything, I’d stop jobsearching and start looking for apartments. It worked really well, and that’s how I ended up in this sweet condo I’ve got now. :D

Anyway, I strongly recommend all three books; I think they are exceptional for helping people cope with a very uncertain world. But Decisive has been the most directly useful to me in my personal life. Every time I’m faced with a decision of this agonizing, terrifying size, I re-read the book to try and find the best way to move forward. It always has something to offer that I’d forgotten about. :)

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been around for a while but I could really use your help with a project.

I’m in my third year of University and I need to do a series of large scale paintings. My theme is the circus (good and bad) so if you could send me things you associate with the circus in the form of lists, pictures you find/have, drawings you do, paintings you’ve seen, newspaper articles, really anything having to do with the circus I would really appreciate it.

If you all reblog this and tell your friends and send me whatever you have then I promise I’ll post all my paintings on tumblr when they’re finished :)

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how did you go about getting your work published? (idk where to start at all lol)

i do kinda want to make a vid about this but idk if people will be particularly interested. basically, i self-published–there’s different ways for one to do that. you can go through createspace, amazon, etc. i opted for neither of those and worked directly with a printer. i purchased my own isbn and constructed a pdf of the whole book myself. traditional publishing is also a thing, where, normally, after you write your book/have it edited, you send query letters to publishers and hopefully one will eventually find it interesting and ask for a full manuscript, leading to, naturally, them publishing it. but yes! different routes. both with a multitude of pros and cons

Girl Scout Cookies

summary: bucky goes to the captain america exhibition at the smithsonian in an attempt to find out more about his past. a girl scout recognises and blackmails him

word count: 1.3k+

requested: nope

pairing: none, my aromantic self just had a cute aromantic idea

warnings: ca:tws spoilers?? light swearing??

a/n: too cute

inspiration: one

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I'd like some advice. So I'm a Muslim male in college right now and basically I want to know hypothetically if i was intending to marry a sister but wasn't quite ready but at the same time wanted to get married immediately and she wanted to get married immediately as well, do you think after talking to her parents that waiting a year is good? How long do you think is "too long" to be engaged before getting married?

Well, the only thing about long engagements is that if you’re intending on getting a western engagement where you ask and she said yes (with family knowledge of course) then a year engagement can really open the door to haram. Another option is you can get the traditional cultural engagement when you’re islamically married with nikkah but you don’t move in together for like a year. Basically this becomes a halal boyfriend/girlfriend type relationship. There are pros and cons to these types of marriages, so it’s definitely something to make istikhara about. One thing for sure is that if you do like her and want to marry her then speak to her parents asap. If you aren’t ready too speak to her parents then stop talking to her in secret without them knowing until you are ready to do so.

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What's your opinion on the Duck Tales reboot so far? Do you like the character designs? Are you hoping that they have Goldie in it?

I’ve made a few posts about it already, and I have mixed feelings about it. There are pros and cons to everything so far.


  • The producer is a European a(the true-blue Duck fans) and has stated dozens of times how big of a Barks/Rosa fan he is. He also said they will be relying heavily on Barks/Rosa/European stories and making them as true to the comics as possible.
  • Donald is going to be in the series which is a huge improvement from the original show, where they replaced him entirely with some comic relief character names Launchpad McQuack (who I’m HOPING they don’t bring back…)
  • The art style looks pretty neat and retro. 
  • $crooge is wearing his red broadcloth coat and Donald his black sailor suit, which is staying true to the comics.
  • There’s evidence (that I attained personally after meeting a d*sney voice actor, which is another story) Donald’s voice will be normal and not his usual Clarence Nash style duck voice… which is UNLIKELY, but hey, they did it for the Paperinik video game, so why not? I mainly support this because I entertain the idea of comic book Donald having a normal voice like everyone else, also, I fucking despise Tony Anselmo, and that’s most likely who they’d have voicing him if they kept the ducky voice.
  • Since it’s made by a Barks/Rosa fan, there’s a chance Goldie will have a more accurate character design and maybe even more screentime (even though she got LOADS of episodes with her in the original series)
  • There’s a chance Magica will actually have her Italian accent (not RUSSIAN) and Flintheart will have his South African accent (not SCOTTISH)
  • The producer hinted at how he wanted to make a Paperinik cameo/episode. That would be awesome.


