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on melancholy hill - tom holland x reader

fandom: tom holland (??? idk if there’s a specific fandom name but whatever it is ……. i’m not using it so) 

word count: 877 

character pairing: tom holland x reader

warning(s): some implications of sex


notes: ok this is my first time writing about tom & i lowkey feel weird but i was super inspired so like ……. whatever i guess !! sorry if i did something super ooc or somethin, i tried my best lol 

also unedited af & i wrote this at like 6am so it’s probably very factually and grammatically incorrect. xoxo peace and luv 

You walked into the hotel room you shared with Tom, keen for a cuddle, only to see that Tessa has taken your usual place.

Closing the door as quietly as possible, you slipped for phone out of your pocket and snapped a quick picture of your boyfriend and his dog spooning on one of the two single beds in the room. You couldn’t deny, it was adorable. Tessa’s head raised just slightly as you walked in, and the sound asleep Tom only bristled, hugging Tess closer.

Soundlessly, you dropped your jacket on the chair next to Tom’s bed, not noticing that he had woken up in the process of you drawing the curtains to hide the midday sunlight shining through the window. When you turned, you jumped slightly in surprise when Tom’s hand reached out to grab yours, drawing you to the bed.

“C’mon,” he mumbled sleepily. “you can be the big spoon.”

Untying your shoelaces, you kicked off your shoes and wedged yourself onto the small bed just behind Tom, flattening yourself against his back. You wrapped an arm around his tummy, hugging yourself closer to him as he took your hand and intertwined your fingers.

“Tess has taken my place as little spoon, I see,” you whispered teasingly, pressing a kiss to his shoulder. “not that I can blame her.” You were always the little spoon when it came to cuddle sessions with Tom, so being the big spoon for once felt like you were taking on some godly responsibility. In fact, you were surprised to see yourself enjoying it.

“Don’t worry,” Tom whispered back, and wiggled into you. “she’s not nearly as good a cuddler as you are, love.” You grinned, and squeezed Tom’s hand. It was comfortable, the position you were in, and slowly, you could feel yourself drifting off.

“My two girls,” he hummed, and you let go of a sleepy grin, pressing your cheek to his back. “sweet dreams.”

You woke up to barking, and Tom drawing invisible shapes to the back of your hand with his thumb.

Letting out a groan at the sudden flood of light, and Tessa indecent barking, you turned to bury your face into Tom’s chest, seemingly forgetful of what position you had fell asleep in.

“Baby,” you whined quietly, “turn the light off?” Instead of an affirmation, you were met with the loud, obnoxiously adorable laugh of Harry Holland.

“Haz, what on earth are you doing?” Tom’s voice was still thick with sleep, and you propped yourself up on your elbow, regarding the younger Holland brother with squinted eyes. You loved Harry to death; just a little less, at the moment. “We were sleeping.” Tess, who now sat at his feet, looked as smug as a dog could.

“Sorry, Tom,” Harrison trod into the room then, raising an eyebrow at his two best friends, who were currently tangled up in a position Harrison was unfamiliar with seeing them in. “Dinner’s in ten; you hungry?” You really weren’t.

Tom groaned, and shifted onto his back so that he could look at you, sending you a soft smile as he brushed a piece of hair away from your face. “You hungry?” You shook your head, and Tom let out a relieved sigh.

“Nice,” he turned back to the two standing in the doorway, and shrugged. “we’re good. Go on without us.” You grinned, and lifted yourself up and over Tom, flopping back down so that the two of you were chest to chest.

“You sure? What’re you guys gonna do here all by yourself?” There was a certain obliviousness to his tone, and you turned your head into Tom’s neck to hide your grin, slipping a leg between his innocently.

“Oh, well, uh,” Tom spluttered, shrugging profusely. “probably just nap some more, maybe watch some movies? Y’know, boring stuff.” Harry nodded, reaching down to scratch Tessa behind the ears.

“Cool. We’ll see you later.” And with that, Harry left, leaving Harrison alone and staring at the two of you accusingly.

“You know, sooner or later, the poor kid’s gonna realize that out of all the times you’ve skipped dinner to ‘nap and watch some movies’, a very small portion of that is the two of you actually napping and watching movies.” You blew Harrison a kiss as Tom leaned down, trailing soft kisses down your neck, ignoring his best friend. “Alright, yeah, I’ll take the hint.”

“Bye, Haz,” you hummed, “bring us back-” your sentence was cut off with Tom’s lips, the kiss slow and deep. You laughed at Harrison’s disgruntled groan, and lifted a hand to curl itself into Tom’s hair, using it to pull him closer.

“C’mon, Tess. Mommy and daddy have some business to take care of.”

