regarding the new reveal of concrete from the steven universe art book, I’m extremely disappointed. I, myself, am a nonbinary bi black woman who looked up to this show for a long time. To be fair, the show has had many problems for a long time, a lot of problems that often were and still are shut down by many of the fans and a few of the writers. this is the “gem” below.

what I notice mostly, however, is the amount of white and nonblack fans downplaying this issue and saying that we are “overthinking” the image. this is no surprise to me because a majority of these fans are also people saying marceline from adventure time isn’t a person of color even though her mother looks like this:

or darwin from the amazing world of gumball shouldn’t have to be prorated as black even though all of his voice actors have been black and will continue to be black:

black representation is important to us and having a show creator who considered a gem who looks like a minstrel cartoon and stereotypes race-coded characters is infuriating and deeply upsetting. so no, we’re not overthinking or overreacting. we have the right to be upset that this image was draw AND published into the official art book for the show. 

Imagine meeting Steve at the DMV

It was hell on Earth, literal hell on Earth and you had barely gotten there, shuffling in line behind a blond man in a black cap and glasses, who was staring down at an application form in his hands. You eyed him with curiosity as his brows furrowed in confusion.

“Department of Motor Vehicles, fun times, right?”

You complained with a smile, getting his attention.

He turned with sigh and nodded. “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

His confession was endearingly sweet and shit, he was super fine.

Motioning for him to hand over the paper, you took it and read over it. “So you lost your ID?”

“Something like that,” he admitted scratching the back of his head.

“Do you have your birth certificate?”

“Yeah, it’s right here,” he handed it to you and you laughed at his trusting nature.

“Okay, rule one, never give a random person your birth certificate,” you teased eyeing the document, noticing right away his name and date of birth. “And secondly, you don’t look half bad out of the suit. Glasses are a little too Clark Kent, but I can assume it’s just a disguise.”

His blue eyes widen, looking around to see if anyone heard. You grinned and waved a hand in the air.

“Don’t worry, Cap,” you whispered handing back the papers. “Your secret is  safe with me.”

Steve chuckled and thanked you. “I wanted to experience normal life again -”

“- and the DMV was at the top of your list?”

Again he laughed and shrugged. “Apparently, you need a form of identification for a lot of things nowadays.”

“Well, maybe they can prorate your age, take a few decades off,” you offered.

Steve smiled wide and pulled down on his black baseball cap. “Maybe.”


The woman behind the one counter that was open called to Steve and you gave him a closed smile. “Good luck.”

“Thanks,” he replied walking off to the counter.

Just then another window opened and you were called over.


10 minutes later, you sat in the crowded waiting room, anxious to hear you number being called.

Turning the page of the book you were reading, you don’t look up when someone takes the empty seat next to you, until they cleared their throat. You gazed up from the book and a pair of blue eyes stared at you.

“You survived,” you stated slipping a bookmark on the page and closing the book. “How did you fare?”

Steve sighed and leaned back into the seat, staring up at the tv monitors on the walls that indicated which numbers were next. “I think I’ll just have my friend fix my paperwork.”

You snorted and shook your head. “You think your friend could fix my insurance?”


The two of you laughed and he shifted in his seat. ‘I’m going to take off, thanks for helping me.”

“Of course, you save the world the least I could do was help with your first DMV visit,” you pointed out with a simper.

Steve nodded and got up from the seat, hesitating for a moment before waving goodbye. You watched him walk out the waiting room and scolded yourself for not getting his number or asking if he’d like to get coffee or whatever the hell heroes did on their free time. Opening your book, you go back to reading and get half way down the page, when someone sat down next to you.

“So I was wondering,” Steve spoke quietly. “When I get my ID, do you want to maybe grab a drink and a bite to eat?”

Your eyes snapped up at the man next to you and a smile crept from the corner of your lips. He gazed at you and shifted in his seat, waiting for an answer.

“Well I do like older men,” you remarked coyly.

Steve chuckled and pulled out his cell. “I’d be the oldest you ever went out with.”

You took the cell and started to input your information. “So, if we go to Denny’s, do you get the senior citizen discount?”

