megidola-dancing-deactivated201  asked:

do you think the Velvet room will act differently this time around? I mean from what we have seen it looks a bit more hostile towards Protag like he is being forced to go there it all seems suspicious but also I can't wait for Velvet twins to bug IGor and make him wish Margaret Elizabeth and Theo come back lol where are they THO????!!!!

I mean I understand how Ah inf a different attendent for WAH Prorag has become their thig but still were is my Sadistic stud keep secretary, Lethel Elevator attendent, and Living door mat???

“Master, Theodore and myself have decided to take an extended vacation in order to reevaluate our meanings of life, as well as make sure Elizabeth will not unintentionally blow up the multiverse on her journeys.”

“What are you saying, Margaret? We just received a new guest. I require your assistance. Who else is supposed to carry out your duties?”

“Oh, I believe our cousins, the twins will be able to fill in for me to satisfaction.”

“…Not the twins.”

“Well then, I will be taking my leave.”

“Margaret, no, you can’t do this to me!”

“We will make sure to remain in correspondence with you.”

“You are aware that they are why the Demon Painter quit on us, are you not!?”

“Au Revoir, Master.”

“We will be seeing you in a year.”

“M-Margaret! Theodore! NO! I FORBID IT! COME BACK HERE!!!