As soon as Harrison and Tessa left the room, Tom rolled off of you with one last peck to the lips. “Now that we’re alone,” he laughed, settling back against the pillows, you inched yourself closer, turning over so that he could spoon you. He grabbed your hips and pulled you closer so that the two of you were pressed flush against one another. “I think it’s time we’ve got some much needed sleep.”


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Siriel: Part One

Flinging her braid over her shoulder, Lyria swaggered her way through the castle, taking note of the fae guards watching her. She gave them a curling wave and smiled broadly; to which they merely exchanged glances and shook their heads.

Following the long gilded hallway to her chambers, Lyria leaned against her door frame and sighed through her nose, gazing at her twin laying on her bed with his face in a thickly bound teal book. How typical.

Whistling loudly, Lyria laughed at her brother as he dropped his book, nearly falling off her bed. She dropped the rising temperature with her ice as his gold-rimmed eyes narrowed in on her, his face flushed, nearly glowing.

She tilted her head and examined the ends of her braid before sliding a bright smile to her brother. “What are you doing in my chambers, Twin?”

“Well, I was reading,” Sam huffed and leaned over, picking his book back up. Glowering at her, Sam settled back into her bed. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, the High Lady is about to fuck Tamlin up.”

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Shut Up and Heal

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,127

Request:  Reader becomes injured on a hunt, Dean forces her to stay at the motel while he goes on a hunt but she follows him anyway and cracks the case to his chagrin.


 “Three bruised ribs, one busted knee, one sprained ankle, several cuts – stitches courtesy of moi – and two beautiful black bruises on your beautiful, stupid face. You ain’t goin’ anywhere, sweetheart.”

   “Your face is beautiful too.”

   “Flattery will get you nowhere. I made a mistake letting you come this far, but you will not be leaving this motel room.”

   “I once took out a vampire with a broken leg.”

   “Because you’re a stubborn dumbass who didn’t swallow the sleeping pill.”

   “Thank you.”

   And a glorious defeat it was, too. Dean was pinned, Sam was dazed, and you came in guns blazing and sliced that vampire’s head clean off despite the cast on your leg weighing you down. The cast also took points away from how magnificent and kickass you looked, but it was a small detail. Besides, the blood splatter made up for it.

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The Bet

|| Sam x Reader ||

“What is that awful smell?” Dean growled as he walked into the motel room that the three of you had been sharing. His nose scrunched as he lifted his sleeve to cover his face. Then, his eyes widened, fixating on his brother who sat propped in a chair. You were sitting in on front of the younger Winchester, cross legged and grinning. “Is that-”

“Shut up or get out,” Sam snapped as he stared up at his older brother. His arms were firmly crossed over his chest as he pouted.

“Dude, did you lose a bet or something?” Dean chuckled as he approached, earning a stern scowl from Sam.

“He bet that I couldn’t find a job before he did. And, well, something sounds witchy out in Vermont. We’ll head out in the morning.” You smiled as you peered up at Dean.

Dean nodded, still giggling. “And how long did it take you to find it?”

You beamed as you leaned forward, studying your boyfriends bare feet before you. A bright shade of purple tipped each of his toes, complete with a glitter finish. You screwed the bottle of the nail polish shut carefully, sporting the same color and glitter, now dry on your hands. “Twenty-five minutes.”

Dean bit his lip. “Oh, Sammy, you’re losing your touch.” Sam just pouted as he stood from the chair.

You slammed the large hunter back down, then shook your finger in his face. “You need to sit here until they dry. I’ll get the blow dryer from the bathroom. That should speed it up a little.” You winked at Sam, who flashed you a small, forced smile back.

“Oh, wow. Nice work, Y/N.” Dean praised as he stared down at his brother. “We’ll have to find Sam here a new pair of sandals, so he can show off your beautiful art,” he teased. He patted his brother on the shoulder.

You emerged from the bathroom, towing the mini hair dryer in your right hand. “That sounds like a wonderful idea.”

“I hate you both,” Sam snarled as he sat motionless in his chair.

You plugged in the hair dryer and knelt before him, grinning from ear to ear. “Love you too, babe.”


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Sasusaku #5

5 - one night stand and falling pregnant au



She hadn’t meant to avoid him the way that she had for the past three months, but Sakura didn’t know what to do. She knew Sasuke suspected something was up, that he probably questioned himself whether he did something wrong—and she felt bad about that, terribly. But what was she supposed to say? I’m sorry I’ve been avoiding you so obviously these past few months, and I know you’ve noticed and are confused because we’ve basically spent these last four years of college hanging out every day, but I just found out you got me pregnant from that night we both refuse to talk about and I’m not sure how to handle that because I’ve been in love with you all this time but this isn’t how I wanted it all to happen? She didn’t think so. 

