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DR, wanna let you know, you may not have completed indipac but your whole godsent shabam with cycling has finally clicked with me and this whole race is inspiring me its off the chains, props to you + onwards and upwards.

My goal achieved 🙏😁

underrated h/c prop: POULTICES

For when you need something more intense/intimate/arcane than a bandage or a heating pad, voilà: THE POULTICE.

-Like VapoRub combined with a Lush masque
-Basically moistened earth or flour or moss, sometimes warmed, and sometimes infused with herbs or other medicines
-And then you press it onto a sore/aching body part or wound or whatever
-Smells AND feels good
-Great for old-timey or fantasy settings
Mischief Managed | Harry Potter Fan Film
Before the Order. Before the prophecy. Before Harry. Remember to watch in HD! Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are proud to present (and star in)... MISCH...

A new Marauders fan film has just come out, and let me tell you IT’S AMAZING!!!
I’ve never seen anything that feels so authentic and REAL, and the amount of effort and care put into this astounds me! This is such a lovely piece of fan work, spread the word and support everyone who made a Harry Potter film we’ve always wanted! ❤

Theatre Gothic

When people ask about your show, you tell them to come. You don’t know why you do this. That is the last thing you want.

The curtain ripples, but when you look, there is no one there.

They collect everyone’s cell phones before showtime. To avoid mic interference, they said. The show goes on and there is still mic feedback. You suspect your phone has been taken so you can’t call for help.

You’re asked to get something from the dusty basement prop shop. No fucking way, you say. No goddamn way in hell.

No matter how many makeups wipes you use, it won’t come off. It won’t come off. Your reflection is not your own.

They call five minutes until showtime. Everyone yells thank you five and then rushes for the bathroom. Why do we all wait until five to use the bathroom. Why do we do this to ourselves.

The pre-show rituals are arcane. They are cryptic and unholy. No one seems to notice.

There is sawdust in the scene shop. That makes sense. There is also sawdust on the mezzanine. That does not make sense.

One day, the turntable starts turning the other way. The cast performs the entire show backwards.

An actor speaks. A techie cries. These events always happen in succession but no one has made the connection yet.

The stage manager brings in a whole cardboard tray of Starbucks cups, but they do not share. All the coffee is for them.

“Cue one, go.” Nothing happens.

We are late for curtain time. We are always late for curtain time. The audience is disgruntled but powerless.


I’m into solving a murder. Good point. Can we just focus?


@destinyjoyhope and @pika-ace came up with an anastasia au and i… got carried away

I just want to reiterate: The only thing that unified the people who voted for Trump was their proximity to (or identification with) whiteness.  White Latinx exist, anti-black poc exist, white identified black people exist, white women mainly voted for Trump, etc.  Do not start combing through minority groups and try to find the one to blame for this election like we did with Prop 8.  We cannot afford that kind of behavior now, remember that treating certain minorities like they are expendable is one reason why we’re in this position right now. 

Its better to organize and practice actual solidarity than it is to pay lip service to liberalism while we try to find who to throw under the bus.