He laughed and shrugged. “I guess we’ll have to find out.”

“It’s a date then.”


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BTS Reaction to You Coming Back

BTS Reaction to you coming back to South Korea performing with your hidden appearance for your comeback. 

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Seokjin/Jin: You were prorated as an innocent cute idol, so when your comeback came back after few years he was shocked and bothered seeing you older looking and mature. Everyone was shocked, but they loved it. He felt like that baby girl he mentored grew up and went to college. Lets just say he is shook. 

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Yoogni/Suga: He knew this day would happen, but he was hoping that it would happen when you’re at least 30. He loves being right and called a genius, but he was hoping he wasn’t right about this. He was shocked by the way you rapped. It sounded soft, yet aggressive. He finally came to term you did grow up. 

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Hoseok/J-hope: When you showed up the stage he felt his world stop. The boys and him never saw you dressed like this. He was at awe by the way you sing, rap, and most importantly your dance. One minute you were a seen as an innocent little girl to an independent strong women. 

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Namjoon/RapMon: He started to sigh when he saw you. No wonder why you refused to be seen in public. You looked absolutely beautiful. You were only and innocent girl that he mentored to the strong women he sees performing in front of him. He was shocked at first, but he knew the company you were in would do this to you. 

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Jimin: He was absolutely modified when on how much you have changed. He turned to Yoogni and slightly pushed him making Yoogni look at him. “What?” Jimin sighed pinching his forehead. “Why did you have to be right.” 

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Taehyung/V: He was surprised, but got into the music and dance to it in the goofy way. He does hope that you noticed, so he can see your smile. “Oh two can play at this game.” You aliens are so goofy. Of course you noticed and Taehyung got what he wanted, with a little gift. A smile and a wink. 

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Jungkook: He would be annoyed, but in a playful way. He was first seen as a baby bunny, until you took that image, but now you wanna take the sexy makane image. Just like Jimin said, I was born in Busan first, I was the first baby bunny. 

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It was time to renew my driver’s license.

At my local DMV it’s hit or miss whether the person helping will be some combination of the Soup Nazi and Lily Tomlin at the phone company or a nice person trying to make dealing with government as smooth as possible.

I don’t care to hear other people’s conversations. Indoor voices, please! The guy in the safety vest easy to see and hear.

He had a deep, booming voice with a northern Minnesota accent. His business today was to renew his DL and get new tabs for his pickup truck. He hadn’t renewed the tabs in a while. The issue was if he renewed today they would only be good for a few months because they expire in July. There’s no prorated discount of course; you can’t just start over with a new twelve-month period.

“Well! I gotta go fishin’! Need muh truck to pull the boat to the op’ner! You like to fish?”

The DMV lady smiled and said that she too liked to fish.

“So I guess I’ll take those new tabs even if dey are only good for a few months! Gotta be able to get muh boat to the op’ner!”

He then told (all of us) fishin’ stories. “You shoulda seen that northern this one time…”

The DMV lady kept quickly processing paperwork as she told a few fish stories too. I really did grin listening to these two.

Finally another employee called my number. I had my form filled out. Exact payment with cash was in my hand so I didn’t have to waste a moment signing a check. After paying I might even have looked straight ahead and stepped sideways to the camera like Jerry and George moved down the soup line.

For the record the DMV employee who helped me was as friendly and polite as a jeweler trying to sell a Rolex. She even asked me if the picture she took was acceptable to me.

It was and I was out of there in record time.

fumblingemotions  asked:

May I ask how your job is digging you deeper into debt? Either way, good luck! You're leaving soon right??

It’s complicated but boils down to 2 things:

1. My contract at my first job was designed to discourage people from breaking it and leaving early. To make a complex thing simple, basically part of my salary plus my signing bonus were considered to be a loan that I would pay back with my service. If I stayed there 3 years, the loan was worked off. If I broke it early, I would owe some of it back, with the amount prorated for however long I stayed. It’s kind of like indentured servitude. So that comes down to about $35,000 if the hospital has figured it correctly, which you can be dang sure I’m checking on.

