Everything feels unfair, though I understand. I feel completely hopeless, really down to earth, and incomplete. I hate to ask you “Why you aren't with me?” I can’t imagine how I enjoy life having this feeling of loneliness. Maybe, I miss you so much. I want to shout and relieve this feeling I feel inside. I hate seeking bliss to the people just to escape this wildest loneliness  I wanted you to know how it feels being left behind. Why can’t you balance your time? Is it a selfish way to ask for an attention? I don’t ask you that I’ll be your priority. I have to admit that you need to pay much attention to something more important than me. Yes, you always find time to see me; see me when I have to go and see me when I’m alone. When could be the time to spend a day with you? I’m waiting for it. I see efforts and appreciate it. But, I still need you. YOU alone. I want to be your priority, even just for once.

My summer starts this Saturday, soooo...

I should spend more time thinking and taking care of my ownself, rather then trying to convince people that I`m a good person. I want it so much, I want to release myself, to be who I am and not be afraid of showing my personality - this is my prority #1 for summer!!!