props to the animation team


The fact that SOBER rick in his right mind would admit that morty is the answer is amazing. Fuck yes the character development is coming along I love it. Also love the fact that morty knows every answer because he knows everything about rick😂 OH and the behind the scenes was like"oh shit world ended is the baddest villain ever" AND THE FACT THAT DRUNK RICK KILLS HIM IS FUCKING HILARIOUS
I’m gonna watch it again to appreciate all the amazing backgrounds that went by so quickly. I mean damnnn props to the animation/drawing team they keep getting better and better


DUDE SAME, this season is fucking amazing!! I LOVE the insight into the characters so much like omf 

Okay so about Before the Storm

I was lowkey VERY worried that it was gonna suck. Just, be awful. The snippets that we got to see on the YouTube channel didn’t exactly ease this feeling, but they didn’t increase it either.


I fucking LOVED the first episode. Like, really. It was really charming in some places, like, some lines I was like “wow I love this.” (aka. army of robot ninjas. whoever wrote that is 👌)

Sure, there seemed to be a few lines that had awkward or just /off/ delivery, but I’ll chalk that up to everyone warming up to their roles and I’ll easily let it slide for how good everything else was.

Serious props to the animation team.
Lighting team.

And I gotta talk about Rachel Amber.
In the first LiS, I was like. Wow, ofc we’d never meet her. It’s impossible for someone like this to exist. Someone who’s so perfect that EVERYONE loves them and they’re cool enough to be their ‘own club.’ How could anyone that captivating and mysterious and perfect ever be real?

As soon as I talked to Rachel for about 15 minutes I was like, “I understand now.” They made her real in a way I never expected. Not perfect, but still I was somehow immediately drawn to her and willing to forgive her for everything. She’s one of those captivating people with an inexplicable hold on others.

Gosh, Deck Nine has actually set the bar kind of high for themselves but I truly believe they can make each episode better than the last.

My hopes for the future… there’s a few, but this is getting lengthy so I’ll just say, I hope Samantha and Eliot maybe get a little more depth than just being the obvious stand-in characters for Kate and Warren. Something should set them apart, you know?

Anyway, thanks for reading. How was your LiS: BtS experience? Asks, submissions, and DMs are open!

I love when Felix takes the radio from out of Locus’ hand, And Locus just lets it go like ‘yeah okay.’ And when Felix says ‘well alright then’ Locus nods in agreement. When Locus and Felix walk beside each other their walk cycles are slightly different and Felix swaggers just a bit more. When they’re finished Locus stands and Felix lounges on the console. 

I just really love those subtle animations. They didn’t need to include them but it says so much more about their characters and personalities. A+ job animation team.

droppin this before I go out to see the lego movie, I quickly drew this before I watched Shloomp! last Sat ahah

I was so excited about last week’s ep I had a WEIRD DREAM about a ninja show ep where there were multiple clones of randy (like that one jimmy neutron ep?!?) and for some reason the animation/prop design team reused clothing and hair from earlier eps?? weird

Yes, I get that the special was shorter than expected, but I’m still really happy and impressed that Zagtoon managed to make this episode for us! Especially when they’re already busy with Season 2 episodes and several other shows set to debut next year (3D animation is torture). 

Huge props to Thomas and the ML team as always!