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I feel like I could ask a hundred questions but I'll settle for a couple lol! 1. How many people/departments does the script go through before it is finalize? And are there ever last minute changes like on the day of filming? 2. I feel like the Grounders are so well written, they're unlike any other post-apocalyptic characters out there. I mean they can have a show on their own! Will we see more of them and how they live in upcoming seasons?

Thanks so much!

1) The script goes through a LOT of people, stages, and departments.  First, the story is pitched, discussed, and broken by the writers’ room with Jason’s guidance.  The writer first creates a story document, which is a short encapsulation of the stories and character arcs.  That document goes to our studio, Warner Brothers, for approval, and after that discussion, it’s sent to our network, The CW, for approval.  Once that’s approved, we create an internal outline, and then the writer goes to script it.  

Then, we enter the script phase.  The writers’ draft goes to Jason for notes and workshopping. Then, it goes to Warner Brothers for their notes and approval, and then to The CW, for their notes and approval.  Then, it will almost definitely go back to Jason again before it’s ready to go to Production.  Once it goes to Production, it’s sent to our producers and directors to budget and plan, and our production departments (think wardrobe, set design, props, hair/make-up, etc.), and the actors to prepare.  If there are any issues with Production (”There are too many scenes outside for our schedule,” as an example), we then make even more tweaks to the script to make everything work.  

As for last minute changes… sometimes.  All departments and actors weigh in often, and Jason is very open to everyone’s thoughts.  But because of the sheer amount of planning that goes into every episode, we ask that we hear these things in advance.  Any big issues are usually discussed days before we shoot.  That said, there may be last-minute tweaks to lines or blocking choices, and often they surprise and delight us (for example, Jasper playing with Dante’s sword in his office; or, Bellamy saying “Unity Day,” bemusedly at the end of his conversation with Clarke).  The actors have unique relationships to their characters, and they bring new levels to what’s written for them.

Television is a truly collaborative process.  It’s kind of amazing.

2) It is safe to say we will see more of the Grounders.  It is not safe to say much else.  ;)
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