But she couldn’t keep hiding from him any longer. It wasn’t fair to him.

Taking a deep breath, Sakura took her courage in hand and knocked softly at his apartment door, biting into her lip nervously. But to her surprise, it wasn’t Sasuke who answered the door.

“Oh,” an all too familiar voice said, warm and gentle in that way that was only ever unique to him. “Hello, Sakura.”

Her mouth went dry. Oh no, her mind whispered, eyes widening. Of all the days for Sasuke’s older brother to visit—it was just her luck. “I-Itachi-san? W-What are you doing here?” 

Itachi smiled kindly, dark eyes crinkling. “Why, visiting my little brother of course. He’s been sounding rather lonely in the past few phonecalls, and I couldn’t let him wallow in his misery like that. You know how he can get when he feels dejected, right, Sakura?”

The knowing look he gave her then made her swallow tightly, guilt weighing heavy on her conscience. Compassionate and understanding as Itachi always was, he still clearly held a little judgement for her evasive behavior. She wondered if maybe it was because it had hurt Sasuke more deeply than she’d thought. She bit at her cheek for that, heart twisting.

As she opened her mouth to say something, though, Sasuke’s voice cut into the room, “Will you stop flirting with campus girls already? You’re not even single anymore.” She could hear him getting nearer and nearer, rocketing her nerves with the urge to flee, until she finally saw his form emerge from the adjacent room. “On top of that, you’re gonna let them all think you live here and I don’t want to have to deal with a bunch of—”

Their eyes met, and Sakura caught her breath, fingers grasping tensely at her clothes as he suddenly stopped talking. He seemed genuinely surprised to see her at his door.

“…Sakura,” he acknowledged after a moment, frowning. “Why are you here?”

The question hit her a bit more sharply than she would have cared to admit, but luckily, she wasn’t the only one of the same mind.

“Well that’s rather rude of you, don’t you think, little brother?” Itachi said, propping a hand to his hip. “She obviously came here to apologize for something. Right, Sakura?””

She felt her cheeks flush at this, mouth parting. “Uh… well—I mean, there’s a little more to it than that, and, um—” She paused, and bit her lip again. “Sasuke-kun, can we talk? You know, um… privately?”

Warily, slowly, Sasuke nodded, brows furrowing all the more. “My room,” he said, before making some kind of vague gesture to Itachi, as if telling him to wait. The latter merely nodded his accord, disappearing into another room.

Relief rushing through her, Sakura let out a breath she wasn’t aware she was holding, and meekly followed him inside.



“How have you been?” she asked, when they’d settled quietly on the edge of his bed, the stillness too tense to bear.

“Fine,” he replied, gaze fixed to the wall ever-so-guardedly. “You?”

“I’ve been… pretty occupied.”

“Is that why you haven’t talked to me in the past three months? Cause’ you’ve been busy?”

There was discernible anger to his tone, now, laced with a more subtle hurt, but Sakura couldn’t find it in herself to blame him.

“No—It’s not—” She mulled her lips, and clammed up then, unsure of what to say. There wasn’t really any proper way to explain it, was there? Fidgeting uncomfortably, Sakura decided maybe bluntly coming out with it was her best shot. 

“…Sasuke-kun, I’m pregnant.”

She just about immediately regretted it when Sasuke turned so fast he nearly fell and gave himself whiplash, sputtering, “You’r–what!”

Maybe she should have tried to ease in instead, she mused, swallowing tight.

(“…I—okay, now I get it,” he muttered, restlessly running his hand through his hair. “I thought we—Fuck.”)



Summary: While Sam and Dean are out of the state on a hunt, you get into an accident. Dean comes rushing back to check on you. Pregnant!Reader

Words: 1,305

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Pregnancy, car accident, angst (but also fluff and protective!Dean)

Your name: submit What is this?

“Ugh,” you complained, rolling from your side onto your back, your hand flopping down beside you.

Dean moved his palm to the back of your hand and entwined your fingers, before bringing your conjoined hands to your belly.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, turning his head to face you.

“I can’t get comfy,” you sighed, glaring down at your bump, “I used to sleep on my stomach but now I’ve got a spawning human in the way.”

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hello , could you write about harry and ginny reuniting after war? please?

hello yes i do not write fics often so i hope this is to your liking? feel free to tell me what you think xx

He spotted Ginny two tables away; she was sitting with her head on her mother’s shoulder: there would be time to talk later, hours and days and maybe years in which to talk.

