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An @nti: Ok but Snape is an asshole/creepy friendzoned stalker/not a hero because-


Pros and Con's of Being My Friend

((has this been done already???))

*give good piggy back rides, v strong noodle arms
*honest advice
*up for deep convos at 3AM
*im kind of funny i guess??

*i never stop texting
*i have a severe jealousy problem
*will go on and on for hours about a show/game/band i love
*clingy as HECK
*probably a stalker

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You met lizzo? Holy fucking bejesus!! Is she nice? What did you guys talk about?

I told her how much I look up to her and love her music. Then we talked about pro-blackness and giving back to the Black community through our work. We took photos (her dancers are also soooo amazing aaaah!) and talked about soul food. Then I mentioned if she’s ever in Atlanta, Tony and I could find her some great food and she told me she’ll be around in June!

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jungkook for pros and cons?


  • amazing @ giving back hugs  
  • the best amusement park buddy in the world, he’ll go on every ride and if you’re scared he’ll find some way to convince you that it’s safe and will help you enjoy the experience even more
  • the only member of bts who can stay up with u all night while ur doing work or if ur stressed 


  • sometimes he teases WAY too much 
  • ur always texting him a reminder to be nice to jimin 
  • refuses to admit that he loves the cheesy nickname u gave him 
I have one more fucking thing to say.

The problem with the “symmetry” of Supernatural is its BOOMING declaration that THESE WOMEN ARE WORTH THE WORLD WHEN THEY’RE DEAD. Women are worth more dead than alive. Dead women spur men off on great journeys that change them and make them whole and make them interesting and make them show off their dope bodies and make them sympathetic and, yes, eventually get them laid.

That is the message of Supernatural’s “literary symmetry.” That there are human beings, many of them women, who are worth more to the men who loved them when they are dead.

This is a deep-rooted problem in the show. And it’s one of the main reasons that John Winchester is an asshole, too.

John wasn’t a good or supportive parent. He didn’t want *better* for his kids, he wanted revenge above all else. And this revenge was somehow to the glory of his dead wife. She stuck around on earth to protect the people in her family home. She stuck around as a ghost – when she was a hunter, and knew better than to do so – to destroy herself protecting her sons.

John did eventually die for his son to live. One of his sons. The other he gave a death sentence. Based on his revenge mission and based on his hatred of otherness which Dean willingly inherited to be more like his daddy.

John is a dick because his marriage wasn’t perfect until after Mary died.

John is a jerk because his wife wasn’t worth the all-consuming dedication that his mission to find her killer was. And the show says this means we’re all on Mary’s holy mission to wipe out evil.

You may recall that wasn’t Mary’s fucking mission.

Mary left hunting behind. Peace and family and humanity were her mission.

That idea doesn’t lend itself to the romanticism of the show and all the many ways we’d like to see a variety of hunters doing the job, but it ain’t fucking romantic. Look at Sam and Dean’s reality. Sam is lonely. Dean thinks the worst of himself. They sleep in crusty motels, breathing in mold. They eat greasy fast-food trash. They LONG FOR home-cooked meals with real food in them and spaces to call their own and people to love them back and to have the peace of not being hunted in thanks of all the things they have to destroy in order to vanquish evil.

That was a convoluted sentence.

But just because this show isn’t truly about the romance of The Life, doesn’t mean that romance has to be perverted and shit upon.

Mary stood for more than John’s mission.

Sam and Dean saved the world, yes, but what the show is telling me is that there can’t be any women of equal or greater importance. (You know, probably not unless either of the boys is boning them.)


Claire for King.
Donna for President.
Jody for Emperor.
Charlie for Pope.

I’m out.

(Breaking my social-media-less month because Lauren text me about Ollie because there was an Instagram picture and I just could not help myself.)

I am so happy. I am happy for Ollie, I am happy for Hannah, I am happy for Ollie’s new family. I am just so happy this story had a happy ending. Also on a petty level, I am so ridiculously pleased that the people that were exceptionally negative about Hannah’s reasons to put Ollie back up for adoptions, are now proven wrong? Like honestly, screw your negativity. Watch her visit kitten sanctuaries in New York and do a ten-part series about saving animals and be so relieved her dog is now gonna get a stable home, and just be amazed.

I am very, very happy about this. I think it’s amazing Hannah elaborated the reasons for getting Ollie and making tough decisions in Ollie’s best interest, and now the entire animal rescue thing; I love it. What a class human being. Ridiculously proud of someone I think does absolutely mind-blowing things with the platforms she’s been given. Well done, Hannah Hart. You’re a treasure.

Have a lovely rest of your doggy life, Ollie (Antarctica) Hart.

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Pro tip: when giving back change, put the small change in their hand first and then the cash on top. It's easier for the person putting it back in their wallet.