pros and mayhem

Ok so help me figure out what OWL skin I’m getting for Orisa

1. Gladiators

Pros: gorgeous purple, will look good on golden gun, dark enough to not stick out, the team is kicking ass

Cons: no connection to team, the accents feel awkward

2. Shock

Pros: closest I have to a home team, golden gun will look AMAZING

Cons: construction worker orange makes me a target, the team sucks

3. Fuel

Pros: I love blue, I love half the team, one of the top two teams in the league

Cons: their Orisa player is an enormous fucking douche and people might think I’m a fan of him

4. Mayhem

Pros: All the memes. All of them. Also, supporting the underdogs.

Cons: McDonald’s worker AU makes me an enormous target, literally the worst team in the league