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Connor McDavid #11

Requested by Anon:  Omg you are like the best imagine writer. Can I please have a cute Connor mcdavid imagine were your older brother just had a baby and ask you two to babysit and Connors all awkward at first with the baby but then sees how good you are with the baby and starts becoming more comfortable and says he can’t wait to have a family with you.

*Hi!! Thank you so so much! I’m sorry if you had to wait long. It’s finally here!! I hope you enjoy this. :)*

Word count: 920

Originally posted by calgaryinferno

You bounced the baby gently as you watched Connor pace the living room floor, “babe, you’re making the baby fuzzy,” you told him, “why don’t you sit down?”

He ran a hand through his hair and looked at you hesitantly, “I don’t know what I’m doing here,” he said honestly.

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“Shut Up Eric!” (ERIC NAM ft. Markson)

Type: Fluff

Request: Eric’s reaction if he had a little sister like Jackson? (always teases him, always says “shut up, Eric!”) thank you!!

Summary: he finally finds out who his sister reminds him of

He thought it would be cute brother sister bonding time to bring you to the After School Club but he didn’t think of who else was going to be there. Eric dealt with his teasing baby sister who he knew did it with such love that he never could get mad. Much like him you were an Idol but you were a trainee who wasn’t overly known quite yet and it was obvious you had skill. So inviting you to watch him host was something he thought would be good.

Soon enough you were listening to your brother getting teased by Jackson Wang of GOT7 laughing silently. Your brother made eye contact with you and sent a glare and the other two turned to you “who’s that?” Jackson asked “that would be my mean sister Y/N” Eric said as you sent a smirk and a wave. Mark stood up as the camera followed as he grabbed you lightly and brought you on to the main set. But you were putting up a large fight the whole time “aw come on Y/N you always wanted to be on here right?” Eric said smirking. It was your turn to glare now as you were propped down beside your brother and began to pout. 

“Hello Y/N” Jackson said leaning on his hands to extend a cute greeting “hi” you said awkwardly not being used to all the cameras “come on Y/N quiet being shy, you usually can’t shut up” Eric said “well neither can you,” you snapped back “people find me interesting though” you say with a proud smile “I like you, you seem like a fun person” Jackson said happily looking right at you as you blushed. “I don’t think so” Eric said looking between you two “shut up Eric” was shot at him from the both of you “a female Jackson” Mark said loudly slightly scared of the thought “oh god” Eric said. “Guys we have a show” Mark hinted hitting Jackson on the shoulder “yeah yeah yeah we do” Jackson said going back to doing what he did best.

many-fandom-imagines  asked:

If it's not too late, can I request a ship for a best friend and a boyfriend? I'm 15, with dark brown hair and grayish blue eyes. I'm Iike 5'7 (I think?) and I have three older brothers (which are all shorter than me 😂) I usually dress in black mainly black and I always where a sweatshirt unless it's like a fiery pit of hell outside 😂😂. Anyways, thank you so much ❤️

For your best friend, I would say you would fit right with Jonah! As for your boyfriend, I ship you with Zach! You would definitely be able to handle him due to your experience with your brothers and it would also give you props with Ryan! He would love your tendency to wear black and would love you stealing his sweatshirts every now and again! :-)


Based on this imagine



You woke up to a pounding noise. You cracked your eyes open and immediately regretted the decision. Sunlight was streaming in through the open window—apparently you’d forgotten to shut the curtains last night. Your mouth felt dry and your body felt stiff. And that damn pounding was not helping in any way.

The pounding stopped for a moment. “Y/N?” a voice called, muffled by the door and the pillow you pulled over your head.

“Go away, Sam. It’s too early for your nonsense.”

“It’s 11:30.”

You heard the door open, creating a passage from your room to Sam and Dean’s. Though the pounding on the door had stopped, there was still a pounding in your head.

Sam walked in and the smell of coffee followed. You swallowed bile, hoping you wouldn’t throw up (or that you’d at least be able to make it to the toilet if you had to). He ripped the pillow off of your head.


“I’ve got no sympathy for you,” he said, a slight chuckle in his voice.


“Do you know where Dean is?”

“I’m not his babysitter.”

“No, but you were the one who went out with him last night.”

“Oh, my God, shut UP,” a voice from the other side of the room said. You carefully lifted your head and squinted your eyes, trying to find the source of the voice.

Sam walked over to the other bed and peeked over the side, close to the wall. “Did you sleep here?”

You heard a grunt and saw a disembodied arm reach up towards Sam. He grabbed the hand and helped pull his brother into a sitting position. Dean looked as bad as you felt.

“I couldn’t find my key, so Y/N let me crash here.”

“I did?”

“I’m sure you would have said ‘yes’ if I had asked. But neither of us were really forming complete sentences last night.”

