pros and cons

Pros and Cons of having internet friends


  • They’re there for you when no one else is
  • They don’t judge you as harshly as the people you know irl (or not at all)
  • You can relate to them
  • You’re friendship isn’t based on looks/race/sexuality/gender/age


  • You may never be able to meet them in person
  • You can never dry their tears
  • You can never hug them
  • You can never truly show them how much you love them
pros and cons of the moon signs
  • aries pro:you're not a big sulker when you don't get your way, and you hate manipulating people. you're super passionate about the things you like!
  • aries con:you don't always look before you leap and you can tend to rush into things too fast
  • taurus pro:you appreciate beautiful things and you're so strong willed! you're a true romantic at heart
  • taurus con:you don't like to hear out the other side of the argument
  • gemini pro:you're so charming and open-minded, you're also a loyal and caring friend
  • gemini con:you can sometimes be quite moody and irritable
  • cancer pro:you love to love people, and you're always happy to help people in need!
  • cancer con:you might get so caught up in your own feelings that you become self absorbed
  • leo pro:you're sociable and charismatic, and a great natural entertainer!
  • leo con:you might have a little jealous streak, and when you're upset you may like to close yourself off from everyone
  • virgo pro:you always put in the extra mile in everything you do, no matter how big or small!
  • virgo con:you might be too critical of yourself
  • libra pro:you're very sociable and quite easy-going, you really love your family and your close friends and loved ones
  • libra con:your mood changes can be quite unpredictable, and you can get very upset when you don't get your way
  • scorpio pro:you can basically look into people's souls and see their true self, and you're a human lie detector
  • scorpio con:you may take criticism too personally, and you can get very jealous very easily
  • sagittarius pro:you love expanding your own horizons, and you love to learn and discover new things
  • sagittarius con:you speak your mind a lot, and sometimes this can hurt others
  • capricorn pro:you strive to be respected and you're always ready to help out and take responsibility for something
  • capricorn con:you might not take enough risks, and it can be very difficult to show people that you care about them
  • aquarius pro:you're kind and compassionate, also very optimistic and friendly
  • aquarius con:you can be so stubborn that you're unwilling to consider the other side of the argument, you don't take criticism too well
  • pisces pro:you genuinely care about everyone, and you have a great sense of humour
  • pisces con:you may sometimes let people walk all over you without realising it
Pros + Cons of Your Mars Sign
  • Mars in Aries:(Rules Aries!!!) Excitable, leader, Doesn't hold grudges, accomplishes work in a timely fashion, listens to their instincts, Playful in bed, bold // Highly competitive, aggressive, selfish, impatient, may lack a sense of self control, becomes irritated when others fail to keep up with them
  • Mars in Taurus:PATIENT, Extremely goal oriented, Calm and levelheaded 99% of the time, Can endure through and through, Slow to anger, sensual in bed // STUBBORN, sometimes has bouts of laziness, greedy, susceptible to getting stuck in a rut, jealous,
  • Mars in Gemini:Multitasking ho, absorbs knowledge like a sponge,passionate debaters, unparalleled mental stamina, GOOD WITH THEIR HANDS IN MANY WAYS// ALWAYS BORED Y Y'ALL ALWAYS BORED??? Prone to severe bouts of anxiety (Gemini mars is all about the mind, so it is easy to fall into the pitfalls of anxiety), Lacks stamina for long term projects, scatters their energy everywhere, prone to using harsh, abusive language when provoked
  • Mars in Cancer:Passionate, protective of other people's emotions (and their own), nurturing, dependable, form emotional bonds with their partners that allow them to thrive in the bedroom // PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, direct their anger inward, overly protects their emotions, argumentative, struggles with letting go of loved ones/ friends, emotional outbursts
  • Mars in Leo:Strong desire to create, tries not to get too angry in order to spare others of their anger, loves pleasure (especially sex, hot damn), very proud, AMBITIOUS// Egocentric, self righteous, impatient, small-minded,polarizing
  • Mars in Virgo:GETS SHIT DONE !! Has the ability to make someone angry solely by speaking in a calm manner, perceptive--picks and chooses what they are mad about, systematic, wants the perfect sex life--therefore are open to experimenting in the bedroom// Critical, Knows exactly what to say to get under your skin, easily annoyed by pet peeves, feel worthless if they do not accomplish enough in the daytime, can be nosy about other people's sex lives, can be submissive in bed
  • Mars in Libra:Excellent team player, Charms anger out of others,Gives you the benefit of the doubt, congenial, Does not want to resort to aggression to express their emotions towards a situation,role players in bed // PROCRASTINATORS, represses their anger, martyr complex, runs away from situations, does not know what to do with themselves after they are confronted, gossipy, defames others
  • Mars in Scorpio:Strong af, passionate in bed and in their life goals, easily can hide their anger from others, exudes a powerful/seductive vibe, magnetic, quietly competitive, instinctive, can completely refrain from sex (or any indulgence of that matter)// Passive-aggressive, has the ability to manipulative others without the other person realizing, struggles with leaving controlling relationships, explosive anger, control freak
  • Mars in Sagittarius:LIFE OF THE PARTY, very spiritual, strong beliefs, excellent teachers, resilient, confident, knows their potential,killer in the bedroom, love to give their all in bed they could go all day // Sharp-tongued, tends to exaggerate, self righteous, can be known as a "crusader" when they can go soapboxes about certain topics
