Super Hydlide.


7.3 / 10

Amanita Design boldly asks: What would happen if we just anthropomorphize everything?  Overwhelming charm results.

Game design is a major step backwards.  You’re mostly clicking on everything until you win.  Previous AD efforts required the player to find clever sequences of clicks to solve a puzzle.  But I mean, whatever.

Update on the next ProReview!

Holy hell, what a productive day! I got the next ProReview completely scripted and filmed all during today. Now I just need to edit like a mofo and get it to your screens for your viewing pleasure!

Thank you for your continued patience and support!


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Legend of Grimrock

3.4 / 10

Developers succeed in lovingly recreating 1987’s hottest engine.  It is genuinely kind of fun to navigate slowly through the mazes they have built.  Unfortunately, they fail spectacularly at game design.  Attempts at creating games out of the following design elements ended in abject failure (alphabetical order): character creation, character progression, combat, eating, grinding, looting, stat progression.  

If you can’t make a design element fun, then remove player agency from it.  Make that element art instead of a shitty game.

Also, I can’t help but feel bad for the guy that decided it was a good idea to make the final boss a mechanical cube.