“Alright, come on you two. Get up, get dressed. We have things to do.”

You and Dean both groaned. You carefully sat up and swung your legs over the edge of the bed. Your vision began to swim and you cradled your head in your hands, elbows propped on your knees. You heard both brothers walk towards the door.

“Come on, Y/N,” Sam said, stopping next to you. “Hit the shower.” He clapped a hand on one of your shoulders and you screamed out in pain.

“What the hell?” you asked. You pulled back the collar of your shirt and twisted your neck, trying to see whatever wound you’d acquired that caused such pain. Seeing nothing, you ripped your shirt off, ignoring the sounds of protest coming from the Winchesters. “What’s wrong with my shoulder?” You twisted your back towards Sam.


“What? What is it?!”

“You, uh…”

“Whoa,” Dean said, mirroring his brother. “You got inked last night.”

“What?” You didn’t remember ending up in a tattoo parlor. “What is it?”

“A black cat.”

“Huh. Well, that’s not too bad.”

You carefully pulled your shirt back on and turned around, seeing Sam giving his brother a strange look.

“Dean, did you get a tattoo?”

Dean pulled his shirt off and turned around. You and Sam both gasped and you tried your hardest to swallow your laughter.

“What?” Dean asked.

Across Dean’s lower back was a small, twisted line of barbed wire.

“Dude,” you said. “You got a tramp stamp.”

Black and White Motion

Originally posted by sexonthechevyimpala

Notes: Dean is more like the main in the movie Silver Linings Playbook than Canon!Dean, as this is a spin on that movie. This is actually the most fun I’ve had writing Dean in a while, so I hope you have the same fun reading :)

Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s  SPN Movie Night Writing Challenge. My movie was obviously Silver Linings Playbook.

Song: Affection - Cigarettes After Sex

Word Count: 1.6k+

Warnings: bipolar disorder, descriptions of life in a mental hospital, Dean has a mental illness, NOT TRYING TO ROMANTIZE ANYTHING.

Dean Winchester had a life what many could see as living the American dream: A beautiful wife with long brunette hair and sunkissed-skin, a two-story house and was the executive boss at a job office that paid the bills.

All of that was thrown for a loop when his beloved partner Lisa was having a love affair with one of Dean’s coworkers.

Never had he been so angry, seeing only red as he grabbed the man by his bare shoulders and rammed him straight into the wall over and over and over again all the while Lisa screamed and begged from where she sat on the bed in the black, lacy lingerie Dean had bought her for their two year anniversary.

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Mean drunk with the winchesters !

Authors note: guys I’m going to be honest I felt really mean in this imagine but it just kept going .I hope you like it and don’t forget to send in request .i’m writing a lot longer send in your feed back .

Word count: 2448

Warning: strong language little smut didn’t go too into detail at all.


You walked into the bar it was your sixth bar this month .you went straight in and sat on one of the bar stools .the bar was made of wood you were wearing your typical hunting gear your boots, jeans, tank top and your favorite leather jacket. the bar was semi-packed mostly men were in the bar some skanky women were there too you wouldn’t doubt at least some of them were prostitutes .you saw the bar tender he started to head to you he wasn’t that half bad but you weren’t in the mood if at all to put up with him. You had just lost your mom recently and it was affecting you badly.

“What can I get a pretty lady like you?”

“Why don’t you stop with the flirting and just do your danm job because I’m not in the mood if you couldn’t tell.”

“danm feisty I like that .”

“Get a hint why don’t you get me a beer and keep them coming till I say you can stop.”

“Alright I get the picture “

He brought you a beer you finished it in less than three sips

“Wow the lady can drink.”

“What don’t you get in you need to shut up and not talk to me for the rest of the night unless you want a black eye and broken arm.”

“Fine bitch suit yourself “

“Thankyou “

he brought you your next beer you weren’t feeling the buzz yet .it was going to take a lot more than a couple of beers to get you to the point you wanted to be at .you had practically become immune to the drink in the past month from so many bars .if you weren’t hunting you were probably at a bar drinking all of your sorrow away.

“Hey bar tender can you get me something a little stronger whiskey or I don’t know a jack .he looked at you funny

 “Alright anything for the wicked bitch.”

“Thanks he brought you a cup with ice and whiskey from what you could tell.”

You were finally starting to feel the buzz when the two seats next to you to your left got occupied. From what you could tell the guy right next to you was really good looking dirty blonde hair tall and had a green emerald eyes with a great jaw line he ordered a beer .you choose to not look at him any longer because no way in hell were you in the mood to even see a person in the face. The bartender refilled your cup .the hot guy right next to you turned to you

“So how long have you been in the business.”