  • Since DuckTales is still owned by d*sney, they will not be giving very much credit to the original writers of the stories these episodes will be based on. Even in the original DuckTales, they only put a small snippet in the end credits sometimes about how the episodes were loosely based on Carl Barks’ comics. The minds that inspired the episodes won’t be asked permission to use their stories and certainly wont be paid for them. 
  • They probably wont change the theme song….and god damn am I tired of hearing it…
  • They probably wont eliminate the annoying, unnecessary characters like Launchpad, Webby, Fenton/GizmoDuck and (worst of all) Bubba Duck.
  • Basically a lot of stuff I hated about the original series wont get changed because d*sney knows the only way they’ll get views is if they keep it nostalgic and familiar.
  • A whole new generation of grubby handed little brats singing the theme song and buying d*sney’s shitty cash-cow merchandise without even knowing about the comics….ugh (yes I’m one of those people who decides who’s a “real fan” or not. Fight me.)
  • A lot of people think this new show will give more exposure to the comics in America…but it wont,I can guarantee that. And it never will. If it didn’t give the comics exposure in the 80s-90s when they were actually PUBLISHED here by Gladstone/Gemstone, then it certainly wont give them exposure now when the comics aren’t even available in any English speaking countries.

Entame Next: Monari Wakita Exclusive Interview -“I am prepared to face the pros and cons of going solo”

Original article published on Entame Next (23 September 2016)

Interviewed by: Takahiro Iguchi
Translated by: @especia-va-bien

On the 29th of February 2016, Monari Wakita graduated from Especia. Just by losing the powerful presence of her explosive yet soulful vocals which carried the group, voices of sorrow followed suit even from those who weren’t fans. Following her departure, there were fears that her existence would fade out as nothing about her was announced.

Even having appeared exclusively for one night only as a secret guest in May at the concert of Indonesian band ikkubaru, no new developments were seen… or so we thought. Things took an unexpected turn that night when a staff member from Hoshino Michiru’s label VIVID SOUND was present at the venue who by chance exchanged greetings with Monari. In the following weeks, Monari Wakita would begin preparing to come back as a solo singer from VIVID SOUND.

She was determined to return to the music scene. Making the move from Osaka to Tokyo, and on top of secretly receiving vocal coaching and recording, it has been decided that her first single produced by Hoshino Michiru’s producer Hase Hajimu will be released in the first half of November.

Leading up to this, we bring you this exclusive interview about her debut solo performance at the VIVID SOUND Presents “Hoshino Michiru no Tasogare no Ryuseigun vol. 5” event at Daikanyama UNIT, Tokyo, on the 23rd of September.

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/)///v///(\ :3

Send me “/)///v///(\” to see how my muse would talk about yours, to another person. 

{This is sounding very much like a six month review, despite what you assured me.} 

She remarks dryly, settling her chin on her paws as she watches her pilot pace. They’d been talking for close to an hour now, although she had been doing relatively little speaking. He’d just spend the majority of that time bouncing ideas and thoughts and rhetorical questions off of her, weighing pros and cons and benefits and costs. He reviewed the little otter’s work and performance with the critical eye of a commanding officer. 

She only had one conclusion to come to- he was contemplating and second-guessing his decision to not only let the little otter live, but to remain and work with them. The last incident between the green paladin and the galra officer had left her pilot rattled. She was beginning to hypothesize that there was a different meaning to these altercations between green and otter. A form of stress relief, although not the most healthy form for either of them. So far though, they had managed the barest amount of self restraint to not seriously harm each other. Maim, yes, but permanent injury? Not so much. Besides, cubs needed discipline sometimes and Green’s pilot was just barely out of the kitten stage of their life. They’d yet learned to temper their curiosity with self preservation and control, at least in the castle. They were better out in the field, on missions and the like, but in the castle? In the privacy of what amounted to a home for them? The pilot was bordering on cocky indestructibility. Understandable, considering, but it did highlight how much of a cub they were. 

            {I would not be worried, if I were you. I am not, silver cub.} 

She watched, waiting for Shiro to accept her words, trust her judgement. Surprisingly, he looked at her and the expression on his face showed a certain amount of disbelief she had not encountered in many a years. It seemed he was questioning her judgement. 

She snorted, venting how air at the man before her. 

                  {Let’s just, for a moment, put aside the conflicts he has with Green’s pilot.}

{So far, the little otter has not hurt any of the crew-} She huffed at Shiro again, the man already opening his mouth to protest her words.  
              {The incidents with Green will be addressed later. For now, just listen.} 

{He has not harmed the crew. Any of them. Quite the opposite, really. He is very careful with them. Even in the training room, he is careful. He treats them as one would growing cubs. He does not baby them, but neither does he overwhelm them. He does not lose control over his greater strength or abuse the experience he has over them. He teaches them, silver one. He teaches them and takes pains to keep things level with their growing skills and experience. Not to say he doesn’t push them. He does, but never too much. He eases them into the advanced concepts the same way you ease a cub into the deeper  part of the lake. Slowly, after they’ve acclimated. You don’t just throw them in. He knows that better than the Alteans do, it seems. 

