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Samurai Jack is back! However, he’s in a bad place and needs to find his way again. One of my (and almost everyone’s) favorite cartoons has returned! Can’t wait to see the next episode of season 5!

That new season of Samurai Jack though…

So i was bored in between projects and decided to draw one of the Daughters of Aku as a lil warm up. Wanted to get the atmosphere right from their training montage scene with a classic “half mask” look. I really like the concept behind these characters and the intense action they bring to this darker season.

Hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for more art just like this one!

Samurai Jack: The Suffering Continues

I did it. Took me about a week, but I did it.

I never watched Cartoon Network unless I was at a hotel. But looking at it recently, I can understand everyone’s excitement when they announced his return. I’m already up to speed with the first 4 seasons, and I’m catching up with the darker one now.

I had to use pen tools for Jack, the sword, and that haunting warrior. But after that, I kind of rushed the background and used a previous drawing of Aku I had. The title I found on Google, because I really wanted to finish this without it feeling so empty.

Hope you all enjoy the image.

- B. Derrick


Time for our first #MusesMonday. This week: #Supergirl ! Thanks 2 @SungilaLuta from twitter for the idea. Don’t forget to leave your ideas for next week, I’ll draw the one I like most! ;)

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Day 5/ 100 Days
Going back and forth with the questions my professor sent us and reviewing the article to pinpoint where the answers are. Struggling to focus since I forgot my medicine and accidentally took it out of my bag this morning. But yay Starbucks.

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