2. I can’t start my new job until I have “tail coverage” insurance. This is malpractice insurance that is bought when you change jobs to cover you in case a patient from your old job decides to sue you. My new job had agreed to pay for this. Until they got the estimate and they just up and decided that it was too much and they just called me to finalize my contract and dropped the bomb on me that I’ll have to pay about $12,500 for that tail coverage before I can start work.

So yeah. Medical school already had me waaaayyyyyy in debt, and now my job is making it worse. 

And yes, I’m leaving soon! 63 days! 

Life update again

If you’ve been following my babysitting saga…

I messaged the lady today to make sure she was going to pay me what we agreed on, which was 120 (but still not enough) for 3 days.

She told me she was prorating it up 90 for 3 days, which was 3 dollars an hour. 150 for 3 days would have been 5 which is under half of what I charge for 1 kid and she has 2!

I messaged her back and told her I wouldn’t be able to do it in that case, I couldn’t work for 3/hr. I am commuting and it’s not feasible. I wanted to help her but she’s being unreasonable. I told her that I know she thought I’d be living in the city but I told her a month in advance otherwise, so she had time to find another sitter (not that I think she could find someone else to work for 3/hr).

Then she tried to call me, left a voicemail saying that I needed to call her back because this was a lot to discuss over text. But I don’t think I’ll call her back because… I’ve said my piece, and if she was gonna raise the rate, she could easily text that to me.

Smh, i dunno. I had my friends help me craft my message to her and had to make my brother press send because I’m such a whimp, but now that I’ve sent it I feel emboldened lmao. I can’t believe she tried to do this.

And right in the nick of time (I’m not too terribly worried about losing 90 dollars, but) my friend’s dad texted me and asked if I would work for a day and he’d give me 100.

wildbutterflyblog  asked:

Just wanted to tell you that I adore seeing your art across my dash. I'm a big fan of Thunderbolt Fantasy too and you are one of the few artists I know that actually makes art for the series. And I LOVE that. Thank you so much!

Thank you! While TBF isn’t the series to get into for popularity’s sake–which is why it’s understandable that not many people on Tumblr are actively making works for it–its aesthetic really hits on most of the things that I find beautiful to (try) to draw. I’ve definitely been way more active on Twitter the past several months (where the audience is much bigger), but I may eventually end up prorating some of the pictures I’ve done on here.

Remember When I Used to Post About What Was Going on with Me?

Hi, pals! I’m finally moved into my new place! Big ups to my parents for coming down to help with the heavy lifting, and to Past Me for shelling out for one week of prorated rent to make things easier on myself.

(Hauling six car loads of stuff to the new place, three car loads to Goodwill, and setting up the kitchen before the ‘rents arrived was a good move.)

The new pad is smaller than my last, but much cuter, with new appliances and fixtures, and off-street parking. Plus, it’s got great lighting, is in the same 'hood, and costs about $200 less.

Tonight I began to tackle the massive box wall that is EVERY BOOK EVER. So many books, you guys. How? Why? So many I haven’t read or completed. It’s borderline ridiculous.

Happily, I’m finally at a place where I can let go of those last several casebooks I’d been holding onto post-law school. I don’t know why I felt the need to keep them all this time, but 10 years out, and it’s buh-bye to like three boxes worth of material on the First Amendment, domestic violence law, and the EU. Also some stuff I probably should’ve returned to a professor whose name I’ve long since forgotten. 😕

Anyway, all of that will get packed into my car tomorrow for another Goodwill trip, along with a bunch of throw pillows and kitchen odds and ends. I can’t believe I owned all of this stuff. Too much stuff.

But that still leaves a goodly-sized library. Once I get fully-settled in here, and get myself sorted out (between this move and nearly a month of heinous work hours, I’m a total disaster), I think I might start a little book project where I read and blog my way through my bookshelves. See about knocking out one every month or so. Could be fun, right?

So yeah, that’s what’s been going on with me. I still owe @missmudpie a breakdown of ATX that I swear I will get to this week. June really kicked my butt.