You looked at him confused

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not stupid I know a hunter when I see one and your shirts lifted a little on your hip so you can see your anti possession tattoo.”

You finished your drink

“Well why don’t you mind your own god dam business and look at one of the prostitutes body over there while you’re at it because you may be hunter but I don’t give a danm .”

The bar tender came again and refilled your cup

“Don’t be like that hunters stick together plus my brother right here’s a hunter too.

“Oh so that gives me all the reason to tell you my life story here let me right it down for you smart ass.  I don’t care if you’re a hunter or if your huge brother is. for all I care you can all go to hell .I just want to drink peacefully so please don’t talk to me ask me questions or look at me .thank you very much .”

“Fine but my names Dean this is Sam and I will leave you alone but just tell me your name.”

“oh wonderful the idiotic Winchester brothers .Dean the selfish  one who brought his brother back from the dead because he just couldn’t stand to be alone .what other mistakes have you made oh that’s right you both opened  the gates of hell and broke  the 67 seals .oh and Sam great job in choosing a demon over your brother props go to you .who can forget dean you’re doing a snappy job at protecting your little brother john would be so proud .oh wait that’s right you couldn’t save him from drinking demon blood and you made  a deal with a demon sending your ass to hell but now your back because that’s what Winchesters do right rise from the dead

“Ok you shut up right now Mrs. Perfect what’s your name.”

This was your fourth drink you finally felt the numb feeling overtaking you.”

“You don’t have to know Winchester and I’m sure as hell not telling you.”

The bartender came over

“Hey that’s the last drink I can give you your either going to have to leave or be taken out because my boss isn’t liking you in here.”

“Fine here you put down a 50 keep the change and tell your boss he can go fuck himself.”

you got down from the stool and almost fell but you caught yourself and started walking out you felt someone following you but you really didn’t care you just wanted to get more drunk .you walked down the street. you went into a liquor store and went in looking for a Jack Daniels once you found it you went to the cashier. He looked at you judging your state 

“I can’t sell you that if you’re drunk.”

“Why don’t we keep this between us and I’ll give you a hundred and I’ll make sure to stay quite.

“Fine lady it’s your funeral.”


You grabbed the bottle and went to the back ally you sat against a brick wall and started talking to yourself .you felt yourself breaking down.

“hey mom god its hard without you I miss you a lot .you would be so ashamed to see me right now you hated seeing me drunk .it’s just gotten really hard mom I feel so alone .I wake up every day since you’ve died asking myself why couldn’t It had been me why do I have to be the one still living. You would’ve of wanted me to be happy but it’s so hard to smile knowing you’re not with me anymore .you were the only person I could talk too and you would get me .you could even stand my craziness but now I have no one mom and I just can’t be the strong daughter you always taught me to be .look at me I’m talking to myself right now going insane .I miss you I know it’s  only been  a short time since you left but it still gets to me every day. I hope you’re in a good place mom.”

You started to drink the bottle again when you heard footsteps.

“Great it’s probably some creep or homeless person.”

You stood up to look and it was the Winchesters.


You wiped your tears away and started walking you weren’t able to walk in a straight line anymore and were knocking into everything you didn’t make it far before you fell.

“danm it”

You turned to see the Winchesters.

“You know you two are really tall, it must hurt to be tall and stupid.”

“Funny its better than being short and drunk.”

First I’m not short I’m average and second being drunk is going to wear off .you’re going to stay stupid .”

“Ok smart one come over here.”

“No sorry I like staying alive and I heard being near you two that usually doesn’t happen.”

“Dean why are we helping her again oh that’s right being the bigger person her right.”

“I don’t think you two need to get any bigger.”

“Dean went over to you and let you lean onto him he took you to his car you were barely even conscious when he put you in the back seat and started driving .Sam went In shot gun where are we taking her all she does is insult us why should we pity her .

“I don’t need your pity for all I care you can leave me back at that ally.”

You really need to be quite and tell us your name

Fine its y/n y/l/n

Dean slammed on the breaks and they both looked stunned.

“What’s the matter with you two other than the usual?”

They both looked back at you you’re the one who lost her mom a little while back and went insane hunting every creature in the book.

“Wow word gets around I hadn’t even told any hunters that.”

“Yeah we know we found out because some demon told us they were scared to even see you.”

“HA that’s pretty funny I made demons scared of me.”       

“See Sammy totally worth it.”

They took you to their hotel room an set you down on a bed Sam gave you water and you felt bad because you saw dean settling on the floor you didn’t have the energy and you didn’t want them to know you cared so you rolled off the bed onto the floor .

