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Backyard Champagne  III

Clexa Parents day visit set in that backyard champagne au of yours? Thanks.

Previously on Backyard Champagne

The apartment was cleaned to perfection. Not one empty bottle of liquor remained on display, not one ping pong ball could be found, not a speck of dust, not a drink ring on the table. Books were set out and opened, notecards stacked, highlighters capped, props for the impending visit.

Vacuums could be heard around the apartment complex, sounding off at intermittent hours, as if each building was sharing one or two between them. The quiet that raged was much different than a normal Saturday morning.

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Frasier 1x12: Roz buys Frasier the briefcase he uses for the rest of the series.

Patricia Nielson, 35 in 1999.
Patti was on hall monitor duty when she saw a male student at the west end of the hallway with a gun. She asked another student, Brian Anderson who was passing by what was going on and he told her that the student was probably shooting a movie, and that the gun was probably a prop cap gun since he knew the student, and knew he was in video productions class.
Patti didn’t think it was right to bring that to school, and went to confront the student. She had just passed through the first set of double doors where Eric Harris was at. He smiled and shot at them, hitting the class doors behind them. Patti was hit with broken glass and shrapnel. Screaming “Dear God! Dear God! Dear God!” in terror, she turned to run in the opposite direction from the shooter, toward the library.
Once in the library Patti ran to the phone at the circulation desk and dialed 911. She told the students to get down under the tables. She remained on the phone with the 911 dispatcher as long as she could but when it became clear that both shooters were going to enter the library, she left the phone receiver on the floor and crawled as far under the librarian’s desk as she could.

She saw the shooters walk past the desk and could see they were both wearing black military style pants. At one point she heard what she thought was a student trying to stand up to the shooters. She heard him say “That’s enough!” in a confrontational tone, to which one of the gunmen replied “What do we have here?” She heard them use the racial slur “nigger” and then heard them shoot someone. During the ordeal in the library she heard them call someone “fat boy”, and at a later point heard one of the girls cry out “Oh God!” and then heard one of the gunmen ask her if she believed in God. She then heard him call her awful and hateful names. More gunfire followed. Eventually they went to leave but Dylan paused near the circulation desk, saying “Wait a minute! There’s one more thing!” then he smashed a chair on top of the desk. After that she heard one of them say “Let’s go down to the commons.”

About 10 minutes after they had entered the library, the shots stopped and Klebold and Harris left the room.
Patti Nielson didn’t dare move.
But most of the students who were unharmed or injured ran out of the room and downstairs to an exit.
She was in shock. She never knew the kids got out. After several minutes of calm in the library, she crawled out. Everyone seemed dead. The young people were lifeless, and blood was splattered everywhere.
She believed she was the only person alive in the library, though she later found out two students had not died. Everyone else was gone.
 Patti crawled to the librarian’s workroom and saw two other women, Lois and Carol, hiding in a small room off the main workroom. Patti crawled inside a cupboard and shut the doors, where she remained for around three hours. While she was in the cupboard, she heard more gunfire coming from the library. She heard the gunmen say they were going to blow up the library but she couldn’t bring herself to leave the cupboard for fear of getting shot. Eventually Lois opened the cupboard and told Patti they needed to leave. They were able to escape the school at that point, escorted by police. She ran south to Pierce St. where she was treated for her injuries, including a grazing wound to the shoulder from a bullet. She was then taken to the hospital where she was treated and released April 20, 1999.

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Going off of what you last posted, I believe the Russo's really wanted to put more focus on WandaxVision in CW since they are going to be essential to IW, and doing Buckynat in the same film would have ppl more focused on Buckynat since they r both more popular as characters. I feel if Bucky ends up being propped as the next cap, the reveal will def be useful later as it will be in line with the comics when him&nat grow closer after Steve's death where he becomes cap. Love your analysis btw (:

Ahhhhhh iiiinteresting. That actually hadn’t occurred to me. Very intriguing. So you’re suggesting they spent some time on Wanda/Vision not just because of Wanda’s place in the CW plot but also to set up the thread they needed for Scarlet Vision in IW? Vision should have a key role, carrying a stone. And another romantic reveal in CW could have overpowered that slow build story, it’s true. This makes sense. Thank you, I hadn’t thought of this potentially being such a priority for them in CW.

Okay this is… I’ve been working on a crackpot theory. I can’t believe I’m sharing this now. It’s completely ludicrous. No evidence. Just some fun to pass the time for another YEAR OF WAITING. But. I’m closer to the age of the Russos than a lotta folks around here. And when I heard just recently that the secret production name of Infinity War is “Mary Lou”, and I learned there’s not a clear Marvel connection to that name… the first thing I thought of is the old love song “Hello Mary Lou.” I thought, maybe they picked some favorite love song name from forever ago, because certain key love stories might drive key plot points.  I’m not saying the movie is a romance, but relationships are a great way to cluster people together around various plot points… especially if they’re all couples who fight together well and there’s a big battle to be had. (Rships are also a great way to remind the audience how much is at stake, if they’re all fighting.)

So there’s a Scarlet Vision kiss, we know that. Throw the Winter Soldier and the Black Widow together and there’s bound to be a reveal. They teased Staron for a reason too. Maybe they needed it in place already. I’m still not convinced Cap dies. But. I think he’ll somehow take a backseat.

Bucky!Cap… I… honestly have a hard time speculating about that in the MCU. Since I’ve unwittingly become convinced that BuckyNat will happen I’m kinda staying away from Bucky!Cap expectations to PROTECT MY FRAGILE HEART OMG I WANT IT SO BAD.

I must thank the absolute wonderful thecupcakemechanic for thinking of this idea :) This is the WWII compass (yes, the screen accurate one from the movie) with the photo of Peggy inside. thecupcakemechanic thought it would be amazing if I gave my boyfriend this compass to him with my photo as Peggy instead. So after a bit of searching and getting the compass, she set up her camera equipment and took the photo. After using a template she made to have it look screen accurate, we placed the photo inside. This is for you, mrdivinevengeance :) I love you! ❤️


Fallout: New Vegas
Some props and the helmet from my NCR Veteran Ranger cosplay (yes I have the rest but no photos at the moment…and yes the pipboy is functional, even the radio works)



Captain Peggy Carter, SSR.

Sergeant Angie Martinelli, 107th Infantry Division.

This is their story.

If BH6 won awards
  • Best Failed Stunt Performance: Tadashi Hamada
  • Best Scream: Wasabi
  • Best Catchphrase: "Woman up" by Gogo Tomago
  • Best Photographer: Honey Lemon
  • Best Nose: Alistair Krei
  • Best Little Shit: Hiro Hamada
  • Best Hugs: Baymax
  • Best Stunt Animal: Mochi
  • Best Original Song: Fred's Angels by Fred
  • Best Fried Wings: Cass Hamada
  • Best Disappearing Act: Abigail Callaghan
  • Best in Costume: Yokai
  • Best Prop: Tadashi's cap