{You don’t quite see it all the time because he doesn’t hold back at all with you. Unlike you, the others are much younger, less experienced. Less mature. With you? Well, you are more of the above, and have fully grown into your adult form. Not to mention, he knows that he can stretch his own muscles against you, Champion. } 

{He is a good teacher, even if it’s not entirely intentional. It is not often one gets to fight a former bitter enemy and learn from him repeatedly.}

“He does not share everything though. There are secrets and lies.”

          {If you mean lies through omission, then yes. You must also consider my sisters and myself liars as well. He would be fool to tell you everything. A fool of a man, a fool of a soldier and a fool of a tactician. Not even myself and my sisters tell you everything. Not about the universe, not about the castle, not about Voltron, gods, not even about ourselves. Such knowledge, such true knowledge, like most things in the galaxy, is earned. Not given. The respect, little one, has to go both ways.}

{Your complaints about his reluctance to share with the group is due primarily to culture differences. It’s no different than the Altean’s lack of a concept of privacy, or their difference in tastes. You will simply have to adapt and compromise, as you have with the princess and the adviser.  Even before the war, the Galra had some very ingrained responses to things. Weakness was never advertised. He does not tell you of injuries because it is not in his nature or his culture to. You take offense at his not telling you when there should be no offense taken. The same with your bonding activities. He will not just leap into them the same way the Alteans do. They are, at the core of their culture, shapeshifters and diplomats. They are like water. They adapt and mold to fit in with the cultures they are sharing the space with. The little otter is not going to join in until he has sufficient data on the activity. He is a tactician, and you are a group of strange and occasionally hostile aliens. Give him time, and be patient.}

“Alright… but… Lion, what happened the other day with Pidge is not something I can just let drop. He almost seriously-”

{It wasn’t that bad. Besides, Green’s pilot almost killed him.}
                                               { Would you react any better? }
              She snaps at her pilot, and he opens his mouth, ready to bite out a similar reply to her. She interrupts again. 

{I apologize. I could have phrased that better.}

    There’s a moment of silence before Shiro lets go of his own irritation with a sigh. 

“Forgiven. What are your thoughts on this then?”

{I am firmly convinced that both of them are at fault. They both will need to be spoken to, separately and together. It will be an issue that needs to get resolved. It is a good time to do it, as we are in a war and you need to get comfortable resolving such things. It will not be the last time we have almost killed an ally.}

Of course, they are lucky that it was just Haxus, and not Sendak as well. Haxus was loyal; his loyalty running as deep and strong as the most impressive rivers. The two of them together, on the castle? That would be a cause for concern, and she’s quite sure her opinion on him would be greatly different if that were the case. 

{He is better with the others, though.} 
            She offered as way of comfort. 

{Blue’s pilot is one he has a close relationship with, and I hear that he and Yellow’s pilot routinely go on planet-side expeditions together to obtain edible food. There was that great fish they returned with a fornight ago. They seemed to have had a good time. He even gets along with the little dragon.} 
         She knew she was stretching the truth here just a little. Sure, Haxus and Keith… tolerated each other. They were both far more comfortable in the training room sparring with each other than they were out of it with each other. Then again, some relationships were like that. You needed a weapon in your hands before you could speak with each other. Fitting since neither were very good with their words sometimes. Besides, both did better when they had something to focus on. 

{One of five is not a bad ratio. Even so, they do work well together. They are capable of it, when they choose.} 
       Shiro let out a poorly concealed laugh, disguised as a cough. 

{They do. It’s quite terrifying to watch. They’re both stealth and infiltration focused, but combining his vast experience and discipline with Green’s pilot’s raw technology talent? There is a reason I will not let either of them perform modifications on myself unsupervised.}

The laugh stopped being concealed, and she rumbled along with him until his laugh suddenly cut off. Something made him stumble. 

“You are actually fond of him.” 

He sounded surprised, as if this fact was something she concealed. She wasn’t one for subterfuge and subtlety. She rumbles  louder in amusement, venting more hot air at him. 

{Yes? Is this going to be a problem?} She hummed, fully ready to tease the human over it. She heard that the humans get jealous over some rather strange things. Like Keith and Red. She wasn’t rejecting him, but she knew that on some days, it probably felt like she was, and compared to the other lions, well. There was enough perceived difference that it was understandable. 