Protect canon trans characters from their cis authors regardless of how terrible their portrayal is

Heck protect them ESPECIALLY when they’re prorated terribly

Just fcking confiscate them from their authors

Draw fanart and write fanfics where they get to be happy

That one trans woman character who has a 5 o'clock shadow and was clearly intended to be a joke?

Give her a deep backstory, make her sympathetic and realistic and honest Make the jokes used against her in canon tragic but give her a happy ending

Give her a trans oc friend who she can go to for help, or headcanon one of the other characters as trans to help them

Make one of the other characters defend her from the humiliation she endured in canon

Rewrite canon trans characters like they’re actual people instead of poorly written caricatures

Protect trans characters
Take them away from their authors and be kind to them

Life update - semi hiatus ish

so my spouse, who is independent as a hell cat, decided when she went to put the deposit down that moving our move in date to 07/19/17 for the new place was a BRILLIANT idea all without talking to me first. which means I gotta pull extra hours to get the prorate rent paid, and also start busting mine, hers, and the kids’ asses into gear to get things put in totes and shit. so I’m gonna be hella scarce and possibly just collapsing on discord at the end of my “day”

ok so. i hate that i have to make this post. but my financial situation is HORRENDOUS right now and i could really use some help.

long story: (skip to the end of the post for the tl;dr) i work third shift and part-time doing general labor in a factory. the thing with being part-time is i’m not guaranteed any hours. my supervisor is really great and tries to schedule me for four days a week so i can get 32 hours in (the maximum i’m allowed to get), but when full-time people are offered ME days (manager excused days), aka days off due to lack of work, i’m the first taken off the schedule, along with the temps. even if i volunteer to come into work to clean or work in another department, i’m not allowed to per company policy.

i’ve lost three days of work so far this month because of lack of work, which means i’ve lost $300 (again, so far). that’s almost one week’s worth of pay. and, to make matters worse, the plant is closing for the first week of july, as we do every year. so, within a the span of a month, i’m going to lose over $650 in pay (i’m getting holiday pay for the 4th of july, but as a part-time employee my pay is prorated, meaning i get only 6 hours of holiday pay while full-time employees get the full 8). consequently, i might not be able to afford to pay my car insurance, rent, or phone bill. it’s Bad. i have a little bit of vacation time left but not enough to cover the full week; even so, i’m saving the sliver of vacation hours i have for when chelsey fancycake visits later this year.

i spoke to the pennsylvania unemployment office and while i am eligible to collect unemployment, even if i do file for that week i still won’t get paid because there’s a one week waiting period before payouts start (as your claim is processed, etc). because i’m not guaranteed a set amount of hours per week, i cannot file a claim for the days i was taken off the schedule. so i cannot file earlier than the first week of july when the plant is closed. and now here we are.

tl;dr: my job is cutting my hours and i’m not going to have any work for a whole week in july, and this adds up to me losing over $650 from my paychecks from june through the beginning of july. because of this i am in danger of not being able to pay for my most important bills due within the first two weeks of the month (rent, car insurance, cell phone), and i really, really need help.

if anybody is able to spare any amount i would be infinitely grateful. i don’t have a lot to offer in return besides some fanfic if that’s what you’re into. but even reblogging this would be an enormous help! my paypal email is thank you in advance to everyone who reblogs this (and double thanks if you donate!)


Do you want to make money without having to see or speak aloud to another human being? Transcription is a good place to start. There’s better money in it if you’re one of those self-starting, cold-calling little shits, but the kind of money I’ve been able to make not being one of those ($400-1000/mo) has been enough to hold up my end of shared living situations.


  • Native-level fluency in American English*
  • Typing speed above 60 wpm**
  • Significant and predictable stretches of being functional in hearing and correctly interpreting speech
  • Ability to send and receive email, play audio files in a client, deliver about 5-8 hours of work in 2-4 days
  • Ability to follow simple instructions independently

* - There is a large transcription market outside of English, but I’m not personally familiar with it or how it works
** - It’s very possible to do my job at a slower typing speed, but English speech averages something like 200 wpm and taking into account processing and correction time at 60 wpm this comes out to around 1 audio hour per 4.5 realtime hours under optimal conditions, or $11/hour. At 30 wpm it would be more like 1 audio hour per 7 realtime hours, which at my pay level is a ceiling wage (some projects take way more work) below the state minimum wage


I work for a firm which compensates me for around $50 per hour of audio I transcribe, prorated to the minute, twice a month. What they charge depends on the complexity and difficulty of the project and can range from $75 to $150. I am compensated the same either way. This is, as I understand it, how they make their money. My firm has been pretty patient with me because they make a lot of money off of me, but I’ve still had to do some grovelling and apologizing which is kind of rough on me.

