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You know something I've always been curious about is how the townsfolk of Radiator Springs would go about if they ever got to meet Propwash Junction's hero, Dusty Crophopper? One scenario I can imagine is due to a miscaculation, Dusty runs out of fuel near the town and ends up having to make an emergency landing at Willys Butte.

I bet they’d love the dude. I’m sure they know who he is, so regardless of how he got to town, they’d give him a warm welcome. It’s nice to meet a fellow, humble country boy. They like the fact that he overcame the odds and rose to greatness in the face of adversity. 

He and Lightning bond over unfortunate circumstances that briefly impacted their beloved careers. And their near death experiences, because they’ve had plenty of those between the two of them.


My 93-year-old grandmother had a successful knee surgery on Monday. Two pins and some keen wiring closed a two-inch gap on her broken right kneecap. 

I had a chance to spend time with her today at Methodist Hospital. Lying in bed with a new bionic leg brace, she clutched a stuffed toy dog, named “Propwash,” that my grandfather had given her during his military service in World War II with the U.S. Army Air Corps in Europe, where he helped build communication systems to land British bombers.

According to my mother, anytime the children were sick, my grandmother would give them Prowash to have in their beds. The grandchildren received similar comfort when we stayed at our grandparent’s home.

The first image in this pair of photos was made this afternoon, Jan. 31. The second image was made the night before her surgery, Jan. 29, as she rested in my grandfather’s lift chair. My uncle, who’s been at her bedside for much of the past week, appears in the background of the first image.

Many thanks to all my tumblr friends who’ve expressed their concern, love and support after I shared images from my grandmother’s initial ER visit last weekend. It’s meant the world to me and to my family.