“What the hell y/n”

 Dean carried you back to the bed and you just rolled off again

“Jesus Christ y/n stay on the bed”

No dean Winchester don’t you dare touch me again or ill punch you were the sun don’t shine.

He looked at you confused

“Why “

“You ask me one more question and ill end your life now.”

“Fine, I guess since you won’t use it I will.

He laid down on the bed you knew you weren’t going to sleep so you just pretended to go to sleep on the floor .you kept on having nightmares about your mom so sleep never came easy .once you made sure they both went to sleep you walked out the room .you started to feel a little more normal and you started to wonder what they did with the bottle of jack you were drinking .you hated feeling vulnerable you went to check deans car you could see it in the back seat under the seat .you tried to think  where his key where you remember seeing them on the table in the room .you went back in and grabbed the keys you heard one of them shuffle and you froze .they stopped and neither of them woke up so you continued .once you were in the car you grabbed the bottle of jack .you took a moment before you twisted the cap off .before you could take a sip someone had grabbed you and dragged you out of the car .he had taken the bottle too .you looked at the person assaulting you and saw dean .

“Danm it dean you always have to ruin everything with your brother.”

“Cut he shit y/n stop with the insults and the shitty attitude.”

“Give me back my drink and I’ll leave .you don’t have to deal with me or see me anymore .Hell ill make sure you never see me again.”

He looked at you “you know I know where you come from I’ve been in your shoes I’ve lost everyone and I did the same thing you did I shut everyone out. I didn’t insult anyone though or made them feel like shit but I did my fair share.”

“I thought Sam was the sensitive one .I don’t need you to tell me your sob story dean I know it plus you got Sam back I lost everyone so I’m sorry but you don’t understand so just let me leave.

He grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me

“you know you think you can handle yourself but you can’t and I refuse to let you leave .you’re not going to make it through this alone because you’re not strong enough and you need to face it I wasn’t strong enough .so don’t you dare think your stronger then me because you’re not .so let someone god danm in before you hurt yourself anymore y/n.”

You couldn’t take it so you just kissed him you needed to let someone in and that someone was Dean. He took all your attitude and insults and everything and he still cared enough to fight for you .you kissed him for a long time before you dragged him in the backset of the car you two stayed in the backseat for the next hour before you realized what you had just done with a Winchester .your clothes were everywhere and you saw dean. You stopped and panicked you thought to yourself really in a car .you realized you were going to be another one of Deans one night stand.

“Dean I have to go uhh.”

You started to get dressed really fast.

“Y/n wow wait what’s wrong was it something I did?”

“no dean I just feel like I was drunk and I’m sorry I just have to go .you found your Jack Daniels and took a sip before he could argue you got out of the car and started walking .he was still not dressed so you took a head start dropping the jack on the floor shattering it not caring for it anymore you didn’t get far before you passed out.”

You woke up to dean starring at you .you stood up and looked at him confused with a huge migraine. the migraine was killer but you didn’t show your pain.

“Hey y/n you ok you had I worried.”

“Yeah uhhh so last night did happen “

“Yeah it did” he smiled

“Great” you smiled a fake smile it was a blur if you had used protection but you thought we couldn’t have been that dumb not too right.

Hey where’s Sam?

“Getting breakfast why.”

“I just wanted to say sorry to both of you if I really said what I thought I said I didn’t mean it .everyone has those rough spots and I’m no one to judge or point out”

“Yeah I forgive you how can I not I’ve done the same thing. Hey y/n I was wondering if you wanted to work on this case with us”

“Yeah sure why not.”

A couple days after you weren’t feeling yourself and had started getting morning sickness and weird cravings .you went to the doctor to see what was wrong.

“Well congrats y/n you’re pregnant “

“You were shocked dean was the only that could be the father .how the hell were you going to tell him and what the hell were you going to do .”

One Direction/Backstreet Boys Crossover Part 1

(Might rename this later on, but i need some name possibilities, send me some if you have any)

Niall: “That’s quite some security you got out there, (YN).” Niall began coming into your house for the very first time and you smiled at him. “It’s necessary. The band may be two decades old but some of the fans have been relentless and are still hell bent on meeting them and would do anything to meet them.” By this time you had lead Niall to the large country kitchen you had. “It’s a nice house.” “My step mom picked it out right after she married my dad and we’ve been here ever since.” “Who’s your dad exactly? From what you’ve said, he’s quite the celebrity.” “Niall, i haven’t told you who my dad is?” He shook his head. “No, i’m quite confused and desperate for answers.” You laughed. “I’ve got to show you a few things, follow.” Leaving the kitchen you took him to your basement and entered a room that said ‘BSB’. “BSB, (YN), as in Backstreet Boys?” You smirked as you opened the door and revealed the room to Niall. “My dad’s Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys Niall, you’ve met my dad before, i’m surprised you didn’t figure it out sooner.”