I receive emails which say “X Min [day of the week]?” and have a file attached, and have to confirm or deny that I can do it. I’m then on the hook to download that file and have a transcript emailed in by the deadline.

I set aside some time. I relax and get some stimulants in me (I have ADHD and panic issues, it sort of helps). I work in blocks of 1-2 hours, aiming to finish 15-30 minutes of audio in bursts no shorter than 5 audio minutes. When I’ve got enough done to take a coffee break, I do that. When my hands start hurting or I start transposing words, I take a longer break. I let myself off for the night after I’ve done a whole file, or 60-90 minutes. This is a workday for me which is around 4 hours. Some days I can pull two of these shifts, and I’ve pulled two and a half before. It’s rough on me, though, and it’s not like I get overtime or insurance or anything.

To transcribe the files, my setup is actually really simple. I use my regular computer; I play the files, as I would sound or video files I was playing as leisure, on VLC Media Player. You can look up how to add to the VLC toolbar a slider to adjust playback speed; figuring this out was the biggest leap I’ve made with this job. Speech doesn’t stop making sense to me until it’s slowed down further than about 30%, and at 50% at 100 correct words per minute I can usually transcribe speech in realtime. In VLC this doesn’t deepen the pitch; it makes everyone sound drunk, which is initially funny but you get used to it.

I type my transcripts into notepad, not wordpad or any fancier text editor. When I’m done with them, I run them through OpenOffice to apply find-and-replaces and macros (I like typing with single spacing and my boss wants double spacing; I find it easiest to type in names which I need to anonymize with /mmm or /fff and to type in our standard way of saying “this segment is not intelligible” as ??? and find/replace it with [unintelligible] later on.)

I output as plain text, and send off transcripts as plain text.


I did a Google search through people offering advice on how to get into transcription and applied for the firms they recommended as backup for their normal, freelance transcription work. (I’m really bad at putting myself out there, and would like to receive all of the money I’ve earned by making transcripts but got too little work to make much that way.)

A legitimate operation will probably:

  • Ask you to transcribe a file as a test, paid
  • Pay between $.75 and $1 per audio minute, or $45-60 per audio hour
  • Not demand you sign up to any mailing list or pay for any program
  • Ask you to sign confidentiality papers and keep what you learn from projects a secret
  • Ask you for information for direct deposit or possibly W2 information
  • Request that you download certain clients or software to perform certain high-security jobs to clients’ specifications (this is always utterly arbitrary and has generally been totally optional)
  • Allow you to work at your own pace in your own hours as long as you provide clear feedback and respect deadlines
  • Not put you in contact with clients

It’d be reasonable to expect time between sending off an application and first paycheck to be about 4-6 weeks, although it may be less.

Good luck!

Help Zappa move!! (and eat)

my roommate would rather kick me out of her house than stop telling racist jokes so!! I need to move pretty immediately

the good news:
I found a new place near my work!! so no more commute costs

the bad news:
I have to come up with the deposit funds by this Thursday (UPDATE: just got off the phone with the owner and he needs it by Wednesday), and I still have to pay prorated rent at my current place to the tune of about $380

I’ve got $364 of the $500 I need, and my folks are going to try to help me with the rest, but I’m waiting on my credit cards to transfer funds to my checking account so I can pay the $800 rent on the 1st. I’ve got about 6 bagels and a head of red cabbage and half a tin of protein powder to eat until then

I should be getting one of the balance transfers by the 1st if not sooner, I can pay everyone back who contributes

I use the Cash App, my name on there is $ZappaJohns

Please share so I can get out of here!!