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Time for our first #MusesMonday. This week: #Supergirl ! Thanks 2 @SungilaLuta from twitter for the idea. Don’t forget to leave your ideas for next week, I’ll draw the one I like most! ;)

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Day 16 & 17/100
University life is hectic but I’m still doing my best to post!!! I was tired yesterday to that I forgot to take a pic and post but above are my notes to make businesses cards for my senior project class yesterday which was done yesterday. Today reading for my History of Japanese Art class and hunting down answers to the questions.

To anyone who doesn’t like Spaleb

..I’m not saying that you should, after all you can’t really choose what to like. Just please, don’t consider it WRONG, because it’s not. The main reasons people hate it is because of Haleb and Spoby and the fact that they consider it to be rushed and unexpected.

Please, try to think about it. What can be wrong in two people loving each other? I get why you think Spencer betrayed Hanna, but there are no rules in love. And I’m not talking about sex or crushes. I would totally agree with you if Spencer and Caleb only slept together out of attraction, but they didn’t. Try to put yourself in her shoes.

What if you were the one who was stalked in high school? If someone made your life a living hell for two years after the death of one of your closest friends; if someone tried to frame you, kill you and your best friends, if you couldn’t remember what you did the night your friend disappeared. Add all of this to the nightmare adolescence is in itself, with all the problems it causes to the relationship with your family and try to consider what kind of family Spencer had..two demanding parents too invested in their job to see their daughter was struggling, but at the same time always ready to praise her older sister for being smart and perfect. An older sister who did not seem to care about her at all.
In the end, after high school ends, your stalker finally has a name and gets arrested. You can be free at last, follow your dreams, move away from a city that reminds you too much of the dark period you’ve been through, and you do it. You’re finally free, and as much as you love your friends you feel the need to distance yourself from them as well, because of what they make you think about. Or maybe just because you can now, just because you can leave them out of your sight without being terrified about what could happen to them.
So you move to a city far from home, where nobody knows you, and of course that’s great; but sometimes it’s hard, when you wake up in the middle of the night crying for help, or when you see someone wearing a red coat, just accross the road, and you start to panic because it doesn’t matter if A is in jail, some wounds never heal.
Above all that, you also break up with your boyfriend of two years. You move to Spain for a semester abroad and one day you’re waiting for the train like you’ve done so many times since you’ve moved there, when suddenly a well-known voice calls you. You look around but it can’t be him, right? He’s in NY, this wouldn’t make any sense, you’re probably just imagining things. But then you see him, on the opposite platform, waving at you with a big smile on his face. For a moment everything comes back to you.. fear, panic, pain, horror.
But then you spend the weekend with him and it’s all so natural. You don’t have to think about how to act, and you can just be yourself, for once. He gets you, he knows you, and it’s refreshing after years spent trying to hide a big part of who you are.
So you’re back in DC now, and he moved from NY after breaking up with his girlfriend. You’re in the same city, and that week end in Madrid was so liberating that you decide to give it another shot. You meet for dinner and everything goes well, actually more than well. You start to hang out every now and then, you talk to him about your new job, your collegues, everything you feel the need to share, and he does the same. Of course, you don’t have much free time but when you can you save part of it to catch up with him. Your nightmares are still there but now when you have a bad night and you wake up crying you know you can call him, and that makes you feel safer than ever. You don’t even realise you’re falling for him until it’s too late. One day, he shows up at your apartment with pizza and beers and his familiar lopsided smile, and suddenly it’s there, you finally understand why you feel the need to see him more and more, why you can’t wait to finish working when you know you’re gonna see him in a few hours. You understand the reason why you get that funny feeling in your stomach every time you hear him laughing.

Well, now what? Of course he’s your best friend’s ex and you didn’t mean to fall for him, but you did.

What if he was your soulmate?

What if he wasn’t, but you could be happy with him for a few years, become a better person thanks to him?

You know your friend has now moved on and she’s engaged to a man that makes her happy. For some time, you try to put some distance between you and Him, but you’re in too deep. He’s not simply someone you have a crush on; he’s your best friend, he’s been your rock for years now, you understand each other, so much that sometimes you feel like you belong with him. Would you really give something like this up?

And what if you were Hanna? Would you really feel like preventing your best friend from being happy just because of “girl code”?