She glanced over at Shiro, and the look on his face made her pause, enough that she sent out a careful probing touch to their young and fragile bond, trying to understand what he was feeling. She felt an unsettling  silence coming from him. It was one thing for a paladin to manipulate the bond. it was an entirely diferrent matter when a pilot, one as new as this one, to shut her out completely. 

“Is it going to be?”               

     {You are asking if my affection for the Galra is going to be a problem.}

 Her statement is blunt, sharp; the cold question of someone clarifying a fact. 

His silence is damning and she lifts her head up, looking directly at her pilot as he returns her gaze. 

She almost gets to her feet, almost pushes her pilot against the nearest wall, to reestablish their positions here, to sooth the slight to her honor. 

Instead she doesn’t. She can’t keep herself from growling at him, from letting her eyes brighten to a burning gold. 

           {Takashi Shirogane, I know where my duty lies. It lies in protecting the universe, as vast as it comprises and as unreachable a goal that duty is.}

{He is a friend.
          {I will treat him as I have treated all of the friends I have held in the past. He is not a pilot, nor a paladin, nor is he a candidate for either with myself. That in itself eliminates a lot of potential conflict that I can think of. My personal life and my duty as a soldier do not cross nearly as much as it does amongst you organics. }

{I am confident in him and trust him completely, as things stand. When the situation changes is when I will reevaluate it, much as I would with the Altean advisor or the princess or any of the pilots on the ship.}

{I am well aware of, and can understand and respect your hesitation to trust a Galran soldier, but it has been six months.
                      {You have outfitted him with an arm and a leg. Of note, he has trusted the pilot who tried to kill him to attach the limb. He trusts all of you enough that he will eat at your table and sleep in the room provided, that neither a poisoning nor death will come to him during those times. 

{ He fights next to you, and has made no request to leave. Not because he can’t- there has been ample opportunity to do so. I have offered to assist, even.}
                            { He chooses to stay.}

{I find it is a what a man chooses to do that defines him more than what he is forced to do. So far, he has not chosen to leave. I would think on that, Takashi. He has chosen. To stay.}

She settles her head back on her chin, anger abated and her focus restored. She felt that Shiro might need a little more explanation, though, and decided to circumvent his questions that were sure to come. 

{He and I are friends because we are similar. We both are loyal. incredibly so. I am loyal to a cause, and he to people.
               {That number of persons is small,
                            {because he does not chose them flippantly.
                {He cares for this crew, Shiro. Almost as much as I do, it seems.}

{Of course, he is not without faults, most of which you have already touched upon in your review. The only thing I have to expand upon is that his fighting with Green’s Pilot. They are just similar that it is a problem, and just different enough that it makes this problem larger. A chaperone may be in order, until the little gremlin matures out of the gremlin stage and he mellows out enough with further familiarity.}

She paused, cocking her head to the side and glancing at her pilot, a smile creeping into her voice. 

{That, or we encourage some bonding activities.}

{Perhaps have them go fishing with Yellow’s pilot.}

“Oh yes, let’s have a river galra teach Pidge to fish. Near water. I can see that going well.”

{It will if you send the entire team. They need some fun in the sun. You can chaperone. It’ll be a grand time. You can pack a lunch.}

“Are you suggesting a picnic?”

                                                       {…. Perhaps.}

Her pilots laughter almost distracted her from the quietly retreating form at the archway.

pros and cons of curry for dinner

pros: spices and protein, call me the health qween

cons: making 30 papadums and then eating them all half an hour before serving

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I am gender fluid. I have guy and girl days and I write and do film and want to play a Trans boy in one of my series but one of my Trans friends said he would be mad if I did it and is he right that it would be bad for me to play a Trans boy when my I am Trans about half the time?

i think this is one of those grey areas where there’s no right answer, no right or wrong choice. i would say, tht you should decide how valuable this friendship is to you. if you want to do this and risk losing this friend, then go for it-it’s your right as a genderfluid person. if, however, you want to put your friendship in front of your wishes, then don’t do it. 

there are pro/con arguments on both sides, but i think it comes down to what you value more. would you rather be ‘right’ or would you rather have the friendship. i can’t tell you what to choose, as we all have our own value systems, but i hope you make the best choice for you. good luck dove!

Pros and Cons of having internet friends


  • They’re there for you when no one else is
  • They don’t judge you as harshly as the people you know irl (or not at all)
  • You can relate to them
  • You’re friendship isn’t based on looks/race/sexuality/gender/age


  • You may never be able to meet them in person
  • You can never dry their tears
  • You can never hug them
  • You can never truly show them how much you love them