Little Battleborn Things #389

The fact that Benedict, Toby, and Ernest are all the same species and yet they all look unique and adorable.

*another avianrific submission from the scientific Battleborn scifirice. 

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So there's this guy in my math class and he has to use a cuss word in every sentence and he spent five mins screaming f***ot at his friend and it pissed me off so I let him have it. After I turned back around the street thuggy guy next to me yelled 'DUDE THAT WAS AWESOME' and now half the school knows me as the 'savage lesbian'. Tbh it's really hilarious

omg “savage lesbian” is the best nickname one can have. also props to you for calling that guy out

Questions - Part Two

I was tagged to do another set by @permissiontocurse​! 

What is the sims to you (stress relief / pure entertainment / escape / etc..)?

It’s all of those things for me. It’s a creative outlet, stress relief, escape, for fun. It’s also an excuse to play with/dress up dolls again, right? 

Do you just use your sims for “props” or do you actually play them?

I wouldn’t call them ‘props’ but I kind of use them as actor/dolls. I do play them a bit, but not a ton. I used to more, but I’ve definitely been more focused on controlling and setting up the scene I’m getting images for. 

Have you ever had a dream/nightmare with your or someone else’s sim(s)?

I have with own sims, but no one else’s. I had a nightmare about Colin getting hurt once. Mostly they’re just fun or pointless dreams with them in it.

Do you have a vision of how you want them to look before making a sim in CAS?

Sort of. It definitely morphs as I go on.

Do you prefer childfriendly or mature sims (barbie and ken vs parts)?

I prefer realism, but unfortunately for Sims with penises, there’s really only exceptionally large penises available. They also often clip with poses, so I don’t use it frequently. I have seen the other flaccid mods too with a couple size variations, but they don’t work with the skins and body hair I use (and they sometimes also have clipping issues).

Maxis match or not? Or maybe a mix?

Kind of a mix, mostly Maxis match. Always clay hairs though.

If you could put on those scifi goggles and be in the sims, would you?

Like a VR headset? I have a VR system and YEAH, if I could control it and someone else wasn’t controlling me/my Sims, hell yes! I would love that. I have actually mentioned that to my husband before that I wish Sims would work on there. I mean, really it’d be nice to actually be in there where I could talk to them and everything. Of course, my controlling their thoughts and actions completely would start some moral issues at that point, wouldn’t it?

How packed is your mods folder?

It’s at 6 gigs. I need to prune again, there are a few things I’ve downloaded recently that I don’t really use/like in game.

What career would you want to see in the game?

I would actually just like the current freelance careers listed as real careers. Being a freelance musician/author/artist is a real career and should count as such in the game.

Do you bother to buy all the packs/expansion they put out?

Yep, I own all of them. I’m almost 2,000 gameplay hours deep, not even counting the time I spend running this blog, writing, and editing photos all related to their game, so they deserve that money. Plus, stuff! :-P

Does your sims get everything they want (motherlode) or do they have to work for it?

They are spoiled, deeply cared for babies. :-) Peter and Colin do actually make money though from royalties (music for Peter and Colin for his books). They are the only ones who have an in-game income.

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Yo I gotta say it's so great to see someone go "I want to make a comic" and actually DO it and keep up with it, like your comic is so beautiful i'm shocked its your first?? Also props to you for doing it full color on your own! As a comic creator myself it's almost refreshing to see someone so motivated- keep up the good work!!

It’s been almost a year of me drawing it!
And I inspired at least 2 people to finally start drawing their own comic ideas as well (sadly cannot show, they are both doing it only for russian readers).

Sadly this activity gives me no money profit, but I think I’ll open a patreon soon.

if you’re a dude and you support and respect the fuck out of feminism and know the struggle that what women have to go through every day, thank you so much for actually caring and standing strong with us

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I love seeing 5sos fans drag people like I'm not a 5sos fan but I love their fandom y'all don't take shit from anyone!

it just pisses me off because people are like “GET OUT OF THEIR ASSES AND OPEN YOUR EYES!!!” like yeah I’m up their asses but I know when they make mistakes and I acknowledge it. They didn’t do anything wrong with SKH. it’s not a sexist song. it’s basically a fuck you to society because they think everything you do is okay as long as you’re hot and they’re poking fun at it. I can be up their asses and still be aware

Before The Grumps: Brian+Arin

-Arin doesn’t listen/watch interviews he does or panels. He used to because he liked to figure out how to change his cadence and speech patterns but he has Grumps for that now. 

I love Arin talking about his childhood and he talks about his first interests in art around three and four years old. 

Oh my God, Arin and Brian both talking about a cartoon I watched and an episode I remember watching. That’s really interesting. 

Arin started doing clay figure stop motion videos in elementary school.

Brian and Arin having a lot of similar comedy and childhood interests despite their age difference is really cool and interesting. 

Arin has done a lot of different things in his childhood and youth as far as creativity goes. It is very cool to know he’s always wanted to make things, and he tried forms, making small movies, making flipbooks, making podcasts. 

I love hearing him talk about his first ‘viral’ video experience, it being DBZ in a nutshell. 

Also, that Egoraptor is a character Arin has made. *(which he does have old drawings of the character on his Deviant art) yooo he also called the Egoraptor character (not himself) as androgynous. 

Arin wasn’t outgoing in school and he always got made fun of. He said when he was younger that he often was quiet and stand-offish and he has around three different versions of himself; one where he’s more wacky and outgoing, one where he’s nice and calm, one where he’s more sullen and alone. 

Arin is very into “self-improvement” according to Brian in that he has a good work ethic, he teaches himself languages, he works out, makes time for himself. 

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Root x Shaw - Shotgun

Shout out to all the Supernatural fan fiction writers who write Cas as he is characterized in canon. Props to you for writing about this character, because it is freaking hard. Because he’s sweet and adorable and clumsy; but he’s also a pile of confusion and wide eyed wonder; while also being a righteous BAMF; as well as fucking intense, which can lead to him being melodramatic and pissy; and let’s not forget about that eternal snark and sass. He’s mellowed out some as he’s learned how to Human, but he is still all these things. He just has so much character and I appreciate that you have all taken the challenge to present a Cas to us that we know and love, no matter what sort of universe you’re writing him in.