Louis: “Who keeps calling you?” he asked kissing your neck and you sighed as you threw your phone across the room in hopes that it’d stop ringing and your brother would just give up on trying to call you. “Just my brother.” Louis propped himself on his elbows and gave you a look. “Your brother? Why is your brother calling you?” “He’s coming home from tour and wanted to make sure i’m here at his place and i am so that’s all set, so i don’t know why else he’s calling me.” Louis had tried to stop your rambling to ask a question of his own but you kept going until you finished, finally allowing Louis to speak. “Tour? What tour could your brother possibly be on?” Pushing him back so you were now hovering over him you sighed. “How about a World Tour, Louis. A world tour, yeah you heard me.” His eyes widened. “What tour? What band? (YN) you’re raising more questions then you’re answering, help me out here.” “The tour is the In A World Like This tour, the band is the Backstreet Boys, the brother is me, Nick Carter, what the hell are you doing under my sister and who are you?” You smirked down at Louis’ scared face. “Oh by the way Louis, meet my brother Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys.”

Liam: “But dad, seriously it’s just one concert and mom can stay here with the boys. I want to go out just one night. I am an adult, 18 years old, i can make my own decisions.” He put a hand up to silence you. “No, (YN). You promised to stay here and watch Mason and Max, you have to keep to your promises. And your mom can’t stay and watch the boys because she’s going with me to see your uncle.” “Why can’t we all go and see them? I haven’t seen them in years, dad.” He laughed. “You saw them last week.” “Close enough.” you mumble and hear a knock on the door, straightening up you went over to open it. “Liam?” you ask, holding the door open and Liam smirks. “Hey, you gave me your address, told me to come get you for a concert and now you’re all confused, i don’t get it.” “She’s not going to the concert.” your dad said behind you and you bit your lip as you raised your eyes to meet Liam’s. “Liam, this is my dad Kevin, dad this is my boyfriend Liam.” “Are you Kevin from the Backstreet Boys?” Liam asked and your dad smirked. “Yeah, are you the boy from One Direction that’s apparently dating my daughter.” “Uhh.” You face palmed yourself. “Yeah, way to make a first impression with my dad Liam.”

Zayn: “Thanks for taking me dad.” “No problem, i want to meet this boyfriend of yours you magically met while you went to London for school.” You laughed. “He was doing a concert here and i went with a few friends and i met him after the concert was over and one thing lead to another and yeah.” “My daughter is dating someone, how is that even possible.” “Not my fault you had me young and i’m old enough to date.” Walking past security you walked and walked meeting the opening act, 5 Seconds of Summer. You hugged them all and took a step back. “Guys i want you to meet my dad. Aj Mclean from the Backstreet Boys.” Calum laughed. “Explains why your last name is Mclean.” you nodded. “Yeah, that’d explain it.” “Your dad’s from the Backstreet Boys?” you hear behind you and turn around and smile, running into Zayn’s shocked arms. “Yeah, Zayn, this is my dad. Dad, this is my boyfriend.” Aj tilted his head at you. “You didn’t tell me we were at a One Direction concert, (YN).” You shrugged. “Should’ve read your backstage/vip pass dad, would’ve explained it all. And besides, this was the only way you could meet my boyfriend in a public place where you can’t kill him without being caught.”

Harry: “Harry, come on let’s go, my brother’s waiting to meet you.” “Do i have to meet him?” You stopped walking and glared at Harry. “Really are we going to do this again, you promised you’d meet him when he came to town and he’s finally here. I haven’t seen him here in London in over a year, i miss my brother Harry, besides he brought my nephews who i miss dearly as well, we’re going.” Harry groaned as you took him inside the O2 arena. “What’s with all the boyband music?” “It’s a boyband concert.” you responded. “(YN!” a young squeaky voice shouted and you grinned at your nephew. “James!!!!” you picked him up and spun him around and when you stopped his gaze found Harry. “Who’s he?” “Harry from One Direction.” “Who’s he?” you heard again and looked past Harry. “Howie, this is my boyfriend Harry. My boyfriend. Harry Styles.” “The curly haired one from One Direction?” You smirked and bounced your nephew on your hip. “Harry turn around, let my brother see you.” Harry did as you said and his jaw dropped. “Backstreet Boys, this is a Backstreet Boys concert and your brother is one of them, am i correct?” You smirk and kiss Harry’s cheek. “That is very correct Harry, now here’s my nephew James, i wanna go see Baylee and wish him luck before he goes on stage. Have fun getting to know my brother, babe.”

(Should i continue or was this a bust?)