  • Mars in Capricorn:AMBITIOUS AF,follows through, never acts without thinking, never lets emotions get in the way of what they want, disciplined, independent// Shrewd, inconsiderate of others especially when they want something, has a hard time forgiving and forgetting, resentful, irritable
  • Mars in Aquarius:REBELLIOUS AF, rule breaker, expresses their energy in a unique manner, excitable, extremely unique leader, works well in large groups// Pretentious, likes to pick fights, too "nonchalant" if someone is yelling at them, feel trapped easily, surprisingly SO FREAKING STUBBORN !!
  • Mars in Pisces:Literally that protagonist's best friend, does not need to be #1 all the time, GOES WITH THE FLOW FR, sensitive to their environment, makes bedroom life a living fantasy, sensual// Kind of a doormat, not really ambitious, timid, can kinda be afraid of everything, overly idealistic, over-indulgent (drugs and alchohol included in this), lazy
Pro's and Con's of your Moon Sign
  • Aries:+ youthful, lively, decisive
  • - argumentative, bossy, fickle
  • Taurus:+ charming, loyal, appreciative
  • - conservative, materialistic, stubborn
  • Gemini:curious, rational, communicative
  • - moody, restless, fickle
  • Cancer:+ empathic, romantic, compassionate
  • - hypersensitive, indecisive, moody
  • Leo:+ optimistic, confident, generous
  • - strong need for recognition, haughty, overestmating
  • Virgo:+ reliable, clever, rational
  • - reserved, perfectionistic, hypercritical
  • Libra:+ lively, communicative, charming
  • Scorpio:+ deep, insightful, sensitive
  • - distrustful, jealous, revengeful
  • Sagittarius:+ witty, honest, intuitive
  • - restless, can't deal with criticism, selfish
  • Capricorn:+ ambitious, responsible, loyal
  • - has a hard time to open up, pessimistic, unemotional
  • Aquarius:+ independent, sociable, rebellious
  • - unreliable, detached, restless
  • Pisces:+ caring, spiritual, intuitive
  • - isolated, unstable, moody
Pros + Cons of Your Venus Sign
  • Venus in Aries:Playful, flirtatious, honest, love to lead the relationship,affectionate, encouraging // Impulsive, can get bored easily by others, impatient, intolerant, dramatic, might not know what kind of partner they really want
  • Venus in Taurus:Loyal, devoted, very tactile (like holding hands, hugging etc--this establishes their bond), enjoys the little things in life, intimate, easygoing, takes their time getting into relationships// Resists change, can become dependent on others, Overcompensate when they feel jealous of their partner
  • Venus in Gemini:Witty, fun-loving, accommodating, seeks intellectually stimulating relationships, sentimental, excellent conversationalists// May have commitment issues, prone to lying or fabricating, skims over pressing issues in relationships, hard to keep up with
  • Venus in Cancer:Protective, loving, sensitive to their partner's emotions, caring, are unafraid of emotional confrontations, observant, good listeners// Suffer greatly when they are hurt, hard to establish trust with, fears rejection, can get hung up on little things
  • Venus in Leo:Will treat their partners like royalty, take great pride in their relationship, expressive, loves to make their partner feel special (which makes them feel special in return)// Can seek admiration for the wrong qualities, melodramatic, attention-seeking, can expect too much from their partner
  • Venus in Virgo:Quiet devotion, Simplistic when it comes to romance (even more so than taurus), kind, easy to please, good listener// Nagging, critical, prone to loneliness due to their quest to find the "perfect" partner, may be unconfident in their relationship, hard to understand
  • Venus in Libra:Altruistic, charming, the best at making their partner feel like they are the most important person on earth, puts effort into their appearance, fair, loves love // Door mat, extremely passive aggressive, falls in love too easily, clingy, manipulative
  • Venus in Scorpio:Passionate, intense, forms amazing emotional bonds with their partner, fearless, gives their partner their complete attention // Possessive, has a hard time forgiving, trouble expressing their emotions
  • Venus in Sagittarius:Grows with their partner, open to new experiences, most likely to travel the world with their partners, seeks intellectual connections, optimistic // Too casual, not exactly romantic, exaggerates
  • Venus in Capricorn:Seeks out relationships for life, really cares about their partner, trustworthy, patient, loves unconditionally // May get involved in a relationship for status or wealth, shy, can be perceived as "boring", melancholic, hard to read
  • Venus in Aquarius:Open, unique lover, bases romantic relationships off of friendship, looks for unique companions // Detached, falls in and out of love quickly, struggles with understanding their partners needs, aloof
  • Venus in Pisces:Softhearted, sympathetic, passionate, dreamy, flirty, adaptable // Overly sensitive, too forgiving, bouts of rage
  • pros of having a crush on one of your best friends:it isn't weird if you tell them you love them, you can cuddle, already know them super well
  • cons of having a crush on one of your best friends:oh jesus basically everything else oh fucking shit

This spread is for help in making decisions of all kinds. You can use it for anything from choosing a new job to choosing a new mate.

The Right Choice Spread:

1 – The question/situation

2, 3, and 4 – Pros of the situation

5, 6, and 7 – Cons of the situation

8 – The choice you would like to make

9 – The choice that will serve your highest good

pros of marrying Elise Bauman:

  • she’s undeniable adorable
  • her cute little nose 
  • perf teeth like what even
  • killer jawline oh my
  • act like a boss
  • her dork demeanor
  • seems innocent but not really
  • chipped her tooth while drinking beer wtf
  • healthy lifestyle and pescetarianism
  • adventures on Guatemala
  • she’s so tiny 

cons of marry Elise Bauman?

  • ??????
  • ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿
  • theres no cons what the fricking hell were you looking for